OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.1 [Now Showing]

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OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.1 [Now Showing]

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In The Beginning . . .

History of Marvel's Cinema Universe 2.0

Before the Universe began, six singularities existed. These were formed into the six Infinity Stones (Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Soul, and Time) by the cosmic entities of Death, Entropy, Infinity and Eternity some time after the Universe came into existence. The Celestials use the Infinity Stones to manipulate and impose judgment upon civilizations deemed unworthy. Over time, the Celestials are overwhelmed by the Stone's power and attempt to dispose of them by encasing them in Vaults throughout the universe.

Millennia ago, in order to raise their chances in the war against their enemies, a rogue Kree faction visits numerous planets, genetically altering a number of sentient life forms in order to create biological weapons. One of the planets visited was Earth, and the Kree's experiments giave rise to an unique caste of genetically altered Humans. When these humans were deemed ready for war, the Kree expose them to Terrigen Mist, which altered their genes and imbued them with powers unique to them. They construct the Diviners, containment devices built to hold Terrigen Crystals. The Kree hierarchy discovered the faction's illegal activities and the operation is forcibly put to a halt. The Kree disperse from Earth, abandoning six Diviners, the city, and at least one of their deceased kin. These genetically altered humans eventually start to call themselves 'Inhumans.' A powerful Inhuman, referred as Alveus, is created by the Kree to dominate the rest of his race, but eventually overpowered his own creators. The humans and other Inhumans, afraid of his powers, banished him to a distant planet through a Kree Monolith. Followers of the exiled Inhuman founded a secret society and start planning its return to Earth in order to let him rule it.

Approximately the same time, the being known as Agamotto discovered the Mystic Arts on Earth. He then founded the Masters of the Mystic Arts and started training other Humans to control the Mystic Arts. During his collection of knowledge and power, he came across an Infinity Stone that he used to create his personal relic, the Eye of Agamotto. He also erected three sanctuaries on three different places of power around the globe in order to shield it from extradimensional threats like Dormammu, the lord of the Dark Dimension.

According to the legends, centuries ago, in East Asia, a vicious group of warlords and their gangs ruled over the land. One day, they discovered the mystical secret of immortality which they used to immortalize their bodies. Now, fearless of death, the group, expanded their control over Asia. Only after they became a powerful empire, the group called itself "Yami no te" (Dark Hand) or the "Hand", with the goal to activate the human weapon known as Black Sky. However, the Hand made many enemies. As they massacred a village, one boy managed to kill some of their greatest warriors. The Hand named the boy the "Chaste", who over the years recruited warriors to fight the Hand. The Order of the Crane Mother faced the threat of the Hand as well, training their warriors and the Iron Fist to destroy the group.
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Re: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Teaser]

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The Sokovia Accords are a set of legal documents designed to regulate the activities of enhanced individuals, human and Inhuman. Established by the United Nations and ratified by 117 nations, the accords serve as a "middle point" between the Avengers' desire to secure world peace and the international community's concern over the repercussions of the Avengers' actions.

Regulations currently established by the Sokovia Accords include:
* The Avengers will no longer be a private organization and will operate under the supervision of the United Nations.
* Any enhanced individuals who agree to sign must register with the United Nations and provide biometric data such as fingerprints and DNA samples.
* Those with innate powers must submit to a power analysis, which will categorize their threat level and determine potential health risks.
* Any enhanced individuals who do not sign will not be allowed to participate in any national or international conflict nor may participate in missions undertaken by the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., or any other national government organization.
* Enhanced individuals, including members of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D., will no longer have the authorization to cross international boundaries at any time they wish.
* They must be given clearance by either a nation's government or the United Nations subcommittee representatives before taking any action in that country, either on their own or as a part of an organization.
* If an enhanced individual takes unauthorized action or obstructs the actions of those acting in accordance with the accords, they will be arrested.
* Enhanced individuals who break the law, violate the accords or are otherwise deemed to be a threat to the general public may be detained indefinitely without trial.
* All enhanced individuals with innate powers who agree to sign the accords must wear tracking bracelets at all times.
* The creation of any and all artificial intelligence is strictly prohibited.

