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Heroes Unlimited: OOC thread

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:54 pm
by catsi563
Welcome to the Catsiverse and The World of Hero's Unlimited. A place where anything's possible and hero's truly are Unlimited.

This thread is for the players and GM to have OOC discussions, and answer rules questions and general chitchat about the game and characters therein.

The current player roster:


Dragonfyre By Shadowbourne
HornetBy Tattooedman
Magus Errant By Kasius
Vigilante Macysnow


Bastion by Sakuro
Kris Majax By Kenseido
The Owl By Celtic Rei
Clover Madison By Nineofspades
Green Lantern By Nineofspades
Shield Breaker By Lord Bayushi78
Johnny Liang By Classdunce
Goliath By Aerlwyn
Photon by kenseido
Prism by glyph
Shock By Shock
Skylark By Ysariel

The Wanderer By Femme Fatale

Supporting Cast

Base Personel:

Elena Barrera

Jean Phillipe


Doctor Hank

Heroes Unlimited: IC thread

Heroes-Unlimited: OOC

[Going Rogue IC thread ... p7115Going Rogue OOC Thread

Role Call Thread

Catsiverse: Setting Thread


Prologue: Terror at the mall

Chapter 1: Trolls under the Bridge

Chapter 2: The Viper Wars
Vipers in our Midst
The Trial of Viper
The Viper Gambit: Finale A
The Viper Gambit: Finale B

Chapter3: Rise of the Sphinx
A: Masters of Fortune
B: The Nakamura Incident
C: Ultimate Vacation
D; Nasty Boys

The Setting:

The 20th century was dubbed The Era of the Superhuman. It has been one of the most controversial, and exiting eras in the history of this small planet. While Heroes have always existed in one form or another, even ones dubbed Superhero such as Achilles, or Heracles, The Mighty Thor, and others. Also there have been costumed types, such as Zorro the Fox, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Robin of the Hood, The Scarecrow of Romney marsh, among many others.

Supers have fought in wars WWII saw the rise of the Ubermensch in Germany and the Freedom league from the allies. And they have helped in peacetime, disasters like Hurricanes, and earthquakes, the Fires of Los Angeles where the Arsonist Blowtorch tried to pull off a multi-million dollar Real Estate scam for Viper.

The 20th century saw the rise of Mutants, as the Human body evolved to meet the challenges it faced from Nuclear war, and the advancement of technology, and Sciences that turned normal humans into powerful near gods.

Mutant hysteria also blossomed as with all things strange and different people feared what they didn't understand, and tried to destroy what they feared. It wasn't until the Millennium dawned that a mutant known only as Starlight sacrificed herself to stop an invasion by the Interdimensional conqueror Istvatha V'han that the mutant hysteria died down.

The young mutant flew directly into the Prime gate set up by the Empress of a billion dimensions and with a final explosion of her powers closed the gate and obliterated V'hans floating Fortress a move which shocked the Empress and with the defeat of her prized champion a fallen Cosmo Knight named Blackheart by the Star Spangled hero Flag who eulogized the young mutant who with her last words forgave humanity for its fears. The iconic image of Flag catching Starlights falling body and lowering it to the ground gently as a tear fell from his eye is still one of the most revered images and joined the likes of the Flag razing over Iwo Jima, and the kissing Sailor on V-J day in the national Archives.

While some groups such as the KKK and Genocide continued the Anti-Mutant hysteria with fear mongering and pet politicians who attempted to pass meaningless and easilly defeated legislation forcing mutants to register. The majority of humanity grew to gradually accept mutation, especially combined with increased education about mutantcy that lead to the so called ""Mutant Threat"" being reduced to late night chatter on talk shows by loud mouthed pundits with little else to talk about.

Now in the 21rst Century The Superhuman has made a bigger impact then ever before. The armored megalomaniac the Usurper in one his most bold plans to date launched an attack on the San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose Bay Area. The devastating surprise assault caught local authorities and Heros off guard and it was only with the timely intervention of the Sentinels of Liberty and its Sister Team the Sentinels of Justice, along with the Champions, Regulators, The Centurions, and the newly formed team the Avengers that the tyrant was defeated. This defeat didnt come without a cost though, as in a final stroke The Usurper self destructed all of the robots and warmachines he had brought with explosive results. The three cities and smaller towns of the greater Bay Area were devastated in the wake of his retreat, and hope seemed lost.

That was until Flag rallied people to the cause. The great American Hero called on the citizens of the Bay Area to rebuild and used his telekinetic stripe field to hold the Golden Gate Bridge up in an amazing display of power and determination as others worked to repair it. The Multi-National Oracle Incorporated whose home offices were in San Jose itself, threw its full public support behind the effort and within a years time the newly Christened Bay City was declared opened to the world.

