The Extraordinary Mythos

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The Extraordinary Mythos

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Hello, and welcome.

What I'm about to embark on is the fairly ambitious and daunting task of putting together a sizeable chunk of the collective lore of the Extraordinary Mythos. This is the universe and setting that my star characters like Thunder Woman and the Vigil Alliance exist in and share with a whole multitude of other heroes, villains, and powerful forces I've created over the years. While this will be a very long and broad project, it will not be comprehensive or completely definitive; there are just some areas that are not wholly fleshed out, and some characters and groups will be prone to changes as I see fit, nevermind me adding new ideas as they come to me. That, and well, not every single little thing that exists deserves its own entry here. So there will be some notable individuals and groups left off certain lists, either because I'm not done with them yet, or they are simply not important enough to worth mentioning. Of particular note is that, with some exceptions, characters and information directly related to Thunder Woman and the Vigil Alliance either will not be posted or will receive their own special entries (i.e., the "Historical Index").

There is no specific order or time frame to when or how I will be posting these; it really boils down to whether I feel that the particular entry is complete and polished. Also, while I'm doing my best to fix these, there may be the occasional contradictions and continuity errors between entries; if you guys spot these, please let me know.

As I post individual character bios, written lines and descriptions in certain entries will be replaced with links to those bios. Note that the long term goal is that every individually listed character or group in these entries will eventually receive their own individual posts with greatly expanded biographies. The purpose of this Guide is to, at the very least, give you guys an idea of the big picture and brief, general information in the meantime.

Here is a tentative list of all the different entries I plan on publishing. These are not in any particular order, except History of Heroes, which will be last (as it is still a WIP). Note that the term "Notable" is used to refer to individuals and groups in the present. Unless otherwise noted, a lot of older individuals and groups that exist in the backstory of the setting but not in the present will not be listed in these entries (with special exception to "Historical Indexes" like the one for Russia).

1. A Brief Historical Summary
2. Cosmology
3. Notable Heroes
4. Notable Villains A-E
5. Notable Villains F-M
6. Notable Villains N-Z
7. Notable Heroic Teams 1: North America
8. Notable Heroic Teams 2: Europe
9. Notable Heroic Teams 3: Asia
10. Notable Heroic Teams 4: Africa, Part 1
11. Notable Heroic Teams 4: Africa, Part 2
12. Notable Heroic Teams 5: South America
13. Notable Heroic Teams 6: International
14. Notable Heroic Teams Special: Historical Index of Russian Extraordinaries and Organizations
15. Notable Organizations
16. Notable Villainous Teams and Organizations
17. Notable Locations
18. Notable Nonextras
19. Notable Alien Races & Factions
20. History of Heroes 1: Origins
21. History of Heroes 2: Changes
22. History of Heroes 3: War
23. History of Heroes 4: Glory
24. History of Heroes 5: Invasion
25. History of Heroes 6: Dusk
26. History of Heroes 7: Rebirth
27. History of Heroes 8: Present

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Re: The Extraordinary Mythos

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Placeholder for glossary and specific character index

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This is from the assorted descriptions provided by the enigmatic adventurer and super-scientist hero, Professor Moebius. Repeatedly, Moebius emphasized that due to their inherent natures, the entities he described had no names, as they were beyond such convention. He simply provides the names as way to make something so confusing a little more understandable.

They say it all began with a bang. A Big Bang.

First was the eternal silence and darkness of oblivion. And then there was the Empyrean Light, the First Flame, filling the endless void of the outside nothing night. It continued to expand, endlessly, and in fact is still expanding, encompassing distances beyond human comprehension. And from this surging force was born the Originator, also called Chaos in the Hellenistic oral traditions.

Or rather, this whole event was the birth of Chaos, the First Existence. As the Originator, everything is derived from it. Every single living being, from the most all-powerful Primordial to the smallest sub-quantum unit of reality, is derived from Chaos.

So Chaos filled the void. And just as it was the first birth, so Chaos was the first death, the first “ending”, as much as something like that can apply to something that completely encompasses and yet is utterly beyond the foundations of reality.

It is said that Chaos’ endless and still-ongoing “death” brought about the entropy and decay of its body, and that Chaos’ body is in fact the sum entirety of reality, with all the universes, dimensions, and realities effectively the result of this entropic breakdown of the Ultimate Being. But just because Chaos is “dead” does not mean it is actually “dead.” Just as its body has become the fertile soil for reality to grow from, the “existence” of Chaos continues. Moebius described this as a kind of “fragmentation,” the consciousness of Chaos splitting apart across every fragment and iteration of reality. Naming Chaos’ original form, the body from which all realities are formed, as the Arche (and its current state the Demiurge) he describes the mind of Chaos as Nous or Logos, a phenomena known to humanity under many names: Aion, Zurvan, YHWH, etc.

From the Demiurge were born the First Ones, the Primordials. Only analogous to life as we know it in the loosest of senses, these vast and powerful beings set about adding definition and dimension to the dead body of Chaos. Among these beings were individuals now known by such names as Oudeis and the Infernal Empress. But most notable among the Primordials was a unity, an order that formed amongst them, that cultivated intellect and knowledge.

As the first beings to ever exist, and the first to liberate themselves from time itself, they traveled between the dimensions and realities that encompassed the Endless Garden. And in their travels, they bore witness to the other life that formed. But not all life was good. The Tree of Life was not perfect, and they saw flaws develop in its structure. The collapse and breaking of timelines, and the emergence of dangerous and powerful beings worried them. Some beings sought their own selfish ends, while others, aware of what came before, sought to return to the darkness. Like a cosmic cancer these beings and flaws grew in number, and one in particular emerged. The order called these flaws the Great Malignity. And it spread, seeding the emergent reality with darkness, so that it might die and in so doing cause the collapse of all.

This order of Primordials could not stand by and watch as the Tree of Life became corrupted and twisted by the Malignity spawned within it. So they fought to preserve existence in the face of forces like Oudeis (literally “Oblivion” to these beings) or the Tarnish (best described as “insane Primordials” from the outer fringes of reality). Thus, they became known as the Overseers.

As the Overseers, they made it their mission to preserve reality, cultivate it, and observe the results, protecting it and its contents from the destructive forces without. This process was overseen by a being Moebius calls the Archon. This Archon Moebius named Yaldabaoth, and he implied that though the Overseers are beyond space-time and thus not constrained by concepts of order, that Yaldabaoth is no longer the Archon of the Overseers. The current Archon (Moebius used “current” in quotations as, being beyond time, all events the Overseers are involved in happen both simultaneously across all times and don’t happen at all. He recommends not thinking too hard about that) he names Urizen.

The Overseers directly interacted with the emergent life of reality, passing down knowledge and assistance to any and all. But this direct intervention, with all its good intentions, only created havoc. The Overseers hoped to shield the First Races from concepts like conflict, but inevitably conflict occurred. First the races turned on each other, and then, emboldened by their power, turned against the Overseers. The First War happened, and it was brief. In their pride, the new races did not comprehend the level the Overseers existed at. To end the threat, the Overseers transformed reality, creating or manipulating forces like space, time, and dimensions as barriers to contain their errant children and the other forces of the Great Malignity. So in way, the numerous alternate timelines and different levels of reality are effectively the walls, bars, and cells of a nigh infinite prison.

The situation also caused the Overseers to reevaluate their policies, particularly the manner in which they would continue to interact with reality. A rule was made that the Overseers could no longer directly interfere with the growth and life cycle of any timeline, dimension, or reality, unless if it was in response to another outside force threatening it, such as another Overseer or the Great Malignity. However, to continue their mission of cultivating and growing these new realities, the Overseers created lesser servitors as their instruments and ambassadors. These beings would become known as the Empyreans, and between them and the First Races, would be the progenitors of the Pantheons.

But not all of the Overseers were in harmony. Two in particular violated the new order established by the Archon. One was Nebros, who made the mistake of becoming too enamored with one particular universe and its branches. Another was Negas, who had long distinguished itself in secret from its brethren. So it deceived Nebros into corrupting that world, tainting all of the branches of that world’s timelines. This act was discovered by the being Moebius refers to as Entropus. Nebros was judged, and sentenced to live within the bounds of the universe it loved so dearly. Never could it stray from it or its branches again, until Nebros accomplished the task of ridding it of the taint its love had inadvertently created. But Negas' role in this event would not remain secret for long; it was soon found out, and condemned for this act of betrayal. Negas was stripped of all power, called “the Deceiver,” forever banished from the order of the Overseers. For its part in failing to preemptively stop these events, Entropus placed itself as the custodian of these specific branches of reality, protecting them against the taint of Negas, and of the incursion of the Malignity.

So it was that all this happened beyond our reality. Even as it formed, Nebros, the future Professor Moebius, was cast into it to bear witness to its beginning, while Negas lurked within the darkness, ready to plot his revenge. Meanwhile, our universe cooled as it expanded. Under the careful cultivation of the Empyreans stellar bodies formed, and soon life followed. Thus were born the entities that would become known as the Pantheons, the Gods, and thus the creators of intelligent life. It is from these foundations that all history, including human history, begins…


Aetheric Realms- The outer dimensions, encompassing places like Heaven, Asgard, Olympus, Nirvana, Tian, and more. They form the surface layers of reality.

Arche- Moebius’ own name for the being made from the Big Bang, whose “body” is the foundation of all realities and dimensions, before its “death.”

Archon- The term Moebius says best describes the “leader” of the Overseers.

Big Bang- Prevailing cosmological model among modern scientists. Moebius describes this as being “not that far off” from describing the emergence of the Arche, Chaos.

Chaos- The primeval void of Greek Mythology, one of the many names Moebius says that can refer to the Arche. He uses this as the main name for the being overall.

Demiurge- Moebius’ name for the “body” of Chaos, the physical leftovers of the Arche that are the foundation of all realities and dimensions.

Empyreans- A servitor race of the Overseers, created as tools and extensions of the Overseers designed to allow them some measure of ability to tend to the realities. Progenitors of the Pantheons alongside the remnants of the First Races.

Endless Garden- One of the ways Moebius says approximates what the Overseers refer to all reality as being.

Entropus- An Overseer responsible for discovering the machinations of Nebros and Negas, and now personally responsible for observing their activities as fallen Overseers. Moebius suspects that the mystic superhero Janus is in fact Entropus in a diminished form.

First Races- The next generation of lifeforms that emerged after the Primordials. Effectively the progenitors of the Pantheons.

First War- A conflict caused by the First Races, initially amongst themselves, and then against the Overseers, spurred on and unintentionally encouraged by the coddling of the Overseers. The event that caused the Overseers to transform all of reality into its current order and establish their rules of non-interference.

Great Malignity- A catch all term Moebius describes as referring to the forces threatening all of reality, from dimensional flaws to corrupted timelines to entities opposed to the Overseers like the Tarnish.

Infernal Empress- The current name of a Primordial who rules over the Infernal Realms.

Infernal Realms- The dark, chthonic dimensions, encompassing places like Hades, Hel, Musspelheim, Jigoku, Tartarus, Sheol, and more. They literally form the core of reality.

Logos- Greek, “The Word.” The proper noun Moebius uses to describe the still existing “mind” of the Arche.

Middle Realms- The dimensions that include all universes, separate and distinguishable from the Aetheric and Infernal Realms. Unlike the other Realms they are sandwiched between, the Middle Realms are subject to the force known as “time,” and thus are in a near constant state of existential flux.

Nebros- An Overseer who fell from grace due to directly meddling in a particular universe. Pretty much who Professor Moebius used to be.

Negas- Another fallen Overseer, cast out due to the manipulations of Overseers like Nebros. Called “The Deceiver” as a result.

Nous- Greek, “mind” “reasoning” “understanding.” One of two words Moebius uses to describe the fragmentary intellect of the Arche that exists independently of its dead body.

Pantheons- Collective term for all the beings either descended from the Empyreans or First Races, or emergent lifeforms raised up by the Empyreans. Includes all of the supernatural beings of folklore and mythology like gods, angels, demons, titans, and more that existed before intelligent life on our level.

Primordials- The very first beings to exist following the birth of existence, formed from the death of Chaos, the Arche.

Professor Moebius- A mysterious adventurer and super-science hero. In truth the physical incarnation of an Overseer who fell from grace for wanting to meddle too closely in the affairs of this universe. Moebius refers to this previous version of himself as “Nebros.”

Originator- The name Moebius says approximates what the Overseers refer to Chaos/the Arche as.

Oudeis- Greek, “Nothingness.” A bizarre Primordial somehow incarnating the darkness from before the Arche. A part of the Great Malignity.

Overseers- An association of Primordials self-appointed to be the custodians of all realities.

Tarnish- Primordial beings from the furthest reaches of reality, parasitical entities driven mad by exposure to the nothingness beyond reality. Moebius describes them as being analogous to the Outer Gods of the Cthulhu Mythos, but far worse. One of the principle manifestations of the Great Malignity.

Tree of Life- What Moebius says approximates the way the Overseers refer to the Demiurge, analogous to the Norse Yggdrasil.

Urizen- The name Moebius says describes the “current” Archon of the Overseers.

Yaldabaoth- The name Moebius uses to refer to the “first” Archon of the Overseers.
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A Brief Historical Summary

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A Brief Historical Summary

This is a brief summary of the modern history of the Extraordinary Mythos, primarily encompassing the rise of extraordinaries, heroes, and villains, and their effects upon the world.


It all began in the late 19th Century, when two notable scientists and scholars, Doctor Nathan Malthus and Lord Cornelius Windsor, compared notes on their research, and discovered the emergence of humans with supernatural talents and abilities. They joined forces to continue their research at an island they called Darwinia, and published several works that would form the foundation of all research on powers. They were the first to coin the term "extraordinaries." However, they were not alone. A group of intellectuals and aristocrats calling themselves the Promethean Council for Human Advancement had also noted this trend, and intended on capitalizing on it in order to shape future human history to their benefit by creating and raising children created via eugenics. However, two members disagreed, and took their baby son, a product of these plans, to Malthus and Windsor. The Prometheans slew them for this treachery, and forced the duo to flee with the boy to the United States under the protection of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Elsewhere, the first heroes began to emerge. In the United States, an industrialist donned a mask to deal with the sabotage of his own company and became known as the Night Stalker, while a prospector found himself taken to an alien world and empowered by space wizards to become a champion of light against the darkness of oblivion, returning to Earth as Captain Meteor. In Europe, the Order of the Golden Dawn waged war with cults and evil beings on the battlefield, a product of the universe coming into realignment with various dimensions beyond reality (dubbed the "Age of Aquarius" by Aleister Crowley). In this world, Aeon the Archmage rose to prominence. And in Russia, extraordinaries emerged in support of different factions in the civil war: Krasno Pozhar for the Bolsheviks, Belitron for the White Army, Chernostrazh for the Blackguards, Stalnoikulak for the Green Russians, and Rodina for the very Motherland itself, while a common soldier in the employ of the Bloody White Baron set off to reclaim his destiny as Malek Khan of Zahrgiah.


By the 1930's the baby boy Malthus and Windsor had been entrusted with had grown up and become a strong and intelligence young man beyond any human level. Algernon Xidorn, as he came to be known, became a renowned scientist adventurer, and gathering together a band of fellow scientists and adventurers called the Fraternity of Philosophic Gentlemen Adventurers, he scoured the Earth for lost legends, discovered strange new worlds and phenomena, and battled men and entities with malicious intentions. Meanwhile, the Prometheans united with the Thule Society to attempt to shape the world into something under their control, but only succeeded in Germany and Italy. Together, they hatched a plan to cement their power, one that would require great amounts of human sacrifice. When war broke out in Poland, they were ready to begin, the Thule's sorcerers crafting an incantation of epic proportions, while the Prometheans leveraged their science into the creation of the first militarized grouping of extraordinaries, the SS-Ubersoldatenkorps.

News of this leaked to the United States and Britain, who began their own attempts to oppose the Germans. Malthus and Windsor, pacifists who only wanted to use their knowledge to benefit humanity, were called upon to use their research to find a way to stop the Ubersoldaten, and so they became instrumental to Project Patriot, the program that would created the United States' first official superteam, the Patriot Unit. In Britain, their equivalent was the Imperial Knights of the Crown and Kingdom. Meanwhile, in the United States, prominent members of the hero and vigilante community, including Captain Meteor and the Night Stalker, made a historic gathering to unit their skills and abilities to combat increasingly difficult threats and enemies. This was he birth of the Allegiance.


In Europe, Germany invaded Russia in Operation Barbarossa. Along with their conventional military might and the SS-Ubersoldatenkorps, the Thule Society added a nasty surprise, the result of years of planning and ritual sacrifice. As soldiers on both sides were killed, their bodies and gear would rise from the ground to join the ranks of the Wehrmacht, forming an unkillable army of the reanimated dead that would become known under the dreaded name of the Unslain. Unlike the United States or Britain, Russia had no organized program of extraordinary recruitment, and many of the extraordinaries left from the civil war were either dead, imprisoned, or had joined the side of the Germans. Rodina was one of the few left, but she was weakened, and the Ubersoldaten managed to slay her, allowing the Thule Society to resurrect her, bound to their will and turned against her own countrymen.

But the tide would soon change. Under the leadership of Algernon Xidorn, the Patriot Unit and Imperial Knights made a daring raid at the heart of the facilities where the Reich created and trained its wundermenschen. Though suffering casualties, they managed to put a permanent dent in the ability of the Nazis to deploy soldiers with powers. In the mystical side of things, the Golden Dawn struggled against the Thule, disrupting attempts by them to call upon a mysterious extradimensional power and rediscover Ultima Thule. And on the Eastern Front, extraordinaries would rise from the ranks of the Soviet army, led by the psychic might of Mikula. These would the called the People's Patriots by the government, but to Mikula they were Bogatyrs. He would bring an end to undead Rodina's suffering, and spearhead the counter-attack against Germany. Meanwhile, Stalin invested in the work of mad scientists Ilya Ivanov, Trofim Lysenko, and the mysterious German defector named Helregin by the POWs he experimented upon. Together, this trio would produce horrific monstrosities to counter the Unslain, and succeed beyond their dreams. The final blow would be when the Golden Dawn successfully put an end to the Thule's ritual creating the Unslain, and soon Russian forces penetrated into Germany. Mikula would be there to raise the Soviet flag over Berlin, and the remnants of the Prometheans, Thule, and Ubersoldaten would scatter.

