Kaisius' Character Builds

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Kaisius' Character Builds

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Characters created with the help of Hero Lab.
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Re: Kaisius' Character Builds

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First up, Otakumon!


OTAKUMON, The Anime Avenger
"In the name of Anime...I. Will. Punish. You!"
:arrow: Otakumon's High Concept is "Anime-flavored Green Lantern."
Real Name : Thomas Kirby
PL 11 182pts. Currently active in Tattooed Man's New Freedom League

Abilities 36pts.

Powers 80pts.
Anime Jutsu! - Array 49pts.
---Anime Jutsu!: Create 10 – DC: 20, R: 250'/500'/1000', 2000cft. Ex: Movable, Continuous Fe: Innate, Progression: Volume, Stationary, Subtle 1, Precise (45pts.)
---Anime Beam!: Blast 10 – DC 25, R: 250'/500'/1000', Ex: Multiattack Fe: Imp. Crit 4,Indirect 4, Precise, Variable Descriptor 2: Energy (any) (1pt)
---Anime Blast!: Blast 10 – DC 25, R: 250'/500'/1000', Ex: Multiattack Fe: Imp. Crit 4, Indirect 4, Precise, Variable Descriptor 2: Physical (any) (1pt)
---Anime Strike!: Strike 10 – DC 25, Fe: Accurate 5(+10), Imp. Crit 4, Precise (1pt)
---Reality Check: Blast 10 - DC 25, R: 250'/500'/', Ex: Mutliattack, Penetrating Fe: Imp. Crit 4, Precise
Genre Savvy - Danger Sense (Mental)
Otakumon Transmute! - Feature: Quick Change (1pt)
Skybolt Akira! - Flight 6: 120 mph, 1800'/rnd, Fe: Feature: Variable Mode Fl: Platform (7pts.)
Strikesuit Zero! - Protection 9, Ex: Impervious (18pts.)
-----------------Immunity: Suffocation (All) (2pts.)

Advantages 19pts.
Benefit: Wealth 2
Improvised Tools
Improved Initiative 2
Luck: Determined Recovery 4
Luck: Determination 2
Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover)
Equipment 3 – HQ: Drawing Board
Language 2 – Spanish, Japanese

Skills 21pts.
Deception 11(+1, 3.7pts.)
Expertise: Art 8(+12, 2.7pts.)
Expertise: Heroes & Villains 8(+12, 2.7pts.)
Insight 4(+8, 1.3pts.)
Perception 4(+8, 1.3pts.)
Persuasion 8(+8, 2.7)
Ranged Combat: Anime Jutsu Array 8(+12, 4pts.)
Vehicles: Air 4(+8, 1.3pts.)
Vehicles: Land(+8, 1.3pts.)

Defenses 26pts.
Dodge 10
Parry 8
Fortitude 8
Toughness 11
Will 10

Anime Beam! - Ranged +12, DC 25 Crit 20
Anime Blast! - Ranged +12, DC 25 Crit 20
Anime Strike! - Close +12 DC 25 Crit 20
Reality Check! - Ranged +12, DC 25 Crit 16-20
Grab - +2, DC Spec 10 Crit 20
Throw - +4, DC 15 Crit 20
Unarmed - +2, DC 25 Crit 20


Doing Good: Thomas has discovered a profound sense of satisfaction in using his powers to help others...
Thrills:...turns out, its a lot of fun, too!
Rivalry/Enemy : Dr. Otaku - Thomas has decided to faithfully oppose Dr. Otaku. There's no (real) animosity at work here.
He recognizes that Solo Takashi is really just a frustrated 12 year old nerd who can't get a real girl to even look at him, so he's built
three of them that will fawn over him. At the same time, if Otaku keeps down this path, he's going to cross the line and do
something he can't take back. Like Daedelus, Thomas desperately doesn't want that happen. But time is running out....
Power Loss: Otakumon uses artwork as a focus for his Anime Jutsu array. He must either draw an image on the spot or use
a previously rendered image. He can also use sculpted works.
Relationship: Eva (Vindicator) McKenna. During the adventure that took both the Freedom League and FORCE Ops to a parallel world, Thomas met Eva McKenna, the heroine known as Vindicator. While he couldn't match her scientific expertise, he was on more equal footing with their shared love of comics and anime. He was blown away at how easily he could just talk to her, and they quickly became inseparable. Now that they are back home & FORCE Ops has moved to Emerald City, Thomas and Eva are adjusting to their newly long distance realtionship.

History :
Thomas Kirby grew up in Freedom City as the “bad old days” of the Moore Administration were ending. He was thrilled with the return of “real” heroes to Freedom, culminating in the founding of the Freedom League. Fascinated with super-heroics from an early age, Thomas gravitated toward comic books, especially anime and manga, and eventually a career in art. Thomas discovered his powers by accident, shortly before his graduation from Freedom School for the Arts. Pulling an all-niter on an important final project, Thomas found himself working in a kind of fugue state. He became driven, determined to perfect the image he was working on, a painting of a young woman. After several hours, without realizing it, he reached out to touch the painting. Instead, he reached into it and touched the woman's hand. Startled out of his trance, he pulled back his hand and accidentally pulled her out of the painting! Stumbling and falling backwards, his concentration broke completely and the woman began to fade back into the painting. Just before she disappeared completely, she whispered “Thank you...”. Thinking (hoping) at first that the girl was some sort fatigue induced hallucination, Thomas couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. Several days later, Thomas attempted to replicate what had happened on a smaller scale. (He was, and is, hesitant to try to “draw” the girl back out.) At first he was able only able to draw out small objects, marbles, flowers, and the like. With time, he was able to pull larger and more complex items.

