The T-Verse (Earth 75): The Foundation, Mood Ring, Argent

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The T-Verse (Earth 75): The Foundation, Mood Ring, Argent

Post by Tattooedman » Sat Nov 05, 2016 1:53 pm

As with many GMs, I've made settings for my tabletop games over the years re-making/modifying/starting from scratch. For me it's been almost a decade since I've last done this and over the last year I've been toying with the idea of doing it again, this time to use here for Play-by-Post games. The big difference this time around is that I'm taking some of the better parts (IMO that is) from previous settings & throwing them into the creative blender of my brain to make this newest venture.

So with all that said let me Welcome you to the T-Verse (also known in some circles as Earth 75), my own setting. Pardon the mess while I organize things.

Villains (Solo)
Villains (Teams)
Organizations, People, Places & Things of Interest

House Rules:
-Skill points are 3/pp rather then 2/pp except for Close Combat and Ranged Combat, those two skills will remain 2/pp.

-Expertise [Criminal]: You know the local gangs, symbols, slang, and the various bosses, and possibly ones in other cities (it wouldn't take you too long to find out). You know where drugs are made, distributed and sold. You know how to disable an alarm system, break into a car, hotwire something (normally a Tech-skill), and probably how to recognize the signs of an easy "mark". Most super-villains with this Skill are the thuggish types who know where the money is in the bank, and knows how to safe-crack a little bit.

-Expertise [Streetwise]: You know crime from an outsider's point of view, which lets you step back and view things as a whole better than someone "in the mix". You know most of the above stuff (recognizing gangs, their symbols mostly but perhaps their slang as well), or at least the signs of it. Criminologists and the like are up here.

-Vehicles is divided into four sub-skills; Air, Exotic, Land, and Sea. As each set requires a different understanding of the basic operation of the various vehicles.
-Air: This sub-skill applies to planes, jets and helicopters.

-Exotic: This sub-skill applies to vehicles like tanks, space ships, hovercrafts, and APCs (Assault Personnel Carriers). Unique crafts that call for specialized training to operate, it also applies to any on-board weapon systems the vehicle might be equipped with as well.

-Land: Most people can operate cars without need of this skill. It mostly applies only when under a stressful or dramatic situation like taking part in a chase, being attacked while operating or trying to reach a destination at higher than normal speeds. This sub-skill also applies to most other vehicles similar to cars in operation as well as motorcycles and 18-wheeler trucks.

-Sea: This sub-skill applies to any motorized water craft like speed boats, yachts, subs, and jet-skis.
Clean (ranked): Checks to connect you with a crime increase by DC5 per rank, with multiple ranks adding together (limited to 4 ranks total).

Conceal Efforts: Anyone who inspects your bindings during a Sleight of Hand escape check must make a Perception check with a DC equal to your Sleight of Hand result to notice your escape attempt.

Cunning Fighter: Use Attack instead of Deception to feint an opponent.

Damaging Escape: When you escape from a grab, you get an unarmed attack against the opponent as a free action. You still have to roll to hit.

Defensive Strike: Get a +2 to hit enemy that misses you in melee combat, a second rank increases the bonus to +5.

Durable Lie: The target believes your Deception for an additional round.

Follow-Up Strike: Additional melee attack after Critical Hit is scored.

Hide Tampering: You can conceal any tampering done to a device. Anyone who inspects the device must make a Technology check against your Sleight of Hand check to notice your tampering.

Improved Daze: Allows a character to make a Daze attempt as a move action.

Improved Feint: Allows a character to Feint an opponent as a move action.

Improved Demoralize: Allows a character to Demoralize an opponent as a move action.

Improved Taunt: Allows a character to make a Taunt attempt as a move action.

Improved Trick: Allows a character to make a Trick attempt as a move action.

Last Stand: Spend an HP to ignore all Damage Conditions for one round.

Lionheart: Grants a +5 to saves against fear that is not limited to PL caps.

Multilingual: By spending an HP a character can speak a certain language for the remainder of a scene.

Online Research: Allows a character to use the Expertise [Computers] skill instead of the Gather Information sub-skill of Investigation when looking for anything that would normally be acquired by talking to people and buy them drinks and such. This feat can be used with the Well-Informed advantage also.

Speed of Thought: Allows a character to use their Intellect modifier for Initiative.

Task Focus (Ranked): Choose a specific task or situation that can be performed with a skill check, such as keeping watch at night for Notice. When making checks that involve your chosen specialization, you gain a bonus +2 bonus that can exceed PL caps. You can buy additional ranks, these can either increase the bonus to +5 or apply to a new task.

