World of Freedom 3.2 - Whatever Comes To Mind

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World of Freedom 3.2 - Whatever Comes To Mind

Post by Davies » Fri May 26, 2017 11:47 pm


Original Characters (or at least adapted from non-rpg sources)
Agashikata Jo
Dr. Anastasia Joy
The Artisan/Yod-Ash
Asura/Lee Go Han
Bensozia and Aradia
The Commander/Dieter Krieger
Curve/Donnie Benis
The Death Waif
Deva/Song Hyu Li
Doctor Sane/Frederik Zane
Dracula (updated)
Dream Demon
Ellen Sanders (Director of the Freedom League Hotline)
Galendil Crest
Garhee Ir'Nason and Munti
Glasya Lebolas
The Harvester
Herald Sisyphus
Huan, Hound of the Ultima
The Huntsman (formerly Cú Chulainn)
Johnny Janosz
Ladybird Prime/Asenath Amari
(Agents of the) League of Lethal Independents
El Lince
Nurse Mariah Joy
Father Maximilian Beauregard
Neil Prophet
"Nick" Grey
The Old Man/Jimmy Hooker
The Preacher
Pretty Princess Loli-chan and Satosaka Kohaku
The Rimer Queen and Jackie Frost
Rose II
Sanjurou Satsuki
Snow White
So L'dom (On the Rocks)
Songbird/Robin Greyfaulk
Steel Wind/Nakamura Daichi
Strong Girl/Charlie Graham
Swan/Siobhan Pendragon
Takeuchi Wakaba, the Seeker of the Cards
Titaness/Michelle Darling
Toxic/Rachel Baldwin
The TV Doctor/Luke Gifford
Valkyrie/Rain Mi Na
Yuuki Yukimura

Characters Adapted or Updated from M&M 3rd Edition Products by Green Ronin
Dragoneye (updated)
Justicar (updated)
Kid Robot (updated)
Mistress Oblivion
Mongrel (updated)
Princess (updated)
Rocky (updated)
The Rook (updated)
Tenfold (updated)
Ultramarine (updated)
Victor (updated)
The Victory Squadron
Vortex (updated)
Xeno (updated)

Characters Adapted or Updated from M&M 2nd Edition Products by Green Ronin
Aeron Gwynn (formerly Druid)
Agent Hope
Andrea Atom
The Beacon II
Bolt III (formerly Captain Thunder)
The Centurion Through The Ages
Commander Crater
Dauntless and Relentless
Desert Wasp
Elite II (formerly l337)
Envoy II
Fatal Attraction (formerly Student Body)
Harriet Wainwight
Horus the Avenger
Johnny Rocket I
Larry Smalls (formerly Gravity Master)
Luna Moth
Mister Alchemy (formerly Kid Alchemy)
Nero/Nick Rourke
The Scarab III and the Ankh
The Star of Africa
Tiro Por Banda/Bank Shot
Vanessa Ashe (formerly Valkyrie III)
Warcry (formerly Battlecry)

Characters Adapted from M&M 1st Edition Products by Super Unicorn
The Atomic Brain
Gimmick the Gadget Girl
The Pugilist

Characters Adapted from The Algernon Files
Doctor McQuark
Iron Angel
The Patchwork Man
Speed Demon

Characters Adapted from Halt Evil Doer
Minerva PLUS Now It Can Be Told

Characters Adapted from Super-Powered Legends
The Apparition
The Geist II

Characters Adapted from Champions
Ankylosaur and Wyvern
Barney O'Tumey
Black Fang
Black Mamba
The Black Paladin
The Capoyabun (based on the Master of Crime)
Doctor Destroyer
Doctor Silverback
Dragon Master
The Fox
Foxbat II
Grond (revised)
King Cobra
Lady Blue
Panda & Raccoon
Thunder & Lightning

Characters Adapted from Silver Age Sentinels
Alice, Queen of Hearts
Grandmother Raven (formerly Mother Raven)
Mister Matthews