Contrary to expectations, Thomas did not immediately become a superhero. At first, he didn't believe he could be a viable hero with these powers. Creating things out of (almost) thin air was great for him, but he wasn't sure how he could use them to fight evil. He would do good turns as circumstances demanded, but he didn't really consider a formal heroic career. As the years passed, he became a modestly successful comic book artist, freelancing for Castle Comics and other companies. (Being able to “make” your own clothes, furniture, and other sundries lets one save a fair amount of money as well.) Thomas might never become a hero but for two incidences. First, a fire in his apartment building forced Thomas to use his powers to help evacuate the building and contain the fire. He was able to avoid revealing his secret to most of his fellow tenants. However, Raven, who had arrived to help with the fire, determined who had done most of the work. Saving the building showed Thomas that his powers could be very effective. Second, comic book and anime fans began to get a bad rap because of the actions of Doc Otaku. Thomas became annoyed that a snot nosed 12 year old nerd was thrashing the reputation of an entire art form and its fans. On hand at the offices of Castle Comics when Otaku decides to give publisher Harry Wiseman a “You Suck” speech punctuated by his mech suit, Thomas decides he, and everyone else, has had enough. Using his powers to create a quick and dirty disguise, Thomas was able to keep Otaku and his Ark Angels busy enough for Daedelus to arrive and force their retreat. Realizing that he could be an effective hero, Thomas refined his hastily made costume and made the fateful decision to stand as Doc Otaku's opposite number. And thus was born Otakumon, the Anime Avenger.

:arrow: Thomas' powers involve the manipulation of a (possibly extra-dimensional) material most commonly referred to as ectoplasm. By focusing on a piece of artwork that he has created, or creates on the spot, Thomas can draw forth and shape a mass of ectoplasm to copy the artwork exactly. As Otakumon, the objects he creates have a brightly colored, cel-shaded look, however, he can also create photorealistic objects that are functionally "real". He has practiced his Strikersuit and Skybolt effects sufficently that he no longer requires a image to manifest them.

:!: Otakumon's constructs are NOT capable of independent action. A giant robot created to hold up a damaged building cannot then use its "weapons" to attack an enemy. Unattended constructs simply stop in place.

:arrow: The Skybolt Akira's default appearance is a anime styled flying motorcycle. However, it can change shape into a more compact hover board shape, so it can be better used indoors, if needed.

HQ - Drawing Board (15pts)
Toughness 14, Size Huge
Dual Size: Tiny
Living Space
Power System
Security System 1
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Re: Kaisius' Character Builds

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Jonathan Spectre
"[Walking the sideReal paths, I am the line Nightmares dread to cross....]"


Real Name: Jonathan Locke
Pl 10, 161pp.
Currently active in Tattooedman's FORCE Ops


Mentalism – Array 34pp.
---Mesmerism: Affliction 10 – Will DC20: 1st: Dazed, 2nd:Compelled, 3rd: Controlled
---------Fe: Cumulative, Inc. Range: perception – Fl: Must have successfully used an
---------Interaction skill on target.
------AP: Hallucination: Illusion 10 – All Sense Types, 1000cft.,
---------Fe: Selective – Fl: Limited to One Subject, Resistible: Will DC25, Must have
---------successfully used an Interaction skill on target.
------AP: Mind Reading: Cumulative Mind Reading 10 – Will DC 20
------AP: Telekinesis: Move Object 5 – Fe: Damaging (5 extra ranks) DC 25, Subtle 2
---------W: 1600lbs, R: 125'/250'/500'
------AP: “Esoteric Martial Arts”: Affliction 10 – Will DC 20: 1st: Vulnerable, 2nd: Stunned
---------3rd: Incapacitated - Fe: Accurate 3(+6), Subtle 2.

Now You See Him?: Enhanced Trait 8 – Dodge 4(+12), Parry 4(+12); Quirk 2: Not vs.
---------opponents Immune to Mental Powers
------AP: Now You Don't...: Concealment 10 – Fl: Limited to Mind, Resistible: Will DC20

Psychic Switchboard: Mental Communication 1 (4pp)

Second Sight: Senses 6 – Awareness: Mental, Danger Sense: Mental, Spatial Awareness - Accurate, Radius, Ranged
------AP: Mental Detection: Senses 6 - Detect Minds – Accurate, Acute, Ranged, Extended 1x10

Spectral Passage: Flight 2 – Speed 8mph, 120'/round – Fe: Subtle, Quirk: only along a surface.

Omnipresent Voice: Feature 1 – Spectre's voice has an eerie, reverberating tone that makes
---------it seem to come from everywhere at once. This allows him to speak without breaking Concealment

Fearsome Presence: Feature 1 – May make Intimidation checks as a move action.