Unbalancing Strike: When you hit an opponent with a close attack, you can choose to throw him off balance rather than inflicting damage (a hit means he is Vulnerable on defense for the next round).

Withstand Damage: Trade-Off Defense for Toughness- I would allow this for either Parry or Dodge.

Languages: Are way too expensive in the RAW for my taste, so my rule is that Languages rank 1 gives you 1 additional language, 2 ranks gives you 2 additional languages, 3 ranks gives you 4 additional languages, 4 ranks gives you 8 additional languages and so on (though at that point it might be simpler to use the Multilingual Advantage mentioned above).

Combat Maneuvers: I'm fairly sure that Jon L has said that characters are not supposed to use maneuver combos like All-Out/Power Attack at the same time, but I think it fits for certain moments in a scene. That said the character must have both Advantages (and not just using the -/+2 bonus everyone is now allowed to use) and must spend an HP to use the full -/+5 bonus together.

The Luck Advantage:
The maximum amount rank of this feat is half the Power Level of the game; a PL 8 can only have 4 total ranks of the Luck feat, while a PL 10 can have a total of 5 ranks. Purchasing the Luck feat allows one of the following:
Determination: Lets the character re-roll any die roll made and take the better of the two rolls.
Edit Scene: You can “edit” a scene to grant your hero an advantage by adding or changing certain details.
Inspired: Lets the character gain the benefits of one advantage the character doesn’t already possess.
Inspiration: You can spend a hero point to get sudden inspiration in the form of a hint, clue, or bit of help from the GM.
Instant Counter: You can spend a hero point to attempt to counter an effect used against you as a reaction.
Recovery: You can spend a hero point to recover faster; immediately remove a dazed, fatigued, or stunned condition, without taking an action (this option allows you to use Extra Effort without suffering from fatigue). Instead you can convert an exhausted condition into a fatigued condition.
Skillful: Lets the character use the Beginner's Luck feat.
-All "Flat +1 Extras" are called "Feats" because it's ridiculous to change it to something more confusing.

-Impervious works just as it did in 2nd Edition.

-Penetrating works just as it did in 2nd Edition.

Extras & Feats:

~Independent (Extra +0 per rank): Applied to a sustained effect, this modifier makes its duration independent of the user and based instead on the number of power points in the effect. The effect occurs normally and then fades at a rate of 1 power point of effectiveness per round until it is gone. While it lasts, it requires no attention or maintenance from the user, like a continuous duration effect, although it can still be countered or nullified (also like a continuous effect). This is like a combination of the Duration (continuous) and Fades modifiers. An Independent Alternate Power continues to function even when the Array is switched to a different configuration. If an effect is not sustained, modify its duration before applying this modifier. Independent is useful for effects like Create (for objects that fade or melt away), Environmental (for changes to the environment that slowly return to normal), or Concealment (for obscured areas that slowly shrink and disappear, like the effects of a smoke or gas grenade).

~Total Fade (Extra +1 per rank): Effects with this extra don’t fade gradually, at the normal at a rate of 1 power point per round. Instead, when the total fade time is up, the trait returns to its normal level. For example, an ability score receives an adjustment of 10 points. This would normally fade in a minute, or ten rounds (at a rate of 1 point per round). With total fade, the ability score retains the 10-point adjustment for one minute, and then loses the entire amount at once, back to its original value. GMs should be cautious about allowing this modifier in conjunction with more than one or two ranks of the Slow Fade power feat; it can be an easy way to create long-lasting effects requiring no effort from the user.

~Slow Fade (Feat +1 total): An effect that fades over time, such as a trait effect or an effect with the Fades modifier, does so slower with this power feat. Each application moves the time interval one step down the following table;
1 rank: 2 rounds
2 ranks: 5 rounds
3 ranks: 1 minute
4 ranks: 4 minutes
5 ranks: 15 minutes
6 ranks: 30 minutes
7 ranks: 1 hour
8 ranks: 4 hours
9 ranks: 16 hours
10 ranks: 1 day
Dimensional Pocket:
Feature - Extradimensional storage of mass rank in material. (1 pt per rank)

You can access an extradimensional “pocket” or storage space where you can place things and retrieve them later.
Items placed in your dimensional pocket remain in the same state until you withdraw them. You cannot place living or unwilling beings into your pocket, only nonliving objects. The object you wish to retrieve from the pocket is always “on top” when you reach into it, coming immediately into your hand. The power’s rank determines the mass you can store at once. Once the pocket is “full” nothing else will fit into it without first removing something.