Victory over the Reich would be bittersweet though. While the Patriot Unit and Imperial Knights returned as heroes, Mikula and the Bogatyrs would be betrayed from within, hunted down and killed by Stalin's own anti-extraordinary kill squad due to concerns of rebellion, while Helregin, after developing an immortality serum for Stalin, fled Russia with his creation. Algernon would face resistance from his own supposed allies via Amelia Rostek, an agent of Project Paperclip looking to secure and exploit as many of the results of the Thule Society and Ubersoldaten as possible. A power struggle ensued that would disillusion Algernon's view of the Western governments, causing him to consider his new path in life. Malthus and Windsor would pass away shortly thereafter. And the Golden Dawn would themselves be betrayed by one of their own, sold out to the Nephilim by Doctor Crypt, and only Aeon survived.


But the 1960's would lead to a resurgence. As the Cold War began, the Patriot Unit was reformed into the more simple Patriots, and grew in number and popularity. Seeing this, Nikita Khrushchev sought to redress Stalin's purging of Russian extraordinaries, and under Project Zashchitnik he created the Red Guardians. Algernon Xidorn would spend time seeking out extraordinaries to help and groom, and with three protoges he entered the hero business as leader of the Phenomenal Four, who would become the Phenomenal Five after rescuing a supergenius boy from a successor organization of the Promentheans run by Xidorn's new nemesis, Amelia Rostek. In space, the Obermann Brothers made contact with an extraterrestrial vessel, and inadvertently brought a contagion creating a whole new generation of extraordinaries on Earth. But the event that would really mark the beginning of this new age of glories would be the formation of the second and most famous incarnation of the Allegiance, encompassing some of the most famous and enduring iconcs of the hero community. During this time, heroes were heroes, villains were villains, and despite social and political issues abroad, it was a good, simple time.


This would change when Malek Khan, long established as an international megavillain, gathered together other major villains from around the world for a special meeting. He had observed that while the heroes were powerful and skilled, the villains were far superior numerically, only failing because they were not organized. He proposed that all of the villains form a united front to defeat the heroes once and for all, and then partition the Earth among each other. With most agreeing, this combined force of villains launched the Super War, a brief but global conflict that consumed almost every nation and extraordinary in existence. Initially the villains had some success, but when the heroes began to push back as a united force called the Grand Assembly and succeed in almost defeating them, Khan threw down his ace, and summoned a secret ally: a cybernetic extraterrestrial race known as the Skarn, former servitors of Captain Meteor's nemesis Eschaton. With the support of the Skarn the villains managed once again to have the upper hand, until the Skarn betrayed their so-called Allies. Facing total defeat one way or another, Khan and the villain begrudgingly helped the Grand Assembly fight the Skarn and force them into retreat, where they would be annihilated by the Space Lords in the depths of Outer Space.


Though the day was saved, the Super War effectively marked the end of the golden age of heroes. Brainchild of the Phenomenal Five was killed, and as a result Algernon Xidorn decided to retire from heroics and adventuring. The Red Guardians would disappear in an immense flash of energy pursuing their nemesis Nashvrag, who had been a major leader for the villains in the Super War. And Malek Khan committed suicide, rather than face responsibility for the violence and destruction he had wrought. Finally, the Skarn Invasion led to Captain Meteor realizing that his old nemesis Eschaton had returned, and that the nihilistic despot had marked Earth for destruction. So it was that he announced that he would be leaving Earth to put an end to Eschaton once and for all, and that he had no idea how long he would be gone, or if he would return at all.

With the departure of the Captain, it seemed like the end of an era. This meant opportunity to the newer, younger generation of heroes emerging. Initially, this seemed like a good thing. The students of Algernon Xidorn reformed themselves as the Triad, the Valorous Knights of Russia attempted to fill in for the Red Guardians, and the Patriots also underwent a reorganization under the leadership of a new Flagbearer. Xidorn himself would continue his work with the extraordinary community by establishing the Xidorn International Extraordinary Academy, a school and university made to educated and raise young extraordinaries and inexperienced heroes. Storm Prince of the Allegiance would renamed himself Stormlord and founded the Coalition of Champions. And in the Allegiance, two young men stepped up: Meteorite, Captain Meteor's sidekick, and August Star, a similarly cosmically powered young hero who many thought of as the man who would succeed Captain Meteor to become the preeminent hero of Earth. But things would change when during a battle with the dreaded Thaumaturge, Meteorite and his friend the second Pendragon were sent into a hellish dimension, and assumed to be dead. This left August Star in charge, and he was beginning to feel the pressures of leadership. He had been forced into this role prematurely, and without the guiding hand of an experienced mentor or fellow peer like Meteorite, he began to crumble. Older members of the Allegiance left, and to fill the gaps he invited new members to join. As he struggled more and more against increasingly more numerous, powerful, and ruthless enemies, he adopted more and more extreme tactics, and the membership of the Allegiance grew increasingly menacing. In the end, he turned his back on heroism when he made a deal for power with a mysterious force, and declared war upon all corruption and evil on Earth.

The reign of the fallen August Star and his Dark Allegiance lasted for almost fifteen years. And though the still fought and defeated many villains and threats, they were all but considered to be villains themselves. This was made clear when Stormlord and the Coalition confronted them about their "righteous rampages," and in return August Star and the Dark Allegiance brutally put the heroes down, just barely stopping short of killing them. Meanwhile, the Valorous Knights of Russia struggled to be the protectors of the Soviet Union, and in this moment of weakness, Malek Khan's son Tsan rose up to take his birthright as Khagan, leading a military campaign that retook much of the Zahrgian Khanate and even expanded its borders all the way to the Indian Ocean and Caspian Sea. The repeated failures of the Knights put pressure on their leader, Metyeor, and weakened the already declining USSR and Warsaw Pact. Similarly, the second Flagbearer had been facing his own troubles fighting communist guerillas across the globe, and it was taking a toll on him. The mixture of all these events and the general proliferation of military units and squadrons employing extraordinaries, along with numerous supersoldier programs that skirted the lines of decency and morality, prompted consideration among the international community about what to do with all of this.


It all came to a head as the USSR fell apart. Members of the Valorous Knights were deployed to East Berlin to observe growing protests, and in response Flagbearer and some Patriots were also deployed. In a fit of ambition, anger, and stupidity, Metyeor chose to ignore his orders and put down the protestors attempting to tear down the Berlin Wall, and the Patriots responded. The Berlin Wall Massacre ensued, and Flagbearer and Metyeor both died even as they continued pummeling each other. This triggered a major international outcry that resulted in the disbanding of the Valorous Knights and Patriots, and hastened the fall of the Soviet government. After it was revealed that former members of the Knights had been involved in the brief civil war that ensued in Moscow following the fall of the USSR, the United Nations convened to pass resolutions and agreements to regulate and control the use of extraordinaries by governments. Subsequent treaties would ban the use of extraordinaries in military forces and limit the ability of a nation to deploy them outside their own sovereign borders, as well as ban supersoldier programs by government and corporate organizations.

But the Dark Allegiance remained a significant problem. They were effectively unrivaled, though many of the world's heroes had banded together to form the Heroic Renegades to both directly oppose August Star and to show new heroes just what being a hero was actually about. But they would not make much of a headway until the sudden return of Captain Meteor, bringing along his new extraterrestrial wife Princess Astrea and their family of children. The Captain was not impressed with the state of affairs and attempted to reason with August Star. But when it was clear that Meteor's former protoge was too far gone, he organized an effort to take the Dark Allegiance down once and for all, galvanizing old allies like Stormlord, Aegis, and the Silver Centurion to his cause. A terrific battle ensued, but with support from the newly formed Statesmen and Interguard, the Dark Allegiance was defeated, and August Star made a personal sacrifice to stop a WMD attack by Khagan Tsan, the megavillain attempting to exploit the situation to destroy all of the heroes in one fell strike. The heavily injured August Star was brought before the International Court and sentenced for an eternity of imprisonment.

These events left a lot for Captain Meteor to clean up, including a world where an entire generation had grown up fearing the name of the Allegiance. He reformed the Allegiance, and Stormlord similarly revived the Coalition. Together they helped to repair a lot of the harm done by the Dark Allegiance, and restored a measure of positive status quo to the heroic community and its relationship with the rest of humanity.


The new millennium would continue this trend with an explosion in the extraordinary population. Governments across the globe would form their own extraordinary self-defense and law enforcement groups in mimicry of the Statesmen and Russia's new Federal Guard. The first generation of graduates from the Xidorn International Extraordinary Academy were now adults, and calling themselves the Peacemakers, set out to improve human/extraordinary relations while fighting groups such as the New Inquisition and Titan Supremacy, while an even younger generation of budding heroes, the Rising Stars, emerged. The Triad were long retired, content with helping to mentor both teams. Captain Meteor left the Allegiance to form his own team of heroes, Vanguard, so he could be closer to home with his superhero wife and children. The Red Guardians returned, nearly kicking off World War III in the process, but were able to avert catastrophe and reform themselves as the Vigil Alliance. And in the background, Aeon reformed the Golden Dawn to fight new mystic threats brought on by the apex of the dimensional realignment, a now adult and alive Brainchild created the Star Chamber under the new identity of Renaissance, and Professor Moebius, an old associate of Algernon Xidorn, secretly gathered together like minded individuals to change the world. Together, all these and more heroes and extraordinaries would rise up across the globe to fight a new generation of villains and threats facing the Earth. And lastly, Algernon Xidorn watched all of this with some amusement, even as he and a new group of associates work together to stop the machinations of Amelia Rostek and her quietly malicious, extradimensional benefactors at Transversal Inc.

It is against this backdrop that a simple grad student by the name of Samantha West found herself encountering legendary gods in Greece, and becoming one herself...
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Notable Heroes

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This is a list of some of the most notable, important, and recurring individual heroes in the world of the Extraordinary Mythos.

Aegis- One of the most famous superheroines in the heroic community, Aegis started out as Shieldmaiden of the Patriot Unit and later the second Allegiance. She left them along with Stormlord after Captain Meteor departed to form the Coalition of Champions, and was one of the few members of the Coalition to survive their beating at the hands of August Star and the Dark Allegiance physically unscathed (indeed, she was largely the reason the Coalition survived at all). After retiring for several years she returned to heroics to join Captain Meteor's Grand Assembly against August Star, and following the reforming of the Allegiance helped Stormlord reform the Coalition to lead a new generation of young heroes.

Aeon the Archmage- A 19th century occult detective who inherited the mantle of Archmage from his predecessor during WWI. He is a founding member of the original Golden Dawn alongside the likes of Aleister Crowley, and saw their transformation from a society of mystics into a fighting force against mystical and supernatural threats. He was the only survivor of Doctor Crypt’s betrayal. A contemporary of Captain Meteor and Algernon Xidorn, he was one of the founding members of the second Allegiance. Over time he has cemented his status as Archmage, a title that effectively makes him the most powerful magical practitioner in the world.

Algernon Xidorn- A legendary figure in the superheroic community, Algernon Xidorn is a genius billionaire inventor researcher explorer philanthropist adventurer of the highest order, active since before the beginning of the superheroic age. He was created by the eugenics conspiracy once known as the Prometheans, but was rescued from them by his birth parents and raised to adulthood by Lord Windsor and Doctor Malthus. Over the decades he has been pivotal in founding numerous superhero teams and organizations, including the Allegiance, the Triad, the Peacemakers, and the Rising Stars. He is currently retired from superheroics and spends his time managing his legacy and resources in the form of the Xidorn Foundation, while using it to wage a clandestine war with the evil dimension spanning corporation Transversal.

Blackstone- A mystic superhero tasked with keeping and wielding the Night Stone, a gem of concentrated evil and black magic. He is the only wizard who can safely use the Stone without becoming corrupted by it, thanks to his training and keeping the stone inside the Dark Staff, which absorbs the corrupting effects of the gem. As the bearer of the Night Stone, his goal is to specifically seek out evil forces and dark wizards and absorb them into the Stone, removing them from the world and reducing the hold of darkness upon reality incrementally.

Captain Meteor- One of the oldest and most famous superheroes period, he was an ordinary man transformed into a cosmic powerhouse after being transported to an alien planet by a magical totem. He is a founding member of the Allegiance. He spent a long period of time away from Earth to decisively defeat his greatest enemy, Eschaton, during which the dark age of superheroics ensued. After returning victorious and leading the second Grand Assembly to defeat August Star and his Dark Allegiance, he has spent a great deal of time repairing the reputation and legacy of the heroic community. Right now he is experiencing a renaissance in his career after reforming the Allegiance. Though he initially retired from heroics after doing that so as to spend more time raising his family, he recently returned by forming a new team of heroes called Vanguard, although he is just as often seen showing his children the ropes of their powers.

Devil King- A former member of the Allegiance before Captain Meteor's departure, Devil King is the half-human, half-demon ruler of one of the infernal dimensions closest to Earth. A very moody, brooding individual, he sways between heroism and antagonism toward Earth and humanity, and spends long periods of time away from them. He is one of the few Infernal rulers to not serve the Infernal Empress.

Excelsior- The world’s most famous black superhero, and possibly the true successor of Captain Meteor’s legacy. Though he is a relatively recent debut for a superhero, he is steadily becoming one of the most popular superheroes around the globe period, with a massive international following. Like Megaton, he is also a very socially conscious individual, and the two superheroes have allied on many occasions. The combination of these activities, his popularity, and his extremely positive, inspiring example are what led to him joining the Sovereignty.

Flagbearer- A senior member and team leader of the Statesmen, the United States' official government sanctioned superteam. He is the third to bear that name, the first being one of the original members of the Patriot Unit and a founder of both the Allegiance and Patriots; the second succeeded him after the Super War, but became disllusioned with the limitations of what he could do, and died fighting his Russian counterpart at the Berlin Wall Massacre. Though the second Flagbearer died fighting to save lives, the overall legacy he left was that of a miserable, violent man who was a far cry from the hero his predecessor was. The third and current Flagbearer, a heavily injured war vet given a new nanotech constructed body cybernetcially enhanced down to the cellular level, is still having the deal with the weight of these previous two legacies and forging his own identity.

The Gatekeeper- An associate of Aeon hailing from the fringes of the mystic scene, the Gatekeeper is a sentinel of cosmic pathways, leylines, and dimensional gates. As the universe realigns with the Aetheric and Infernal realms, more openings become available to beings from other dimensions to access this universe. As such, the Gatekeeper is the title of the person charged with monitoring and protecting these openings so as to hold back the malevolent and nefarious forces beyond the universe that would seek to exploit them.

Janus the Overseer- Janus is a member of the Overseers, a race of primordial beings who work to nurture and guide the universes and realities that compose all of existence, like a garden. Janus voluntarily sacrificed most of his god-like power and knowledge to enter the universe to monitor two other fallen Overseers: Professor Moebius and Negas the Deciever. He does this under the guise of a cosmo-magical superhero, and has been a member of both the Allegiance and Golden Dawn.

Marduk and Ishtar- A pair of godlike Middle-Eastern superheroic adventurers who may or may not be physical incarnations of the ancient Mesoptamian deities. They are two of the most well known superheroes from the Middle-East, but are highly controversial within their own stomping grounds, regularly clashing with Islamic elements. Not that they seem to care that much about what the locals think, so long as they can stop the machinations of foes like Tiamat, Nergal, and Ereshkigal. They are very coy about whether they are truly gods or merely really powerful extraordinaries playing at being ancient mythological deities.

Megabeast- Formerly known as Behemoth, Megabeast is a supervillain seeking redemption as a member of the Allegiance. Megabeast was an extraterrestrial who landed on Earth as an infant and was raised by a childless couple as their own, until they were violently murdered by a combination of military forces and alien mercenaries both seeking him out. Consumed with hatred and a desire for revenge, he accepted the offer of the cyborg monstrosity Manticore to join his Beastiary. He lost his desire for revenge after falling in love with fellow member Leviathan, and tore Manticore apart when he felt the cyborg had gone too far. As part of a probationary deal Megabeast joined the Allegiance, filling in the power gap left by Captain Meteor. He is one of the strongest beings on Earth, and is even stronger when in one of his legendary berserker rages.

Panopticon- Widely considered to be the most powerful superhero yet, Panopticon is a former astronaut bonded with a technologically advanced and extremely powerful mechanized defense system that orbits the Earth. He is Earth’s main defender against extraterrestrial incursions, and was instrumental in holding off Dominus' warfleet. What no one on Earth knows is that the machine he is bonded to is actually a Space Lord planetary sentry, as Earth and the Solar System lie within Space Lord territory and as such belong to the Imperial Spiral. So even though he is Earth's strongest defender, this will become a liability should the Space Lords turn their full attention toward Earth.

Pendragon- A former an identity used by Casca Longinus during his period as a British superhero during WWII. One of the more well known heroic legacies, the current Pendragon is the leader of the Solidarity, the largest and most well known group of heroes from Europe, and used to be the sidekick of the previous bearer of the mantle. Widely considered among the best heroes without powers or powered items.

Professor Moebius- A former associate of Algernon Xidorn from his "Fraternity of Philosophic Gentlemen" days of science adventuring. In truth he is actually a fallen Overseer, an ancient primordial entity incarnated into an almost powerless human guise who has been around since the dawn of humanity. Since the late 19th century he has managed to crack his memory blocks and begin remembering the vast knowledge Overseers have of all reality and its contents, and has been using that knowledge and his own experience to set the stage for a plan to change reality. The founding of the Sovereignty and all of their activities is the first part of this grand scheme.

Renaissance- The secretive founder and leader of the similarly elusive ultrapowerful superteam known as the Star Chamber. Renaissance was originally one of a whole score of genetically engineered supergenius children being developed by remnants of the Prometheans under the employ of Amelia Rostek as part of the larger effort of Transversal to infiltrate Earth. That is, until Algernon Xidorn and the Phenomenal Four raided the facility. Though Rostek killed off most of the children, Xidorn was able to rescue one. The boy grew up quickly and became known as Brainchild, turning the Phenomenal Four into Five. Shortly after the Super War concluded Brainchild was seemingly killed in a confrontation with the supervillain Xerxes, causing Xidorn to retire from heroics; however, he had actually faked his death so that he could pursue his own quest to find out Amelia Rostek's true plans and stop Transversal. Rechristening himself Renaissance, he has engineered his own independent plan to thwart the multiversal corporation, gathering together the most powerful extraordinaries no one has ever heard of to enable his mission.

