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Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:11 pm
by Hoid
Aaaaaand---done! Past this point, it'll be totally new stuff...

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:14 pm
by Jabroniville
Hi, Hoid! Great to see you here! We'll have our run of the place for a while, it seems :).

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:16 pm
by Hoid
Jabroniville wrote:Hi, Hoid! Great to see you here! We'll have our run of the place for a while, it seems :).
That we will! It's good to see you too, Jab! Now, I have a lot of Forever Tree setting stuff to transport over here!

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 11:04 pm
by Hoid
[Earth-A]the Wizard:
Background Thread (himself):
Background Thread (the Bringers of the Dawn):
Theme Song:
The Wizard is psychic.
PL12/196pp. ('Archsorcerer' [good].)
Attributes: Strength 10 (+0), Dexterity 12 (+1), Constitution 10 (+0), Intelligence 14 (+2), Wisdom 16 (+3), Charisma 16 (+3). [18pp.]
Combat: BAB (melee +0/ranged +1) melee +9/ranged +10, Defense (11) 14. [26pp.]
Saves: Toughness (+0) +3, Fortitude (+0) +6, Reflex (+1) +3, Will (+3) +8. [15pp.]
Feats: Benefit 1 (reputation 1 [crankpot TV personality]), Trance. [2pp.]
Skills: Bluff (+3) +7, Diplomacy (+3) +7, Knowledges (+2) (art) +6, Knowledges (+2) (pop culture) +6, Professions (+3) (talk-show host) +7, Sense Motive (+3) +11. [7pp.]
Powers: [128pp.]
Medium-Scale Reality Manipulator: Transform 10 (any matter to any matter; Extras: Duration [continuous]; Flaws: Medium [he must chant mystical mumbo-jumbo]). [80pp.] --- [83pp.]
AP: Medium-Scale Reality Manipulator: Mental Transform 10 (any to any). [1pp.]
AP: Medium-Scale Reality Manipulator: Transform 10 (any energy to any energy). [1pp.]
Mildly Psychic: Super-Senses 4 (precognition; Flaws: Tiring). [2pp.] Telepathy 2. [4pp.] --- [6pp.]
AP: Medium-Scale Reality-Shredding: Transform 10 (any matter to any matter; Extras: Attacks; Flaws: Gestures). [1pp.]
Reality Distortion: Energy Aura 3 (causality turns to mush; Extras: Alternate Save [Will]). [15pp.]
Sunsphinx Focusing Ring: Device 2 (power-ring; hard to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [must have the Transform power]). [9pp.]
Sunsphinx Focusing Staff: Device 3 (power-amplification staff; easy to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [must have the Transform power]). [10pp.]
Sunwitch: Features 2 (eyes shine like flashlights, photosynthesis [though his skin is gold, not green]). [2pp.] Flight 1 (Flaws: Levitation). [1pp.] Immunity 2 (temperature extremes). [2pp.] --- [5pp.]
Drawbacks: none (-0pp).
Power-Amplification Staff: Device 3.
Electromagakinesis: Magnetic Control 4. [12pp.] --- [15pp.]
AP: Electrokinesis: Electrical Control 4. [1pp.]
AP: Electromagnetic Field: Energy Aura 1 (electrical 'shroud'). [1pp.]
AP: Omnikinesis: Kinetic Control 4. [1pp.]
---/>_-This is a completed power-amplification staff Device build.
Power-Ring: Device 2.
Reality Self-Distortion: Force Field 4. [8pp.] --- [10pp.]
AP: Reality Self-Distortion, Phase 2: Enhanced Attributes: Constitution 4 (Extras: Impervious 4). [1pp.]
AP: Reality Self-Distortion, Phase 3: Strike 4 (jagged space/time-protrusions). [1pp.]
----/>_-This is a completed Power-Ring build.
Destined for Cosmic Greatness
His Powers Conform to No Known Energy-Type
Quote: "Its all a matter of...perspective."
---/>_-This is a completed the Wizard build.
The Wizard's real name is Idris Allen Fellows. The Wizard belongs to Earth-A's premiere Sunwitch resistance-group (the Bringers of the Dawn), though he isn't the team's leader...

The Wizard only speaks English.