Characters Adapted from Icons
The Stray Brigade

Characters from the World of Freedom's Reach (as depicted in Warriors and Warlocks)
Beneichen, the Puppet Man
Captain Steelhead
Princess Jessika Meister
The Castle Crow
Ser Maximus
The Stone Singer
Vesta, Maid of Might
Viktar the Valiant
Youen-Sut, the Scintillating Eye

Characters from the Stellar Imperium (as depicted in Cosmic Handbook)
Lady Avobombe
Bumppo (revised)
The Dread Space Pirate Bailesu
Hrolent Duceines
The Jinx Gestalt
Kanoko Davens
Admiral Muk'ra Thus
Petrea Stardance
Yurusha Elaynu and her robot, Seebeetee-Nayn

Characters from the Confederation of Planets (as depicted in Cosmic Handbook)
The Black Pharaoh
The Centurion II
The Dragon (formerly Ember)
The Infinite Girl
Overshadow II

Characters from the Far Future
Billie Zane
Elisabeth Summers

House Rules Observed By All Characters

* Some Expertise skills are based on Presence. In addition, any skill check for a Team Check skill is modified by Presence rather than the normal ability.

* Defensive Roll 1 gives a +2 bonus to Toughness checks, with a +1 per level thereafter.

* Immunity to Mental Effects is treated as a very common descriptor and costs 20 points.

* Impervious Toughness works as the Hero's Handbook states; the character doesn't have to make a Toughness save against effects with a damage modifier less than half of its rank. This is to keep its value consistent with Immunity (Toughness) which costs 80 points. But Immunity (Fortitude) and (Will) cost only 30 points. So Impervious Fortitude and Impervious Will work like this: the character doesn't have to make a Fortitude or Will save against effects with a resistance modifer equal to its rank.
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Re: World of Freedom 3.2

Post by Davies » Sat May 27, 2017 12:00 am

The TV Doctor


"Are you a doctor?"

"No, but I play one on TV. And I'm a savant."

* * *

Luke Gifford threw up before he was through dissecting a frog in elementary school. It was very clear that biology was not for him, and that in turn ruled out the dream his mother had of telling all of her friends about her son the doctor. Oh well. She adjusted, particularly after he discovered that he had a talent for acting. It'd be "her son the movie star!"

Unfortunately, although he did find work in the entertainment industry, that sort of success eluded him. On the other hand, he found that he could easily get a job in commercials, and -- strangely -- often ended up playing "the doctor" in commercials for various medications. It seemed that he had the look of a doctor, that he seemed to have the combination of wisdom and compassion that people looked for in their ideal imaginary physician. Luke found this baffling, but was pleased by the steady income from the commercials.

In 2003, he was filming a commercial for a new headache medication. The irony was that he was suffering from a headache himself, and surreptitiously sampled the product in hopes of getting some relief. Later investigation would show that the package he opened was one of several that had been subjected to tampering by a psychopath, but all that Luke knew was that it made the headache go away, though he felt oddly light-headed.

As filming wrapped, one of the technicians slipped and accidentally hit a spotlight so hard that he broke the glass and contacted the wire. He suffered serious burns as well as a cut. The call went out for the shoot's first aid personnel, but he was nowhere to be found. Luke found himself drawn to the scene of the accident. Weirdly, he found himself unaffected by the sight, which was odd given that he'd usually had the same reaction to injuries that he'd had to that long-ago frog.

And then he found himself treating the injury. People jumped to obey his instructions to bring him what he needed to do so. They assumed that he'd taken a first aid class and was simply keeping a more level head than any of them were ... but the truth was that he had no idea how he knew what he knew.

Later that evening, reflecting over it, Luke realized that he didn't just know how to treat an injury. He'd suddenly become familiar with virtually every medical and surgical procedure in common use, and with the scientific basis for those procedures. He knew the chemical compositions of dozens, hundreds of drugs, their effects on the body in both the short- and the long-term, and their street names! And even more than that, he no longer felt any sort of trepidation about blood or guts.