Revere- One of the few living members of the original Patriot Unit left, Revere is an old friend and contemporary of Captain Meteor and Algernon Xidorn. Despite his age he is still considered to be the Fastest Living Man and quite capable both physically and mentally. He was a founding member of the Allegiance and the Patriots, and continues his service to the United States as one of the field leaders of the Statesmen, and has taken it upon himself to be the mentor for the current Flagbearer.

Sandstorm- Another notable Middle-Eastern superhero and the most famous single Islamic hero. Based out of Egypt, Sandstorm's liberal slant, defense of women, association with western heroes like Thunder Woman, and particular Islamic sect affiliation often makes her a target of other Islamic factions within her own country, nevermind the supervillains she regularly battles.

Silver Centurion- The current heroic identity of Casca Longinus, a Roman centurion cursed to live a constant life of combat until the end of time. He has fought in many wars for two thousand years and assumed numerous identities, some of them even famous historical figures. In the modern age he has been a member of multiple superteams under names like the Forever Knight in the early 20th Century, Pendragon during WWII, and now the Silver Centurion as part of past and present incarnations of the Allegiance. Is constantly hounded by his similarly immortal rival and archenemy, Vladimir Drakon.

Stormlord- An elder statesman in the heroic community and one of the few peers of Captain Meteor, Stormlord started out as Storm Prince, one of the youngest members of the second Allegiance and a close friend of Meteorite and the young August Star. After growing older and gaining more experience he renamed himself Stormlord and left the Allegiance along with Aegis to form the Coalition of Champions. The humiliating defeat he and the Coalition received when confronting August Star and his Allegiance was one of the major events that defined the era after the Super War and made August Star's descent into villainy official. Stormlord spent much of the time after recovering from wounds both physical and psychological, and he still bears the scars of that beating. He returned to heroism after Captain Meteor asked him to join his Grand Assembly to stop August Star, and along with Aegis they reformed the Coalition afterwards. He is considered the most powerful and skilled weather controller in the world, and is noted for his ability to do so without creating adverse weather conditions or climate change elsewhere in the world.

Vendetta- A former member of the Sisterhood of Blood, an ancient secret society of female assassins and killers for hire. She went rogue after failing to kill a target, and was seemingly slain by her mistress, the woman known as the Widowmaker. But she survived her own assassination, and has vowed to destroy the Sisterhood and kill Widowmaker in revenge for her own “death.” Most well known in the street level heroic community, though she generally eschews associating herself with other heroes. Rescuer and mentor to Belladonna of the Rising Stars team of young adult heroes.

Virago- The superheroic identity of Princess Astrea, an extraterrestrial princess from the planet where Captain Meteor gained his powers. Once little more than a wilting damsel in distress and lover of the legendary hero, she helped Meteor in his campaign to decisively defeat Eschaton. During this time she developed her innate psychic powers, became a great fighter and war leader, and married Captain Meteor. When he returned to Earth she came with him, bringing their children along, and assumed the heroic identity of Virago as part of his Grand Assembly to defeat August Star's Dark Allegiance. After spending some time as a member of the reformed Allegiance she left them along with her husband, though she has not jumped back into heroics like he has. Instead she has taken the role of matriarch of the Meteor Family, projecting the image of a clever media personality with a queenly disposition. Her powers alone make her the equal of her husband, and she has effectively supplanted the veteran heroine Delphi as the preeminent psychic on Earth.

Zharova- The most famous Russian superhero currently and a flagship member of the government team known as the Federal Guard, Zharova is a former soldier who wields the power of the mythic Firebird, which she gained after being trapped in Mystic Russia during an invasion by the sorcerer and longtime Russian supervillain Koschei the Deathless. Her popularity can be attributed to a mixture of her innate beauty, genuine striving toward heroism instead of mere government work, and association with a few notable western heroes like Thunder Woman.

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Notable Villains A-E

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This is a list of some of the most notable, important, and recurring individual villains in the world of the Extraordinary Mythos.

The All-Father- The founder and leader of Dammerung, a Norse-themed terrorist organization formed from the remnants of the SS-Ubersoldatenkorps. Prior to that he was one of the Ubersoldatenkorps' wundermenschen, a perfected result of the Prometheans' collaboration with the German war machine, and one the few survivors of the Patriot Unit raid that scuttled the program. Under the title "Ubermeister" he became something of a personal nemesis for heroes like Flagbearer and Pendragon. In the final hours of the war he helped evacuate the remnants of the Ubersoldatenkorps to a secret base in Antarctica and then through an interdimensional portal created by Loki to an uninhabited alternate Earth, where he has spent decades building up Dammerung and planning for an invasion of his home planet.

Amelia Rostek- A former Allied agent for Project Paperclip who was in charge of securing any and every bit of research, advanced technology, and extraordinary materials and items either not taken by the fleeing Ubersoldatenkorps, destroyed, or seized by the Russians. This put her into conflict with Algernon Xidorn's own efforts to do the same, as he didn't trust even the Allies with these remnants, and they both spent almost five years scheming against one another. She became an advance agent of the corrupt multiuniversal corporation Transversal after completing the Nazis project attempting to reach them. As Transversal's agent she took the remnants of the Prometheans and turned them into her own personal empire, setting into motion a number of plans to set the stage for Transversal's entry into this universe. Along the way she has been opposed by Xidorn and his proteges, including Renaissance and his Star Chamber, and their hidden war continues to this day.

The Annihilator- An enormously powerful omnicidal maniac from the United Kingdom and one of the most notorious megavillains of the current era. Infamous for going on a massive rampage across Europe causing mass destruction, before finally being stopped by the third Grand Assembly of heroes. Though imprisoned in Ultramax, he has been made an honorary member of the Tarot Society of megavillains, who are keeping him in reserve as a trump card.

Apollyon- A former superhero who used to be known as Meteorite, the sidekick of Captain Meteor. After Captain Meteor left Earth to stop Eschaton, Meteorite and his fellow young hero August Star shared leadership roles in the Allegiance. That changed when the Allegiance fought the legendary Thaumaturge. Meteorite played his part by physically halting the demons emerging from the portal the Thaumaturge had made, but was dragged into the Infernal Realms in the process, and spent a seeming eternity fighting to escape. The effort and time spent physically and mentally changed him, turning the former sidekick into a demonically charged juggernaut. He managed to finally escape, but where literal centuries had passed for him, barely half a century had on Earth. This broke the last remnants of sanity and hope in his mind, and ever since Apollyon has vowed revenge upon the heroes he thinks abandoned him.

Aponanov- An ancient demon, a vampiritic entity from the ancient days banished into a pocket dimension by the Old Gods of Russia. He is most well known for being one of the first major enemies the nascent Red Guardians fought, luring them into his dimension so that he could prey upon the young Lady Midday and absorb her power. If not for the intervention of Koldun, he would have succeeded, and instead he inadvertently undid the forces Lady Twilight used suppress Lady Midday's divine powers and memory.

August Star- The legendarily notorious former hero turned megavillain. Once he was a rising star in the heroic community, becoming one of the youngest heroes to ever join the Allegiance. He was so popular and well liked it seemed that he would succeed Captain Meteor to become the preeminent hero in the world. When Meteor left Earth, he got his chance, and failed. After Meteorite and Pendragon vanished and Stormlord and Aegis left to found the Coalition he struggled to lead the Allegiance and recruit new heroes, and became frustrated with what he felt were inadequacies in the heroic community. He made a pact with Amelia Rostek for more power, and over the years he and his Allegiance became darker and more violent, climaxing with the brutal beating they delivered to Stormlord and the Coalition when those heroes confronted them. For almost fifteen years August Star and the Dark Allegiance terrorized Earth, until Captain Meteor returned and created the second Grand Assembly specifically to stop them. During the battle with Meteor, August Star finally realized just how far he'd fallen, and sacrificed himself to stop Khagan Tsan's attempt to destroy all of the heroes in one strike. He survived, and now serves multiple life sentences at Ultramax.

Az'Dahak- The legendary son of Ahriman, the personification of evil from Zoroastrianism. Was once a mighty and evil king until an alliance of legendary heroes blessed by Ahura Mazda overthrew him and then buried the half-demon king in a deep tomb, as killing him would only blight the entire earth with the sum total of the evil in his body. He is an infrequent but major villainous threat in the Middle East. Marek al-Dajjal has tried multiple times to restore him in order to advance the will of Ahriman, and even the Iranian government and Saddam Hussein's Elite Guard have attempted it as well (the former to destroy Az'Dahak, the latter to exploit him). Every time Az'Dahak has risen, he has been stopped by a coalition of Middle Eastern heroes, like Mazdak, Sandstorm, Marduk and Ishtar, and the Pillars of Allah's Will.

Balor- One of the main villains from Ireland, and the leader of the Strikebackers, a loose confederacy of supervillains from throughout the British Isles who have banded together for mutual protection from teams like the Imperial Knights and Fenian Fighters. He is an ex-IRA terrorist who had one of his eyes turn into a portal to a hellish dimension of destructive energy, which is held in check by a high-tech faceplate that covers half of his face. Which is probably for the best, as the emergence of Balor's eye horribly mutilated that side of his face.

The Bent Man- The man who used to be the second Pendragon, a peer of Meteorite and August Star. During the battle with the Thaumaturge he attempted to rescue Meteorite from the demonic portal, but was instead dragged in as well. But unlike Meteorite, the portal sent Pendragon to the very edge of reality, where the Tarnished Ones exist. He instantly went insane, but had his mind and body preserved through absorption of the essence of the Tarnish. He has returned to Earth as an emissary of the Tarnished, twisted into a disturbing mockery of a man (hence his name) and represents a living link to their end of reality. He is considered to be an extreme wildcard by the villain community, and only the Tarot Society will even consider interacting with him.

Bolvadur- An ancient Norse megavillain and one of the primary foes of the pan-Scandinavean hero team Nordstjernen. He was once a bloodthirsty and vicious Viking warlord so infamous that scholars did their best to erase every mention of him from history. He was finally defeated by a military alliance and cursed by a shaman. But the shaman flubbed the ritual, and combined with a hatred and fury so intense that it reached across the barrier between life and death, he returned as a draugar, an undead being with immense power. He was imprisoned after a furious battle with Merlin, the first Archmage, but was set free by a Thule Society expedition. He has been a bane of northern and central Europe ever since, and while primarily associated with his battles with Nordstjernen, he has also fought Die Bundeshelden, the Solidarity, the Imperial Knights, and even the Federal Guard.

Captain Winter- The leader and founder of the current incarnation of the Crime Masters, the closest villain equivalent to the Allegiance. He is a very ambitious and pragmatic man who desires to be elevated into the ranks of the megavillains of the world, but has yet to achieve that level of notoriety and respect despite being a fairly formidable villain in his own right. When the Tarot Society spurned and mocked his last attempt to curry their favor, he reformed the Crime Masters around some past associates with the aim of creating the ultimate villainous organization. He succeeded beyond his wildest ambitions, and while very few members of the Crime Masters can rival the villains who make up the Tarot, they can make the claim of being the single largest association of extraordinaries in the world.

Chronus- A supergenius scientist and former adventurer under the name of Doctor Kronos who used to be a close associate of Algernon Xidorn in his youth, and one of the many members of the Fraternity of Philosophic Gentlemen who remains active today. After the Fraternity parted ways during WWII he discovered that the time manipulation that he had attributed to all of his inventions was in fact a power innate to himself. So it was that Doctor Kronos decided to explore the Earth to find others like himself, and as he did so, he observed how extraordinaries, when not being exploited and used as soldiers, were persecuted and slain in many parts of the world as witches or the demon-possessed. So he rechristened himself Chronus and founded the Titan Supremacy, a group of extraordinaries dedicated to domination over humanity. It was Chronus' activities that led to Xidorn creating the Xidorn International Extraordinary Academy, the Phenomenal Four, and then later the emergence of the Peacemakers. Officially, Chronus does not lead the Supremacy anymore, many presuming him dead after decades of clashes with the Triad and the Allegiance. However, while Hyperion and Gaia are the new public face of the group he continues to control them from the shadows in order to advance his vision of extraordinary dominion over all of Earth.

Count Vesuvius- An Italian nobleman and radical environmental activist in his civilian life, as Count Vesuvius he is an extraordinary ecoterrorist who leads Earthfury, a group of similarly minded ecoterrorist extraordinaries who work together to "save the earth" by sabotaging and attacking those it deems most harmful to the environment. Unfortunately, Vesuvius' passion for his work also isolates him from the villain community, and so he is one of the few megavillains on Earth not a member of the Tarot or Crime Masters. Not that he cares; if you are contributing to the forces harming the planet, you are a villain in his eyes.

Doctor Crypt- The notorious betrayer of the first Golden Dawn. Originally he was an occult scholar and novice magical practitioner of some repute. Ambitious, unscrupulous, and power hungry, he joined the Golden Dawn to further his ambitions, rejecting the Thule Society as being "too crazy." The desire for power above all else and the methods and lengths he would go to reach it made him highly disliked by the rest of the Golden Dawn, especially when he launched into a tirade over Aeon becoming Archmage instead of him. In the end, while fighting the Thule Society, he came into contact with a race of beings called the Nephilim, half-men half-angels from antiquity, and struck a deal to release them in exchange for more power. To do this, he called on the services of witchfinders and monster hunters to ambush the members of the Golden Dawn and sacrifice them to punch a hole in reality. In the end, Aeon managed to stop Doctor Crypt and send him and several Thule occultists through the portal they were opening, but not before they had slain every single other member. Now Doctor Crypt has returned, transformed into a horrific and horrifically powerful inhuman being intent on completing the ritual he started, just as Aeon has reformed the Golden Dawn once more.

Doctor Spider- One of the senior members of the Crime Masters, Doctor Spider is relatively new to the whole team thing. A mad scientist style villain specializing in robotics and cybernetics, he is the man who helped to create the Spider Kingdom, a villainous mercenary outfit. However, the Spider Kingdom was not happy with the results of his enhancements for them, and turned on him. In an attempt to escape their wrath he called in a favor from an old friend: Captain Winter. In the middle of constructing his version of the Crime Masters, Winter and the villains he had so far were able to repulse the Spider Kingdom, and in exchange Captain Winter had Doctor Spider join the Crime Masters, where he has put his expertise to good use. The Spider Kingdom are still after him, but as long as he remains with the Crime Masters, he is safe for the time being.

Dominik Kaiser- One of the most powerful criminal overlords in the world, the Swedish Dominik Kaiser is also one of the most unknown of master criminals; those who do know of his existence know of him only as a cunning, but legitimate, businessman. He is a key figure in many conspiracies and villain organizations, though his principle connection is with the Immaculate Court, a rival villain group to the Tarot Society. Among some of his other connections are rising Russian politician Andrei Beregov, the Scandinavean megavillain Bolvadur, and the Eastern European villain team the Siloviki, who he may have possible organized and founded himself. He also maintains close ties with the Kingmaker, and may possibly be the Kingmaker himself!

Dominus- Extraterrestrial warlord, conqueror, and racial supremacist, Dominus began as a slave until he discovered an ancient text that spoke of a glorious golden age his people had once had. Freeing himself from his slavery he vowed to make his people the master race of the universe, and set out on a quest to grow stronger and gather resources. He returned to wage war on his former slave masters and successfully deposed them, before going on a galactic scale campaign of conquest, effectively becoming fourth major power in the galaxy. But his enemies struck back, using a bioweapon to kill off most of his race and render the rest, himself included, infertile. Now he is seeking a way to restore his race without diluting the purity of its blood. He believes he has found that method on Earth, and has in particular selected Thunder Woman to be the beginning of the renewal of his people.

Ereshkigal- An infamous Middle-Eastern villainess who claims to be the physical incarnation of the ancient Mesopotamian queen of the underworld. She is an archenemy of the Middle-Eastern superhero duo of Marduk and Ishtar, often in this capacity alongside Nergal. An extremely powerful sorceress and necromancer, unlike Marduk and Ishtar she fully believes that she is Ereshkigal, regardless of whether this is true or not. The fact that Ba'athist Iraq attempted to find a way to draw upon the power of the ancient gods to empower a cadre of soldiers certainly muddies the waters of the truth. Besides the demigod duo, Ereshkigal has also fought the Pillars of Allah's Faith, who naturally object to her attempts to either convert or destroy the predominantly Muslim population.

Eschaton- Captain Meteor’s archnemesis, Eschaton is a nihilistic cosmic despot with apocalyptic designs upon all of reality. He is the reason why Captain Meteor was created in the first place, as a champion of light and life against the darkness Eschaton represented. Thankfully, he never managed to reach Earth or fight any of its other heroes, although after returning from his first defeat he made a deal with Malek Khan to lend his Skarn to the megavillain, precipitating the Super War. He is the reason why Captain Meteor left Earth after the Super War, and according to Meteor, Eschaton is no more. But the Captain had defeated Eschaton before, so there's no telling whether that will stay true or not. May possibly be connected to Lady Twilight of the Zoria or even the entity Oudeis.

Ewigglanz- A major German villain and enemy of Die Bundeshelden, Ewigglanz initially started out as egomaniacal energy manipulating hero more interested looking great than actual heroics. Unfortunately, this obsession with becoming "the best" made him careless, and he developed a paranoid perception that all other heroes were jealous of his greatness and out to get him. After a battle with a villain resulted in Ewigglanz causing more damage and harm than the villain, a warrant was put out for his arrest and Die Bundeshelden confronted him. In the end, he defeated himself after flying into rage at the heroes for daring to fight him, overexerting his own powers and burning out. Though he is a villain now, Ewigglanz is still convinced of his innate superiority and heroism, and is determined to convince the world of that truth, even if he has to bring it to heel to do so.

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Notable Villains F-M

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Gallowglass- The founder and leader of Blackguard, a team of extraordinary operatives for hire; as long as the price is right and doesn't violate any of Gallowglasses' terms and conditions, they will do just about anything for those willing to hire them. And seeing as how the United Nations International Extraordinary Convention outright banned the hiring of extraordinaries for military applications, hiring Blackguard comes with serious risk. Gallowglass himself is an internationally wanted criminal, a rival to Flagbearer who broke away from the Statesmen and hired himself out to various nations and corporations, collecting a variety of connections and associates that he would use to help form Blackguard. As such he is one of the world's most wanted men, but thanks to the patronage of Enhanced Tactical Solutions, one of the world's leading PMCs specializing in "extra-proofing", Blackguard has managed to avoid outright termination.