Is 'The Wizard' actually a spellcaster? No. Does he believe he's a spellcaster? No. A Sunwitch whose powers are genetic in origin, The Wizard has adopted a mystical 'persona' to help him in his seemingly-neverending one man war on the Starvampire 'species'.

Nevertheless, The Wizard’s archnemesis, from Earth-C, Eibon, legitimately believes The Wizard is a genuine sorcerer!
Yes, Earth-A has televisions. Starvampires have very advanced technology, and to be blunt, TV helps keep the masses pacified...

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:37 pm
by MacynSnow
Hey,hoid!Can i put Francis Back on?Here he is...
The Musketeer Theme Song:"Devil's Dance Floor"-by Flogging Molly
Real Name: Jacques D’Artagnan Profession: Fencing Teacher& full time superhero.
Gender: Male. Ethnicity:French American. Age: 28 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Deep Brown(W/Graying Sides). Eyes: Brown. Religion: Catholic. Identity: Public.
Power Level – 10 Concept –Weapons Master.

Acrobatics 5 (+10) Athletics 4 (+7) Close Combat (Sword) 3 (+14) Deception 5 (+8)
Expertise (Teaching) 6 (+8) Insight 3 (+5) Intimidation 3 (+6) Investigation 2 (+4)
Perception 4 (+6) Persuasion 4 (+7) Ranged Combat (Sword Blaster) 8 (+10) Stealth 3 (+8)

Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, Assessment, Defensive Roll, Evasion, Improved Critical (Sword) 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 2, Takedown

“Specialty Rapier" (Flaws: Easily Removable -2) [20]
AE: "Sword Slash" Strength-Damage +2 (Feats: Improved Critical) (Extras: Penetrating 4) (8)
AE: "Jet of Flame" Damage 7 (Feats: Reach 4) (12)
AE: "Electrical Bolt" Damage 8 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Line) (16)
AE: "Riot Gas" Affliction 7 (Fort; Dazed & Fatigued/Stunned & Defenseless/Paralyzed) (Extras: Area- 30ft. Cloud, Cumulative, Extra Condition) (28)

Unarmed +11 (+3 Damage, DC 18) Sword Slash +12 (+6 Damage, DC 21)
Flame Jet +12 (+8 Damage, DC 23) Initiative +9
Lightning Bolt +8 Area (+8 Damage, DC 23) Riot Gas +7 Area (+7 Affliction, DC 17)

Dodge +11 (DC 21), Parry +12 (DC 22), Toughness +4 (+5 D.Roll), Fortitude +8, Will +5

Motivation(Doing Good)-Jacques is Determined to live up to his Ancestore Reputation of Doing The Right Thing
Reputation (Family Honor)- The Musketeer can handle a lot of things,but He will not let any Insult to his Honor go unawnsered.
Fame-Since he Doesn't really bother to hide his face,Jacques is Pretty well known...
Enemy(The Cardinal)-Jacques has no idea who this person is,but they’ve sent multiple people after him in order to “Take the Sword Back”…

Jacques D’Artagnan grew up hearing Hearing,Reading&even seeing stories of his Famous Ancestor.Having Grown-up in Metropolise as the Son of a Struggling Teacher,Jacques couldn't help but want to help his Community.Training himself to the Peak of his abilities(at Least as much as he could on a Teachers Salary),he had a Good Friend of his(a Weaponsmith named Henri le’Blank) Make him his Specialty Rapier&after Donning an Old Family Heirloom(See Image Above),he went out into the world as The Musketeer!What he didn't know(at least at the time)was that his Friend had stolen the Materials to make his Blade from someone called The Cardinal,who wanted the Material back&has attempted to either Steal the Blade or kill the Weilder ever since...

Total: Abilities: 60 / Skills: 48--24 / Advantages: 16 / Powers: 20 / Defenses: 14 (135?)

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:55 pm
by Hoid
Placeholder for a character of my own design!

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:25 pm
by MacynSnow
Let's not forget my Swede...:D
Dropping in Earth-E's Greatest(and most Driven) Inventor,Yimir!
YIMIR-Sven Jorgenstein Theme Song:"Cold Little Heart"-Michael Kiwanuka
PL- 14/Power Points 230
Profession- Adventurer,Hero Nationality- Swedish Earth-E(Member of the Hero Team,Global Guardians) Age- 30. Height- 5'7" Weight- 160 lbs. Hair- Brown. Eyes- Brown.