Master of Misdirection: Feature 1 – May make Deception checks as a move action.

Incognito: Feature 1 – No one realizes that Jonathan Locke is Jonathan Spectre.

Tougher Than He Looks...: Protection 3

SKILLS: 17pp., 51 ranks
Deception 4(+10), Expertise(AWE):“Arcana” 1(+9), Expertise(PRE): Stage Magician 4(+10),
Expertise: Emerald City 7(+7), Insight 4(+12), Intimidation 9(+15), Perception 4(+12),
Persuasion 4(+10), Sleight of Hand 8(+12), Stealth 6(+10)

Defensive Roll 3, Fascinate (Deception), Imp. Initiative 1, Jack of All Trades, Takedown 1,

Dodge 12/8 (w/o Now You See...)
Parry 12/8 (w/o Now You See...)
Fort: 8
Toughness: 8/5 (w/o Defensive Roll)
Will: 12

Telekinesis +10, DC 25 R: 125'/250'/500'
“Esoteric Martial Arts” +10 Will DC 20
Mesmerism Will DC 20
Mind Reading Will DC 20
Unarmed +4, DC 15
Throw +4, DC 15


Identity: Secret Identity - Jonathan Locke, Stage Magician
Relationship: Alicia Locke, Sister. Alicia is (apparently) unaware that Jonathan adventures as Spectre. It is unknown if she has powers of her own, however, she is very intelligent and capable in her own right. Jonathan sees her as Mycroft to his Sherlock(the original, literary version).
All The World's a Stage: A showman at heart, Eric likes to project the image of the Mysterious Avenger...But it's a loud kind of mysterious...
Legacy: Having learned more about Emerald City's heroic history, Jonathan has chosen to pay tribute to one of its former champions, Tom "Dr. Spectre" Kovack. Given the bad end Kovack came to, however, this may not have been wise...

Background: Jonathan Locke and his twin sister Alicia were born in 1985 and have lived in Emerald City all their lives. Their parents passed away shortly after Johnathan graduated high school. He and his sister were each set to receive a modest inheritance, however, Jonathan made arrangements for all of the money to go to his sister. This allowed her to go to college without worrying about any expenses. He then worked to turn his childhood hobby of magic tricks into a modestly successful career as a professional illusionist. He performs regularly at a number of venues around Emerald City, though he has not yet broken through to the level of a Copperfield or Chriss Angel. (He hates been compared Angel.)

Jonathan's powers, such as they were, first developed after he turned 20, as his magician career was beginning to take off. His abilities were never very powerful and of little help with his act, so he seldom used them. (It did occur to him that Alicia might have abilities of her own, but if so, she's never revealed them to him.) He was doing a street performance along the Yellow Brick Row the day of the Silver Storm. The storm gave Jonathan's powers a radical boost, but he was knocked unconscious before he could bring them to bear. He didn't recover until after the initial battle was over, but aiding in recovery efforts allowed him to learn the new limits of his abilities. After the storm, now that he had some real powers, completely hiding them was not an option, but using them in his act wasn't one, either. That left becoming a superhero. (Becoming a villain did occur to him, but that would've meant cutting ties to Alicia, so that was out.) The only problem he had left was creating an identity. He wanted something subtle, something mysterious, but it had to satisfy his flair for the dramatic, too. Unhappy with everything he was coming up with, he happened upon a flyer for the Victory Squadron Memorial Committee. Like most Emeraldites, he knew the city had had its own "mystery men" in WWII, but had never really given them much thought. He joined the Committee and began studying the Squadron, especially Dr. Thomas "Dr. Spectre" Kovack. Jonathan was moved by Kovack's story, of a decent man burdened with powers beyond his comprehension working to defend his home and country, only to break his mind and die forgotten and alone. In tribute to the fallen hero, Jonathan decided to become Jonathan Spectre and had crafted a costume modelled on Kovack's: A charcoal gray suit with an emerald green vest and tie, a full face mask and cloak.

In general, Johnathan tries to plays up the “magic” aspect of his “masked magician” theme. He's been saved a number of times, thanks to bad guys taking precautions against a sorcerer, instead of a mutant psion.
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Re: Kaisius' Character Builds

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Submitted to CelticREI's When Realities Collide.
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)

"I'm your worst nightmare. A manga nut with a power ring."

PL 10 / 150pp.


POWERS : 79pts.
Power Ring – 99pts. (Removable, -20pts) – Total 79pts.
--Force Manipulation – Array 45pts.
----Force Constructs – Create 10 Continuous +1, Movable +1, Stationary 1, Precise 1 – 42pts.
----Force Blast – Damage 10 Ranged (+1), Multiattack (+1), Precise 1 - 1pt.
----Force Bubble – Immunity 10 (Life Support) Burst Area 30' (+1), Ranged (+1) – 1pt.
----Lifting - Move Object 10 Damaging (+1), Precise 1, En. Traits 4 (Imp. Disarm, Imp. Grab, Imp. Hold, Imp. Trip)
--Force Field - Protection 8 Impervious (+1), Immunity 10 (Life Support) – 26pts.
--Flight – Array 15pts.
----Flight 1 - Flight 7 - 14pts.
----Flight 2 - Space Travel 3, Zero-G Adaptation – 1pt
--Communication And Sensor Suite – Array 10pts.
-----Universal Translator – Comprehend Languages 4 – 8pts.
-----Communication – Senses 1 (Comm. Link to Central Power Battery) – 1pt.
-----Scanning Beam – Senses 6 (Analytical Auditory, Chemical and Visual) – 1pt.
--A.I. And Database – Features 2 – 2pts.
--Uniform - Feature: Quick Change 1 - 1pt.