Helregin- One of the principle archenemies of up and coming heroine Thunder Woman, Helregin is a long lived German supergenius scientist whose activities go as far back as before the emergence of heroes and extraordinaries on wide scale. Originally a surgeon and biologist, his main goal is uncover all of the mysteries of life and death; however, he does so without any concern for ethics and human suffering. He was a contemporary of Dr. Thesiger of the Black Order (a rival group to Algernon Xidorn's Fraternity), and would later defect to the USSR from Nazi Germany, where he would assist in creating the Strashnyysver and an immortality serum for Stalin. It was during this time that he gained the name "Helregin" from the German POWs he experimented on. After the war he took the serum himself and fled to the United States, where he set up shop in Newport to continue his experiments and research. After being initially hired by the Newport bratva to create a solution for the problem of Thunder Woman, he has made it his goal to study her and the source of her powers, as he believes the Thunderbolt that empowers her is the key to his research.

Hera- Thunder Woman's other primary archenemy, Hera is the queen of the Olympian pantheon and wife of Zeus. Already something of a jealous harpy of a woman, the centuries of separation from Earth only amplified her negative attributes, and she schemes to overthrow Zeus and the other Olympians and replace them with a "Heratheon." However, the incursion of Samantha West and her associates disrupted her initial scheme, and Hera's declaration of war upon Samantha is what led to the creation of Thunder Woman. Hera has been a continuous and persistent enemy of Thunder Woman, and is responsible directly or indirectly for creating most of her rogues gallery of enemies.

Hyperion- The current "public" leader of the Titan Supremacy, the coalition of extraordinaries whose aim is to pave the way for the domination of extraordinaries over non-powered humanity. Very few realize that he is a patsy for the Supremacy's founder and true leader, Chronus, but Hyperion puts on a very convincing act of making it seem like everything they do is his leadership. It helps that he looks the part of a grand, epic hero with ostentatious speeches, and has enough personal power to go toe-to-toe with all but the most powerful of heroes. All of which would be naught without Gaia assisting him and Chronus pulling his strings. But as far as everyone else is concerned, Hyperion really is the megavillain he appears to be.

The Hunter King- One of the major antagonists of the United Kingdom's main superteam the Imperial Knights. The Hunter King is the ruler of the Unseelie, or Dark Court, of sidhe, the supernatural beings of the British Ilses often referred to as fairies. With the dimensional realignment known as the Age of Aquarius occurring, the Hunter King and his retinue of attendants, the Wild Hunt, are free to enter Earth as they please. In particular he is set on hunting down and killing or capturing Jane Green, a seelie member of the Imperial Knights, and to a lesser extent defeat Lionheart, whose association with the legacy of Merlin and Arthur offends the Hunter King immensely. Besides the Imperial Knights, the Hunter King has also battled the Irish superteam known as the Fenian Fighters and the pan-Scandinavean superteam Nordstjernen, along with their frequent adversary Bolvadur.

The Infernal Empress- An ancient primordial being, one of the first intelligent entities to ever exist, the Infernal Empress is the the ultimate, supreme ruler of all the Infernal Realms, the cthonic, hellish dimensions that lie at the heart of all reality. Usually assuming the form and persona of an all powerful demonic matriarch, the Empress is dimensionally unique, not having any alternate universe counterparts of analogous equivalents in all of reality. Her rule of the Infernal Realms sustains the equilibrium of all reality, although she has an antagonistic relationship with the Overseers. On top of managing the Infernal Realms she has taken an interest in a number of far smaller and seemingly insignificant beings, such as Thunder Woman, whom the Empress tempts and puts through elaborate challenges and quests. The exact purpose of her meddling with puny mortals like Thunder Woman remains a mystery, but may be part of some large, more elaborate plan the Infernal Empress has.

Khagan Tsan- One of the most powerful and well-known supervillains in the world, Khagan Tsan is the son of Malek Khan, the notorious central Asian sorcerer king who instigated the events that resulted in the Super War. Both father and son are descended from a long line of mystically empowered warriors whose strength and power is mystically tied to the land of Zahrgiah; so long as they remain in its brorders or within proximity of its soil, they are completely all-powerful. Malek Khan liberated Zahrgiah from the Russian empire shortly after the events of the Russian civil war, but it was reintegrated into the Soviet Union after the Super War. Tsan grew up without a country, studying abroad in order to master as many disciplines as he could; he wanted to become a man his father would be proud of, and perhaps even exceed his parent in every way. When he felt he was ready, he returned to his homeland and liberated it from the USSR, successfully defeating all attempts by the Red Army and Valorous Knights to oppose him. Thus he established the Zahrgian Khanate, and declared himself Khagan, the "Khan of Khans." Ever since he has gradually expanded the borders of the Khanate, managing to even reach the Indian Ocean and Caspian Sea. However, he has plans to make Zahrgiah stretch across the whole Earth, and desires revenge upon the heroes who stopped his father, particularly the Vigil Alliance, the Allegiance, and Captain Meteor. He attempted to use a mystically enhanced nuclear device to do this during the Grand Assembly's assault on August Star and the Dark Allegiance, but August Star sacrificed himself to prevent the blast from harming all of the heroes present. Since then Tsan has feuded with Captain Meteor and various other heroes and hero teams, and established the Tarot Society as a way for the world's megavillains to gather together and collude. These activities have resulted in Khagan Tsan becoming the preeminent megavillain on Earth, much in the same way as Captain Meteor is the preeminent hero.

The Kingmaker- An extremely enigmatic powerbroker and liaison to the international villain community. He helps to provide resources, connections, and whatever else any of the major megavillains and villainous organizations of the world might need, and he never seems to be unable to procure something. Even a relatively minor villain can receive a major boost through hiring him, although the Kingmaker's reclusiveness means that he will approach villains rather than the other way around; no one who has ever tried looking for the Kingmaker has ever found him, and his identity remains a complete and total mystery. There have been attempts to set him up, but every time he either never appears, or somehow vanishes before the trap can be sprung. Because the Kingmaker is such a key player to the villain community, he is number one on numerous lists of most wanted criminals and terrorists, including CENTRI and the ERA, though their efforts are almost always thwarted by the fact that he has numerous moles and sleeper agents all across the globe.

The Kharyon Queen- The matriarch of the Kharyon, a ravenous horde of extraterrestrial monstrosities that consume entire star systems, leaving behind vast dust clouds in their wake. In actuality the Kharyon Queen exists at the heart of her swarm; the humanoid being that the Tarot Society and other megavillains interact with is actually a biological representative of the Queen's will. The Kharyon Queen understands that the heroes and villains of Earth represent a huge potential threat to the existence of her and the swarm, almost as much as other major galactic powers like the Mulbod Unity and Imperial Spiral. To this end, it appears her goal is to find a way to neutralize Earth's heroes or use them as a weapon to weaken or destroy her enemies. Very few individuals outside of the villain community are even aware of her existence or plans, and the only ones intimately connected to her are the Regency, an almost completely unknown cabal of megavillains who represent one of the greatest villainous threats on Earth.

Koschei the Deathless- A major longtime Russian supervillain, Koschei has been a thorn in the side of the country for centuries, and in modern times has fought just about every single major team and hero from Russia. He is indeed the legendary folkoric sorcerer king, whose death it turns out did not take. He rules from the magical island of Buyan, with the powerful Three Winds Brothers as his elite minions. He has invaded Russia on several occasions, most notably in recent times before the arrival of the Vigil Alliance. It was during this latest attack that he inadvertently sowed the seeds for the creation of the heroine Zharova, who released the captive Firebird, and using its power destroyed his latest phylactery. However, it appears that this is not a permanent method of disposing of Koschei, as he always seems to return. It's only a matter of time before the island of Buyan reappaears, and Koschei marches forth with another army of mythological monstrosities at his beck and call.

Kurouzu- Translating as "Blackspiral," Kurouzu is one of the most notable Japanese villains in that country's history. He is also notable as being one of the more prominent villains to emerge in the wake of the Super War, although the Thaumaturge and the fall of August Star would soon eclipse him. He is known as the founder and former leader of Genyosha, the resurrected "Black Ocean Society," whose goal is to overthrow the current Japanese government and replace it with a more traditionally non-Western regime. Though he has failed in this goal, Kurouzu is reserved about it, and has retired from the life of villainy, passing on leadership of Genyosha to his protege Rasen. But though he is no longer active as a villain, he still maintains a seat in the Tarot Society.

Lady Twilight- One of the Zorya, a trio of day goddesses who guard the prison of Simargl the Shadow Hound, the universe ending entity chained to the star Polaris. However, as the lady of dusk and nightfall it seems Twilight has gone a bit...nuts, and wants to hurry up the end of the universe, possibly as a result of exposure to an entity like Oudeis. Whatever the case, she was responsible for ambushing Lady Midday, suppressing her powers and memory, and then casting the powerless goddess into the universe. Unfortunately for her the third sister, Lady Dawn, is not so easily done away with even though she is the only Zorya left to guard Simargl. However, Lady Twilight has managed to captivate Orun the Anti-Lord, the chieften of the immensely powerful Space Lords and ruler of the Imperial Spiral. From her cold, dark planet of Chernograd Lady Twilight watches with glee as Orun prepares his forces to attack Lady Dawn, little knowing that Lady Midday has been partially restored and is growing stronger...

Lord Chimera- One of the chief members of the Immaculate Court, a secret society based out of London consisting of several extraordinary elites whose purpose is to control the levers of power throughout the world. Chimera himself is a hereditary peer of the House of Lords, and part of the line of succession for the British monarchy, if by a dozen steps removed or so. Thus he wields remarkable political and financial power and can even claim to have authority over members of the Imperial Knights. Indeed, he is such a wealthy and influential man that one will be forgiven for forgetting that he is an extraordinary with powers himself!

Magnus Mortarion- The pseudonym of the Grand Inquisitor of the New Inquisition, an anti-extraordinary terrorist organization bent on the eradication of all extraordinaries. In public Magnus is a fanatical preacher for a megachurch out of Colorado who fervently believes that all extraordinaries are part of an elaborate scheme by Satan to subvert the Christian faith, that they are in truth witches and demons. Inspired by the history of the various inquisitions and witchhunts of old, he took on the name of "Mortarion" and has levered his connections and resources in the American government to help form the New Inquisition, filling its ranks with volunteers from dozens of anti-extraordinary hate groups and arming them with some of the very best anti-extraordinary gear and weaponry out there. Little does Mortarion know that he himself is an extraordinary, or that his quest is being directed by the demon lord Malphas. Who, speaking of which...

Malphas- A high ranking demon lord of Hell who has taken possession of a two-bit Satanist villain known as the Demon Priest. As Malphas he is a member of the Immaculate Court, which he uses as a staging ground to spread his influence into the upper echelons of human society. He is setting the stage for gaining a foothold on Earth, as part of a greater plan to increase Hell's power and allow him to attempt a coup against the Infernal Empress. Many other demonic or infernal villains on Earth, like the Demoniac of Overthrow, are minions of Malphas. With the exception of Guardian Angel of the Coalition of Champions, no one has yet noticed what Malphas is up to, not even his supposed "peers" in the Immaculate Court.

Manticore- An enormous, horrific cybernetic monstrosity, Manticore was originally created in secret by the Chinese as a possible anti-extraordinary weapon, both against the enemies of the People's Republic and for enforcement within the ranks of the People's Extrafunctional Defenders, China's small army of extraordinary soldiers (as China is not a signatory to the UN resolution banning extraordinaries as soldiers). But the engineers and programmers who had taken an ordinary man and turned him into this monster underestimated his will to live, his sheer hatred for them, or his ability to overcome the security checks of the AI system. Manticore escaped, driven totally mad by the whole experience and developing an omnicidal misanthropy. Seeking the utter destruction of humanity, he gathered together other monstrous mutants and malformed extraordinaries who, like him, were feared or persecuted by humanity. Naming them all after mythological monsters, he created the Beastiary and waged a campaign of terror across Asia and the Pacific Rim. Unfortunately for him he would take it a bit too far, and when he threatened Leviathan over her romantic relationship with Behemoth, the latter flew into a long built-up rage and tore Manticore apart, stopping just short of killing him before leaving. Manticore rebuilt himself, secured a replacement for Behemoth, and has vowed revenge against the now-named Megabeast. As a member of the Tarot Society, Manticore has struck up a curious relationship with the android villain SODAM, with whom he shares a kinship as a fellow artificial being.

Marek al-Dajjal- A notorious Iranian villain, Marek al-Dajjal, who derives his name from an Antichrist-like figure in Islamic eschatology, is a powerful elemental sorcerer who is the leader of the cult of Ahriman, the personification of the aspect of evil in Zoroastrianism. Though originating from Iran, he has fought heroes all across the Middle East and dabbled in schemes with villains of other allegiances and nationalities, such as Sokar the Eternal of Egypt and the Children of Ares. His ultimate goal is to bring his master into this world fully and upset the balance of power with Ahura Mazda. He is a frequent major enemy of Thunder Woman and her allies, but his archnemesis is one of her allies, the Zoroastrian priest Mazdak.

Mister Gray- Mister Gray used to be known as Lawrence Gray, a NASA scientist working at a SETI operated satellite dish when they discovered a signal of nonhuman origin. Attempting to fix a mechanical problem with the dish to more accurately pinpoint the source, the dish was utterly eradicated by a narrow but powerful beam of gamma radiation. The blast lasted a fraction of a second, but totally destroyed all life at the dish. But at a morgue for deceased government employees, Lawrence came back to life, exhibiting knowledge he'd never had before and unusual nonhuman abilities. This drew the attention of Majestic, the United States black agency charged with handling covert extraterrestrial incursions on Earth. They began experimenting on and testing Lawrence, little knowing that he was slowly but surely taking control of the men and women who thought he was their prisoner. Soon, "Mister Gray" was in charge, and began to rise through the ranks of Majestic as a field agent. He has quietly subverted portions of the United States government and its agencies to serve his interests, or more accurately, the interests of the extraterrestrial intelligence he serves, which involves letting his masters take what they want from Earth, while importing in extraterrestrial technology and minions. For what purpose remains to be seen, although as a member of the Tarot Society, Mister Gray has indicated that the interests of his masters coincide with those of Earth's villains. Notably, Mister Gray was one of the members of the Tarot who bet against Helregin, sending an alien assassin to kill Thunder Woman as part of a wager to prove Helregin's lack of qualification to join the Tarot.

The Mistress- The psuedonym of Evangeline Xavier's masked persona. Evangeline is an Anglo-Thai senior executive at Angelic Pharmaceutical, a major multinational biotech corporation, but as the Mistress she is a senior member of the Immaculate Court. With the resources her company supplies she is working toward making the world's elite dependent upon the medical breakthroughs they develop, even as she dabbles in illegal research to produce bioweapons for dictatorships around the world. She is determined to come out on top of the new world order that the Immaculate Court is trying to cultivate, and she believes the key to that is her alliance with the immortal Vladimir Drakon, who has recently supplied her with a sample of his genetic material while calling upon the services of her bioweapons division. Working with fellow Court member Robert Vane, she is instigating a takeover of the company ArmiTech to acquire its resources and eliminate the threat of its president and CEO Richard Armitage.

Mortis Rex- A major adversary of the young adult hero team Rising Stars, Mortis Rex is a powerful American necromancer. With his band of followers the Deathwalkers he is steadily traveling from small town to small town, building an army of undead minions from their residents and leaving them behind, empty. His interest in Rising Stars is related to Necrogirl, a young woman with innate necromantic powers that rival his own. Coveting her power and threatened by it, he attempted to groom her into a loyal follower, but she found out his plans and fled him, ending up at the Xidorn International Extraordinary Academy, where she eventually found friends in the Rising Stars. Now he is hellbent on taking her back and taking her power, and does not care about whether he is opposed or not. He and the Deathwalkers almost beat the Rising Stars before; they can do it again.

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Notable Villains N-Z

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Nautilus- Patterning himself after Captain Nemo, Nautilus is the premiere seafaring villain of the world, a former deep sea excavator and archeologist who had an encounter with an ancient device that brief bonded with his mind, flooding it with knowledge about a lost prehuman civilization. The encounter altered his brain, and now he is obsessed with resurrecting this lost race and becoming its ruler. Unfortunately for him, he has two major obstacles: the Fomorians, a race of ocean dwelling beings who may or may not be the ancestors of the mythic nation Nautilus is obsessed with, and the Maregna, a multi-species coalition of aquatic extraterrestrials who landed on Earth centuries ago to form a new civilization in the ocean after their planet was destroyed. As a result Nautilus is engaged in a three-way war with the two undersea factions, at least when he is not busy plundering historical sites and territorial waters for artifacts of lost technology.

Nashvrag- "Our Enemy" in Russian, Nashvrag is one of the greatest villains the Red Guardians ever faced. A Hungarian student who participated in the revolution of 1956, after the failure of that rebellion he was forced to work in a sharashka, the Soviet system of prison laboratories, and ended up working for Project Zaschitnik on the device that would give Tugarin and several members of the Valorous Knights their powers. However, in secret he installed a series of modifications to the machine and used it on himself, turning him into a matter and energy manipulating juggernaut rivaling Captain Meteor in power. He attempted a second Hungarian revolution as Felszabadító, “The Liberator,” but failed in that pursuit, gaining the name "Nashvrag" not just in Russia, but overseas. Nashvrag would become most well known as one of the senior collaborators of Malek Khan in the events precipitating and during the Super War, leading a huge army of villains against the USSR and all its heroes. He would be one of the last villains standing in that conflict, but ultimately fell to the combined might of the Red Guardians and the Allegiance. However, after the end of the war, just before he was to be executed using a modification of the same machine that had given him his powers, he was able to break free and escape into the Siberian wilderness, with the Red Guardians in hot pursuit. That was the last that was seen of them, as a massive release of energy, presumably from Nashvrag, was seen. The villain was the only thing found at the epicenter, amnesic and his matter/energy powers drained. Too tough to destroy by any method that would not simply repower him, he has lived in a gulag ever since, forever believed to be the killer of the Red Guardians...until they returned.