STR – 10/15(+0/+2), DEX - 16 (+3), CON - 10 (+0), INT - 20 (+5), WIS - 14 (+2), CHA - 10 (+0).

Skills- Acrobatics 8(+11), Computers 8(+13), Craft:Chemicals 8(+13)/Electronics 8(+13),Disable Device 8(+13), Knowledge: Physical sciences 8(+13)/Technology 8(+13), Notice 8(+10), Search 8(+13), Stealth 8(+11)

Feats-Accurate Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, Improved Intitative, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Defensive Attack, Improved Aim 2, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Skill Mastery(Computers,Craft:Chemical&Electronics and Disable Device),

Powers- Device 13(Hard to lose,Battlesuit):Blast 12(alternate Powers:Create Object 8(Extras:Continuous Duration), Cold Control 4(50-ft. radius;Extras:Linked Enviormental Control 8:50-ft.radius,Distraction[DC10]&Hamper Movement[one-quarter]),Friction Control 8(smooth Ice,trip,40-ft.radius,Extras:Sustained Duration,Independent,Flaws:Ranged only), Snare 12, Immunity 6(Cold Damage,heat), Protection 10(Impervious), Flight 5(250MPH), Super Senses 11(Blindsight,extended radio,direction sense,distance sense,infravision,radio,time sense,tracking[heat signatures]), Super-Strength 5(heavy load:45 tons), Weapon Creation 11(Flaw:touch,inanimate objects only Extras:linked to suit,Enhanced Trait[Depending on function of Weapon summoned])
Toughness+10(+0 without suit), Fortitude+5, Reflex+8, Will+7

Combat- Attack+8/+11, Grapple+8, Damage+0(Unarmed)/+12(Blast), Defense+10, Knockback-10, Initiative+7
Abilities- 20+Skills 20+Feats 11+Combat ?+Saves ? = 230 total.

Relationship-Sven has an 8 year-old son named Yuri from a previous marriage(by his teammate,Lady Pyrra..),and will do anything to make certain that he’s happy&well…
Motivation: Doing Good-Sven wants the world to be a better place than what it was when he was growing up&will work himself tirelessly to accomplish it(this was the major reason his marriage to Lady Pyrra ended:She just couldn’t handle his near-Obsession with Doing Good)...
Relationship(Sarah Farron)-During their Training Month's,Sven got close to Claire's younger Sister and they even started a Rather Quiet Relationship(She know's about his son Yuri&previous Marriage as he was up Front with her about everything,but she apparently doesn't care&would love to meet Yuri)...

Background:Sven Jorgenstein grew-up in a world where The Monsters under your bed were real,so he tried to do everything he could to help save his world as he grew-up(It honestly became a near Obssesion with him,untill he met the Other members of the Guardians...),eventually building his "Magnum Opus"of Gadgets:The YIMIR Battle Armour....He had originally joined with the Guardians when their leader had assured him that they would Deal with all world Problems,but grew frustrated when they just dealt with the bigger threats,attracting the Genius of Genius to him.After gaining it,his Intelligence shot through the roof,enabling Sven to create more things to help protect the common people from the Monsters that he KNEW still existed in the world.After publically quiting the Guardians,he tried to go into business for himself,but was blocked on all avenues by his Former "Teammates" and was having difficulty until he was selected to join the Star Corp....

Personality:Sven can be a little Cold to Stranger’s(The Creatures he was facing tended to have Converts hidden amongst everyone.Not to mention his Former Teammates in the Guardians tried to Back-stab him…),only “Warming” up to them after they’ve proven to be trustable.Even then,though,because he has the Genius of Genius in him,he can be a bit…cold anyway.

and his boy...
Here for your enjoyment is The Son of Earth-E' Yimir:Yuri(AKA:Sutur) Theme Song: "Blaze Of Glory"-Jon Bon Jovi
Name:Yuri Jorgenstein "Hero Name":Sutur PL:6/90pp
STR-10 DEX-14(+2) CON-12(+1) INT-12(+1) WIS-12(+1) CHA-12(+1)

Profession- Elementary School Student,Hero Nationality- Swedish Earth-E Age- 8 Height- 3'3" Weight- 70Ibs. Hair- Brown. Eyes- Brown.