Fearless, Precise Attack, Taunt, Ultimate Effort (Will)

SKILLS : 14pts.
Expertise : Art 4(+4), Deception 5(+7), Insight 4(+6), Perception 4(+6), Persuasion 4(+6), Ranged Combat : Power Ring 7(+10)

Initiative +4
Force Blast +10 Ranged, Damage 10
Force Constructs +10 Ranged, Damage 10
Unarmed +4 Close, Damage 1

DEFENSE : 16pts.
Dodge 8 Fortitude 6
Parry 4 Toughness 10
Will 10


Power Loss: The Ring requires periodic recharging, and warns the wearer as power levels drop.
Responsibility of Power: When Kyle was first given his Power Ring, he was left to his own devices as to its use. Without any Guardians or a Corp to mentor him, Kyle nevertheless recognized the world needed Green Lantern.
Rivalry: Kyle has been unfairly and unfavorably compared to Hal Jordan, even during Jordan's time as Parallax. Kyle is driven to prove he is just as dedicated and capable as Jordan is.
Weakness: Green Lantern power rings depend on the willpower of the wearer; the maximum rank of the ring's effects is equal to the wearer's Will rank, and moments of self-doubt or hesitation can cause the ring to fail.
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Re: Kaisius' Character Builds

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This build is being submitted to RedBstrd's The Protectorate mini-campaign. The games house rules grant an extra 30pts., because it is intended to be a limited run.


Andrew "Aviator" Jones
PL 12/210pts.

ABILITIES : 48pts.
STR 12*/2 AGL 4 FGT 6 AWE 4
STA 12*/4 DEX 2 IN 0 PRE 2

POWERS : 118pts.
Density Control - Array - 49pts.
-----Density Decrease - En. Sta 8, Insubstantial 4, Affects Other (+1), Only while touching (-1), Precise, Subtle - 1pt.
-----Density Increase - En. STR 10, En. STA 8, Impervious Toughness 12, Affects Others (+1), Only while touching (-1) - 48pts.
Flight - Flight 10 (2000mph), Space Travel 1 (Solar System) - 22pts.
Gravity Control - Array - 34pts.
-----Grav. Control 1 - Move Object 10, Damaging (+1) - 1pt.
-----Grav. Control 2 - Burst Area Safe Fall, Affects Objects, Affects Others, Ranged, Selective - 1pt.
-----G-Nav. – Gravitic Awareness, Accurate, Acute, Counters All Concealment, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Extended 3 (1k), Radius, Ranged – 1pt.
-----High G Field - Damage 10, Burst Area (+1), Selective (+1) - 30pts.
-----Vertigo - Affliction 10, Cumulative (+1), Extra Condition (+1), Secondary Effect (+1), Limited Degree (-1), [1st. dazed/vulnerable (nausea), 2nd. stunned/defenseless (vomiting)] - 1pt.
Life Support - Immunity (Life Support), Rare Descriptor: Own Powers, Movement 1 (Zero G Adaptation) - 13pts.

Agile Feint, All-out Atk., Chokehold, Close Atk. 6, Defensive Atk., Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Interpose, Move-by Action, Power Atk., Uncanny Dodge.

SKILLS - 11pts.
Insight 8(+12), Perception 4(+8), Ranged Combat (Gravity Control) 10(+12),

Initiative +4
Unarmed +12 Close, Damage 12
Grab +12 Close, Damage 12
Vertigo +12 Close, DC 20
High G Field Burst 30' Damage 10
Gravity Control +12 Damage 10

DEFENSES - 16pts.
Dodge (4) 12-8pts
Parry (6) 12-6pts
Fortitude (12/2) 12/2
Toughness (12/2) 12/2
Will (4) 6-2pts.


Complications :
Motivation: Doing Good – Inspired by the heroes of the Silver Age, Andrew tries to follow their example, using his powers to aid his fellow man.
Motivation: Thrills – Andrew has grown to enjoy the contests of power and skill that superheroics has become (perhaps, a bit too much).
Quick Protecting/Avenging the Innocent – Andrew strives to protect innocent bystanders whenever possible, even if that means taking shots he wouldn't have to otherwise. If an enemy does injure a civilian , he moves to the top of Aviator's dance card.
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Re: Kaisius' Character Builds

Post by Kaisius »