Bay City was a remarkable accomplishment made easier by the influx of superhumans, and the sheer unbreakable spirit of humanity, and its ingenuity and adaptability as well. Bay City Invigorated the California and by proxy the American economy as a whole as tens of thousands of Jobs were created, demand for new homes and the possibility of lucrative new business opportunities drew people from all across the country. Federal funding helped ease the burden as did Oracles massive financial resources.

Now some 2 years later Life in Bay City has settled into normality as much as a city of the future can claim to be normal. The expansion fo BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to as far east as Modesto, and as far south as Monterey and as far north as Eureka has enabled people to move rapidly about the area. The restructuring of the aging freeway and Bridge system eased traffic concerns and the expansion of green Bus lines and light rail trains make Bay City one of the most easily traversed Metroplexes in the world.

Unfortunately prosperity brings scavengers and they make life difficult for the normal person. The Bay City Police department with its various departments uses the best tech of any in the world. The specially trained teams of the SWAT-AM (Anti-Metahuman) division use special training and weapons to hold their own versus the seemingly inexhaustible number of Super Villains that have appeared trying to take advantage of the prosperity of Bay City.

That's where Hero's come into play. Solo heroes like the Mysterious Enigma, stalk the shadows, and the high flying Blue Jay, and the Powerful armored hero Sunbeam fly through the skys. But they cant be everywhere. The Federal agency PRIMUS (Primary Interdiction Unified Military Service) works with its north of the Border cousins STOP (Special Tactics Operations and Procedures) to police the superhuman community as best it can. But even with the best weapons money can buy they can only do so much.

A new group of heroes is needed. Will you be that group?

lets find out.

:arrow: for my players I try to maintain a consistent posting speed so do your best. I'll wait about 24-48 hours as appropriate before taking control to move the story along. If you're gonna be away thats fine let me know so I can take appropriate actions as needed.

:arrow: If anyone has any questions about the rules as they apply to the game please feel free to ask at anytime via PM or here in the OCC thread.

:arrow: The tone as stated is a JLU, X-Men Evolution, Young Justice, Timmverse, Avengers EMH, tone of story. mostly Black and White with some shades of grey. Always a light comic book tone. Players will be expected to act in a reasonably Superheroic fashion and will be appropriately rewarded as such. Players that break the law or act in a criminal or vigilante fashion will find themselves the subject of law Enforcements scrutiny. And the scrutiny of other Superheroes including their own teammates, who if they do not pursue them had best have a good explanation for it.

That's all the info I can think to add. Ill set up a Role Call thread for the fun of it and post villain builds there for you guys to enjoy.

Lets have a great time ok?
4-6 players full time with possible room for guest appearances and cameos by others as appropriate to the story.

Characters built at PL 10/155 Power Points representing relatively new heroes with a little seasoning ready for the enormous challenges awaiting them.

Skills are House ruled to 1pp = 3 Skill points save for Combat where 1pp still = 2 Skill points cost.

:arrow: New players should now build to PL 11/170pp as the games PL has gone up and the characters with them.

I dont specifically proscribe to any house rules save as Errata or the Story demands, in point of fact I tend to err on the side of story and description more then anything.

Feats from any 2nd ed book are allowed within reason, as is any power with a few restrictions which I always have.

Unlimited variable powers, full Insubstantial, and a couple of others are allowed but heavily restricted, and require some serious explanation and concept behind them.

Wealth is handled via a simple benefit feat. 1 rank = wealthy, 2 ranks = Filthy rich, or a similar appropriate descriptor. 1 rank is the realm of well off and similar people, movie stars, some lawyers and doctors, and heroes like Professor Xavier and the like fall here. 2 ranks is the realm of the super rich Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne and the like.

Otherwise the character is considered to have any and all basic amenities, and enough money to take care of himself as appropriate.

Complications are a must and can and will be used against you LOL.

The tone of the game is a light 4 star Superhero comic book style, akin to that seen in the Timmverse, and X-men Evolution, and Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes. Mostly Black and White with a few shades of grey here and there. While Character death is a possibility it is unlikely save by your own folly or heroic self sacrifice.

Heroes will be expected to be heroes, and will be rewarded for appropriate roleplay in that regard. Killer vigilantes may apply but should not be complaining when their teamates take them to the local super prison themselves.

Edit of note:

For equipment I consider all personal items to be freebies ie cellphones, laptops and the like. Also cars, homes and things of that nature. As long as it doesnt have powers or a direct effect on skill rolls etc.