Skills- Concentration-6(+7), Intimidate-4(+5), Notice-4(+5), Knowledge:Current Events-3(+5)/Technology-3(+5)

Feats- Precise Shot, Improvised Tools, Power Attack

Powers- Fire Control 8(Alternate Power:Blast 8) Absorption 3(Energy Flaw:Fire Only Healing 3) Force Field 6(Extra:Impervious) Immunity 5(Fire Damage)

Toughness+7(+1 without Force Field), Fortitude+5, Reflex+7, Will+5

Combat- Attack+4, Grapple+4, Damage+0(Unarmed)/+8(Blast), Defense+5, Knockback-6, Initiative+2

Relationship(Dad)-Yuri absolutely Idolizes his Dad and just want’s to make sure he’s happy(hence why he’s trying to get his Teacher,Miss Sarah, to go out with his dad)…
Motivation(Thrills)-Despite what his Father tries to teach him about Control&Calmess,Yuri just want’s to have Fun with his “Gift”…
Still a Kid-Despite his Suprisingly high level of Maturity,Yuri is still an 8 year old Boy,prone to get into the typical problems&situations someone his age tend’s to get into…
Out of Control Power-Without the Control Gauntlet’s his Father Built for him,Yuri’s Powers Become this:
Fire Control 12(Alternate Power:Blast 12) Absorption 3(Energy Flaw:Fire,DC 22 Fort. Save or takes Damage) Energy Form:Fire 12(Flaw:Permenant)
Disability(Hands)-due to his power’s activating too Early,Yuri suffered 2-3 degree burn’s on his Hand’s&arms(going almost to the Elbow)

Background:Yuri is a typical 8-year old Child from Earth-E;a little more mature than other Children in the other worlds(save for Earth-B’s),but a typical child Nonetheless.What set’s him apart from his peer’s isn’t so much his Parent,but the fact that,due to a Kidnapping attempt by one of his Father’s Enemies,his Mutant power activated too Early and almost Killed him if his dad hadn’t built the Control Gauntlet’s that he has to wear Constantly…

Personality:Yuri want’s to make sure everyone is Happy where they are in Life and is Basically everyone his age’s best friend.Despite his handicap,yuri doesn’t seem to “get down in the Dumps” too often(Unless one of his “Dad Project’s” goes haywire,then he mopes in his room for an hour)…

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:28 am
by Hoid
Placeholder for a character of my own design!

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:34 pm
by Hoid
Y'know, MacynSnow reminded me---could the players of my Green Star and Star Corps PbPs please post their characters here? 'Twould be awesometastic.

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:15 pm
by MacynSnow
i got tatsuie's for you,hoid!
"Cattle die, kinsmen die, you yourself die; I know one thing which never dies: the judgment of a dead man's life."-Gestaþáttr
The First image is an up close pic of his face(so you know where the eye patch is) take out the symbol on the eyepatch, the second one is the look of his costume but take out the cape.
Real Name- Bob Makihara Occupation-Intergalactic Police Officer Group Affiliations: The Star Marshal's(formaly), The Star Corps
PL 14 (230)

Attack-+8/10(Ranged) Grapple-+10
Damage(Unarmed)-+5 Damage("Mystic" Hammer)-+20 Damage(Strike)-+11
Defense-+7 Knockback-11 Initative-+3

Toughness-13 Damage-15(?) Fortitude-+7(12) Reflex-+7(10) Willpower-+10(Linked to Belt)

*means it's frome the memory unit in the Mjolnr Belt his own are the ones without it.
*Knowledge(Norse Mythology)- 8(+8), *Close Combat(Asgardian Hand to Hand)-8(+13) Knowledge(Intergalactic Law)- 5(+5), Notice-8(+10), Search-8(+8), Sense Motive- 8(+10), Concentration- 8(+13), Diplomacy- 8(+10), Intimidation- 8(+10)

*Same as His skills one.
Diehard, Hero's Luck, Accurate Attack *Attack Focus 2(Ranged), *Attack Focus 2(Close Combat/"Hammer"),
*Power Attack, *All-Out Attack, *Improved Aim, *Precise Shot,