~Air Walking: You can “walk” on air at half your normal ground movement speed as if it were solid ground and move up or down at a 45 degree angle at half speed (one-quarter your ground movement speed). For two ranks, you move at your normal ground movement speed (half speed when ascending or descending).

~Multiple Minion (Feat: 1 pt flat): You can summon more than one minion. Each application of this extra doubles your total number of minions. So, for example, with Summon 6, you summon a single 90-point minion. With Multiple Minions 1 you can summon two 90-point minions, four at 2 ranks, eight at 3 ranks and so on. It requires a standard action to summon each minion unless you also have the Horde extra. +1 flat point.

Regeneration Rounds: To clarify, this a chart to show which rounds you recover a -1 to Toughness if you have Regeneration.
Regeneration 1 (1/every 10 rounds [10]); 1 pts
Regeneration 2 (1/every 5 rounds [5, 10]); 2 pts
Regeneration 3 (3/every 10 rounds [3, 7, 10]); 3 pts
Regeneration 4 (4/every 10 rounds [2, 5, 8, 10]); 4 pts
Regeneration 5 (1/every other round [2, 4, 6, 8, 10]); 5 pts
Regeneration 6 (6/every 10 rounds [2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10); 6 pts
Regeneration 7 (7/every 10 rounds [2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10]); 7 pts
Regeneration 8 (8 out of 10 rounds [2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10]); 8 pts
Regeneration 9 (9/every 10 rounds [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]); 9 pts
Regeneration 10 (1/every round); 10 pts
Regeneration 11 on would be one every round, then add a check per the chart

I like this as an optional effect of a critical hit. I refer to it as optional since the attacker has the choice whether to do Knockback or not (to avoid situations where this rule would otherwise mean a critical is detrimental to the person rolling it, a low mobility melee attacker for example). Knockback is only possible with attacks targeted at Toughness.

To determine Knockback, take the damage of the attack (including critical damage), and add 15 to determine the DC. The target makes a resistance check using Strength, Dodge or Flight ranks at his choice.

Ranks of Growth will directly add to Strength or Flight value for this purpose; half the rank of Impervious Toughness add to it also. Ranks of Defensive Roll will add to Dodge for purposes of this roll. Ranks of Shrinking come off any resistance.

A single degree of failure causes the target to be knocked down; each additional degree will cause the target to be knocked back one step on the distance chart, starting at distance 0 (that is to say, 30 feet). Targets do not take additional damage for hitting other objects during Knockback, thought the objects will (equal to the rank of the distance); its possible under some circumstances such objects could include a person (usually they'll get a Dodge roll against the rank of the Knockback to avoid this).

With all that said, on with the build lists and holding spaces......
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Villain teams

Post by Tattooedman » Sat Nov 05, 2016 1:55 pm

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Solo Villains

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The Alliance:
Blackstone I (Deceased)
Blackstone II

The Vanguard:
Recurve II

Vanguard Academy:
Teaching Staff:
Jack Bishop
Drucilla “Dru” Evans
Donnie Osbourne

Alpha Class:

Beta Class:

Delta Class:
Propulsion II

Gamma Class:

Solo Heroes:
Dovetail & Falconcrest
El Brujo

The Foundation
Anvil (retired)
Blazer (deceased)

Crown Guard:
Big Ben
Britannia (retired)

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~Space Holder~
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Places & Things of Interest

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People Of Interest:
Dead Kennedy

Organizations Of Interest:
The Alliance
Black Sun (aka the Children of Quetzalcoatl)
Brimstone House
S.H.I.E.L.D. [Saviours of Humanity by Intervention in the Evolution of Life-form Deviants]
The Vanguard
Vanguard Academy

Places Of Interest:
The Imagineria
New Alcatraz

Things Of Interest:
Ahriman War
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Caladbolg: (Easily Removable –16 pts) [27 pp]
Strength Of Heroes:
Enhanced Strength 4
Enhanced Strength 4 (Flaw: Limited [Lifting Only])
Defiance of Heroes:
Enhanced Fortitude 4
Enhanced Will 4
Unstoppable Cleave: Strength-Based Damage 6 (Extra: Penetrating 12); (Feats: Improved Critical 3, Improved Smash)
-Imprisoning Stroke: Affliction 10 [Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobilized; resisted by Dodge] (Extra: Cumulative); (Flaw: Limited Degree)

Notes: Used by a wandering hero known as Nuada, The spell-like abilities of Caladbolg were invaluable in his crusade to destroy a shapeshifting demon called Baloch that had slain Nuada’s family. It took Nuada several years of tracking and following the trail of destruction Baloch left in his wake before he finally was able to fully confront the creature and it is said that after several days of fighting that Nuada managed to gain the upper hand and take Baloch’s head in a single swing of Caladbolg.