So now what? He could probably afford to go back to school and become a real doctor, if that's what he wanted. But the idea of going through all that tedious schooling to earn the right to use knowledge that he already possessed didn't sit well with him. And he doubted that the medical schools would just let him sit for the final exam without doing that, and he couldn't get a license to practice medicine without it.

Instead, he kept on doing what he'd been doing all along. He didn't work as a doctor, he played one on TV. When people got injured around him, as they tended to do, he helped out with first aid, just like anyone would. If people noted that he was really good at first aid, they just assumed that he might have made a good doctor if he hadn't decided to be an actor.

And then the Grue Invasion happened. Confronted with a serious threat and people who were being injured on a massive scale, Luke realized that he couldn't just stand by and do nothing. He walked into an aid station and began treating people. The corpsmen who were there weren't in any position to refuse the assistance of someone who clearly knew what he was doing, and he saved many lives.

However, that resulted in his exposure. "TV Doctor turns real doctor" read the headlines. When interviewed, Luke admitted that he was, in all probability, a savant, with a paranormal ability that gave him unusual talent for a skill -- medicine, in his case. The American Medical Association, predictably, served him notice that if he attempted to use this knowledge without proper accreditation, he would be subject to criminal charges. (On Earth-Prime, the AMA does have this power in the United States, dating from the 1950s and usually used to suppress psychic healers.)

But they weren't the only ones who contacted him. The Paranormal Professionals Society invited him to join, and offered to assist him if he ever found himself in legal difficulties through the exercise of his talents. (Of course, they also wanted him to make a commercial for them.) The Silber Agency offered to put him on salary as a paramedic, flown to offer emergency medical care to those willing to pay a retainer for it. And several groups of supers inquired whether he'd be willing to join their support teams as a full-time "metaphysician". (At least one of these offers came from a villainous group that operated under the misconception that he had healing powers, which subsequently attempted to kidnap him.)

After some consideration, Luke decided to accept the invitation from the PPS, and filmed the commercial. But he also one of the inquiries from one of the super-groups -- from the Freedom League, to be precise. After all, he reasoned, the AMA can't really squawk about him performing medicine not only out of their jurisdiction, but out of the atmosphere, as when he works on the Lighthouse. He has remained part of the League's staff ever since, one of its constants for all of its frequent changes of roster.

Associating with the Freedom League has opened up many doors for Luke. He's been able to study medical phenomena that most doctors never witness, and while some of these have horrified him -- anything that comes out of Doctor Sin's laboratory, for example -- he stays calm and collected throughout. After all, what kind of TV Doctor panics when the heat is on? He's also busily attempting to research the activities of other "medical miracle workers", like Doc Prophet and Dr. Richard McNichol, who were active during the Pulp and Golden Age, respectively. If some of their techniques can be made practible, hundreds of lives could be saved every year.

It was in pursuit of such goals that Gifford recently joined forces with detectives Tanya Prophet and Richard McNichol (the grandson and namesake of the doctor) in their raid on the organization called the Vanguard in Emerald City. It was a noisy, messy affair, and the fact that the TV Doctor actually came out not only okay but actually ahead -- unlike either of the two private investigators, whose questions remain unanswered -- doesn't do anything to make the memories of the adventure any more pleasant. He is currently sorting through the files he obtained in the process ...