For the purposes of the accords, an "enhanced individual" is defined as any person, human or otherwise, with superhuman capabilities. This includes individuals whose powers are an innate function of their biology as well as individuals who utilize highly advanced technology to grant themselves superhuman capabilities. However, individuals with advanced prosthetics do not seem to be considered "enhanced", even if their prosthetics give them capabilities beyond those of ordinary humans. On a case by case basis, non-enhanced individuals are subject to the same conditions as enhanced individuals.

(In Universe story WIP)
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Re: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0

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A New Beginning . . .

After the bombing in Vienna, the Avengers signed the Sokovia Accords. Following that most of the few remaining enhanced individuals in the world followed suit, and to ensure the Accords would be enforced S.H.I.E.L.D. was placed under the auspices of the United Nations. Besides the Avengers, Black Panther, and two New York citizens, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have signed the Accords. There have been refusals. A serial killer called the Punisher and two masked individuals known as Daredevil and Ironfist are wanted for questioning. The Asgardian Thor has not been seen since events in Sokovia.

. . . For New Heroes.
PL: 8 PP: 120

Star Guard House Rules
- No Variable Powers
- No Area Effect powers with initial build
- Each rank of Dexterity grants 1 skill point in a non-combat dexterity related skill
- Each rank of Presence grants 1 skill point in a non-combat presence related skill

Luck Points must be purchased with a descriptor
- Edit Scene
- Heroic Feat
- Improve Roll
- Inspiration
- Instant Counter
- Recover

If character has powers prior to Sokovia you will have to add
- Complication: On the Index

Thorpocalypse Rules
Combat Maneuver Combos: I'm pretty sure I saw that Jon L confirmed that you are not supposed to use maneuver combos like All-Out/Power Attack at the same time. But I'm allowing their usage up to +2/-2 for non-minions with usage of a Hero Point or Luck (Heroic Feat). Characters that have the necessary Advantages for the combos can use them up to the full +5/-5 ranks. I think utilizing the full +5/-5 can be overpowering in a scene, but for certain moments, I think it brings excitement so I decided to allow it in this manner for now.

Languages: Too expensive in the RAW for my taste. My rule is that Languages rank 1 gives you 2 languages, 2 ranks gives you 5, 3 ranks gives you 10 and so on up the Progression chart. I don't see giving anymore than 3 ranks, but you never know.

Thor has a list of House Rule Advantages. I don't see a problem with any of them, especially as you could likely be facing characters built with them BUT let's discuss them prior to the date I will stop taking submissions.
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Re: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0

Post by StarGuard »

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Thank you both
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

Post by Shadowbourne »

OK...due to the nature of the House Rules, Mythik is out. We will placing the Darkforce Symbiote in the bid.

Work in Progress...
Name: Anton Crowley
Age: 23
Height: 5' 10”(177.8 Cm/3.88 Cubits)
Weight: 163 lbs.(74 Kg/11.6 Stones)
Appearance: Pale, thin features with a slight Eurasian Cast. Catlike, brilliant green eyes stare out from under his black hair's ragged, shag cut. A small, sculpted black Van Dyke, flows along his jawline.
  • Distinguishing Marks: Hex/Scar. Flowing around Anton's torso, arms and along the side of his face is a series branching, webbing black veins. Alternating between raised and fissures, this seemingly amalgamation of scarification and tattoo is actually a portion of the Darkforce/Zero Matter embedded in his skin. Constantly pulsing, the veins seem to move and writhe, someties giving the impression of mystical symbols and runes.
What is in a name? Well, that depends upon what that name is. A name is what we give something to identify it. A name is what something is. For some, that name can be positive. Mention the Queen, and everyone immediately thinks the same thing. We all do, God bless her soul. Mention Hitler? Yeah...you get the picture. A name...is what it is.

When your name has a history, well...that is another thing all together. Crowley...yeah, THAT Crowley. My Great, Great Grandfather...Occultist, Satanist, the Wickedest man in the World. A man whose very name was considered evil. That, my friends is a heavy tag to wear, especially when you, yourself did nothing to gain the baggage.