Negas the Deceiver- An Overseer, an association of primordial beings who have tasked themselves with tending to the growth and evolution of all reality and the many, many universes and realities within it. Negas was cast out of the Overseers after encouraging another, Nebros, to violate the oath of the Overseers to never directly involve themselves in the development of a given reality. Declared "the Deceiver," Negas was stripped of his powers and memories, and imprisoned in the same reality as Nebros. The latter would eventually become the scientist-adventurer Professor Moebius and begin to slowly reclaim his previously suppressed memories and powers. Negas, on the other hand, managed this far sooner, although he is still millennia away at least from reclaiming his full primordial might. In the meantime, he has wandered the universe, deceiving and manipulating pantheons and civilizations for his own amusement. It is only a matter of time before his machinations reach Earth and he encounters his old associates in their guises of Moebius and Janus.

Nemesis- A supervillainess formerly known as Lady Nemesis of the Dark Allegiance. As Lady Nemesis she was a violent anti-heroine who was attracted to August Star's increasingly hardline tactics against villains, and he was impressed with her activities and powers enough to invite her to join. Out of the entire Dark Allegiance she was the most supportive of August Star and his actions, and defended him to the bitter end when Captain Meteor's Grand Assembly fought the Dark Allegiance. She fled the battle after August Star sacrificed himself to save the assembled heroes from Khagan Tsan's attack, believing that her former lover was dead and went into hiding, becoming a full fledged villainess in the process. After building a reputation for herself in the villain community, she was one of the villains secretly invited by the dark wizard Pravus to join his Regency, a cabal of ultra-powerful villains whose goal is to "save the world from itself" by bringing the nations and extraordinaries of Earth to heel. As this mission is not unlike what August Star desired, Nemesis was naturally willing to join, and she has been satisfied to once again be part of a cause that aligns with her vision of brutal justice.

Nergal- A Middle-Eastern villain who, like fellow villain Ereshkigal, claims to be a physical incarnation of a Mesopotamian god, in this case the sun, war, and death god Nergal. Much like his "consort" Ereshkigal he seeks to bring the Middle East to heel, eliminating the Islamic faith and culture and return things to an era where gods like himself were worshiped. Naturally, they are both enemies of the duo of Marduk and Ishtar, and their hostility to the Muslim faith and desire to conquer the Middle East has put them at odds with numerous teams and heroes, both local and international.

Nemo Oudeis- A major opponent of Thunder Woman, Nemo Oudeis is really two beings. One is Nemo, a smuggler, mercenary, and human trafficker. The other is Oudeis, a primordial entity that is one of the reflections of the Great Malignity, a kind of cosmic cancer that is responsible for the majority of the threats the Overseers combat, such as the Tarnished Ones. Oudeis is a nihilistic being with a kinship to the void of nothingness that preceded the existence of reality, and desires a return to it. However, the Overseers were able to weaken it and then imprison it in a single timeline of a particular reality, where it was further weakened and imprisoned by the Dodekatheon, Zeus in particular striking the final blow. However, Nemo encountered the artifact during a smuggling operation and inadvertently liberated Oudeis. Still weakened, it struck a bargain to possess Nemo in order to recover, and in exchange turn him into a powerhouse of a man. Nemo agreed, and a weak, shrimpy worm of a criminal became a master villain, building up a major international criminal operation serving at the behest of the world's greatest megavillains and criminal syndicates. This operation is what ended up causing him to cross paths with Thunder Woman when she and Herakles came to rescue an extraordinary child Nemo was smuggling at the behest of Alexsei Mikhailov, pakhan of the Newport Bratva. After the initial confrontation, Oudeis remembered its defeat by the Olympians, and began to hatch a plan for both revenge and recovering its power, one that would involved mercilessly targeting Thunder Woman. Nemo Oudeis' scheme would happen at the same time as Miranda Iyrn and the Children of Ares own separate campaigns against the heroine, although his annihilation of a Newport borough would be the nadir of this low point in her life, while it served to catapult Nemo Oudeis into the ranks of the world's megavillains and give him a seat in the Tarot Society. After Thunder Woman recovered from these events, exonerated herself, and saved Olympus from invasion by a paramilitary forced led by Miranada Iyrn and Apotheos, Nemo Oudeis began planning his endgame for her, the gods, and all of reality...

Nosophoros- Another major opponent of Thunder Woman, Nosophoros ranks as one of her most difficult opponents to combat. While many of her villains are often of a personal or local threat to her, Nosophoros is one of the few genuinely world threatening enemies she has had to battle, and every single one has been a desperate struggle. Nosophoros is the self-endowed name of a highly virulent, rapidly reproducing worm-like extraterrestrial parasitic hivemind that infected a SATRN scientist working for their space program after one of SATRN probes returned from deep space. Requiring a host in order to attain sapience and coordination, Nosophoros (Greek for "Plague Bearer") can then very quickly spread and reproduce, invading and possessing other beings and quickly growing in size and population. Almost every single battle has involved Thunder Woman dealing with possessed allies and civilians and huge writhing masses of the worm-like creatures, with some individuals attaining gigantic proportions. Every time Samantha has managed to find a way to beat the creatures, and yet every time, the host of the hivemind has escaped, ready to emerge another day.

Orun the Anti-Lord- Supreme leader of the Space Lords, the ruling extraterrestrial race of the vast Imperial Spiral, the largest and most powerful faction in the Milky Way galaxy. With their enormously powerful armored suits and weaponry, the Space Lords have few credible rivals in the galaxy, and the dominion of the Imperial Spiral even encompasses the Solar System. Thankfully, Earth maintains a status of independence from intergalactic affairs that is enforced by the Space Lords, who have been responsible for preventing invasion by other races on multiple occasions, barring those by the Skarn (who the Space Lords finished off after they were repulsed by Earth's heroes) and Dominus. However, that has all changed for two reasons: Orun has fallen under the sway of the rogue goddess Lady Twilight, and sworn to assist her in her mission to unleash Simargl the Shadow Hound from the star Polaris. The other reason is because of an attempt by a rebellious faction within the Imperial Spiral to secure an ancient Space Lord weapon hidden on Earth. Though both the rebels and the Space Lord expeditionary force sent to stop them were repulsed by the Vigil Alliance, the incident has drawn Orun's attention, and he is currently reevaluating the Space Lords' policy toward the small blue planet and its huge population of powered people...

Pravus- A dark sorcerer clad in green robes, Pravus was once a member of a secret order of warrior protector magi, but rebelled against his peers and wiped them all out, taking all of their collective power for himself. He is the founder and leader of a secret cabal of ultrapowerful megavillains who call themselves the Regency, whose goal is whip the world into shape by force, gaining the idea after a series of chance encounters with a few of the other members. Together, they plot their plans for world domination from Pravus' hidden temple in Iraq. His power comes from a wellspring filled with an eternal emerald fire, channeled through emerald stones in a brooch, ring, and bracer.

Rasen- Formerly the lieutenant of the Japanese megavillain Kurouzu, Rasen succeeded his former master to become the current leader of the Japanese nationalist villain organization Genyosha. As second-in-command he frequently attempted to usurp control of Genyosha from Kurouzu, but could not overthrow him through force or guile. However, it turned out this was all part of Kurouzu's way of training Rasen, and the young villain indeed learned from his failures. Under Rasen, Genyosha has expanded the scope of its operations, and to counter the Japanese team of heroes known as Maiti Seigi no Senshitai, or simply the Senshitai, he has recruited various Japanese extraordinaries and villains to his cause, all of whom have proven themselves in combat against the Senshitai and Vigil Alliance.

Robert Vane- Archenemy of the longtime psionic heroine Delphi, Robert Vane is a criminally corrupt corporate executive of the Canadian energy firm Nordyne, and possesses similarly extensive and powerful telepathic abilities. He is a member of the Immaculate Court, and shares with them the same vision of fellow extraordinaries ruling the world from behind the scenes, helping to overthrow the previous, nonpowered regime of the Court alongside Lord Chimera and the Mistress. With Evangeline Xavier and Vladimir Drakon's assistance he is planning a hostile takeover of the industrial corporation ArmiTech, which is still owned by the Armitage family, so as to expand Nordyne's production beyond the energy industry. However, what none of the other Court members know is that Vane, who is rapidly becoming infirm due to his age, has secretly created a superpowered body for him to inhabit when he dies that he can temporarily control currently. In this body he calls himself the Archon, an ultrapowerful juggernaut made from the genetic material of several powerful heroes, and colludes with the secret cabal called the Regency. He intends to use the Regency as his trump card for whenever his fellow Court members either discover his machinations or choose to discard him.

Simargl the Shadow Hound- An ancient, primordial being that predates even the gods, Simargl is the Shadow Hound, a vast and terrible creature of darkness and pure annihilation that devours everything in its path on a hugely cosmic scale. Planets and stars are not safe from its hunger. However, races of the universe can rest easy, as in their youth, the Old Slavic Gods fought and defeated the Shadow Hound. Svarog, the god of fire, and Dazbog, the god of the stars together chained the cosmic beast to the star Polaris, and set a trio of goddesses to forever watch Simargl's prison, so that it could never escape. They were the Zorya: Lady Dawn, Lady Midday, and Lady Twilight, attendants to and lovers of Dazbog. But the Baba Yaga foretold that one day the Shadow Hound would be freed, that it would consume the entirety of the Little Bear, and in so doing bring about the end of the universe. But Lady Twilight, perhaps corrupted by an outside force like Negas the Deceiver or Oudeis, or simply driven crazy by thinking too much about her mission, betrayed her sisters. With the Old Gods battling the Tarnished Ones on the fringes of reality, she betrayed Lady Midday and left Lady Dawn to be the sole custodian of Polaris, the only thing separating the universe from total annihilation. But Lady Twilight, with the help of her lover Orun and the Space Lords, intends to change that...

Simon Obermann- The obscure “fifth” Obermann Brother, Simon developed antimatter powers that made him far more unstable and destructive than any of his other brothers. To protect the world and Simon himself, the other Obermann Brothers were able to create a massive facility to contain Simon’s awesome power. Unfortunately, years of isolation, mutation, and watching his brothers grow famous while he languished in a cage brewed resentment in Simon. After breaking out of the facility and nearly destroying the world, the other Obermann Brothers and the Allegiance were able to stop the now insane Simon and launch him in a containment vessel out into space, where he floats in suspended animation, dreaming of revenge. Simon is considered to be one of the most powerful and dangerous extraordinaries to have ever lived, to the point where even villains will not consider exploiting him, including the omnicidal ones.

SODAM- An immensely powerful and cunning artificial being created by the Indian government to "save the world," SODAM has indeed set out to do just that...just not in the way that its creators intended. Initially little more than idiot savant starting out with brute force, it was stopped by the Raksaka-Gana, the non-federally controlled team of India's heroes. With each confrontation it has evolved and improved its ability to function and reason, to the point where it can pass itself off as relatively human, though emotions remain absent. No matter what, SODAM presents itself as a mixture of a sage wiseman and a cold, calculating mastermind who mixes spirituality with scientific hardness. Though it does not consider itself a "villain" SODAM is nonetheless a senior member of the Tarot Society. In particular it shares an odd kinship with the Chinese cybernetic monstrosity Manticore, although SODAM thinks that Manticore's hatred and rage makes him simple-minded and prone to rash decisions with little thought to planning out his actions; conversely Manticore believes that SODAM spends way too much time sitting on its butt thinking and planning, and not enough time actually acting out its plans. But the day the two of them actually team up will be quite the day for Earth and its heroes.

Sokar the Eternal- One of the major villains hailing from Egypt, Sokar the Eternal is ancient dark priest with an extensive history in the modern world. Entombed thousands of years before for committing heinous acts of dark magic, human sacrifice, and conferring with malicious spiritual entities, Sokar was unearthed by an archeological expedition in the early 20th Century. Disgusted at the current state of the Egyptian nation, he set about attempting to drive out British occupation forces and Islamic clerics, but was stopped by the young Algernon Xidorn, who buried him in the ruins of a partially uncovered underground pyramid as Sokar attempted to invoke the power of Apophis. But this would only temporarily stop the dark priest, and Sokar would rise again to oppose Algernon Xidorn and his Fraternity of Philosophic Gentlemen, both independently and as a member of the Black Council, a group of mad scientists and monsters, where he would form a triumverate with its two other leaders, Doctor Thesiger and Count Balaur. Sokar would continue being active up to the present day, aiding the Thule Society of Germany during WWII and later being one of the villains allied with Malek Khan. Due to his association with the Thule Society, Sokar may have played a role in the creation of Chernorda of the Vigil Alliance.

Tabula Rasa- A woman transformed by an accident with a picotech quantum computer and particle accelerator into a being capable of interfacing with matter to replicate the substance and traits of whatever she comes into contact with, including mimicking the powers of other superhumans. This trait has made her one of the most sought after individuals by villains the world over for being the rarest of things: a high-order power mimic. But Tabula Rasa mostly just wants to be left alone and do whatever she wants, but her frustration with the world has made her as much a villain as anything else, even if she lacks a lot of the same motivations and goals that drive most villains. She really wants to make a life for herself, but can't seem to do so within the bounds of normal society, and every attempt she has made to go legit has resulted in manipulation and betrayal. Tabula Rasa simply cannot function in normal or even extraordinary society, and so she remains a tragic example of what can happen to powerful extraordinaries.

The Thaumaturge- A legendary “boogeyman” within the magical community, the story of the Thaumaturge was for centuries a cautionary tale taught to young aspiring mages about the dangers of obsession, the will to power, and attempting to master ever single mystic art. Though the details tend to change, the basic tale of a mage seeking to resurrect a loved one or gain some desired object or person, only to become consumed by the depths and lengths they go to is a universal one in the secret mystic academies. But what few knew until the modern age is that the Thaumaturge is in fact a very real and living person who has been around for a long time. So it was that when he made his public debut he caught everyone off guard. The Allegiance, then led by Meteorite and August Star due to Captain Meteor's recent departure, barely managed to intercept the magus as he attempted a ritual to open a portal to the Infernal Realms in order to fulfill a past bargain. The encounter resulted in Meteorite and Pendragon being dragged into the portal, and only the timely intervention of Aeon the Archmage managed to avert disaster. But just as mysteriously as he had appeared, the Thaumaturge vanished. He has since asserted his presence on Earth, becoming one of the greatest megavillains active, and has become Aeon's principle foe in the modern age, and the more he learns, the more Aeon is realizing just how many different mystic threats, beings, and places are tied back to this enigmatic magus. The Thaumaturge is the reason why Aeon chose to reform the Golden Dawn, as he alone cannot hope to unravel the secrets of the rogue mage's plans, and even as Archmage is outclassed by the Thaumaturge's superior mystic power and skill.

Vladimir Drakon- The Silver Centurion’s long time archenemy, Vladimir Drakon is just the latest name taken by a Slavic warlord turned into an immortal just like Casca Longinus. Except Vladimir is more than just an immortal, but a bonafide master vampire who may or may not have inspired the modern legends of such creatures. And just as Casca has had many different identities, so too has Vladimir. During Casca's time as the Forever Knight in Algernon Xidorn's Fraternity, Vladimir had the identity of Count Balaur, a Romanian nobleman who could flaunt his vampirism as a member of the Fraternity's opposite number, the Black Council. During WWII, while Casca was Pendragon of the Imperial Knights, Count Balaur had become Nosferatu and worked alongside the Thule Society and SS-Ubersoldatenkorps. But after the last confrontation between these two enemies in the, the vampire vanished, and Casca would go on a decades long hunt for him after his initial stint in the Allegiance as the Silver Centurion. But the hunt was to no avail, and Casca would forget him after heeding Captain Meteor's call to arms against August Star...that is, until Casca's old enemy reemerged as Vladimir Drakon, taking control of a major Russian mining and industrial firm to become one of the world's wealthiest men. It seems Vladimir has a new plan he is setting in motion, one that involves making an alliance with the members of the Immaculate Court, which may set the stage for the endgame of his lengthy duel with Casca Longinus.

Widowmaker- One of the senior members of the Sisterhood of Blood, an ancient and secret guild of female assassins who are among the preeminent killers in the world, known to few yet carrying a significant reputation among those who do. Widowmaker is the former teacher and mistress of the vigilante Vendetta, who she thought she killed after Vendetta violated the sacred oaths of the Sisterhood to fulfill a contract. Ironically, the only thing better than a Sister's ability to kill is the Sisterhood's own survival training and Vendetta has, as her name obviously states, vowed revenge upon Widowmaker and the Sisterhood. They have both clashed, to indeterminate results. Belladonna of the Rising Stars is also a former pupil of Widowmaker, rescued from the Sisterhood by Vendetta and brought to the Xidorn International Extraordinary Academy for safety and training in all of the things the Sisterhood's own training either neglects or suppresses. Widowmaker has put a personal contract upon the Academy, and has vowed to personally kill Belladonna, but not before she sees all of her friends in the Rising Stars suffer and die too.

Xerxes- The brother of Algernon Xidorn. Not literally, but like Algernon Xerxes is a creation of the Promethean Council for Human Advancement's long term scheme to create a generation of enhanced or extraordinary descendants who would inherit the wealth and fortune of their parents and so become effectively become the controllers of humanity's destiny. In his youth Xerxes was one of the main agents the Prometheans sent after Malthus and Windsor, but a mixture of the Office of Naval Intelligence's agents and a young Algernon were able to prevent assassination time and time again. Xerxes would later join the SS-Ubersoldatenkorps and assist in the creation of its wundermenschen, including the man who would become the All-Father of Dammerung. He would outlive the existence of the Ubersoldaten and Prometheans, striking out on his own but continuing to pursue his vendetta against Algernon while pursuing an agenda of asserting his superiority over the world. Xerxes would rise to prominence as a villain, clashing with the Allegiance and Phenomenal Five repeatedly, and was a key member of the alliance of villains formed by Malek Khan that kicked off the Super War. Afterwards he would be imprisoned for his part in the war, but escaped after August Star and the Dark Allegiance attacked the prison he was kept at to kill off as many villains as possible. After a period of time recuperating his skills and resources, Xerxes made a return after the resurgence of the Allegiance, creating his own team to oppose them in the form of Overthrow, associates Xerxes had made over the years or villains with a bone to pick with individual Allegiance members. Thus Xerxes has re-established his place as one of the major megavillains of the world.