The TV Doctor - PL 6 (85 points)

STR 0 | STA 1 | AGL 3 | DEX 2 | FGT 0 | INT 6/1 | AWE 7/2 | PRE 3
Powers: Medical Savant (Enhanced Awareness 5, Enhanced Intellect 5, Enhanced Skills 18 [Expertise: Doctor 8, Treatment 10])
Advantages: Attractive, Connected, Defensive Roll, Improved Defense, Language (Spanish)
Skills: Deception 4 (+7), Expertise: Actor 6 (+9*), Expertise: Current Events 4 (+10), Expertise: Doctor 8 (+14), Insight 4 (+11), Persuasion 4 (+7), Investigation 5 (+11), Perception 5 (+12), Persuasion 4 (+7), Treatment 10 (+16)
Offense: Initiative +3, Unarmed +0 (Close Damage 0)
Defense: Dodge 4, Parry 4, Fortitude 3, Toughness 3/1*, Will 9
Totals: Abilities 24 + Powers 29 + Advantages 5 + Skills 18 + Defenses 9 = 85
Complications: Motivation--Preserving Life.

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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor

Post by Arkrite » Sat May 27, 2017 5:26 am

I can't believe this guy slipped my mind, he's such a fun concept.

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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor

Post by Davies » Sat May 27, 2017 2:47 pm

Later today: Ellen Sanders, Director of the Freedom League's Hotline.

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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor

Post by Davies » Sat May 27, 2017 6:54 pm

Ellen Sanders


The only child of an upper middle class family from New York, Ellen started demonstrating her super power to learn languages with only a few moments study in her early teens. Her parents were basically nonplussed by this development -- while it didn't fit in with their ambitious plans for their daughter's future, they could at least feel relief that it wasn't the sort of thing that would lead her to put on a mask and start beating people up, either. When Duncan Summers contacted them and offered a scholarship at the academy he was just then setting off, Ellen's parents were more than happy to accept, as it meant that her high school education was covered and they could save more for her college.

Ellen's time at Claremont proved to be a life-changing experience, however. While she never even considered trying to join the Next Gen when they formed, she did help them out when they encountered a couple of "language arts" problems. By the time that she graduated, she had a pretty firm idea of what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She attended FCU, but majored in linguistics rather than seeking acceptance in the university's business school like her parents had intended. They consoled themselves by imagining that Ellen was aiming for a career in diplomacy.

Well, they were right, sort of. As soon as she graduated (with honors), she contacted the Freedom League through Duncan Summers in search of a job working for their hotline. Her facility with languages certainly marked her as someone who had a lot of potential, but she still needed to gain practical experience, and started at the bottom, answering low-priority calls that were invariably routed to 'mundane' emergency services. She handled them with grace and calm. Whenever more serious calls came in, with keywords that she'd been trained to recognize, Ellen transferred them 'upstairs' to more experienced operators.

Less than a year into the job, however, a certain call came in. One keyword in particular was supposed to make her reach for the big red panic button on her board, sending the call all the way to the top, as soon as she heard it. On this day, when she heard a young woman shouting something about the Terminus, she reached out to the panic button ... then drew back, stayed on the line with Robin Greyfaulk, got additional information about the situation from her with patient questions, and then transferred it up to the top, passing on everything she'd been told.

She still doesn't know the full story about what happened because of that call. But it was the point when her supervisor took her aside and told her that she was moving on up to work the boards at a higher altitude, on the Lighthouse itself. She'd become one of the people to whom the first level reported the keyworded calls, knowing that she was going to be sending reports directly to the Freedom League itself. Most people on that level burnt out after a year. When she was still going after two years, Ellen was short-listed as a potential replacement for the hotline's director. She was promoted into that position a year and a half later, and she's been there ever since.

During the first few years of her work on the Lighthouse, she made the acquaintance of Chanda Akweme, a Dakanan security guard. Their friendship blossomed into the first real romance of Ellen's life. Chanda persuaded Ellen to develop some more physical fitness, and she found that she actually enjoyed it after she got over wanting to die. Unfortunately, their romance ended when Chanda returned to Dakana to marry the woman his family had selected for him, to Ellen's sorrow but not her surprise. She hasn't responded by throwing herself into her work, of course, but she isn't seeking a new boyfriend either, just yet.