Ill make indiviual calls for each build as needed but for the most part any equipment not super should be free.

Edit of note 2: Languages, for those who have a direct and obvious multilingual upbringing I am willing to allow you a single free langauge. thus a hispanic could be easily seen to have spanish and english as base languages. As could someone raised in a chinese or japanese household.

So as long as it is approrpiate to the characters background a multi-lingual character can have 2 base languages at no cost.

all other languages are house ruled to double per skill point spent. IE 2 for 1pp, 4 for 2pp, 8 for 3 pp and so on and so forth.

Anything beyond 4pp should just take comprehend all languages.

Edit of Note 3: New rule

Tough Minions Feat ranked 1-2

Your minions are tough, in some cases really tough. Tough enough in fact that they can rarely hold their own with some superheros and dont go down as easilly. Tough Minions are minions in every respect of the word and follow all normal rules for minions save one in that they are tougher to take down then normal.

Rank 1 Mook Level Tough minions: Must fail 2 toughness saves before they fall, they are normal minions in all other respects.

Rank 1 minions
*cannot score critical hits
*Non-minions may take 10 on attack rolls
*Must fail 2 toughness saves and the impossible save rule does not apply
*takedown attack and similar work as normal

Rank 2 Lieutnenant Minions: Must fail toughness saves, and fort, and will saves as a normal character but are minions in every other respect. Tough minion lieutenants may make critical hits.

Rank 2 minions
*may score critical hits
*Non-minions may take 10 on attack rolls
*Must fail toughness saves as a normal character and the impossible save rule does apply
*takedown attack and similar work as normal

Re: Heroes Unlimited: OOC thread

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:07 pm
by catsi563
phew *plop*

Ok guys and gals if anyones still with me I think ive got hings going again.

So if youre still here let me know Post characters in the Rolecall thread link established above please. And well be good to go.

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Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:23 pm
by kenseido
Already posted and still here.

Re: Heroes Unlimited: OOC thread

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:42 pm
by Tattooedman
Assuming my internet set up still works when I get off work (on lunch now & my internet has been down since Sunday) I'll get Hornet posted.

Re: Heroes Unlimited: OOC thread

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:03 am
by Kaisius
Magus Errant
Thomas Flynn
Pl 11 175pp



POWERS 69pts.
Astral Projection: Remote Sensing 10 (21 PP) - Affects: 3 Types, inc. Visual - Visual, Aural, and Mental, Range: 4 miles; Side Effect 2: always - physical body is defenseless and immobile
  • AP: Magus Mantle
    •Levitation: Flight 4 (8 PP) Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round
    •Mage Armor: Protection 12 (12 PP) +12 Toughness; Sustained
Everwatchful Eye of Idris: Senses 6 (7 PP) Awareness: Acute Magical, Danger Sense: Vision, Danger Sense: Magical, Darkvision, Radius: Vision, Advantages: Uncanny Dodge

Spellcasting (40 PP)
  • Conjuration: Create 10 (36 PP) Volume: 1000 cft., DC 20; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Innate, Increased Duration: continuous, Precise, Subtle 2: invisible
    • AP: Ephemeral Form (1 PP)
      • •Enhanced Trait 3 (7 PP) - Stealth +10 (+11); Affects Others
        •Immunity: Immunity 2 (4 PP) - Suffocation (All); Affects Others
        •Insubstantial 4 (24 PP) - Incorporeal; Affects Others
      AP: Key Mastery: Nullify 11 (1 PP) - DC 21; Accurate 3: +6, Effortless, Simultaneous, Subtle 2: undetectable; Limited: Binding, Barrier, & Imprisonment Effects, Reduced Range: close
      AP: Mystic Bindings: Cumulative Affliction 10 (1 PP) - 1st degree: Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless, Immobile, DC 20; Accurate 3: +6, Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Alternate Resistance (Resisted by Dodge/Overcome by STR/Damage), Cumulative, Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree
      AP: Mystic Bolt: Damage 10 (1 PP) - Magical, DC 25; Accurate 3: +6, Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Increased Range: ranged, Variable Descriptor 2: broad group - Magical
Artificer, Equipment 3 (HQ: Nowhere In Particular), Ranged Attack 3, Ritualist, Speed of Thought, Uncanny Dodge (from Everwatchful Eye)

SKILLS 19pts
Close Combat: Unarmed 0(+4), Deception 7(+12), Expertise (AWE): Magic 10(+16), Expertise: Science 6(+12), Insight 6(+12), Intimidation 5(+10), Investigation 4(+10), Perception 6(+12), Persuasion 5(+10), Ranged Combat: Spellcasting 0(+3), Stealth 0(+1/+11*), Technology 4(+10), Treatment 4(+10)