*Now all of this comes from the Mjolnir Belt and are a manifistation of the genius
Device 16(The Mjlonir Belt/ Hard To Lose, Power Feat: Restricted 2 [only the wearer], Super Strength 5,
Super Constitution 5)
-"Mjlonir Hammer" (Norse Hammer, easy to lose, Power Feat: Restricted 2 [only he who is worthy])
-Comprehend 4 ( all languages, Norse[Asgardian], Norse Runes)
-Weather Control 10 (All Dynamic; Distraction [High Winds, 5,000 ft. Radius DC-10], Alternate Powers: Blast-Lightning 10/ Flight 10[1500 MPH??]/ Air Control 10 [Heavy Load; 12 Tons] )
-Immunity 9(Life Support & Aging)

Power Loss (Normal Identity)- Bob will turn back into a normal human after being separated from his "hammer" for too long.(It's actually the belt starting to shut down untill he "retreves" it)
Responsibility (To keep the universe as safe as possible)- Bob is (or was)one of the last of the Star Marshal's (being the youngest at the time) his universe's version of the Green Lantern Corp's.
Disability(Missing Right Eye)-Bob is missing his right eye after a brutal fight with one of The Star Marshal's old enemy's The Hunter(guy looks like Drax The Destroyer from the Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie)
Relationship(Lady Sif)- She is tageing along with him in order to help him understand what being the weilder of the Mjolnir Belt realy intell's and what being the new Thor really means. He's also begening to develop feeling for her.
Enemy's(Most of them are the old Thor's)-Bob has made some enemy's as he helped people, as well as anyone
after Asgard or the any of the Star Marshal's old ones to.

Bob is what you would call an ordinary guy tossed into a not-so-ordinary situation.You see, Bob isn't the first guy to find the Mjolnir Belt(You Know the Legend's of Samson and Hercules that was the Mjolnir Belt) just the most recent. You see the wearer can still die by geting his head gut off or the like. You See Bob knows about Norse Mythology so he thinks that it's the "Hammer" that gives him this stuff when it's actualy the belt. Bob realy only hates one person and that's The Hunter for killing all of his friends and will tray to kill him on sight.

[Earth-L]The Tomorrow-Herald!

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:00 pm
by Hoid
[Earth-L] The Tomorrow-Herald.
Background Writeup (himself):
Background Writeup (the Edenic Lineage of Adam and Eve): Here you are!
Theme Song: “Headcase” by KMFDM.
PL10/100pp. (Sinister mundane human cult leader [evil].)
Attributes: Strength 12 (+1), Dexterity 12 (+1), Constitution 12 (+1), Intelligence 16 (+3), Wisdom 18 (+4), Charisma 18 (+4). [28pp.]
Combat: BAB (melee +1/ranged +1) melee +2/+4, Defense (11) 12. [6pp.]
Saves: Toughness (+1) +2, Fortitude (+1) +2, Reflex (+1) +3, Will (+4) +6. [6pp.]
Feats: Attractive 1, Benefit 5 (alternate ID 1 ["Simon Delacourt"], organizational ties 1 [the Edenic Lineage of Adam and Eve {a cult}], reputation 1 [a valiant fighter for unmutated humanity], wealth 2), Connected, Demonic Glare 2, Equipment 6 (the New Garden of Eden [HQ] 6), Fascinate 3 (Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate), Fearsome Presence 2, Inspire, Leadership, Minions 5 (the Believers in the New Eden; each built on PL1/15pp; x5 numbers), Reverse Sidekick 10 (Impure William; built on PL11/150pp), Skill Mastery 2 (Bluff, Concentrate, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledges [behavioral sciences], Knowledges [theology], Perform [oratory], Professions [religious leader]), Taunt, Well-Informed. [41pp.]
Skills: Bluff (+4) +8, Concentrate (+1) +9, Diplomacy (+4) +8, Handle Animal (+4) +8, Intimidate (+4) +12, Knowledges (+3) (behavioral sciences) +7, Knowledges (+3) (history) +7, Knowledges (+3) (theology) +11, Languages (native: English; others: Greek, Latin), Perform (+4) (oratory) +11, Professions (+4) (religious leader) +11, Professions (+4) (theologian) +8, Ride (+1) +5. [19pp.]
Powers: none; he's a mundane human, albeit a very skilled mundane human. [0pp.]
Drawbacks: none. [0pp.]
Nod, the New Garden of Eden [HQ] Equipment 6.
A Genocidal Madman
Thoughts of wiping out all Ogres and enslaving all remaining Ogresymbionts consumes James' every waking moment.
Genuinely Believes His Own Propaganda
Crazy to begin with, being near the Sourcestone has driven the Tomorrow-Herald even more insane than he was before.
A World, United
Nightly hallucinatory feverish visions of all his dreams fulfilled torment the Tomorrow-Herald, ever since his cult's acquisition of the Sourcestone. Opening it is now a central component of his eschatological Armageddon-scenario.
Quote: "At last. At last humanity will regain what these blind idiot gods took from us! I have foreseen it!"
Notes: 'Demonic Glare' is a feat found in Mecha & Manga.
---/>_-This is a completed the Tomorrow-Herald build.
His real name is James Jonothan Erlkonig, and he's the 'god/messiah' of a human supremacist cult known as the New Garden of Eden.

