The T-Verse (Earth 75): The Foundation, Mood Ring, Argent

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Strength 2
Stamina 2
Agility 4
Dexterity 4
Fighting 5
Intellect 2
Awareness 3
Presence 0

Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+8), Athletics 6 (+8), Insight 9 (+12), Investigation 6 (+8), Perception 9 (+12), Sleight of Hand 6 (+10), Technology 3 (+5), Vehicles [Air] 6 (+10), Vehicles [Land] 6 (+10), Vehicles [Sea] 6 (+10)

Advantages: Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, Assessment, Close Attack 10, Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 8, Evasion, Improved Critical [Swords] 2, Improved Initiative, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 8, Redirect, Takedown 2

Powers: Argent Effect: Transform 10 [anything into silver-like material] (Extras: Increased Duration [Continuous])
-Argent Statue: Affliction 10 [Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobilized; resisted by Dodge/Will] (Extras: Cumulative, Extra Condition); (Flaw: Limited Degree)

Full Face Mask:
Environmentally Sealed: Immunity 4 [Gas-Based Effects, Suffocation (Limited - 30 minute air supply)]
Sensory Protection: Immunity 5 [Sensory Affliction Effects] (Flaw: Limited [Half Effective])
Visual Enhancements: Senses 5 [Infravision, Infravision (Tracking 2), Low-Light Vision, Vision (Extended)]

Offense: Initiative +8
Melee Attack +15
Ranged Attack +12

Defense: Dodge +12
Parry +12
Toughness +8*/+6**/+2 [*Heavy Body Armor & Defensive Roll/**Heavy Body Armor]
Fortitude +8
Will +8

Equipment: Flashlight, Mini-Tracer, Multi-Tool, Video Recorder, Zip-Tie Restraints (5 ep)

Heavy Body Armor: Protection 4 (Feat: Feature [Hidden Pockets])

Arsenal (30 ep):
Flash-Bangs: Ranged Affliction 8 [Visually Impaired, Visually Disabled, Visually Unaware; resisted by Fortitude] (Extras: Area [Burst], Cumulative); (Flaw: Reduced Range)
-Heavy Pistol: Ranged Ballistic Damage 4 (Feat: Improved Critical 2)
-Sleep Gas Grenades: Ranged Affliction 8 [Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep; resisted by Fortitude] (Extras: Area [Cloud] 2); (Flaw: Reduced Range)
-Smoke Grenades: Concealment 4 [all visual senses] (Extras: Attack, Area [Cloud] 2, Ranged)
-Taser: Ranged Affliction 8 [Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitate; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Cumulative); (Flaw: Reduced Range)
-Tear Gas Grenades: Ranged Affliction 8 [Dazed & Visually Impaired, Stunned & Visually Disabled, Incapacitated; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Area [Cloud] 2); (Flaw: Reduced Range)
-Twin Swords: Strength-Based Slashing Damage 3 (Feats: Split, Variable Descriptor [Piercing])

Costs: Abilities 44+ Skills 21+ Advantages 41+ Powers 42+ Defenses 24= 172 pts.

Real Name: Jonathan Von Haussen
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Honor: Argent will always finish a job he has been paid to do.

Motivation ~Mercenary: Argent is willing to work almost anyone as long as they are willing to pay his fee.

Background: The past of the super villain known as Argent isn’t known, but it is obvious that he has spent time in the military given his expertise of combat although which branch Argent was a member of isn’t clear (in all truth it might not have even been any of the branches of the American military). None the less, Argent has been more of a mercenary motivated villain as he mostly has worked for mastermind villains rather than working for himself.

It is that capacity that Argent has faced off against members of both the Vanguard and the Alliance several times as he’s smart enough to realize when things aren’t going his, or his employer’s, way and will make his escape to be able to commit crimes another day.

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