Captain Quantum
PL 10 / 150pts.
Real Name : Calvin Parker

STR 30/+10 (10/-)*
DEX 16/+3
CON 10/-
INT 20/+5
WIS 16/+3
CHA 10/-

Quantum Field Emitter (Device 19 - Hard to lose, Subtle 2 (unnoticeable))
---Anti-Grav. Propulsion : Flight 6 (500mph, 4400'/rnd)
---Comm. System : Communication 4 (Radio)
---Dimensional Interface Field : Protection 12 Impervious
---Hostile Environment Enhanciles : Linked Effects
------En. Save : Fort +3/10
------Immunity 9 : Life Support
---Onboard Computer Systems : Features 2
------Neural Computer Interface, Wi-fi Connectivity
---Physical Combat Enhanciles : En. Trait 13
------En. Reflex +3/10
------Atk Focus (melee) 10
---Quantum Field Engage! : En. Trait 1 (Quick Change)
---Sensor Suite : Super Senses 7 (Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radar, Radio)
---Strength Amplification Field : En. Str 20

Online Research
Second Chance : Disable Device

Acrobatics 2(+5), Bluff 10(+10), Computers 7(+12), Craft : Electronics 5(+10), Craft : Mech 5(+10), Disable Device 5(+10), KN : Physical Sc. 5(+10), KN : Tech 5(+10), Notice 2(+5), Sense Motive 2(+5), Stealth 4(+7)

Initiative +3
Atk Bonus 0, Melee +10, Ranged 0, Grapple 20
Def Bonus +8, Knockback -12

TGH 12/-* Fort 10/7* Reflex 10/7* Will 7
* without device

Motivation : Thrills - Calvin has come to enjoy the contests of skill and power that go with being a superhero.
Enemy : Calvin's sister Tabitha uses an functionally identical Quantum Field Emitter as the villainess Dark Quantum. Calvin has recently discovered that the two devices are linked: any improvements that Calvin make to his unit are mirrored in Tabitha's. While they are on opposite sides, they do still care for each other and have no desire to see the other badly harmed. Tabitha will not go along with any plan that seriously threatens Calvin, and vice versa.

Background to follow.
Calvin Parker was an almost stereotypical tech geek in high school: Tall, thin, and gangly, more comfortable with electronics than people. The opposite of his twin sister Tabitha in most respects, though they were both very bright. Growing up in Emerald City, Tabitha was the more outgoing of the two, involved in sports and cheerleading. Most of Calvin's weekends were spent working on his computer or at electronic swap meets. It was at one of these meets that he came upon two unusual devices. At first he thought they were old cell phones or walkie-talkies. The man he bought them from couldn't remember how come by them. Once he got them home, Calvin found they weren't walkie-talkies. Cannibalizing one, he was able to repair the other and discovered they were apparently alien protective devices. They were capable of creating a very small pocket dimension. Inside the pocket, the wearer was protected from all environmental hazards, while still able to perceive the outside word. The exterior event horizon of the pocket acted as a force field, repelling most forms of damage. This allowed the wearer to fly by altering how gravity effected the field and also channeled kinetic energy outwards, imparting greater strength. He was also able to alter the exterior shape and appearance to a limited extent.

Repairing and refining the device took up most of Calvin's free time through the rest of high school and into his freshman year of college. Once the one working device was finished, Calvin planned to become a superhero for a very simple, time honored reason: to show off. During this time, his twin sister Tabitha became worried about the project that consumed so much of Calvin's time. Sneaking into his apartment one night, she found the device. Unimpressed with the idea of her brother as a superhero, Tabitha decided to play a prank on him, by altering the exterior shape of the field to look like a superheroic version of her. As she was trying the "suit" on, she heard a emergency radio message about an explosion at a nearby power plant. Without thinking, she took off to help and, after several hours, succeeded in saving the plant. However, exposure to intense electromagnetic fields and electrical arcs inside the plant caused the "suit" to not only "lock" in Tabitha's shape, but her neural profile as well: Tabitha was now the only person who could use it. Calvin was, frankly, pissed. He may not have had a very good reason to be a superhero, but considering he'd done all the work, he deserved a chance. However, he had no choice but to allow Tabitha to keep the device and begin operating as the superheroine Quantum. Calvin decided to return to the other, cannibalized device. He discovered that his hard won familiarity with the first device plus recent advances in electronics and computer technology would allow to him repair the second device after all.

In the meantime, Tabitha began to enjoy the power and fame that Quantum brought her. Too much. When an out of town villain team robbed a tech company in Emerald and Quantum intervened, their leader offered to split the take with her. Having grown vain and bored with being a hero, Tabitha agreed. In short order, she had taken over the team and was running a crime spree over much of the state. Horrified at what Tabitha had become, Calvin raced to finish the second device. Once completed, Calvin took off to confront her. In the ensuing battle, Calvin was able to defeat the other villains, forcing Tabitha to flee. Seeking a fresh start, Calvin has transferred to the Freedom Institute of Technology. Hoping to lure Tabitha out, Calvin has decided to begin operating in Freedom as Captain Quantum.