Unfortunately Nuada died within a day from the injuries he suffered fighting Baloch and Caladbolg was buried with him, though it would not stay with him as later looters eventually found their way into Nuada’s crypt and stole most of the treasures that had been entombed with him, including Caladbolg.

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Coral Bite

Post by Tattooedman » Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:42 pm

Coral Bite:

Coral Bite: (Easily Removable -14 pts) [22 pp]
Artifact Weapon: Feature 1 [Indestructible]
Blessing Of The 7 Seas:
Enhanced Skills 4 [Athletics +6, Expertise (Survival) +6]
Enhanced Advantages 2 [Diehard, Great Endurance]
Immunity 3 [Environmental Cold, Pressure, Suffocation (Drowning)]
Movement 1 [Environmental Adaptation (Underwater)]
Coral Armor: Protection 4 (Extra: Impervious 10)
Parliament Of The Sea: Comprehend 2 [speak & understand animals] (Flaw: Limited [sea animals only])
Scion Of The Sea's Children: Enhanced Presence 4

Notes: Thought to be made before Atlantis sunk beneath the sea, Coral Bite was the weapon of one of it's greatest warriors, said to be blessed by the god of the seas to allow the warrior to fight equally well in the water as well on dry land and protect him against this foes attacks. It's been lost for centuries following the sinking of Atlantis and is considered to be a holy item in Atlantis.

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Desert Wind

Post by Tattooedman » Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:48 pm

Desert Wind:

Desert Wind: (Easily Removable -20 pts) [30 pp]
Artifact Weapon: Feature 1 [Indestructible]
Blessing of the Desert:
Enhanced Dexterity 6
Enhanced Advantages 2 [Improved Initiative, Quick Draw]
Immunity 2 [Environmental Cold, Environmental Heat]
Fiery Slash: Ranged Fire Damage 10 (Extra: Penetrating)
-Deadly Sands Of The Desert: Ranged Weaken Toughness 8 (Extra: Affects Objects) & Ranged Damage 8
-Fire Tempered Edge: Strength-Based Damage 6 (Extra: Penetrating 10); (Feats: Improved Critical 3, Improved Smash)
-Howling Winds: Move Object 10 (Flaw: Limited [Away Only])

Notes: Crafted of steel, ivory and polished gold, Desert Wind is a graceful looking weapon whose hilt is set with brilliant blue sapphires and fire red rubies. It's looks often fool those that don't know how to truely judge a weapon and those that actually handle Desert Wind reveal the blade's perfect balance and keen edge as well as a grip that will not slip once in hand even if slickened with sweat or blood.

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Forstburn: (Easily Removable –20 pts) [31 pp]
Enchanted Artifact:
Feature 1 [Indestructible]
Strength-Based Damage 3 (Feat: Reach 2)
Freezing Spread: Ranged Damage 10 (Extra: Multiattack)
-Ice Spike: Ranged Damage 10 (Extra: Penetrating)
-Plague of Hail: Ranged Damage 10 (Feat: Indirect 3)
-Sleet Storm: Visual Concealment 4 (Extra: Area, Attack)
-Torrential Frost: Damage 10 (Extra: Area [Cone] 2)
-Unforgiving Cold: Environment 10 [extreme cold]
Winter’s Embrace: Immunity 10 [Cold Effects]

Notes: Nobody knows exactly how Frostburn was created but it is said to look like a quarterstaff that looks like it is made of petrified darkwood and topped by a gnarled head that has a deep blue sapphire fastened inside it (that glows whenever any of it’s magical abilities are used). Frostburn's story is liked to a female druidic mage, Sorelius, who preferred to live apart from society in the fringes where things were a bit wilder and was considered to be a hermit for the most part that seemed to prefer living in harmony with the local wildlife than with her own people. That still didn’t stop people from the surrounding area from seeking her out when they were in need of medical or magical aid (and sometimes both) as Sorelius was known for being able to work wonders with her knowledge of herbs and other ways to treat aliments.