Ellen Sanders - PL 5 (97 points)

STR 1 | STA 1 | AGL 3 | DEX 1 | FGT 5 | INT 4 | AWE 2 | PRE 4
Powers: Linguistic Savant (Comprehend Languages 3 [speak, understand, and read all languages]).
Advantages: Assessment, Connected, Contacts, Defensive Roll 3, Fascinate (Persuasion), Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Improvised Tools, Well-Informed.
Skills: Athletics 4 (+5), Deception 4 (+5), Expertise: Superhuman World 6 (+10), Insight 5 (+7), Investigation 6 (+10), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion 5 (+9), Ranged Combat: Blaster 4 (+5), Stealth 4 (+7), Technology 4 (+8), Treatment 2 (+6).
Offense: Initiative +7, Unarmed +5 (Close Damage 1).
Defense: Dodge 5, Parry 5, Fortitude 4, Toughness 5/1, Will 6
Totals: Abilities 42 + Powers 9 + Advantages 12 + Skills 26 + Defense 7 = 97
Complications: Motivation--Responsibility
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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor

Post by Skaramine » Sat May 27, 2017 7:18 pm

This is a great story.

Maybe someday Chanda will return. :(
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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor

Post by Arkrite » Sat May 27, 2017 7:55 pm

I think Chanda had his chance and he blew it.
Time for Ellen to find herself somebody new.

That being said, I don't envy Ellen's job.

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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor

Post by Davies » Sat May 27, 2017 8:39 pm

Skaramine wrote:
Sat May 27, 2017 7:18 pm

Maybe someday Chanda will return. :(
Maybe, but not likely. Or maybe she'll end up with a rough-hewn space fighter pilot who scares small children. :D

Arkrite wrote:
Sat May 27, 2017 7:55 pm
That being said, I don't envy Ellen's job.
No, you shouldn't.


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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor, Ellen Sanders (Freedom League Hotline)

Post by RainOnTheSun » Sat May 27, 2017 10:00 pm

I appreciate seeing these non-combatant supers. Not every power has to cause property damage, after all. Keep it up!

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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor, Ellen Sanders (Freedom League Hotline)

Post by Davies » Sat May 27, 2017 10:34 pm

Ironically, even before I read that, the next up was going to be a combatant. :oops:

In the clearing stands a boxer
And a fighter by his trade
And he carries the remainders
Of every glove that laid him down
And cut him till he cried out
In his anger and his shame
“I am leaving, I am leaving”
But the fighter still remains

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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor, Ellen Sanders (Freedom League Hotline)

Post by Davies » Sun May 28, 2017 6:57 pm

The Pugilist


The thing about legends, even living legends, is that their origins are often obscure. Was his original name Michael Shaunessy, Owen McKeeny, or something else entirely? Scope Casanova interviewed the man a few times, each time coming away with not only a different story but the sense that the subject believed the story to be true. He theorized that the Pugilist might be an archetype come to life, descended out of the Immateria and somehow sustaining himself on the stories told about him. There's no proof of any of this.

The earliest known tale of his deeds comes from the first decade of the twentieth century, when he fought in the Gathering of that time as the unwitting champion of the mundane world. He triumphed, both in conflict with the champion of the martial world and in the overall battle, but learned just how vast the hidden world was in the process. The next decade is largely blank. It seems likely that he sought out higher education in the field of which he was now an acknowledged master, in hopes of becoming the acknowledged master.

He emerged in 1924, when he battled Spring-heeled Jack in the streets of Dublin. This is a fact, and yet the legend continues to obscure. Was this the same Springheel Jack who'd terrorized London and Scotland, or an inheritor of the urban legend? Mortal creature with superior technology, or ancient fey in modern times? Perhaps it doesn't matter. The threat was brought to an end, and the Pugilist (as the papers now called him) became a celebrated figure in the Irish Free State, his talents often called upon in the years after the Civil War. In the early 30s, he began dividing his time between Dublin and Los Angeles, where he was a member of a team for the first time of his life, fighting alongside Mr. Mystery and Doc Mesmer.