:arrow: The Subtle 2 is meant to reflect that the "suit" isn't actually a suit, that Quantum's powers do not obviously come from a Device. Given that the suit looks like a skin-tight costume, most villains will assume that his powers are innate and may not search for or attempt to remove a device (though if he is unconscious, they could do so.) When activated, the Quantum Field Emitter becomes a part of the "Q" symbol on his chest.
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Re: Kaisius' Character Builds

Post by Kaisius »

Jackson Wright - Telekinetic Paragon IC Thread
PL 11/165pts. (3e)(EDIT: spent XP - 09/12/13)

Abilities 38pts.
Strength 10/1 Agility 3 Fighting 4 Awareness 4
Stamina 3 Dexterity 1 Intellect 0 Presence 3

Advantages 7pts.
All-Out Attack, Extraordinary Effort, Improved Initiative 1, Improvised Weapon 1, Jack of All Trades, Luck 1, Power Attack, Improved Crit 3: Unarmed*

Skills 21pts., 42 ranks
Close Combat: Grab 7(+11)*, Close Combat: Unarmed 7(+11), Deception 7(+10), Insight 6(+10), Perception 6(+10), Persuasion 6(+9), Ranged Combat (Telekinesis (Array)) 9(+10)
*from Telekinetic Strength

Powers 77pts.
Flight: Flight 7 - 250 mph, .5 miles/rnd, Subtle 2: undetectable (16pts.)
Spatial Awareness: Senses 3 - Ranged: Touch, Danger Sense: Touch, Extended: Touch (-1/100') (3pts.)
Subconscious Defense: Force Field 9 - Continuous, Subtle 2 (20pts.)
Telekinesis - Array (38pts.)
  • Telekinetic Strength -
    • Tactile Telekinesis: En. STR 9 - Imp. Crit. (Unarmed) 3, Imp. Grab, Imp Hold
    • Telekinetic Grappling: En. Trait (Close Combat: Grab)7(+11)
    • Sleeper Hold- Affliction 10 DC20 (Fort) - Cumulative, Grab-Based
    AP:Telekinesis: Move Object 11 - DC 26 R:275', 550', 1100'; Damaging, Precise, Subtle 2: undetectable, Imp. Hold (1pt.)
Initiative +7
Grab +11 (DC 20, special, Crit 20)
Sleeper Hold +11** (DC 20 Fort)
Telekinesis +10(DC 26, Crit 20)
Unarmed +11 (DC 25, Crit 17-20)
** Grab-Based (hits as part of Grab)

Defense 22pts.
Dodge 8
Parry 8
Fortitude 10
Toughness 12
Will 10

Abilities 38 + Powers 77 + Advantages 7 + Skills 21 + Defenses 22 = 165

Guilt - Jackson is still coming to terms with having killed his former best friend, Jacob Vance. Though the incident was ruled a case of justifible homicide, he is still deeply remorseful and affected by it. (Replaces Enemy)

Relationship: Jackson is currently dating his teammate Stacy Hyland (Nova).

Fame - Forced into fighting supervillains in broad daylight, Jackson was caught on film. Now an unintentional celebrity, holding down a job, attending college, or even walking down the street has become more problematic than he could have ever imagined.

Motivation: Responsibility - Jackson has always prided himself on being well-grounded and careful with what power he had. Now his only chance at having people treat him at all normally lies in using his powers with the greatest of care.

Background (Cliff Notes): Not all teenagers who gain powers don masks or murder their bullies. Sometimes they think "Neat" and go on living their lives, just as they were. Not that Jack's powers were all that earth-shattering. He could make himself a little stronger, a little faster, move couches around with his mind, but that was about it. He wisely concluded that he wasn't powerful enough to fight crime, so he didn't. This drove a wedge between him and his best friend who was obsessed with superheroics. After this falling out, Jackson worked to become more empathetic to others and, after graduation, enrolled in Metropolitan State University, with a non-specific plan to go into psychology or sociology. After two and a half years, he was on his way to becoming another unemployed liberal arts major. Everything changed when Jackson was caught in the middle of a bank robbery, staged by the Elephant. Forced into fighting the Elephant, he was caught on film using his powers. Without any disguise, he was almost immediately recognized and sought after by the press. Now, with college basically out of the question, the only chance he has at a normal life, or at least earning a living, lies with joining the newly formed Valor Unlimited.

(Why, yes, "Chronicle" is a good movie. Why do you ask?)
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Re: Kaisius' Character Builds

Post by Kaisius »

PL 12, 190pts.

Abilities 26pts.
STR 10/-
DEX 18/+4
CON 15/+2
INT 20/+5
WIS 13/+1
CHA 10/-

Powers 83pts.
Mind Link (Super-Senses 1) (1 PP) Communication Link: Mental
Slipstream Armor (Device 20) (82 PP) Hard to lose, Only you can use
---Communication 5 (5 PP) Sense Type: Radio
---Encrypted System (Enhanced Trait 2) (2 PP) Feats: Second Chance (Tech Power Control), Ultimate Effort (Tech Power Control)
---ESP 5 (15 PP) Affects: 2 Types, inc. Visual - Hearing (Move (Active) - Extended, 5 miles - Concent)
---Firehose' (Telekinesis 12) (16 PP) Strength: 60, DC 27, Feats: Chokehold, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Improved Throw; Damaging;
------Flaw: Push Only, Flaw: (1/4 Load) (Standard (Active) - Ranged, 120ft. - Sustained)
---Immunity 9 (9 PP) Life Support (None (Passive) - Personal - Permanent)
---Protection 10 (20 PP) +10 Toughness; Impervious (None (Passive) - Personal - Permanent)
---Super-Senses 4 (4 PP) Distance Sense, Radio, Ultravision (None (Passive) - Personal - Continuous)
---Teleport 5 (29 PP) 500 ft. as move action, 5 miles as full action, DC 15; Attack (+self) (Reflex), Range 2
---------(perception); Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout (Move (Active) - Perception - Instant)
------Teleport 8 (alternate) 2000 miles as full action; Portal; Long-Range; Progression (Portal Size: 10'x10')
---------(Move (Active) - Personal - Instant)