That, in itself, should have been enough. Life, fate, whatever you call it, should have said,”Yup, that's good...” But no, no they didn't( It is they, right? Three Fates and all...). Dear ol' Great, Great left me something. Something that has been passed down to my Great Grandfather, his son, then my own father...a family heirloom, if you will. Well, respect for elders and all, I took the heirloom. Dodgy little thing, a glowy, crystalline pendant en-caged within some sort of metal. All very mystic looking. All very Crowley. Not being a girl, I didn't go in for the amulet, necklace look. Sorry, had enough problems as it was. No, I just attached to my keychain and went about me merry business.

Remember the Fates? Yeah, those three...would ya believe they still weren't done yet? I know...some people. Right...here I am, putting the last of me TV dinners for the week in the boot, when some arse head promptly shoves me and attempts to take my keys while I was stumbling. And that starts the tussle. For a brief second, I was Bruce Lee...right up to the point he hits me. Then? Then I was a punching bag...simple as that. And No, no he couldn't just be happy with me wimpering and bleeding. Nope, he couldn't. He couldn't just be content with just punching and kicking me. No...he just had to use me own keys to tear into me. Guess he had anger issue while I was acquiring a long hospital stay.

Then, then the Ladies Three did their thing again. That glowy pendant? Dear old Great Great's...it shattered as it struck my face for what I swear was the hundredth time. Shattered and released it's contents...into my blood. In that instant...a cold settled on me...a cold that stopped time...a cold that was hungry. Don't remember much after that. I just remember hearing screaming...and darkness.

When the Bobbies got there, they took one look at me and what I had done...turned pale as ghost they's did. Shook their heads and made a phone call. MI5...there was always stories of Great Great trying to work with British Intelligence. Stories played off as rumor and rubbish. Guess I'll find out now considering they are very interested in me. Me...I just wish someone would quit whispering. Very distracting...very distracting.

Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 3, Intellect 2, Awareness 3, Presence 1

Darkforce Symbiote
Shadowflow[Insubstantial 3. Visual Concealment 4: All, Darkness/Shadows Only. Movement 3: Slither and Wall Crawling 2.]25pp
  • AE:Shadowfangs[Ranged Multiattack Damage 8 w/Indirect 4. Limited to Shadow Interaction]20pp/1pp
    AE:Shadowrend[Damaging Move Object 8 w/Indirect 4. Limited to Shadow Interaction]20pp/1pp
Shadowstride[Leap 1, Movement 2: Sure-Footed and Trackless. Speed 1]6pp
  • AE:Shadowtag[Speed 6: Requires Shadowflow Active. Feature 1: Tether(Attaches to Target)]4pp/1pp
    AE:Shadestep[Teleportation 1 w/Change Direction, Subtle and Turnabout]5pp/1pp
Black Veins[Enhanced Reflexes: Defensive Roll 4 and Uncanny Dodge. Enhanced Dodge 2, Enhanced Parry 2.Senses 2: Darkvision]11pp

Advantages (8)
Agile Feint, Extraordinary Effort, Hide in Plain Sight, Move-By Action, Ranged Combat 4

Acrobatics 4(8), Deception 4(6/7), Expertise: Arcane 6(8), Perception 4(7),Stealth 6(10)

Initiative +4
Unarmed Combat +3 DC15
Shadowfangs +8 DC23[25/28]
Shadowrend +8 DC23

Defenses (17)
Dodge 10, Parry 10
Toughness 6
Fortitude 6
Will 6

Blinded by the Light. All light sources are treated one step higher; dark is dim, dim is lit, lit is bright, bright is blinding, and blinding is searing(damaging).
Whispers. Anton is constantly hearing what he thinks is a soft whispering, just below the range that he can make out. He fears he might be like his Great Great, slightly off...that or?
What is in a Name? Anton's family name, combined with his new found complication earns him the automatic disapproval from nearly all good citizens immediately. Sins of the Father...