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Notable "Nonextras"

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This is a list of a few of the more notable and important individuals who are not direct participants in the hero or villain communities of the Extraordinary Mythos. People who are not extraordinaries or not involved in the hero/villain worlds are sometimes known as "nonextra" or "enex", plural "enexes" (en-ecks-ez).

Andrei Beregov- An extremely prominent member of the Russian Federal Assembly. Beregov is particularly cunning in matters regarding government policy, making him potentially one of the most powerful men in Russia in terms of influence despite not holding any form of executive office or position. He has used his skill to amass many allies, and a vote from him on almost anything is sure to guarantee success or failure. Beregov has viewed the Vigil Alliance with some amusement, but has not taken any kind of official stance on them, preferring to be neutral on the subject. He doesn't think much of then, viewing the group as naive and a potential future problem, but for now he's fine with them, and even sees them as a potentially valuable asset to his interests. Nightingale sees him for what he is though, and deals carefully with Beregov, knowing full well the politician could be a greater threat than any villain or cosmic menace.

Anna Wagner- One of the most senior members of CENTRI’s leadership, only below Jack Warren and Miranda Ellis, and with them forms the core triumverate upon which the entire organization rests. Already a legend even before she became an agent of CENTRI, Anna Wagner is one of the products of Project Pisces, the United Kingdom's Cold War enhanced spy program. She is the one who carries out special missions for Jack and Miranda that they cannot entrust to Interguard, and also runs the main law enforcement and security arm of CENTRI.

Cabron Diaz- The current mayor of Newport, who seems to be only good at running in elections. Though fantastic at maintaining an image of being "better than the other guy," Cabron is completely incompetent at actually running the city, and the only reason things aren't terrible in the city is thanks to a mixture of his deputy mayor, Gail Gordon, police commissioner Robert Werner, and Thunder Woman. And to be fair, an incompetent might be better than the quietly malicious, aka, his political rival Matthew Kelly.

Colonel Xuo Xang- The Chinese politburo’s appointed “handler” for the People’s Extrafunctional Defenders, Xuo Xang functions as their eyes and ears. While he carries some form of inherent authority, the truth of the matter is that he is more of a “representative”; defying him would be less defying him as a colonel, and more defying the authority and will of the Chinese government. As such, Xianren, Zhu Xin, and Guan Jun, the principle leadership of the PED, answer to him on all matters.

Daron Lane- United States senior senator for the state of Connecticut, Daron Lane is one of the most powerful men in the United States, hailing from old money carefully and smartly invested throughout the nation. He is considered to be one of the most likely politicians to run for and win the next presidential election, though he has not openly expressed a desire to do so. Senator Lane is infamous for his strong anti-extraordinary and anti-hero rhetoric and policies, and has expressed a desire to see the United States back out of being a signatory to the United Nations Extraordinary Convention, which forbids its signatories from using extraordinaries as adjuncts to their national militaries, among other restrictions and regulations on the use of extraordinaries by nations. His relentless attacks on the rights of extraordinaries and attempts to further hamstring heroes keeps the like of Captain Meteor very busy lobbying against him. Naturally, Senator Lane is a major supporter of Newport city councilman Matthew Kelly, who intends on becoming mayor and instituting similar policies in the city, and is a constant critic and opponent of Thunder Woman.

General Markovic- General Markovic is an old dog, a leftover of the Soviet Union who continues to function as he did before its fall, though gradually he has had to make concessions in the wake of the county's changing politics. The Vigil Alliance has been one of these, and he holds a special enmity for them he tries to mask as much as possible, but which motivates many of his actions. Exactly why he bears the grudge he does against them is unknown, though it may have to do with a sense of betrayal for them becoming independent of the army, or the fact that it was his forces that were neutralized by them immediately following their return, during the brief conflict between the VA, Russian forces, and American forces shortly after the return of the Russian heroes. Markovic was the main driver for the formation of the Federal Guard, both as a deterrent against the Vigil Alliance and Bogatyri, and to preserve a sense of “back to normalcy”.

General Shtemyenko- General Simon Shtemyenko is the chief of the GRU's “Special Unit”, a division of superhuman intelligence agents. In the wake of the KGB's dissolution, the organization's metahuman units were reformed and transferred over the GRU, where they fell under Shtemyenko's command. Shtemyenko is a very even-handed and careful man who lives by the notion that patience is a virtue. As the leader of the Unit he was Nightingale's commander, and even following his subordinate's resignation to join the Vigil Alliance maintains relations with him and the other superheroes. Like Beregov he prefers to remain neutral regarding them; Vasilyev and Markovic think of him as a swing vote of sorts when it comes to situations regarding independent superheroes in Russia, but he continues to frustrate them by picking a third option.

General Vasilyev- Though younger than Markovic, Vasilyev is experienced and high-ranking enough to be considered a peer of the older general. Despite sharp differences of opinion on many subjects the two seem to have a kind of comradery, and they have partaken of many drinks together over the years. Unlike Markovic, Vasilyev is highly supportive of the Vigil Alliance, though the policy of the government and army toward independent superheroes prevents him from officially supporting them in any way. In spite of this, he and Nightingale have formed a secret pact together to insure the mutual interests of the two. Wherever Markovic opposes and blocks the Vigil Alliance, Vasilyev will be right there as a counter-weight in turn.

Jack Warren- First and so far only director of CENTRI, the former SAS specialist Jack Warren is a veteran of numerous conflicts, scandals, and feuds. His deft handling of the politics of his superiors has allowed him to steer CENTRI right through some very turbulent times, but now the whole thing is starting to wear on him, and he is considering stepping down. That is, if the next crisis doesn't outright kill him. He always preferred having his boots on the ground, in the middle of the action.

Joseph Perez- Special agent for the Extraordinary Regulatory Administration, the United States agency tasked with the regulation, registration, and law enforcement of all extraordinaries and heroes. Over the years Perez has steadily made a name for himself in terms of rooting out corruption, scandals, and conspiracies in his investigations, culminating in him helping to avert World War III alongside Russian spy Nightingale after the sudden reappearance of the Red Guardians. This string of continued success, a result of luck and makeshift planning on the fly, has drawn the attention of those who would either like to see Perez advance in life, or who would like to see him gone before he causes any more damage to their interests.

Juan Jose Jimenez- A retired Spanish badass and former masked vigilante known as "The Green Scorpion", Jimenez is now the physical trainer for Interguard, making sure all members are in shape and operating to the best of their abilities.

Lord Cornelius Windsor- Late 19th and early 20th century English nobleman and “knowledge seeker” who was the supporter and later partner of Doctor Nathan Malthus in terms of research into the emerging “extraordinary” phenomenon. Together they helped found Darwinia, the first superhuman community, and aided the Crown and the Allies in WWII with their research. Along with Malthus, Windsor was the mentor and adoptive father of Algernon Xidorn.

Miranda Ellis- Deputy Director and lifetime associate of Jack Warren, Miranda Ellis specializes in tracking down and identifying extraordinaries for CENTRI, thanks in part to a superhuman ability to detect, manipulate, and turn off powers. Thanks to her unique powers, she continues to maintain this role at CENTRI, balancing it with her duties as No. 2. Before CENTRI was founded, Miranda declined a job offer from Algernon Xidorn to join the Xidorn Foundation.

Doctor Nathan Malthus- Notable pioneer in the discovery and research of “extraordinaries,” Nathan Malthus was in his time THE authority on all things superhuman, and his writings form the foundation upon which all current knowledge of extraordinaries is based. Together with his partner, Lord Windsor, he helped found Darwinia, and later provided assistance to the Allies in WWII to counter the threat of the Ubersoldaten. Mentor and adoptive father of Algernon Xidorn.

Robert Greydon- Multiple Pulitzer award winning journalist and biographer of heroes, villains, and other extraordinaries from across the globe, a constant truth seeker whose goal in life is to shed light on the less well known and more misunderstood elements of the superhuman community. Often finds himself mixed up in Joseph Perez' latest situation, although his coverage of a particular conspiracy or scandal that Perez has dug up has helped bring to justice threats that would otherwise remain under the surface.

Roland Armitage- Grandson of Richard Armitage, the first Night Stalker. He has eschewed becoming a superhero like his father and grandfather to instead take the family business of ArmiTech and bring it to the next level. Having historical family ties to the superhuman community certainly helps.

Sander Kimatian- Current director of the Extraordinary Regulatory Administration. An exceedingly frightening man to many of his juniors in the agency, which can make his more friendly and personable character behind closed doors quite the shock. He is a strong believer in "fairness," and as such has a bit of an allergy to "witchhunts," either in the form of Senator Daron Lane's crusade against heroes and extraordinaries, or Chief of Staff Brianna Chirco's mistrust of the majority of ERA agents, Joseph Perez in particular. Despite this though, it is his job to hold extraordinaries and heroes accountable to the law, and so while he may not be actively against them like some, that does not mean he won't utilize the full power of the United States government to shut one down if he believes it is the right thing to do.

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Hero Teams: North America

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This is a list of some of the most notable, important, and recurring teams of heroes in the Extraordinary Mythos, organized along national, regional, and continental lines.

United States

The Allegiance- The Allegiance is the preeminent hero team, more renowned and well known than any other group. In one form or another the Allegiance has been around for decades, stretching back as far as World War II, when it originally began as a union of some the most famous individuals in the cape and costume crowd that had emerged. Over time it has became a kind of dynasty, having its share of ups (the Super War victory) and downs (the Dark Allegiance era). Even as militarized nationalist teams and other competing international groups rise up, the Allegiance remains number one in the superhero world, thanks to a post-millennial renaissance courtesy of Captain Meteor and the defeat of the Dark Allegiance. The current iteration, the sixth (counting the Dark Allegiance), is based out of New York City.

Afterburner- Extreme sports athlete turned fiery flying speedster with some dark secrets.
Blacksmith- Engineer turned powered armor hero who wields the matter manipulating Hammer of Vulcan.
Doc Quantum- Super-genius physicist enfused with strange matter after an accident that is slowly consuming his body, but grants him physics-manipulating powers.
Harmonika- Retired pop singer who gained sonic powers after partaking of an experimental procedure to restore her damaged vocal chords.
Megabeast- Former supervillain by the name of "Behemoth" looking to make amends for his past.
Silver Centurion- Immortal wandering warrior in his latest heroic identity. An elder statesman of the heroic community.

The Coalition of Champions- The Coalition of Champions is something of a "sister" group of heroes to the Allegiance. To it's detractors, it's the "b-team," where all the Allegiance wannabes and rejects end up. This is something of an unfair opinion, as the Coalition has had fairly decent reputation and some notable heroic members. It was created by former Allegiance member Storm Prince after he renamed himself "Stormlord" and cofounded with Allegiance member Aegis, incorporating an emergent generation of new, younger heroes. However, it was disbanded by Stormlord after a disastrous confrontation with August Star and the Dark Allegiance left the Coalition members all severely beaten and injured. Following the defeat of the Dark Allegiance by the second Grand Assembly, Stormlord, feeling in high spirits after getting the personal satisfaction of some payback, decided to reform the Coalition with Aegis once more, including some of the new heroes that had participated in the Grand Assembly who did not join the new Allegiance. Unfortunately, the emergence of Captain Meteor's new team, Vanguard, has somewhat taken the wind out of the Coalition's sails, and they are currently struggling with a bit of a slump. While the Allegiance predominantly covers the east coast and Vanguard the west coast, the Coalition generally covers middle America.

Aegis- One of the most famous heroines in the world, and to some the female equivalent to Captain Meteor. An indestructible woman who claims to be empowered by the spirit of justice.
Guardian Angel- A bonafide angelic warrior incarnate; very controversial for reasons similar to Marduk and Ishtar. An archenemy of the Demoniac, she claims to be on a mission to thwart a demonic conspiracy.
Luminary- Cheerful young heroine with light manipulation powers. A pseudo-protege of Aegis.
Nanosec- Brilliant young scientist who invented a miniaturized version of one of the devices of Doctor Kronos, endowing time control powers. BFFs with Luminary.
Power Knight- A legacy of Defengine, a powered armor superhero who was one of the original Allegiance members. Pretty much the best power armor hero this side of Blacksmith, impressive given he doesn't have a magic hammer.
Stormlord- Founder and leader of both iterations, he started out as one of the youngest members of the Allegiance, and has grown up into a very powerful and respectable hero, a peer of Captain Meteor and the most powerful weather controller in the world. Still shaken up by his beating from August Star all those years ago.
Uproar- Hard hitting dispenser of street justice with a thunderous roar and lion motif who occasionally clashes with his fellow heroes.

The Obermann Brothers- A family of scientist-adventurer brothers transformed by exposure to an alien craft they attempted to intercept during a space flight they independently engineered in order to beat both the Soviets and United States into space. Said space flight also exposed Earth to the craft’s presence, creating a new wave of mutations, supernatural phenomena, and extraordinaries on Earth. Being responsible party for all of these events, and mutated by the alien craft's energies as well, the Obermann Brothers have spent almost all of their careers since dealing with the consequences. Despite having powers they have never considered themselves “heroes” and largely keep themselves distant from the rest of the heroic community unless absolutely necessary. They are now currently retired from “science adventuring” and manage the scientific research organization they founded together, SATRN (Scientific And Technological Research Network).

Emmanuel- The eldest brother and the leader, having a far greater knack for organization and handling human resources. Without him, the other brothers could not have worked together well enough to launch their space flight, battle the forces and enemies they inadvertently created, or form SATRN together.
Jerry- The quiet, introspective one of the bunch. It's never entirely clear who he is or wants to be, but he has an extraordinary talent for being able to adapt to fit into a given situation and do what needs to be done if there is no one else capable, although his specialty is biology.
Joseph- In contrast to Jerry, Joseph is the outgoing one of the bunch, who practically glows around other people. He specializes in electronics and computer technology.
Samson- While Joseph enjoys working with electronics, circuitry, and other "delicate" forms of technology, Samson is all about moving parts and large scale machinery, being the one who helped build and design most of the rocket ship the brothers used for their flight. Despite being the youngest he looks much older than his other brothers, and is very protective of them, often attempting to tackle problems all by himself so they don't have to.

The Peacemakers- The Peacemakers are a group of heroes formed from the first graduating class of the Xidorn International Extraordinary Academy (XIEA). Founded by the Triad, they were a response to the Titan Supremacy, Chronus' group of superhuman supremacist terrorists, after Chronus secretly tried to recruit the school's students to join him. Additionally, they were in general a response to rising tensions between nonpowered humans and extraordinaries, tensions exacerbated by groups like the Titan Supremacy and the New Inquisition. To that end, the Triad selected a key group of students and began giving them special training in secret, creating a group of budding heroes to be ambassadors and protectors for humanity and extraordinaries alike. As the students were young the Triad often accompanied them, both to give them leadership and as a way to give the group some legitimacy with the public (The Triad still being a fairly well liked team). After several years the Triad left the group, leaving the now fully adult students to become their own men and women. Some remain at the Academy as teachers, while others have struck out on their own. But as a superhero team the group has stuck together, becoming one of the most famous and notable hero teams out there.

Bulwark- Giant hulking man who can grow and shed giant, indestructible scales. Seems rather happy with his lot in life in spite of being the ugliest member and constantly exacerbated with the antics of Ricochet and Gryphon.
Corona- Solar-powered den mother and leader of the Peacemakers. Constantly clashes with Gryphon and Megaton, when she's not in a relationship with either.
Gryphon- An avian extraordinary experimented upon by the secret agency Majestic, transforming him into a flying death machine.
Iron Curtain- A Russian expatriate of Mongol heritage with long, prehensile hair made of living metal that he can mentally control.
Megaton- One of the only members who was not a student at the Academy. A gravity-manipulating street hero looking for a home.
Ricochet- The youngest member, a hyperactive bouncing daredevil and lady killer who runs his mouth off and can never seem to not make a joke.
Silver Bullet- Young black woman who can shift into a metallic humanoid form that grants superspeed via magnetic levitation. One of the more level headed members of the bunch.
Whisper- Mute and deaf Japanese woman and ex-Yakuza assassin who relies on her telekinetic and telepathic abilities to communicate with others and enhanced her fighting prowess.

Rising Stars- The other team of heroes from the XEIA. The main difference is that, while the Peacemakers largely consist of adult graduates who now teach or work at the school, the Rising Stars are a group of undergraduate students who've banded together to protect themselves from mutual enemies and threats. The impetus of this was the arrival of Necrogirl, a runaway from the Deathwalkers, the servitors of the necromancer Mortis Rex. This event and their defeat of Mortis solidified the ragtag band into an actual team, and they've stayed together ever since, and plan on becoming an actual registered hero team after they graduate.

Belladonna- A young girl rescued from the Sisterhood of Blood by the vigilante Vendetta. The combination of her rearing by the villainous Widowmaker and excretion of a poison so toxic she must always wear a full body suit made her feel isolated until she met the similarly disabled Mandrake.
Eclaire- Shy young girl from France, Eclaire despises violence and just wants everyone in the world to get along.
Intrepid- English heroine, sidekick to Swiftsure of the Imperial Knights. Sent to train at the Academy because there's just some things her mentor cannot teach her about being a heroine.
Jumpstart- Rocksteady's heterosexual life partner, an electrical charged boy who came to the Academy to help him with his inability to stay still and constantly shocking everything. Hides an abusive past and bullying behinds a goofy exterior.
Kingfisher- The oldest member and more or less the leader. A non-powered vigilante in training, initially rejecting the group to be a loner, but grows and develops as he is forced to work with them.
Mandrake- Young man whose immensely powerful sonic voice came at the cost of a lack of control that destroyed his lower face, forcing him to wear a special mask and drink from a straw. Considers himself a monster, although a mutual attraction to Belladonna has been healthy for his self-image.
Myriad- A shapeshifter, Myriad's early lack of control made it difficult to figure out a gender identity. Myriad doesn't even know what that is psychologically, and so is constantly experimenting to find a place in society, switching between male, female, and some combination in-between.
Necrogirl- The one who started it all, Necrogirl fled the Deathwalkers after Mortis Rex attempted to sacrifice her, threatened by her innate necromantic powers, and came to the Academy for help. When the Deathwalkers arrived and defeated the Peacemakers, it forced the terribly inexperienced students to band together to protect her, and successfully drive off Mortis Rex for a time.
Polarity- A young South Korean woman, Polarity is a heroine in training who is attending the Academy as part of a process to assume leadership of South Korea's developing national superteam. As such she feels a constant burden to assert her authority and prove her ability to lead, leading to constant clashes with Kingfisher.
Rocksteady- Big bulky kid with a body mostly composed of organic rock. Is a close friend to Jumpstart, being one of the few people who can play around with Jumpstart and not get zapped.