At some point a group of marauders came to the area and began doing what marauders do best; leaving burnt-out villages in their wake. Somehow one of their members, Faron, was injured during one of their raids of a nearby village and somehow managed to wonder his way near where Sorelius’ home was. Her discovery of a nearly dead, armed man was shocking to say the least but she simply brought him back to her home and treated his wounds as best she could. Eventually Faron woke up and he and Sorelius became friends slowly over the many weeks it took him to heal and soon the pair had fallen in love. So much so, that Faron lied about why he’d been injured; explaining himself as a sword-for-hire who’d been brought in to deal with the marauders. He didn’t want to risk losing the woman he’d grown to care so much for and was afraid that if she knew the truth about his reasons for originally coming to the area she’d have nothing to do with him.

Eventually Faron’s wounds had healed to the point that he would have to leave to check in with his employers then return to Sorelius, but the truth was that he was going to search out his former allies, collect his share of their spoils then leave them to stay with Sorelius. Unfortunately during the time Faron had spent with Sorelius she’d been fighting on and off with the marauders and had killed a good deal of their number even though they had taken much of the surrounding area as their own and the marauders were looking for her hidden home to end her interference once and for all, so when Faron had a slip of the tongue and revealed that he knew where Sorelius lived he was set upon by his former allies and tortured for the information they sought.

When they’d gained that, the marauders set off to kill the witch who had been such a problem to them once and for all. What they hadn’t counted on was the fact that Faron wasn’t fully aware of all the magical traps that Sorelius had in place to protect her home and by the time the marauders had arrived there they’d lost almost half the men they’d first set off with and Sorelius was well aware of their arrival.

Sorelius attacked the remaining marauders with Frostburn in hand, throwing out a frightening about of ice and cold magics until only a few wounded men were left to question as to how they’d learned the location of her home. Tears filled the mage’s eyes as she learned the truth of her lover and with a heart now burning with grief and the sting of treachery; she flew across the country side like a force of nature. Sorelius razed every village in her path, wielding Frostburn with a cold fury until she came upon one of the more prominent villages of the land. There she unleashed a blizzard unlike any that had been seen in even the harshest of winters, freezing flesh on bone until it crystallized, cracked and flaked away in pieces in the winds she created. Finally satisfied with the toll she’d exacted on the marauders, Sorelius surveyed firsthand all the damages she’d wrought. It was only then that she saw Faron’s corpse, still somehow tied to the post the marauders had tortured him on, his wounds frozen as they’d been. She’d killed her lover in the throws of her rage and it was only then she learned the price of revenge.

Sorelius supposedly moved away from that region and became a committed hermit after that, never having regular contact with people ever again as a form of self-imposed punishment for the wrongs she’d inflicted. What ever became of Frostburn following her death is unknown.

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Evening Star

Post by Tattooedman » Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:52 pm

Evening Star:

Evening Star: (Removable –10 pts) [43 pp]
Enchanted Artifact: Feature 1 [Indestructible]
Enthralling Lights: Ranged Affliction 10 [Dazed, Compelled, Controlled; resisted by Will] (Extras: Progressive); (Flaw: Sense Dependent [vision])
-Blinding Lights: Ranged Visual Affliction 10 [Impaired, Disabled, Unaware; resisted by Dodge/Fortitude] (Extra: Cumulative)
-Color Spray: Ranged Affliction 10 [Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; resisted by Will] (Extra: Cumulative)
-Shooting Stars: Ranged Damage 10 (Feat: Homing 5)
Resilient Like The Stars:
Enhanced Fortitude 3
Enhanced Will 3
Starbright: Senses 2 [Low-Light Vision, Vision (Extended)]
Tales In The Sky: Senses 4 [Precognition] (Flaw: Limited [must be able to look at stars in the sky])
Twinkle: Visual Concealment 4

Notes: Said to have been created by the mage Eldarniel for his warrior lover Alenea, Evening Star was meant to be an artifact to protect Alenea while she fought for their clan during the Magi Wars. However there is little written or known about Alenea, thus much of Evening Star’s abilities are at best estimations by modern mages based on Eldarniel’s established style of magic; he was considered to be the authority on moon-based magics and celestial themed spells.