Name: Anton Edwin Crowley
Age: 23
Classification: Enhanced, Unknown Symbiote, possible Zero Matter/Darkforce origin.
Family: Darren Crowley, Father, Deceased. Mai Lin Crowley, Mother, Deceased.
  • Note: Parents died in commercial plane incident. Nature of incident is Classified.
Status: Civilian.Inherited parents antique bookstore, Alexandria. Store filed bankruptcy shortly after their demise. Store is currently closed with no patrons nor employees.
Known Practices: Amateur Parkour enthusiast with daily runs. Currently unemployed, surviving on small stipend left at parents demise. At current rate of use, will be destitute within two months.
History: Average student. Two years college, no degree. Small time employment, retail jobs. Social activity, light...few friends, no romantic involvements of any significance.
Candidacy: Probable. Limited use, courier function. Training, minimal
  • Note: Family history can used as motivator. Research accuracy of Aleister Crowley Intelligence involvement.
Limited to Shadow Interaction: This power works through a conduit. There must be a capability of a shadow and the power must travel across surfaces like a shadow in order for it to manifest. Upon reaching target, the power will manifest from a two dimensional shadow into physical form. This power cannot be activated without the possibility of a shadow.

Requires Shadowflow Active:
this power only works when prerequisite power is in use. It cannot operate independently.
Next Additions: Add in origin of Heirloom(Isodyne, Witney Frost and the Council of Nine!). Listed Hobbies and Life before incident and Life after incident.
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

Post by Flynnarrel »



Jimmy Greston can't tell you how many living people are on this planet. He can tell you that it doesn't hold a candle to the number of dead ones though.

Jimmy was born a twin but his identical brother, Timothy, never drew his first breath. (A less kind soul would say that Timothy died to escape the torment of twins being called Jimmy and Timmy their whole lives). Jimmy's parents didn't tell him that he'd had a stillborn sibling however. Not even when young Jimmy asked why the boy in the mirror looked so sad or complained about the crying that kept him up at night. But he always felt out-of-sorts - never quite able to concentrate on his studies or apply himself whole-heartedly to a task. It didn't help that he was physically unimpressive - weak and not terribly coordinated. Despite a good head on his shoulders. Luckily, not much was expected of a child of the servants in a well-to-do estate outside of South Wales. Jimmy's father tried to teach him of landscaping but the boy had no knack or interest and mostly mucked out the estate's stables.

It was at the age of 19 that the truth came to light. He went to a traveling faire and a gypsy woman read his fortune and told him of Timothy. The crone even offered to let Jimmy see his erstwhile brother. He accepted. From the very first connection it was an epiphany of all that he had been missing his whole life. Timmy, who had grown and learned alongside Jimmy, unseen but felt and missed, hinted at there being so much more in 'his world'. Jimmy was hooked. With the establishing of he initial connection, Timothy could communicate freely with Jimmy. Together they found even more resources on the occult - books and teachers (though never staying with one for too long) finding that Jimmy had an affinity in that area and left the Estate of Jimmy's youth.

They were in Asia, trying to find some place called the Sanctorum when the city was beset upon. A building exploded and debris pierced Jimmy's heart. His soul clung to Timmy's as he died. Then time stopped. It reversed. Kept going. Stopped again. Over and over Jimmy died. And with each death he could feel more of them - the ghosts, the spirits of people and things long passed. They called to him could draw upon him, hungered for him, even. He could infuse them with a Substance where they could feel again, touch again, matter again. When the crisis resolved itself Jimmy found that, for him, the Veil between the living and the dead were torn asunder. And he found a wellspring inside himself of the critical vitae, the 'Substance' that souls craved.

That's how they found him, twitching and muttering (seemingly) to himself. To his newly Awakened sight he was watching Timothy fend off a score of ghosts and spirits who could sense that Jimmy could provide Substance and wanted to beg, bargain, or take what they craved by force if need be. Wong was leading a small 'clean-up crew' when they came upon Jimmy a half-block away. Recognizing that something was not right with the young man they brought him into the Sanctorum. The spell-worked walls gave Jimmy some respite from all ghosts except Timothy (who was too closely soul-bound to Jimmy to be kept out by the wards). (An oddity that did not go unnoticed by the perceptive lore keeper, Wong).