Skills 15pts.
Computers 10(+15)*, Craft (electronic) 5(+10), Disable Device 10(+15)*, Kn: Chemistry 10(+5)* Kn: Phs. Sciences 10(+15)*, Kn: Technology 10(+15)*, Notice 8(+9)
* these skills benefit from Skill Mastery

Feats 6pts.
Chokehold*, Imp. Grab*, Imp. Pin*, Imp. Trip*, Jack of All Trades, Precise Shot, Quick Change, Second Chance (Emotion Control), Second Chance (Tech. Power Control), Skill Mastery, Ultimate Effort 2(Disable Device, Power Control (Tech) Saves)
*from Power: Firehose above

Combat 44pts.
Atk +12, Def +10, Grapple 0(+12 w/ Firehose), KNB -11

Saves 15pts.
TGH +12 (+2 w/o suit), Fort: +8, Ref: +6, Will: +8


Real Name : Mary (Mariko) Butler
Age : 30 Ht : 5'10” Wt : 130 lbs.
Eyes/Hair: Blue/Lt. Brown
Relatives: Jonathan Butler, Father; Sachiko Tamura-Butler, Mother

Background : All I wanted in all this, all I ever wanted, Mary (Mariko) Butler thought to herself as the alarm began to sound, was a little recognition. The pounding on the reinforced lab door intensified. My name on a piece of paper, a single piece of paper. That's all.

Ever since she was a child, Mariko was never given credit, really, for anything she did. Not for her excellent grades, not for her dutiful behavior, nor for her hard work to put herself through college. Not even a Phd. in theoretical physics garnered her more that a restrained congratulations from her family. And, as a dutiful daughter, she accepted this. She considered it a fair (more or less) price to pay for being allowed to pursue a non-standard career by her more traditional father. Mary was quickly hired by a well-placed defense technology contractor and placed on “Slipstream”, an ambitious project to develop teleportation technology. She rapidly moved up the ladder and became a department head. Her contributions quickly formed the core of the project's advancements. It was widely acknowledged that after “Slipstream” concluded, Mary would be able to write her own ticket on either side of the military/industrial complex. However, as the project neared completion, the project leader maneuvered behind the scenes to insure that he would receive sole credit.

Mary had always understood that the public would never know about the project nor her contributions to it. She contented herself with the knowledge that somewhere, in the bowels of the Pentagon, there would be a folder titled “Project: Slipstream - Lead Researcher - Mariko Butler.” Upon learning that she was going to be denied even this small bit of recognition, Mary snapped. Working quickly, she able to jury rig the technology into a portable package and teleported past the lab's security measures. After escaping, Mary began a series of tech robberies, in order to quickly refine the package into an armored suit. Having made the choice to go rogue, Mary quickly embraced her new life of crime. She found a niche for herself as the ultimate wheelman: instantaneous convert transport of men and material. Mary was quickly able to make a comfortable living. Most of the money she earned went into refining the suit, only engaging in “typical” supervillian crimes when she needed specific components. That changed after she'd been hired to provide getaway services for a new mastermind type calling himself Mr. Twist.

Twist wanted to establish himself as the super villain “boss” of Atlanta and he planned to do that by eliminating the small hero presence there. The plan was going well until it came time to deal with the two most experienced heroes, Shepherd and The Remote. Mary was to provide back up to Twist's other agent, Mr. Apocalypse, in the battle. During the fight, however, the Remote's techno-pathic abilities allowed him to target Mary's armor and even take control of it. With almost ridiculous ease, he was able to hack the suit's OS and use Mary to fight the other villain. Once again, the one thing Mary had dedicated her life to, was taken away. She and Apocalypse were arrested, but Twist was able to free her before she could be handed over to federal authorities. Since then, Mary decided to join Twist's organization, to one day exact vengeance on the Remote. Currently, Slipstream mainly operates behind the scenes, providing transport for Twist, Nemesis, and the others. She continues to refine the armor, now with a focus on improving systems integrity/security. She is biding her time until she is confident she can counter the Remote's tech control powers.

Personality : For the most part, Mariko is a well adjusted person, pursuing supervillainy as just another career. While she was never a doormat, now she will never anyone make light of her contributions. She is confident in her abilities and sees no need to be (overly) arrogant about them. She has worked with enough villains over the years to know when to let stupid or inane comments slide. She is not given to excessive violence or cruelty and will tolerate only so much from other villains she works with. The one exception to this attitude is the Remote. The ease with which he was able usurp control her suit, the great (and main) achievement of her life, has earned him her wraith. She now works almost exclusively for Twist's organization and is dedicated (almost fanatically so) to Twist himself. (Mariko would be quite insulted at mere mention of the idea that Twist is using his emotion control powers to exacerbate her anger toward the Remote and secure her devotion to him.)