The Sourcestone is a massively huge alien Device that is essentially a Doomsday weapon. As the Tomorrow-Herald can't even yet turn the damn thing ON, it's incredible powers remain unknown. Suffice it to say, it'll be something Earth-L NEVER forgets....assuming it survives the Sourcestone's activation.
[Earth-L]Impure William.
Background Writeup (himself):
Background Writeup (the Edenic Lineage of Adan and Eve): Here you are!
Theme Song:
PL11/150pp. (Brainwashed Ogresymbiont slave [evil-by-default].)
Attributes: Strength 26 (+8), Dexterity 18 (+4), Constitution 18 (+4), Intelligence 8 (-1), Wisdom 8 (-1), Charisma 7 (-2). [25pp.]
Combat: BAB (melee +8/ranged +4) melee +8/ranged +8, Defense (14) 16. [12pp.]
Saves: Toughness (+4) +8, Fortitude (+4) +9, Reflex (+4) +2, Will (-1) +0. [8pp.]
Feats: Attack Focus 6 (melee 3, ranged 3), Attack Specialization 2 (Lightning-Spine 1, Skin of the Matador 1), Benefit 1 (hatred of his own kind [immune to Intimidate attempts by Ogresymbionts]), Demonic Glare 1, Fearsome Presence 3, Instant-Up. [14pp.]
Skills: Intimidate (+8) +16. [2pp.]
Powers: [89pp.]
Lightning-Spine: Device 8 (his detachable spinal column; hard to lose; Feats: Features 1 [can function as an actual spinal column], Summonable; Flaws: Limited [when used as anything BUT a spinal column, Impure William has the Flaw Tiring]). [34pp.]
Ogresymbiont: Concealment 4. (8pp.) Growth 4 (Large sized; Extras: Duration [continuous]; Flaws: Permanent). (12pp.) Insubstantial 2 (Extras: Duration [continuous]; Flaws: Permanent). (8pp.) --- (28pp.)
Psychically Severed From Urizen: Immunity 20 (mental effects; Drawbacks: Power Loss [-4pp; against members of the New Garden of Eden]). [16pp.]
The Skin of the Matador: Enhanced Feats: Improved Trip, Taunt (Flaws: Linked [to The Skin of the Matador Features]). [2pp.] Features 1 (can safely and quickly and painlessly remove his epidermis or put it back on again [+4 to Intimidate]; Flaws: Linked [to The Skin of the Matador Enhanced Feats]). [1pp.] --- [3pp.]
Slicing Talons: Strike 4. [8pp.]
Drawbacks: n/a. (-0pp.)
Alternate Configurations: n/a. (-0pp.)
His Lightning-Spine: Device 8.
EMP-Charged Skin: Datalink 1 (Extras: Attacks, Aura). [4pp.]
Lightningbolt: Blast 10 (electrical blast; Extras: Area [line]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [-2pp; against certain materials]). [28pp.]
---/>_-This is a completed his Lightning-Spine build.
Masters in danger??! Kill threat to masters!
Masters give command; I do as masters command.
Muties filth; masters perfect. I protect masters!
Quote: "..."
Notes: 'Demonic Glare' is a feat from Mecha & Manga.
---/>_-This is a completed Impure William build.
Impure William only speaks English.