Dodge 8
Parry 8
Fort 8
Toughness 13
Will 13

Initiative +6
Key Mastery +11 Close DC 21
Mystic Bindings +12 (Resist: Dodge/Overcome: STR/Dam)
Mystic Bolt +12 DC 20
Unarmed +4 DC 15
Throw +3 DC 15


Motivation: Doing Good
Motivation: Responsibility
He Only Knows The Names: As Flynn comes from an alternate reality, some of his knowledge isn't applicable to the current continuity. For example, the Champions that he is familiar with are Giant, Flare, Icestar, Rose, and the Marksman.
Altered Arcana: A new arrival in this dimension, Flynn has found that Magic works...differently than he is accustomed to. While certain basic spells appear to be omniversal, many of his more advanced (and most reliable) castings are not translating as they should. Flynn must make a Expertise: Magic check to change the Variable Descriptors in his Spellcasting Array

Parallel dimensions. Alternate timelines. These are just different ways of saying Somewhere Else. Somewhere Else, Thomas Flynn was known as the Arch Magus, the premier mystic guardian of Earth. For many years, he fought the forces of evil, arcane and otherwise, along side the other heroes of his world. Many times, he joined forces with teams such as the Champions and Strike Force to save the world, most often from the man known only as Destroyer. The last and most terrible of the Destroyer's schemes culminated in the utter destruction of Detroit and threatened to consume the world. Sacrificing himself to contain the damage, Flynn was flung across an untold number of mystic planes before landing on this strange reflection of his home. Having no way back to his original Earth, Thomas Flynn has chosen to adopt and defend this one as the Magus Errant.

HQ: Nowhere In Particular
Toughness 10, Size Huge
Features: Concealed 1, Dual Size: Medium, Laboratory, Library, Living Space,
Personnel, Sealed, Security System 1, Self-repairing 1, Workshop


Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 5:37 am
by Tattooedman
Strength 1
Stamina 2
Agility 2
Dexterity 2
Fighting 4
Intellect 6
Awareness 2
Presence 2

Skills: Deception 8 (+10), Expertise [Biology] 3 (+9), Expertise [Computers] 10 (+16), Expertise [Science] 10 (+16), Insight 8 (+10), Perception 8 (+10), Persuasion 6 (+8), Stealth 0 (+12), Technology 10 (+16)

Advantages: Daze [Deception], Eidetic Memory, Inventor, Improved Feint, Improvised Tools, Luck 2, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 4, Speed of Thought, Set-Up, Taunt

Powers: Hornet Armor: (Removable -19 pts) [78 pp]
Armored Layers: Protection 4
Environmental Seals:
Immunity 7[Disease, Environmental Cold, Environmental Heat, Environmental Pressure, Environmental Radiation, Suffocation]
Immunity 5 [Sensory –Based Afflictions] (Flaw: Limited [Half Effective])
Flight Harness: Flight 8 (Feats: Move-By Action)
Mass Reduction Field: Shrinking 12 [6 inches: Dodge/Parry +6, Stealth +12] (Extra: Normal Strength); (Flaw: Quirk [Maximum Rank Only])
On-Board Computer:
Enhanced Skill 2 [Ranged Combat [Stinger Gauntlets] +4]
Communication 1 [Wifi] (Feats: Subtle); (Flaw: Limited [Machines/A.I.s only])
Comprehend 2 [Speak to & understand Machines]
Stinger Gauntlets:
Stinger Blast: Ranged Energy Damage 10
-Strobing Discharge: Affliction 10 [Vision Impaired, Vision Disabled, Visually Unaware; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Flaw: Limited [1 Sense only (vision)])
-Sedative Stingers: Ranged Affliction 10 [Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Cumulative); (Flaw: Limited [Biological targets only])

Aerial Combatant:
Enhanced Advantage 1 [Favored Environment (Airborne)]
Enhanced Dodge 4 (Flaw: Limited [Only while flying])
Enhanced Parry 4 (Flaw: Limited [Only while flying])

Offense: Initiative +6
Melee Attack +4
Ranged Attack +6 // Stinger Gauntlets Attack +10

Defense: Dodge +14*/+8**/+4 [*Aerial Combatant & Mass Reduction/** Aerial Combatant]
Parry +14*/+8**/+4 [*Aerial Combatant & Mass Reduction/** Aerial Combatant]
Toughness +6*/+2 [*Armored Layers]
Fortitude +8
Will +8

Equipment: Commlink
ID Card

Costs: Abilities 42+ Skills 21+ Advantages 15+ Powers 83+ Defenses 14= 175 pts.