Jimmy was brought back to Kamar-taj and in the weeks to follow as the entire infrastructure of the remaining/rebuilt Sanctorums was overhauled Wong made the decision to bring Jimmy into training. The young man already had a solid aptitude for the mystic arts and a piece-meal foundation. It helped endear Wong to Jimmy that Jimmy could put Wong in contact with the recently departed Mage-protectors who fell to the Servants of Dormammu in order to get their affairs in order (It was also good practice). Wong, for his part, found that coming up with a training regime for this interesting manifestation of natural magic was diverting in a time where his world was being rocked to the core.

When Jimmy learned that they were an order that fought off outer-planar entities he had to admit he didn't have the constitution for that sort of thing (and he just wasn't getting the knack of those swirling, sparkling ring thingies anyway or any of that kung-fu stuff). He'd had enough dying for one lifetime. Wong was disappointed but Jimmy was hardly the first to grace the Training Halls and go on to live their lives.

He'll just be a month or so out of the monastery when the adventure catches up to him.

Relatives & Contacts:
living - Charlie Greston, Father, live-in landscaper on the estate of Edward Brighton, South Wales
living - Patricia Greston, Mother, live-in maid on aforementioned estates.
non-living - Timothy Greston, Ghost in Jimmy's head

Samantha Brighton - daughter of Edward Brighton, she grew up along side Jimmy. She was never put off by Jimmy's 'oddness' while they were kids. He still sends her letters on his 'adventures'. Jimmy has a crush.

Obligations (Dead brother) - There's something Timothy needs in order to pass on to the other side. Jimmy is helping him find what that is.
Low on Substance - Jimmy's powers work by him giving 'Substance' to ghosts, this can deplete HIM of substance if he uses his powers too much (GM determined). He may find himself fading, unable to affect the world in ways he wants.
Somewhat cowardly - Jimmy remembers dying, the pain of it, the terribleness. He doesn't want to experience that again. He will try to stay on the sidelines of combat as much as possible.
Medium - Jimmy can't stop seeing ghosts and ghostly manifestations. It can be distracting, even frightening, at the worst possible moments.

pl8 120

Str -1
Sta 4
Dex -1
Agi 0
Fgt 0
Awe 4
Int 3
Pre 2

Tough: 4+6 = 10
Dodge: +6= 6
Parry: +6= 6
Will: 4+4 = 8 [4pp]
Fort: 4+4 = 8 [4pp]

Advantages [6pp]: Luck(Rerolls) 2, Ritualist, Skill Mastery - Occult, Favored Foes(Spirits) 2 {+4 to Deception, Intimidation, Insight, Perception vs. Spirits}
from powers: Beginner's luck [Dedicated Pool 4], Uncanny Dodge, Evasion 2, Second Chance (Will vs. Mental Afflictions)

Skills [15pp]: Expertise-Occlult 8 (+11), Investigate 3(+6), Technology 1(+4), Perception 4(+8), Insight 4(+8), Persuasion 2[+2 free from PRE](+6), Deception 4(+6), Intimidation 4(+6)

Ghostly armor; Protection 6 [6pp]
{Sometimes it appears as an actual suit of ghostly armor that shimmers into existence at the moment of impact, sometimes it's a ghostly arm raising a shield, sometimes it's just a beefy muscled chest that takes the blow meant for him.}

Ghostly defense; Enhanced Dodge 6, Enhanced Parry 6 [12pp]
Enhanced Advantages: Uncanny Dodge, Evasion 2 [3pp]
{Hands will buffet him out of the way of incoming blows or voices in his head will tell him to duck at just the right moment.}

All the Speech of the dead; Comprehend Languages (Understand, Speak(one at a time), Read) pr 3 [6pp]
{Jimmy can get realtime translations of just about anything. Even exotic or alien languages can be pieced together by dead linguistics masters}

Skills of the Dead; Beginner's Luck, Lucky skills 4 {Luck/HP only useful for powering Beginner's Luck} [5pp]
{Jimmy allows himself to be possessed by a craftsman or tradesman or other person best suited for the task at hand, lending their knowledge to his.}