Yes, Impure William can play at being a toreador with his own skin, and yes, he can tear out his own own spinal cord and use it as a weapon.
The Believers in the New Eden:
PL1/15pp. (Mad-eyed religious fanatics [evil].)
The Believers in the New Eden are being secretly funded by Mr. Protocol, mysterious leader of the Griffon Mythology.

[Perpendicular-1]The Engine-Mammoth!

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:31 am
by Hoid
[Perpendicular-1] The Engine-Mammoth!
Background Writeup:
Theme Song: “Force of Nature” by Miracle of Sound.
PL10/150pp. (Primordial cyborg [evil].)
Attributes: Strength 18 (+4), Dexterity 14 (+2), Constitution - (-), Intelligence 10 (+0), Wisdom 10 (+0), Charisma 8 (-1). [10pp.]
Combat: BAB (melee +4/ranged +2) melee +4/ranged +8, Defense (12) 16. [16pp.]
Saves: Toughness (-) +9, Fortitude (-) -, Reflex (+2) +6, Will (+0) +3. [16pp.]
Feats: Attack Specialization 4 (her Heavenly Spear 2, her Heavenly Sword 2), Critical Strike, Environmental Adaptation 1 (synthjungles), Equipment 6 (her lightcycle 4 [vehicle], repair kit tools 1, farvoice ['cellphone']), Favored Environment 1 (synthjungles), Favored Opponent 1 (ur-Clarity soldiers), Fearsome Presence 3, Last Stand, Rage 3. [21pp.]
Skills: Climb (+4) +12, Computer (+0) +4, Concentrate (-) +12, Crafts (+2) (bronzepunk technology) +6, Drive (+2) +10, Intimidate (+4) +8, Notice (+0) +2, Pilot (+2) +6, Sense Motive (+0) +2, Swim (+2) +10. [14pp.]
Powers: [74pp.]
A Heavenly Machine: Container 10 (bronzepunk cyborg; Feats: Independent [outer casing of bronzepunk cybernetics may be temporarily loaned to another sentient being]; Flaws: Permanent). [41pp.]
A Heavenly Spear: Device 4 (bronzepunk power-charged longspear; easy to lose; Feats: Summonable). [13pp.]
A Heavenly Sword: Device 5 (bronzepunk power-charged claymore sword; easy to lose; Feats: Indestructible, Restricted 1 [to those blessed by the Stormfather]). [17pp.]
Seraphim: Universal Translator (mental; Drawbacks: Power Loss [-1pp; if connection to Seraphim satellites is interrupted], Vulnerability [-1pp; high solar wind]). [3pp.]
Drawbacks: Vulnerability (-1pp; mild, to electricity-based effects).
Her Bronzepunk Cyberenhancements: Container 10.
Bronze-Plated Giantess: Density 2 (Flaws: Permanent). [4pp.] Growth 2 (Flaws: Permanent). [4pp.] Immoveable 2. [2pp.] Protection 10 (Extras: Impervious 10). [20pp.] Super-Strength 10 (Flaws: Uncontrolled). [10pp.] --- [30pp.]
Icarus Shoulderblade-Implants (Flightmode): Flight 2 (Drawbacks: Winged). [3pp.] --- (4pp.]
AP: Icarus Shoulderblade-Implants (Meleemode): Strike 2 (Drawbacks: Winged). [1pp.]
Talos Brain-Implants: Blast 10 (flying metallic debris; Flaws: Source [Earthly Bronze Age metals to telekinetically hurl at opponents]). [10pp.] Move Object 6 (ferrokinesis; Flaws: Limited [Earthly Bronze Age metals, only]). [6pp.] --- [16pp.]
---/>_-This is a completed her Bronzepunk Cyberenhancements build.
Her Heavenly Spear: Device 4.
Conjuration of the Stormfather's Aegis: Force Field 5 (Extras: Damaging; Extras: Impervious 2, Penetrating 2). [19pp.] --- [20pp.]
AP: Conjuration of the Stormfather's Voice: Datalink 5 (Extras: Damaging, Penetrating 4). [1pp.]
---/>_-This is a completed her Heavenly Spear build.
Her Heavenly Sword: Device 5.
Conjuration of the Stormfather's Wrath: Blast 10 (electricity; Extras: Penetrating 5). [25pp.]
---/>_-This is a completed her Heavenly Sword build.
Her Lightcycle Transportation: Equipment 4.
Bronzepunk Cyborg
Imagine a cyborg, but from Ancient Greece; made of bronze, with a waterwheel heart and 'muscles' made of gears and ropes. She's only able to function due to her creation by the Stormfather---himself a godlike psychic!
Renegade Aspect of the Stormfather
The Engine-Mammoth is an aspect, or champion, of the Stormfather. While most aspects are under his complete control, the Engine-Mammoth was somehow able to retain her own will. As she did not ask to become an aspect, the Engine-Mammoth has decided the Stormfather must die...!
Quote: "That which is obsolete must be replaced."
Notes: 'Last Stand' is a feat from Mecha & Manga!
---/>_-This is a completed the Engine-Mammoth build.
The Engine-Mammoth's real name is Inshari the Veiled, a former princess of the city-estate of the Stormfather. Transformed against her will by the one she previously worshipped, Inshari has vowed to tear the Stormfather's kingdom down around him.