Real Name: Kirk McGlothlin
Height: 5’11” (normal size)/6" (shrunken size)
Weight: 163 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Enemy ~Beetle: Byron Costa was one of the scientists allowed to use the size-altering armor by Oracle before Kirk was given possession of it. Determined to live up to the legacy of Grasshopper (of who he was a huge fan of) Byron created his own armor and calls himself the Beetle. While it’s one of the more advanced suits currently in use it still can’t reduce a person’s size and Byron wants to study Kirk’s armor so that he can replicate that effect without the harmful side-effects, even if he has to thrash Kirk to get his hands on it.

Legacy: Kirk tries to do the kind of good work that his older brother, Jamie, had done as the Grasshopper.

Responsibility ~Oracle: The company responsible for creating the armor that Kirk now wears, it’s technically their property but the let him use it as he’s the only one who can safely wear it. From time to time Oracle calls upon Kirk to perform special duties as a way of ‘paying’ for his use of the armor.

Background: Kirk McGlothlin was the youngest of two children, his brother Jamie, developed the ability to shrink down to only a few inches tall and his strength and resistance to injury increased as his body compressed itself allowing him to make impressive leaps as well as being able to cling to any surface. Calling himself the Grasshopper, Jamie used his powers to fight crime in their home town of San Francisco, nothing fancy really mostly street crime but every once in awhile Grasshopper would end up helping the people at Oracle and they helped him to better understand how his powers worked as a way of saying thanks.

Grasshopper ended up losing his life in the events set into motion by the Usurper when he launched an attack on the San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose Bay Area. He was working to free people trapped in a collapsed building when several of the Usurper’s war machines came back around and tiny hero tried to hold them off on his own. Though the Usuurper was stopped thanks to the heroes that united against his threat and was held responsible for his actions, Kirk couldn’t help but feel the loss of his older brother.

Jamie had it set up in his will that when he died that his body would be donated to science, specifically it would go to Oracle, and their mother, lost in her grief over the loss of her oldest son, didn’t fight against his final wishes. Kirk on the other hand pushed himself into his school work, something that Jamie had always encouraged him to do as he himself lacked anything beyond a high school education. Over the following years Kirk heard stories that Oracle had developed a suit of armor that would allow it’s wearer to shrink down in size and he became convinced that they’d done it by studying his brother’s body and he pushed himself even harder to gain a job at Oracle so that he could prevent anything from tarnishing his brother’s memory.

What made it all possible was that during his interview was that Kirk revealed his connection to Grasshopper, Oracle had always respected Grasshopper’s wishes to remain anonymous and had never tried to learn his civilian identity even when the armor they’d developed based on the energy field he’d tapped for his powers showed to have harmful side-effects on those that wore it for long periods of time. So the revelation of a blood relation who was interested in working on the project presented itself they jumped at the chance to keep such a useful project working.

Soon Kirk was undergoing tests to determine his compatibility with the armor and it was found that something in his DNA allowed him to use it without the side-effects others suffered (a fact which bothered others who worked in the armor in shifts to offset the onset of said side-effects, most notably Byron Costa who later became the criminal Beetle). Kirk was then offered a position in Oracle’s Meta Works program, which meant that from time to time Kirk is called upon to use the armor in the interests of Oracle while working a normal job (which for Kirk meant as one of the many scientists employed by Oracle). Not many of his co-workers are aware of his dual identity, while his bosses are but Kirk doesn’t mind as he was given possession of the armor to use as he saw fit and he’s created several additions for it (as he doesn’t gain the increased strength and resiliency his brother did when shrunk).

Now Kirk calls himself the Hornet and he’s trying to live up to example Jamie set and he’s learning that when you’re only a few inches tall there’s nowhere to go but up.

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Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:34 am
by Glyph
Prism is posted, and I'm here :)

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Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 7:43 pm
by catsi563
Want to take a moment to wish everyone a warm and safe and happy Holiday. I'm looking forward to resuming our adventures together in the new year. :D

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Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 7:48 pm
by Shadowbourne
Merry Christmas to all.

And...I'm in.

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Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2016 8:33 pm
by kenseido
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:49 am
by catsi563
just to check Kas can you put Magus in the Rolecall thread and were missing Shock :)

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Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:14 pm
by Shock
Sorry. I didn't have the thread tagged yet and completely missed it.

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Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 1:40 am
by catsi563
No worries at all well be starting up soon so as soon as everyone ready were golden. :)

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Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:45 am
by kenseido
Ready to rock and roll.

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Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:03 pm
by Kaisius
I'll get him there tonight.