The Statesmen- The post-Cold War group of state sponsored heroes formed after the dissolution of the Patriots due to the Berlin Wall Massacre. After the United States became a signatory to the United Nations Extraordinary Convention (UNEC), the idea was made to reform the Patriots as a more domestically minded group. Gone were the "soldier heroes" of the Patriots, and in stepped the powered policemen called the Statesmen. They are a branch of the US Marshals, and answer to the President of the United States, sometimes directly, and other times through the Cabinet and Joint Chiefs. Though they often have their own activities and missions, the group often works alongside the Department of Justice's superhuman enforcement division and the anti-super divisions of police forces and the National Guard. The end goal is to eventually have at least one member from every state in the US. This has not been easy, as the superhuman population in the Midwest and Great Plains is significantly less than in California or along the East Coast. But so far there are fifteen members, and the DoJ hopes to draft even more into the group in time. The Statesmen is usually split into three teams of five, with one on the East Coast, one on the West Coast, and a third handling the middle, assisting either side if needed. The memberships of these three teams is constantly changing between them, but what doesn't change are the three Statesmen designated as field leaders: Flagbearer, Revere, and Marksman.

Arclight- Pennsylvania. An electrically-powered powerhouse from Philadelphia.
Black Mamba- Louisiana. Genetically enhanced ex-spy with abilities based around snake physiology.
Columbia- New York. Homeless woman who discovered an alien rod that transforms her into an extraordinary being and fires bolts of empyrean energy.
Coyote- Arizona. An Apache recruited for purposes of projecting an image of "diversity." A feral animalistic type after a coyote's bite interacted poorly with his extraordinary ability. Without proper injections he turns into a rabid, berserk monster.
Flagbearer- Virginia. The third man to bear the legendary name. An injured combat vet given an experimental nanotech treatment that grew back his limbs and made him a cyborg at the cellular level.
G-Force- Illinois. Attempt by Chicago to have its own resident hero.
Hailey Comet- Florida. A young NASA scientist caught in a laboratory accident.
Hummingbird- Georgia. A tiny woman with bird-like wings.
Marksman- Texas. Former Army sniper and Texas Ranger.
Redwood- California. Surprisingly not from anywhere near Hollywood.
Revere- Connecticut. The oldest and most famous member, going all the way back to the original Patriot Unit of WWII, and perhaps still the fastest man alive. An elder statesmen of the heroic community in general.
Sister Salem- Massachusetts. A genuine witch, which she uses as part of her public persona, while pretending that her powers are actually psychic or scientific in nature dressed up to look like magic, and not the real thing.
Thunderbird- South Dakota. A Lakota added to fill a mandated "diversity quota," which offends him.
Tinman- Missouri. An engineer who uses his own homebrew power armor system.
Trinity- New Mexico. Walking nuclear bomb in a combo powered armor and containment suit. Generally something of a weapon of last resort.

The Triad- The Triad are the three original students of Algernon Xidorn, young extraordinaries who he found in his post-WWII adventures. They chose to stay together and follow, and thus became "The Phenomenal Four," which soon became the "Phenomenal Five" after they rescued Brainchild from Amelia Rostek. After Brainchild's apparent death and Xidorn's subsequent retirement from adventuring, they became The Triad and continued as a hero team for a while after that. Nowadays they are semi-retired from hero work, and are teachers at XIEA, and helped to found the Peacemakers from the first class of graduates.

Landscape- The nominal leader after Xidorn left, although the Triad are generally a more democratic team than typical. Is the main counselor at the Academy, and history, English, social sciences, and the arts. Has a side career as a sculptor making art from his own body.
Sylphide- An English woman who is the heart and link that holds the trio together. She teaches chemistry, biology, and mathematics at the Academy.
Thunderbolt- The self-described "Human Lightning Bolt" is bit of a daredevil and showoff compared to the more reserved and conservative Landscape, but Sylphide has kept him grounded. Teaches physics, electrical engineering, and computer sciences, but he still feels young at heart, so he likes to play with the students in the more athletic and physical training programs.

Vanguard- A relatively recent newcomer in the hero community, Vanguard is a personal project of Captain Meteor. After reforming the Allegiance and leading them for a while, Meteor decided to retire from superheroics to help Virago raise their family in California. But a life of relaxation and retirement didn't sit well with him, and so barely a year later, Captain Meteor announced his return to heroics. But with the Allegiance primarily based out of New York City and largely serving the East Coast, he was hesitant to rejoin them. So as a way to keep himself relatively close to family, he decided to form a West Coast counterpart to the Allegiance. Calling on some old acquaintances and some of the most notable heroes from the western half of the United States, he founded Vanguard, basing it out of San Diego. The presence of veteran heroes like Captain Meteor and Blackstone alongside popular newcomers like Icestorm and Kilauea helped to legitimize the team, and now they are the hottest topic in the hero community, much to the chagrin of Stormlord and the Coalition.

Blackstone- Longtime mystic hero who wields the Night Stone, a magical artifact that absorbs all evil into itself. Combined with his staff, it allows Blackstone to wield dark magic in his quest to imprison all evil within the Night Stone.
Captain Meteor- One of the greatest and most famous heroes to ever live, Vanguard is just the latest of a long line of teams he has either founded or been a member of.
Diablo- A wealthy Hispanic technology tycoon seeking to drive out gangs and cartels from the streets by wearing a suit of powered armor that makes him look like a winged demon.
Evergreen- A extraterrestrial shapeshifting plant woman who primarily operates out of Washington state.
Gatecrasher- A young anti-establishment lady who developed the ability to instantly port in and out of reality, initially using it to play havoc with those she deemed 'corrupt' until she met Captain Meteor.
Icestorm- Oregon-based nuclear physicist who developed the nuclear powered ability to completely violate the laws of thermodynamics, primarily through cold-themed energy manipulation.
Kilauea- The most well known hero from Hawaii, Kilauea is a woman who claims to be a blood relative of the volcano goddess Pele, and combines fire-based abilities with superstrength and a fish-hook on a rope akin to the demigod Maui.


The Magistrate Wardens- The official state sponsored hero team of Canada. Despite a low crime rate and population compared to it’s southern neighbor, Canada has a surprisingly large amount of extraordinary threats and villains. However, traditionally this was handled by the Canadian equivalent to the Allegiance: the Vindicators. But between a rapid growth in the extraordinary population, villains immigrating from other nations, and the proliferation of nation teams of heroes, it was decided that Canada needed her own version of the Statesmen. Thus the Magistrate Wardens were formed, and while the Vindicators will always be more well known, the Wardens have rapidly cemented themselves as the preeminent extraordinary defense of the North. Thanks to a special agreement between Canada and the United States, the Wardens can operate in Alaska too.

Borealis- A Plains Cree from Saskatchewan with brilliant and beautiful energy manipulations powers that manifest as forcefields and constructs resembling the Aurora Borealis. Though from a much simpler country life he is hardly the image of a stereotypical First Nations member, and agreed to join the Wardens in order bring public attention the plight of many First Nations people and communities in Canada.
Captain Maple- The legacy of a WWII era hero who became something of a running joke in the country. But despite this tarnished history and seemingly silly powers, the new Captain Maple is determined to prove himself a legitimate hero, not a joke like his predecessors.
Chevaliere- The obligatory Quebecan member, who opposes the violence of other Quebec-based extraordinaries like Les Libérateurs with his incredible sword fighting skills and technologically-enhanced armor and sabre.
Lodestone- A miner from Alberta who drilled into an ancient artifact, causing a chunk of it to embed itself into his chest. Miraculously he survived, and somehow the stone fused with his biology, granting powerful magnetic abilities.
Mermaiden- A half-human half-Fomorian woman from the Hudson Bay coast of Manitoba. Hudson Bay is home to a colony of Fomorians, making the primitive fish people a frequent source of trouble for the Wardens.
Seahawk- The leader, an avian-bodied and winged extraordinary from Newfoundland. Wears a special power armor that enhances his capabilities.
Snowbeast- A member of a Yeti-like race of giant humanoids from the far north of Canada, who desires better relations between his people and humanity. Despite appearing to be the brick of the team, and indeed is one of the stronger members, he practices a powerful form of natural winter magic.
Tulukaruk- An Inuit from Yukon, whose only condition was that he got to choose his own name. A fairly powerful shadow controller, his most useful trick is his ability to transport the team across thousands of miles instantly.
Volcanika- A reality TV star from Vancouver, she pretended to be an extraordinary for a mokumentary, until she developed actual powers in the form of becoming a walking geothermal powerhouse, forcing her to learn how to go legit as a heroine.

The Vindicators- The original team of extraordinary heroes from Canada. Formed roughly around the same time as the post-war incarnation of the Allegiance, like that team it too has gone through a series of ups and downs, and even a hiatus or two, such as during August Star and the Dark Allegiance's reign of terror. However, like the Allegiance it too has returned, and although it now has to function side-by-side with the Canadian government's own official group, it is very much back in the swing of things.

Autotron- Toronto student who shares a curious, consensual bond with an extraterrestrial shapeshifting mechanical being. As Autotron, the student wears the alien like a suit of power armor, although the being's technomorphic abilities allow it an extreme amount of versatility.
Delphi- One of the most famous Canadian heroines, Delphi is the founder of the Vindicators and has been a member of every incarnation. Though getting up there in age, she remains a preeminent psionic in the heroic community, even with Virago now largely overshadowing her.
Lynx- A feral-type heroine from Saskatchewan.
Skytower- A genius physicist who works at the TRIUMF physics laboratory in Vancouver. The son of old school Canadian hero Doc Dynamo, himself descended from American slaves that fled to Canada before the Civil War, he gained size manipulation powers from experimenting with his fathers' gadgets.
Tectonique- The youngest member, a French-Canadian woman with terrakinetic powers. There may be a connection between her and Volcanika of the Wardens.

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Hero Teams: Europe

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Next is Europe, excluding Russia, which will get its own special entry.


Nordstjernen- "Northstar" is a pan-Nordic group of heroes, albiet less of a cohesive team and more of an international association. Due to the large geographical distances involved, the entire membership is rarely seen all together in one place.

Golden Anvil- From Iceland. A huge powerhouse of a woman who is Silver Hammer's partner. Though physically stronger, she concentrates more on moving and lifting strength and sheer durability over hitting power.
Formynder- From Norway. "Guardian" is the member most typical of a Western style extraordinary hero in the vein of Captain Meteor, which appears to have been an intentional result of secret engineering projects.
Mjlonir- From Sweden. A hulking man made of living metal who is a living electrical generator. Intentionally dresses and grooms himself like a Viking.
Northlight- From northern Sweden. She is an energy manipulator similar to Borealis of the Magistrate Wardens, but with a greater emphasis on energy projection, absorption, flight, and sensory abilities.
Seafarer- From Norway. A fisherman whose family may have ancient ties to the Fomorians, as he tends to looks a bit...fishy if he spends too much time in the water.
Silver Hammer- From Iceland. Golden Anvil's partner, a former MMA champion until his power disqualified him. Though lacking any superstrength, his signature "silver hammer" strike allows him to hit harder than many powerhouses.
Talvella- From Finland, the sole member from that nation, and sticks out for it. Many confuse her for a typical ice controller, but she actually has hydrokinetic abilities.
Thunder Witch- From Denmark. Apparently the daughter of a bansidhe.
Trollslayer- From Denmark. A cursed immortal like Casca Longinus, though by an evil witch. Became a legendary monster hunter specifically to seek out and slay the witch who made him this way. If he does not kill monsters, the curse will turn him into one.

The Solidarity- A loose association of heroes from across the continent. Inspired by the formation of the European Union, the idea was to create a group that would advertise a sense of pan-European unity. So far, it's had mixed results. Many members have left, and the lineup is in constant flux. No matter what, people bring their issues with them, and naturally there are tensions between heroes of certain nations. The group has been accused of being a puppet of the European Union, but they deny it, claiming that they were merely inspired by the Union, as well as by the Solidarity Party.

Alcubierre- From Spain. A super-genius mathematician who developed a "reality hack" in his brain that allows him to adjust physical laws and constants in his proximity. He uses this to become a speedster, while wielding a pair of metal rods as weapons. Very much of the "rock star" school of math geeks in terms of appearance and attitude.
Bronipelk- From Poland. The founder and leader of the group. A shipyard laborer, Bronipelk was a former mascot of the Polish Solidarity Trade Union, and was inspired by the greater Solidarity Party to create this hero team. Despite this, he doesn't really look like a superhero, preferring civilian wear.
Energia- From Ukraine. A woman mutated by exposure to radiation from Chernobyl, turning her into a living nuclear reactor. She nearly became a supervillain, but uses her membership in the Solidarity to quell her anger at her condition.
Jaegerin- From Germany. Part of a secret hegemony of mystic monster hunters. Became a hero in part to assist her monster hunting exploits, partly to avoid odious elements of her clan.
Obrisocha- From the Czech Republic. A bonafide golem, animated by the spirit of a wrongly slain Jewish man. As a member of the Solidarity, he hopes to protect other Jews across Europe from the same fate that he befell.
Pendragon- From Great Britain. Actually the third individual to take that name. It was either this or the Imperial Knights, and he felt that he would simply get in Lionheart's way.
Scorpia Verde- From Spain. Former apprentice of the the previous "Green Scorpion," though she uses a mechanical device simulating a scorpion's tail instead of a bullwhip like he did.
Svallin- From Norway. Known internationally as "Shieldmaiden," although she otherwise has no relation to the previous identity of the heroine Aegis. Has a thing for Sol Invictus.
Sol Invictus- From Italy. One of the greatest heroes in his country, if not Europe in general, and a real boon to the Solidarity. An unrelenting opponent of the corruption plaguing Italy. Has a thing for Svallin, to the point where they have been seen a number of times working together by themselves.

British Isles

The Fenian Fighters- The national hero team of Ireland, naming themselves after the group of heroes from the Fenian Cycle. Naturally, they aren't exactly the biggest fans of the Imperial Knights.

Berserker- He claims to have been kidnapped and experimented upon by a secret British laboratory and used his powers to escape them. Decks himself out as a modern hero interpretation of Cú Chulainn, the mythological hero from the Ulster Cycle.
Boudika- A heroine who bases her heroic persona on the legendary Celtic queen, possibly as a dig at the United Kingdom.
Lady Gyre- Druidic elemental sorceress.
Megalith- A giant animated rock man, covered in moss and occasionally leaking soil from between the stones making up his body. It's unclear whether he is an animated elemental being, or an earth-manipulating extraordinary pretending to be one.
Nightraven- The most relatively conventional member of the bunch, a dark winged vigilante with advanced gear and weapons. Not as averse to inflicting grievous harm as most heroes.
Silverfist- The leader of this bunch, mostly thanks to being a bigger bastard. An ex-Irish soldier who lost his arm in a training accident, but later bonded with a shapeshifting alien weapon that took its place.

The Imperial Knights- The Imperial Knights of the Crown and Kingdom are the resident heroic confederation of the United Kingdom, directly appointed under the authority of the royal crown to defend the British Commonwealth and all of its citizens from any and all threats extending beyond the ability of Her Majesty's conventional forces to handle. They have existed in one form or another since World War II, and are probably the most prestigious team of heroes in the west outside of the United States.

Challenger- A brawler from Newcastle upon Tyne, who absolutely revels in the opportunity to beat up some nogooders. Will just go in and wail on his enemies, his energy absorption ability leaving him relatively unharmed.
Dr. Carnacki- Great-grandson of the legendary "Ghost Finder" of old. Was inspired by the discovery of Carnacki Sr.'s old journals and gear in a family storage unit to take what his ancestor did and bring it into the modern age of technology.
Eventide- A shadowmancer whose "goth Harry Potter" aesthetic seems a bit out of place in this lot.
The Hood- A bow-and-arrow wielding vigilante who likes to play up the persona of being a modern day Robin Hood, albeit not in the "swashbuckling Errol Flynn" sort of manner.
Jane Green- A leannansidhe who has found herself attached to Wrought Iron. Unfortunately for her, he is not a mortal man, which renders their entanglement somewhat permanent. A powerful and innate elemental mage.
Lady Victory- Sister to Lady Winter of SHE, looking to upstage her heroic sibling. Like Winter she too has artificial powers, but went for a more "enhanced physical prowess" set to compliment her gymnastics and dance training and special energy swords.
Lionheart- Leader of the Knights and one of the last remaining of the original set who fought together during and after the War. Though strictly lacking any powers of his own, he is apparently descended from one of the knights of Camelot, allowing him to wield the Scepter of Albion, a weapon that makes him every bit the equal of any person with actual powers.
Red Dragon- A pyrokinetic Welsh hero known for his particularly fiery attitude. This frequently plays off of Challenger's own hotheadedness, just as often as it leads to fights between the two, although they've learned to cool it down a bit.
Swiftsure- The resident speedster of the group, though hers manifests as a propulsive antigravity forcefield. One of the more popular members due to her friendliness, and is a mentor of the young heroine Intrepid.
Wrought Iron- A gigantic, animated suit of armor containing the spirit of a knight who has long since forgotten who is he or how he became this way, only knowing a vague sense of guarding a particular set of ruins in Scotland. Is one of the very, very few heroes in the same strength class as Captain Meteor, and every bit as indestructible as Aegis.
X-Caliber- The name of an experimental multifunctional adaptive weapons system reverse engineered from Skarn technology, and worn by a bright young army captain eager to prove her chops.

Continental Europe

Die Bundeshelden- Germany’s resident team of heroes. The very idea of a national team of heroes is veeeeeery unpopular in Germany due to association with memories of the Ubersoldaten and a general dislike of nationalism and nationalist imagery. As such, were it not for the names and other little details, it would be impossible to nail down what nation the Bundeshelden are from. And even then, the general feeling is that the Bundeshelden are an unwanted necessity, as they were formed in the aftermath of the Annihilator's rampage across Europe.