The Engine-Mammoth only naturally speaks Firuut, a language suspiciously similar to Earthly ancient Sumerian.

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:46 pm
by MacynSnow
here's what i said I'd do hoid....Presenting Earth-E's Princess of Flame,Lady Pyrra!
Name:Annabella Strevenko-Jorgenstein Hero Name:Lady Pyrra PL:11/156(?)
STR-12(+1) DEX-18(+4) CON-14(+2) INT-10(+0) WIS-10(+0) CHA-14(+2)

Profession-Fashion Model,Hero Nationality- Russian Earth-E Age- 32 Height- 5'6&1/2" Weight- 170Ibs. Hair- Blonde Eyes- Brown.

Skills-Acrobatics 4(+8), Concentration 12(+12), Notice 8(+10), Intimidation 4(+4), Knowledge:Technology 4(+4)

Feats- Power Attack=Precise Shot=Attractive=Benefit(Security Clearance)=Acrobatic Bluff=Attack Finesse

Powers-Energy Form 16(Sustained):Blast 12(Alternate Powers:Enviormental Control 6[Extreme Heat&Daylight,250 ft. radius Fire Control 12],Flight 6(500 mph),Force Field 10[Extra:Impervious],Immunity 6(Cold,Fire Damage), Strike 4(Fire;Extras:Aura Duration 2-Sustained) )

Saves-Toughness:+12*/+2**(*10 Impervious/**without Force Field) Fortitude:+6 Reflex:+9 Will:+5 Hero Points:1

Combat- Attack+8, Grapple+9, Damage+1(Unarmed)/+4(Aura,Strike)/+12(Blast), Defense+8, Knockback-11, Initiative+4

Relationship(Her son,Yuri&ex-Husband Yimir)-as much as she hates to admit it,she misses both her "Little Boys"...
Motivation(Justice)-due to how she was raised,Annabella is a big Believer in "Justice for ALL People"(in fact,that's what attracted her to Sven in the First Place)...
Enemy(The Oktober State)-this secrect(and now Renegade) arm of the Russian Goverment were what originally gave her her powers&they want her back....
Annabella was considered a "test Tube Child"(Being Incubated in a Test tube by the Russian Goverment),colisered away from the outside world as much as Possible.When she was a teen,she&several other "Tuber's" were selected to take part in a Black Ops Russian Experiment dubbed "Red Phoenix" and subjected to various experimental Super Soldier Processes to try to induce Superpowers.Out of 12 children,only 3 survived.One was driven Insane by the Process(the Supervillian Koschei the Deathless),the other became a Goverment Assassin(The Winter Soldier) and she escaped into Sweeden being found by blind chance by the Guardians as they were just meeting.She later fell in love&married Fellow Guardian Yimir(Even barring him a son they named yuri),but later divorced him....

Personality:Like the element she controls,Annabella can be Passionate&reckless,especially when riled.Despite how she was raised,she's usually a vivacious&very outgoing person,always trying to get the other's to "Enjoy the Life we have been given"....

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:44 pm
by Hoid
Placeholder for a character of my own design!

Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:29 pm
by Hoid
Placeholder for a character of my own design!