The Free State remained neutral when World War II broke out, but the Pugilist surely did not. He traveled the world in those years, fighting alongside the Allies of Freedom often, though he was never a member. It must be admitted, to his own embarrassment, that he was once tricked into fighting against members of the Defenders of the Crown when Nazi agents arranged for the Pugilist to read a falsified, aggressive version of the British Plan W (a measure to occupy Ireland if it was invaded by the Germans).

After the war ended, the Pugilist returned to Ireland, but found that the Republic had grown too small for him. Returning to his wanderings, he watched allies and enemies grow older while he remained young, leaving him somewhat detached from the places he still tried to protect. He spent most of the Silver Age in America, drifting from city to city, from team-up to team-up, from short-lived team to short-lived team. The Eighties took him to Shamballah, where he found some happiness in passing on his skills and martial wisdom to a younger generation. That has defined his chosen role ever since.

After a short time operating in Los Angeles in the early years of the Twenty-first century, he decided to accept the Freedom League's renewed offer of membership when the team began its expansion. But rather than acting as a front-line combatant, he serves as the team's hand-to-hand combat instructor and physical fitness trainer. His practical wisdom and years of experience have also made him a source of sage advice whom the younger generation of the League often turn to for counsel. To his mild horror, he was even proposed as a serious candidate for the leadership of the team when Lady Liberty held elections during the Olympus Delendum episode.

That time also saw his first encounter with Trouble, the victor of the most recent Gathering. He proposed a simple exhibition match to see her mettle. Somehow in the ensuing melee all safety protocols in the Lighthouse's Chaos Chamber were deactivated as well as all recording devices therein, so nobody knows exactly what happened in there. But they eventually emerged, the Pugilist grinning broadly and speaking a mile a minute to an unusually animated-seeming Trouble. They've been friends ever since.

The Pugilist - PL 13 (244 points)

STR 4 | STA 6 | AGL 6 | DEX 4 | FGT 20 | INT 1 | AWE 4 | PRE 4
Powers: Legends Are Buggers To Kill (Immortality 5, Immunity 3 [aging, disease, poison], Regeneration 10), Striking Strength (Strength Based Damage 2, Affects Incorporeal [full], Improved Critical 3), Swiftness (Enhanced Advantages 5 [Evasion, Improved Initiative 3, Uncanny Dodge], Enhanced Defense [Dodge 10], Speed 4 [16 MPH])
Advantages: Agile Feint, All-Out Attack, Assessment, Benefit (Every Trick In The Book)*, Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Diehard, Evasion, Improved Critical 3 (unarmed) , Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 3, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Inspire, Instant Up, Languages 5, Maneuver Mastery**, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Ranged Attack 6, Redirect, Set-Up, Takedown, Teamwork, Uncanny Dodge
Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+14), Athletics 12 (+16), Deception 8 (+12), Expertise: Martial Arts 15 (+16), Insight 8 (+12), Intimidation 15 (+19), Perception 12 (+16), Persuasion 8 (+12), Stealth 8 (+14).
Offense: Initiative +18, Unarmed +20 (Close Damage 6, Critical 17-20).
Defense: Dodge 18, Parry 20, Fortitude 13, Toughness 6, Will 13.
Totals: Abilities 98 + Powers 49 + Advantages 32 + Skills 47 + Defense 18 = 244
Complications: Motivation--Peace. Reputation (Frequently challenged by would-be martial arts masters)

* Allows him to resist Feints with his Fighting score.
** Allows him to develop temporary 'inventions' using his Expertise: Martial Arts.
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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor, Ellen Sanders (Freedom League Hotline)

Post by Skaramine » Sun May 28, 2017 10:33 pm

The Pugilist in 3E makes me so very happy. :)
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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor, Ellen Sanders (Freedom League Hotline)

Post by Arkrite » Sun May 28, 2017 10:46 pm

Ah, to quote Dresden: “I punched it in the nose. Now we're friends."
I'd love to poke fun at the trope, but as I've actually had that happen in real life I have no legs to stand on ;~)

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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor, Ellen Sanders (Freedom League Hotline)

Post by Davies » Mon May 29, 2017 6:33 pm

No update today, but for those interested in the Pugilist's Golden Age statistics, apply the following modifications.