Eisbrecher- East German factory worker who really just wants to keep his family and neighborhood safe from criminals like the Bratva and Siloviki. Doesn't really regard the hero business all that highly.
Hauptstadter- A rather strange hero, Hauptstadter is a "city elemental" whose powers all originate with and involve the physical and immaterial elements that join to form a city or town. His powers are steadily converting into some sort inhuman being made of wires, steel, and concrete.
Lichthammer- A light manipulating powerhouse and brother of Morgenstern, who disapproves of her attitude and actions but is still there to bust her out anyway.
Mitternacht- A puzzle wrapped in an enigma, Mitternacht is a shadowy vigilante wearing a sleek light power armor. Seems to have been around since the height of the Cold War, though whether East or West German is hard to say.
Morgenstern- Anti-authoritarian, anti-establishment blaster who doesn't particularly like being part of this team, although she'd much rather have a home to go to than have some uncaring villain trash it for his latest scheme.
Shturmwind- A proverbial "living tornado" who doesn't seem to take things all that seriously.
Stahlwird- The leader, one of the few major German heroes to exist after WWII. Surprisingly healthy given his age.

Champions de la Liberté- The "Champions of Liberty" are France's national team of heroes. Though relatively small, they recently came under focus for their battle with the villain Écorcheur in the city of Nimes, during which the villains destroyed a large section of the metropolis. The French government is reevaluating its handling of the team, with a nod toward either better training or finding a way to bolster the ranks of the Champions.

Ampere Ange- An electrical controller notable for being one of the most beautiful heroines in the world (at least, if you bother tracking the hero gossip rags), and for the unique visual of angelic wings made from electrical arcs.
Chasseur- The resident "badass" member of the group, a former French legionnaire whose skills as a martial artist overshadow his actual extraordinary powers.
Lady Reynard- A sneaky vigilante based on the legendary folk character, she patterns her whole modus operandi on using special equipment and misdirection to seem like she really does have powers like invisibility or shapeshifting.
Marriane- An immigrant woman possessed by a supernatural power, possibly a personification of the very being that personifies liberty and freedom. The nominal leader.
Mistral- An extremely handsome gentleman from southern France. Chassuer thinks he's unprofessional, Mistral thinks Chasseur needs to loosen up and get laid.

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Hero Teams: Asia

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Next is Asia, excluding Russia and the Zahrgian Khanate (which encompasses almost all of central Asia, as well as western China and India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and eastern Iran). Also, "hero" in the case of some of these is a bit of a relative term.

Ha-Gibborim- "The Mighty Ones," Israel's official hero team, named after a term used to the describe some of the Nephilim, as well as the elite champions of King David. Naturally, they come with a lot of the same cultural and political baggage as their home nation, such as being accused of violence against Palestinians, which they claim as simply defending Israeli settlements against Hamas-affiliated extraordinaries. Frequently clash with the Pillars of Allah's Will.

Teferet- A shapeshifting golem created by an ancient Qabbalistist mystic who seemed to be attempting to create an entire group of such entities based on the Sephirot. It is unknown if he succeeded in creating all ten, or if there are any others like Teferet that managed to survive into modern times.
Merkava- "Chariot," named after the Israeli battle tank. A powered battle armor wielding soldier, part of an entire project to oppose Hamas rocket strikes.
Adirari- "Mighty Lion," the figurehead of the Gibborim, a paragon of physical strength and athleticism with a lion motif.
Baraq- "Lightning," after the judge who was aided by Deborah in defeating the Canaanites.
Deborah- Baraq's partner, who chose the name Deborah for it's associations. Combines extraspeed with krav maga for devastating results.
Ba'al Tekiah- "Master of the Blast," after the sounders of the shofar horn. Specializes in finding weak points in substances and energy fields.
Repha- "Giant," after one of the many tribes of giants mentioned in the Torah.

Maiti Seigi no Senshitai- The premiere group of heroes in the land of the rising sun, Maiti Seigi no Senshitai ("Mighty Justice Warrior Squadron") has had an interesting evolution; the Squadron was supposed to be a temporary strikeforce that morphed into a legitimate, more permanent group. Officially, they are not a government team, but an independent group. However, members of it are part of the JSDF, giving them some connection to Japanese authorities. Indeed, despite their independent status the Senshitai maintains a rather friendly relationship with the Japanese military and government to the point that they almost seem to be a part of the JSDF.

Arahabaki- The code name for an experimental anti-extraordinary powered armor, less of a suit and more a full on mech that loosely resembles the dogu clay statues. Its pilot is JSDF air force pilot named Masae Arima.
Fubuki- An agent of the PSIA, Japan's main security agency, Fubuki is an extraordinary agent who helped to gather together and organize the Senshitai in opposition to Genyosha. Besides being ordered to by her superiors, she has a personal stake in this, as she gained her powers after Genyosha sabotaged an attempt by her late husband to cure her terminal cancer.
Idaten- A Buddhist hero who takes his name after the swift boddissatva of justice, protector of all monks. Has a unique philosophy that incorporates his heroic activities with Buddhist doctrine.
Kaeruman- A typical high school student who was kidnapped by agents of Genyosha and transformed into a mutant at their secret laboratory, who managed to escape after a raid by the hero Murakumo. When he returned to his neighborhood to find Yakuza gangsters had moved in, he adopted a bizarre and irreverent persona to oppose them and Genyosha.
Kasai Tenchi- Partner, guide/mentor, and possibly even lover to Mizukaze, Kasai Tenchi is in fact a human avatar of the goddess Amaterasu armed with the Yata no Kagami, one of the three pieces of the Imperial Regalia of Japan. Together, the two heroines are considered the national heroes of Japan, and their membership in the Senshitai has done much to legitimize it in the eyes of the nation.
Kurochou Hime- The daughter of a Shinto shrine priest and priestess and latest in a legacy of mystical defenders of Japan. However, this involves protecting and preserving the land and the ancient customs and traditions, not the nation. As a result, Kurochou Hime ("Black Butterfly Princess") has had many an encounter with mythical enemies that would return Japan to its feudal ways, while also facing off against the newer, technological enemies spawned of modern Japan.
Maryouko Otome- A Japanese schoolgirl with a natural, raw talent for manipulating magical forces that could theoretically place her among some of the most powerful mages in the world. Her power was activated by touching an obscure legendary sceptre, through which she can transform into an enhanced version of herself and channel her various magical powers.
Mizukaze- A national heroine of Japan, part of a duo with Kasai Tenshi. She is the result of an attempt by a corporation to exploit the legend of an "ultimate warrior", but she rebelled and stole two items that turned out to be two of the national treasures of Japan that can summon it. Armed with the Kusanagi sword, she has power over the element of water, and the ability to summon portions of a powerful extradimensional being, culminating in her transformation into a skyscraper-sized entity.
Murakumo- A controversial figure in Japan, Murakumo is the premiere hero of Japan, a popular national icon who styles himself after the mythological god Susanowo. This has resulted in both a massive cultural and religious following, with many claiming him to literally be an incarnation of Susanowo; for his part, he tries to deny this, but few listen.
Umihebi- An aquatic reptillian being from another dimension, Umihebi has found a home for himself in Japan, as the Japanese are the one people who don't seem to look at him with fear or loathing, but actually curious about him and treat him as no different from a normal human. He prefers to be called "Ryujin," after the legendary sea monster, but the Japanese media and public have officially dubbed him "Umihebi."

People's Extrafunctional Defenders- With it's vast population, resources, rising strength as an industrial and scientific powerhouse, and ancient history, it's only natural that China would field not just a team of extraordinaries, but a whole army of them. The PED is one of the single largest organizations of extraordinaries in the whole world, and as China is the only member of the UN Security Council that is not a signatory of the UNEC treaties and resolutions, they are not required to keep them isolated from military influence. There is immense international pressure for China to become a signatory and demilitarize the PED, but as the Berlin Wall Massacre and reign of the Dark Allegiance become ever more distant memories and the number of villains, heroes, and extraordinaries grows across the world, this pressure is lessening.

Babei Wanmei ("Eightfold Perfection")- Sexist necromancer who controls eight orbs that he can use to revive corpses into living beings and grant them powers. Has used these to form a harem of powered zombie women devoted to him.
Bai Suzhen ("Madame White Snake")- A demoness captured by the PED and employed as an assassin. Can transform into a giant extrastrong snake, or manifest/separate into dozens of smaller ones. Has fangs with a potent venom in all forms.
Chao Zhan-shi ("Ultra Warrior")- Paralyzed woman turned into a powerful cyborg through Xianren's experiments. Wields twin batons that can amplify the force of her blows thousands of times over.
Diaokejia ("The Sculptor")- The daughter of a coal miner with a mystical heritage, who can control and shape earth elements, to the point where she can even form armies of minions and complex machinery from the ground itself. Wears a suit of powered armor made entirely of molded clay.
Gang Jin ("Strong Steel")- One of a trio of friends from farming communities in western China, based on the legend of the Ten Brothers. Has enhanced strength, invulnerability, flight, and enhanced sight and hearing.
Guan Jun ("Champion")- The iconic 'leader' of the PED, a kind of Captain America-esque figure, Guan Jun is a colonel endowed with the very best of Xianren's modifications. His status as a powerful nationalist symbol is a weapon unto itself.
Gui Fanbu ("Ghost Canvas")- An infiltration agent of the organization, this female operative and spy can physically merge with her environment and animate it as an extension of her will and form.
Houyi- A solar-powered archer who can fire bolts of energy from a bow of solid light. Takes his name from Yi the Archer, from Chinese mythology.
Huang Li ("Brimstone Machine")- The result of what happens when a man accidentally transformed into living plasma energy meets an experimental nuclear robot. Armed with various atomic powered weapons, used as a walking scorched earth policy.
Jiasuqi ("Accelerator")- A mystic who wield several size-changing magical rings that are indestructible. Each ring contains its own gravity well, which can use in conjunction with the other rings to accelerate or stop the motion of other objects, among other applications.
Jing Ying ("Sparkling Crystal")- A young woman whose powers transformed her into a living, walking crystalline being. This crystal is diamond hard, and can serve as a powerful focusing lens or capacitor for energies.
Lei Shen ("Thunder God")- A weather manipulator named after the mythological Chinese storm god.
Liu Fang ("The Exile")- A man who was locked up during the Cultural Revolution because of a violent manifestation of his powers. Despite being released by the PED, he remains in his cell wearing the specially designed gear that keeps him in check, in part due to his own request. Little is known about him because of this.
Liu Shui ("Running Water"/"Flowing Stream")- One of a trio of friends from farming communities in western China, based on the legend of the Ten Brothers. Has the ability to control water in its liquid form, and even transform himself into a limitless source of it.
Menkou ("The Doorway")- A woman who can teleport and open apertures in space-time that allow her to transport even massive objects across great distances instantaneously.
Qiangshi Bingchuan ("Mighty Glacier")- Local defender of a poor village and monastary in Tibet forcibly recruited into the organization. Has the ability to transform into a towering behemoth with a body made of ice, possessing ice-related powers.
Qing Jie ("Purity")- A mysterious but powerful elemental being captured and imprisoned by the PED, kept for study by Xianren.
Shang Di ("Emperor")- The PED's trump card, an individual so powerful as to deserve being called 'Emperor.' Operates in the same power level as Captain Meteor, but kept a closely guarded secret because of this.
Sheng Yin ("The Voice")- One of a trio of friends from farming communities in western China, based on the legend of the Ten Brothers. Can project his voice as a devastating blast of sound, and control it for many more subtle applications.
Tie Yisheng ("Iron Doctor")- A brilliant scientist and engineer who is mostly responsible for the tech and weapons the PED use. Aside from his innate ability to instantly come up with new ideas for devices and machines, he's human, but if need be he wears a customizeable suit with implants that allow him to interface with his inventions.
Waike Yisheng ("The Surgeon")- A young female scientist and assistant to Xianren who worked alongside him using extremely advanced nanotechnology to assist in his experiments.
Xianren ("Transcendant Man")- One of the leaders of the PED, an idealistic scientist who is in many ways like a modern day version of a Taoist practitioner seeking immortality. Has used his body as a testbed for many proposed modifications intended to extend the possibilities of the human body.
Zhushi Meili ("Gossamer Beauty")- A rather frail but beautiful young woman. Her extremely long, flowing hair in contrast is stronger than steel wire, and can elongate in length and be animated as an extension of her will.
Zhu Xin ("Master Mind")- A top commander in the PED and a potent psychic who can augment his powers by tapping into a network of genetically engineered psychics kept in suspended animation.

Raksaka-Gana- "The Watchmen," India’s principle group of extraordinaries. Due to the nation's population, it is one of the hotbeds of extraordinary activity, and so the Raksaka-Gana naturally are a significantly more numerous bunch than your average hero team. Unlike most national groups of heroes they operate outside of the purview of India's government, thanks to the draconian policies of its main extraordinary enforcement arm, the Central Power Agency. Indeed, under the surface Raksaka-Gana is engaged in something of a clandestine conflict with the CPA, which would like nothing more than to envelope the heroes in its umbrella. However, the heroes have managed to retain their independence for the time being, allowing them to be more concerned with matters actually relevant to India’s populace.

Ajith- "Invincible," a Kashmir native who literally has an aura of invulnerability that he can grant to himself and anything he touches. He works to protect those he can from the effects of the tension between the native Indians and the Pakistani refugees that fled into India after Khagan Tsan's conquest of Pakistan.
Dilipa- "Protector of Dehli," one of a few heroes more akin to the kind in the West, putting a local twist on the archetypal nonpowered street level vigilante. Notable among that lot for being extremely high-tech and wired up, having the rare power armor that focuses less on physical enhancements and weapons and more on expanding environmental awareness and knowledge.
Dripada- "Wooden Pillar," so named for his affinity for the earth and trees. Has a reputation as being "as enduring and immovable as a mountain," but is actually a rather frail looking mountain hermit from northern India.
Gannatha- "Lord of Hordes," a man with a telepathic affinity for animal life, particularly the swarming type, which he can command and see through. Has done a lot of work to help smooth over some of the troubles people have with coexisting with certain creatures, like cobras.
Jaswinder- "Indra of the Thunderbolt," India's most famous and flashy hero, enough that he is even known to Western audiences otherwise unfamiliar with India's hero scene.
Jyotsna- "Moonlight," a woman whose powers as an extraordinary have resulted in something of a cult around her. While she is very hesitant to embrace this following, Manisha has given her guidance on how to use it to support her own activities as a heroine.
Lata- "Creeping Plant," enigmatic woman with supernatural power over plantlife who lives in the Pahna National Forest, and is the self appointed guardian of India's forests and jungles from development. Though strongly disliked by workers, the more agrarian section of the population loves her.
Maninder- "Lord of the Mind," world renowned telepathic guru who struggles to balance the fame and fortune his powers have brought him and his duty to his country and people. One of the links that holds the entire group together, but is pressured to leave his native country by his agents.
Manisha- "Wisdom," the smartest woman in India. She has used this genius to support and develop the nation closer toward being a dominant power, and supports Raksaka-Gana both with resources and direction in tandem with Maninder. Is an archenemy of the megavillain SODAM, who she played a role in creating.
Minali- "Fish Catcher," from the city of Madras. Is possessed by a water elemental spirit that is the true source of his powers and renowned ability to catch any kind of fish in seemingly any quantity.
Nagendra- "Lord of Snakes," a powerful hero with mystical abilities related to serpents in ways one might not imagine. Something of an associate of Jaswinder, as the two very frequently team up.
Raghu- "Swift," the resident speedster of the group. A rather young boy who used to be a pickpocket until he was brought into the group.
Rajani- "The Dark One," a brutal sword-wielding female vigilante with an affinity for darkness and shadows. Took the name to spite the Kali cultists who tried to kill her.
Rukmini- "Adorned with Gold," an artificial being created by SODAM named after the wife of the god Krishna, who SODAM bears an (intentional) resemblance toward. Besides that association, the name has a double-meaning thanks to the golden adornments on her person that are the source of her powers.
Sandip- "Blazing," the preeminent pyrokinetic in India. More specifically from eastern India, a notorious hotbed of crime and Islamic terrorism in the country. Having witnessed the fruits of such men, Sandip, contrary to his rather common name, has quite a fearsome reputation, and takes no prisoners.

Qahramanan-e Enqelab ("Champions of the Revolution")- The extraordinary task force of the Iranian government, a deliberate attempt to provide their own counterparts to groups like Allegiance and Statesmen, although some of their development was influenced by a need to counteract the "hero" team Iraq was creating under Saddam Hussein, Haras al-Nukhba ("The Elite Guard"). The other use of the team is to crack down on extraordinary activity in Iran; the government does not take too kindly to extraordinaries it does not employ, and openly preaches that extraordinaries are "spawn of shaitan" brought to Earth to decieve the followers of Allah, while protecting the Qahramanan from accusations of hypocrisy by claiming that they are blessed by Allah (and thus "don't count"). This has force any other would-be heroes in the nation to either flee to other countries, or to operate underground. Despite being heroes, indviduals like Mazdak and the Firekeeper are just as likely to fight the Qahramanan as they are actual villains and threats to Iran like Marek al-Dajjal and his cult of Ahriman.

Mehrdad (Sun of Justice)- The leader and figurehead of the team, and the one most resembling a Western hero on initial glance. Tries to put on the appearance of being an everyman of Iran, such as through his name, in order to instill a sense that "anyone can be a champion of the revolution."
Marpust ("Snakeskin")- A man with elastic extratough skin that he can mentally stretch and animate. Gets his name from his ability to "shed" his entire epidermis and mentally control it.
Abrisiyah ("Dark Cloud")- A woman caught in an Iraqi chemical attack as an infant during the Iran-Iraq War, activating her extraordinary powers but also contaminating them.
Kangal ("Talon")- A Bedouin man taken by Iraqis and experimented upon by Doctor Azrael in an attempt to produce more men for al-Nukhba, until Iranian forces attacked the facility he was at and forced the Iraqis to abandon it. Gets his name from the biomechanical claws Doctor Azrael replaced his hands with.
Mosaver ("Counselor")- While Mehrdad is the leader of the team, Mosaver is the presence of the Supreme Leader in the group, appointed by the ayatollah himself. He is a well-regarded cleric whose purpose is to maintain the spiritual well-being of the team, especially given some of the foes the Qahramanan have to deal with. He also may be the most powerful member, but any combat role is secondary to his more immaterial purposes.

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