Heroes Unlimited: The Rise of King Sphinx IC thread

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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Rise of King Sphinx IC thread

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Magus Errant
Thomas Flynn
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Forced behind cover by the latest barrage, Thomas scanned what he could of the scene. If we don't contain him soon, he may just start firing into the rest of the city, he thought. Hell, is Ramsey even here?!? Rather than voice that thought, the Magus Errant launched himself into the air, careful to stay out of Dragonfyre's line of fire. "Ourel's Bands of Contrition!" With that incantation, white-blue bands of light sail from his hands to lock the mecha's arms and legs in place.
OoC wrote:I'll use Mystic Bindings on the AX-11 1d20+12=31 :shock:
Ok, DC 20 Str/Damage check to overcome.
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