Powers : All of Mariko's abilities derive from her Slipstream armor. The suit's primary ability is to open subspace apertures, allowing instantaneous transport between them. The size of these apertures can be variable : small apertures allowing only the wearer or large gates allowing several people and even vehicles to be teleported. The suit can also auto-corrects these apertures to cancel momentum and maintain desired orientation. It also provides unique offensive capabilities. It can open apertures beneath a target, to extract fallen allies or teleport enemies to a great height and dropping them. Mariko has developed the system further. By setting an aperture at the bottom the ocean or a lake, she can “fire” a jet of pressurized water, which can damage and knock a target off their feet. The apertures can also be used to stealthily observe distant points. By opening small, dime-sized apertures connected to a given point, she can see and hear what goes on as if she were there.
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Re: Kaisius' Character Builds

Post by Kaisius »

Magus Errant
Thomas Flynn
Pl 11 170pp


POWERS 67pts.
Astral Projection: Remote Sensing 10 (21 PP) - Affects: 3 Types, inc. Visual - Visual, Aural, and Mental, Range: 4 miles; Side Effect 2: always - physical body is defenseless and immobile
  • AP: Magus Mantle
    Levitation: Flight 4 (8 PP) Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round
    Mage Armor: Protection 12 (12 PP) +12 Toughness; Sustained
Everwatchful Eye of Idris: Senses 6 (7 PP) Awareness: Magical, Danger Sense: Vision, Danger Sense: Magical, Darkvision, Radius: Vision, Advantages: Uncanny Dodge
Spellcasting (39 PP)
  • Ephemeral Form (35 PP)
    • •Enhanced Trait 3 (7 PP) - Stealth +10 (+11); Affects Others
      •Immunity: Immunity 2 (4 PP) - Suffocation (All); Affects Others
      •Insubstantial 4 (24 PP) - Incorporeal; Affects Others
    AP: Conjuration: Create 10 (1 PP) Volume: 1000 cft., DC 20; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Increased Duration: continuous, Precise, Subtle 2: invisible
    AP: Key Mastery: Nullify 11 (1 PP) - DC 21; Accurate 3: +6, Effortless, Simultaneous, Subtle 2: undetectable; Limited: Binding, Barrier, & Imprisonment Effects, Reduced Range: close
    AP: Mystic Bindings: Cumulative Affliction 10 (1 PP) - 1st degree: Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless, Immobile, DC 20; Accurate 3: +6, Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Alternate Resistance (Resisted by Dodge/Overcome by STR/Damage), Cumulative, Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree
    AP: Mystic Bolt: Damage 10 (1 PP) - Magical, DC 25; Accurate 3: +6, Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Increased Range: ranged, Variable Descriptor 2: broad group - Magical
Artificer, Equipment 3 (HQ: Nowhere In Particular), Ranged Attack 3, Ritualist, Speed of Thought, Uncanny Dodge (from Everwatchful Eye)

SKILLS 17ptsClose Combat: Unarmed 0(+4), Deception 7(+12), Expertise (AWE): Magic 6(+12), Expertise: Science 4(+10), Insight 6(+12), Intimidation 5(+10), Investigation 4(+10), Perception 6(+12), Persuasion 5(+10), Ranged Combat: Spellcasting 0(+3), Stealth 0(+1/+11*), Technology 4(+10), Treatment 4(+10)

Dodge 8
Parry 8
Fort 8
Toughness 13
Will 13

Key Mastery +11 Close DC 21
Mystic Bindings +12 (Resist: Dodge/Overcome: STR/Dam)
Mystic Bolt +12 DC 20
Unarmed +4 DC 15
Throw +3 DC 15


Motivation: Doing Good
Motivation: Responsibility
He Only Knows The Names: As Flynn comes from an alternate reality, some of his knowledge isn't applicable to the current continuity. For example, the Champions that he is familiar with are Giant, Flare, Icestar, Rose, and the Marksman.
Altered Arcana: A new arrival in this dimension, Flynn has found that Magic works...differently than he is accustomed to. While certain basic spells appear to be omniversal, many of his more advanced (and most reliable) castings are not translating as they should. Flynn must make a Expertise: Magic check to change the Variable Descriptors in his Spellcasting Array

Parallel dimensions. Alternate timelines. These are just different ways of saying Somewhere Else. Somewhere Else, Thomas Flynn was known as the Arch Magus, the premier mystic guardian of Earth. For many years, he fought the forces of evil, arcane and otherwise, along side the other heroes of his world. Many times, he joined forces with teams such as the Champions and Strike Force to save the world, most often from the man known only as Destroyer. The last and most terrible of the Destroyer's schemes culminated in the utter destruction of Detroit and threatened to consume the world. Sacrificing himself to contain the damage, Flynn was flung across an untold number of mystic planes before landing on this strange reflection of his home. Having no way back to his original Earth, Thomas Flynn has chosen to adopt and defend this one as the Magus Errant.

HQ: Nowhere In Particular
Toughness 10, Size Huge
Features: Concealed 1, Dual Size: Medium, Laboratory, Library, Living Space,
Personnel, Sealed, Security System 1, Self-repairing 1, Workshop
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