Reduce FGT to 14, AWE to 2, PRE to 2; Reduce Immortality to 2, Regeneration to 5, Enhanced Defense to 4; drop Benefit, Inspire, Maneuver Mastery; reduce Ranged Attack to 2 ranks; reduce Acrobatics to 4, Athletics to 6, Deception to 4, Expertise: Martial Arts to 6, Insight to 4, Intimidation to 6, Perception to 6, Persuasion to 4, Stealth to 4; reduce Fort to 11, Will to 9; [PL10 - 171 points] Change Motivation to Thrills.

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Re: World of Freedom 3.2 - The TV Doctor, Ellen Sanders (Freedom League Hotline)

Post by Davies » Tue May 30, 2017 7:24 pm

Nurse Mariah Joy


The Joy family of Philadelphia (descended from a French family by the name of 'de Joiry') is famous for their large population of doctors and nurses. Such a large population, in fact, and so frequently indistinguishable from one another, that it's suspected that one of the previous generation of the family perfected human cloning some time ago. The Joy sisters usually just smile (or, depending on their character, laugh) at such suggestions. Mariah Joy, on the other hand, typically answers that if they had, they certainly wouldn't advertise it so blatantly as they seem to be doing. She has an odd sense of humor.

In addition to the mysteries of her origins, Mariah has a number of other mysteries about her -- for example, what exactly she did while she was working for UNISON, which she joined right after completing her nursing training. She deflects such questions easily with references to 'patient confidentiality'. There's also the question of why she left that job and came to work for the Freedom League. Asked this, she blinks and wonders why anyone would wonder why someone chooses to help the world's greatest heroes.

Despite these mysteries, and a few others that trail along in her wake, Mariah is most famous among the League's support personnel for the time that she -- quite politely, and with no disrespect -- took Lady Liberty to task for using her powers to immediately heal one of the team's junior members of a sprain suffered during an impromptu beach volleyball game in the Lighthouse's Chaos Chamber. Her argument that doing so sent the message that it was all right to be careless because a magical cure was always available clearly unsettled the Lady. While the discussion ended with an agreement to disagree on the matter, it's been noted that the Lady has been reserving her healing light for genuine emergencies lately.

Nurse Mariah Joy -- PL 4 (74 points)

STR 0 | STA 1 | AGL 2 | DEX 2 | FGT 3 | INT 2 | AWE 4 | PRE 2
Powers: Psychic Link (Mental Communication 4, Limited to Family Members, Unreliable)
Advantages: Assessment, Connected, Defensive Roll, Great Endurance, Improvised Tools, Ranged Attack 2, Skill Mastery (Treatment), Well-Informed
Skills: Expertise: Nurse 8 (+10), Insight 4 (+8), Intimidation 2 (+4), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 4 (+8), Persuasion 2 (+4), Technology 4 (+6), Treatment 10 (+12)
Offense: Unarmed +3 (Close Damage 0)
Defense: Dodge 4, Parry 5, Fortitude 4, Toughness 3/1, Will 4
Totals: Abilities 32 + Powers 8 + Advantages 9 + Skills 18 + Defense 7 = 74
Complications: Motivation -- Doing Good.

Aretha Joy and their other sisters and cousins use roughly the same character sheet with the following modifications: Reduce FGT to 0, Drop Defensive Roll and Ranged Attack, optionally change Expertise to Doctor, drop Fortitude to 2. [PL 3 - 63]
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