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Devious & Vicious

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Devious & Vicious:

Devious: (Easily Removable –12 pts) [19 pp]
Enchanted Artifact: Feature 1 [Indestructible]
Enchanted Edge: Strength-Based Damage 4 (Feat: Improved Critical 5)
Devious Eavesdropper: Mind Reading 8
Devious Skill: Enhanced Skill 2 [Deception +6]
Devious Mastery: Enhanced Advantages 2 [Second Chance (Deception Checks), Skill Mastery (Deception)]
Mirrored Surface: Feature 1 [Reflective coating]

Vicious: (Easily Removable –8 pts) [15 pp]
Enchanted Artifact: Feature 1 [Indestructible]
Enchanted Edge: Strength-Based Damage 4 (Feat: Improved Critical 5)
Vicious Intimidation: Affliction 8 [Dazed, Compelled, Controlled; resisted by Will] (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Flaw: Quirk [Can only make people run away])
Vicious Skill: Enhanced Skill 2 [Intimidation +6]
Vicious Mastery: Enhanced Advantages 2 [Second Chance (Intimidation Checks), Skill Mastery (Intimidation)]
Mirrored Surface: Feature 1 [Reflective coating]

Notes: Created for Corselan and Belgrath, a brother and sister team of assassins, during the Magi War, Devious and Vicious were designed to enhance their skills and over the many years during the war they killed numerous enemies for their clan.

Unfortunately neither Belgrath nor Corselan survived the war and both Devious and Vicious were considered lost by the remaining members of the Magi, but periodically both enchanted kukris would reappear throughout history, sometimes together and other times singly, only to be lost once again. Currently they are on display at separate museums, in different cities, each a part of a display concerning the medieval period of history.

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Tobin‘s Spirit Guide

Post by Tattooedman » Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:57 pm

Tobin’s Spirit Guide:

Tobin‘s Spirit Guide: (Removable -1 pt) [6 pp]
Knowledge Within The Pages:
Enhanced Skills 4 [Expertise (Magic) +12]
Enhanced Advantages 3 [Ritualist, Task Focus 2 (Expertise [Magic]): Ritual Spell Casting]

Notes: Neville Tobin was a paranormal investigator and mystical researcher of the nineteenth century who created a journal containing first-hand accounts of his encounters with various spirits, ghosts, undead creatures, demons and devils as well as lore he gathered on various figures from ancient mythologies such as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Norse Pantheon.

The original journal also contains a compendium of spells, incantations, and potions that are useful in dealing with all supernatural beings referenced within it’s pages. But after Neville's death in the 1930s a publisher somehow managed to get a hold of the journal and made a published version of it that sold somewhat during that era, though at the time most people believed it to be a total work of fiction. Of the hundreds of copies published it is thought that barely over a hundred exist in the modern day.

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Draupnir: (Removable -1 pt) [10 pp]
Enhanced Advantage 1 [Lionheart]
Enhanced Will 5
Impervious Will 10 (Flaw: Limited [only vs. Mental Attacks])

Notes: Draupnir is the gold ring of Odin, the All-Father of the Norse Gods. Draupnir was made by the dwarves brothers Brokkr and Eitri as part of a set of three gifts, which included Mjollnir and Gullinbursti. All were made in accordance with a wager Loki made saying that Brokk and Eitri could not make better gifts than the three made by a group of dwarfs known as the Sons of Ivaldi (their gifts were Skidbladnir, the ship of Freyer and the spear Gungnir). When Brokkr and Eitri were judged to be the winners and they tried to collect on their wager with Loki (which was for only Loki’s head), to which the god argued that to remove his head the dwarves would have to injure his neck, which was not part of their bargain (Brokkr punished Loki by sealing his lips shut with wire that eventually was worn away).

Every ninth night eight new rings would ‘drip‘ from Draupnir, each one the same size and weight as the original. Many times the duplicates would be given to warriors who proved to loyal followers of the gods as a reward for good service.

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Gungnir: (Removable -5 pts) [20 pp]
Spear Fighter: Enhanced Advantages 3 [Improved Aim, Improved Smash, Weapon Break]
Strike Down Foe:
Ranged Strength-Based Damage 10 (Feats: Homing 4, Improved Critical)
Senses 5 [Counters All Concealment] (Linked to Homing feat)
Gut A Foe: Strength-Based Damage 10 (Feat: Improved Critical 3)

Notes: A spear made by the dwarves known as the Sons of Ivaldi, Gungnir was fashioned as part of a scheme by Loki that was a partial reparation for his cutting of the goddess Sif‘s hair. Gungnir was said to be able to strike down any foe it was thrown at no matter what they did to avoid it and that it could shatter any lesser weapon in a single blow.

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