Medium; Comprehend Spirits (Understand, Speak) pr 2 [4pp]
Senses of the Dead; Spirit Awareness, [1pp]
Vision Gains Dimensional (Spirit Realm) [1pp]
{Jimmy sees and interacts with ghosts and spirits.}

Twin mind; Second Chance (Will vs. Mental Afflictions) [1pp]
{Jimmy's twin inhabits his mind and can snap him back to his senses if he's afflicted by external influences.}

Spirit lifted; Flight, Limited - Up and Down[1pp]
{Ghostly hands can carry Jimmy up or lower him down or keep him hovered in one place.}

Spirits Aid Me Array; [25pp+5AE]
Base: Spirit Rush; Affliction, Range - Perception, (Resist by Dodge, Overcome by Strength, Impair & Vuln, Disable & Defenseless) Limited Scope, Extra Condition, Subtle (Spirit Senses) pr 8
{Spirits barrage an individual clinging everso slightly with ghostly hands, the sheer volume of them can affect a person's coordination.}
AE: Spirit Combattant;
* Damage 4, Multiattack 4, Affects Insubstantial 2, Penetrating 2, Improved Critical 2, Variable damage type (Slashing/Piercing/Bludgeoning)
* Enhanced Skill Close Combat (spirit weapon) 12
* Enhanced Advantage Power Attack, Precise (Close, Cover/Concealment), Fearless
{Jimmy allows himself to be possessed by a spirit warrior who manifests a weapon to strike at foes, +12 to hit, DC19 Toughness [18-20, penetrating 2]. This is a last resort if he cannot avoid combat.}
AE: Possession; Affliction, Range - Perception, (Resist by Will, Dazed, Compelled, Controlled), Cumulative, Insidious pr 6
{Jimmy asks Timmy to take over a person. The target doesn't realize it and doesn't remember it afterwards}
AE: Spirit Minions; Move Object 5, Perception Range, Damaging, Feat: Precise, Subtle, Split attack 3,
{Jimmy mentally asks a spirit (or several) to accomplish some physical task and feeds it(them) enough Substance to accomplish this.}
AE: Grant Substance; Healing, Others Only, Restorative, Affects Objects Also, PR 7, Stabilize, Persistent, Extended Reach 2
{Jimmy discovered that the same ephemeral energy that he grants to spirits to let them manifest can be channelled into living beings and even broken objects to let them heal or repair. Jimmy shimmers with insolidity when he uses this ability.}
Ae: Aeronaut (Ghost Horse);
*Flight 4, Affects Other, linked
*Permeate 3, Affects Other, Linked
*Immunity Suffocation, Affects Other
(Complication - The two must be adjacent, front and back, as they would riding a horse)
{Jimmy had made fast friends with an old horse of the estates where he grew up. The horse, Aeronaut, was a thoroughbred and used to race professionally. The estate's master seemed to neglect the horse but young Jimmy would bring him soft apples and lumps of sugar. But as is the way of things the horse passed on. Young Jimmy was crestfallen but life went on and Aeronaut, special as he was, passed out of thought, at least until the floodgates From Beyond opened. The horse spirit, Aeronaut, seems to respond to Jimmy's mental call, it Gallops through the air and even takes Jimmy and one other passenger, partly into the spirit world to pass through otherwise solid objects. Aeronaut maintains a Galloping speed of 30MPH (500f/move).}

Spirit Rush, Perception, DC 18 Dodge , Affliction, Subtle
Spirit Combatant, +12 to hit, DC19 Toughness [18-20, penetrating 2, Multiattack]
Possession, Perception-Range DC 16 Will or Affliction, Cumulative, Insidious
Spirit Minions, Perception-Range DC20 Toughness, or DC (d20+5) Trip, Disarm, Grapple, Split 3, Precise, Subtle

Attribute 22 + saves 8 +Advantages 5 + Skills 15 + Powers 70 = 120
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

Post by Zero Prime »

Jaguar, aka, Tomas Javier Almeida


Jaguar - PL 8

Abilities: 16 + 16 + 12 + 0 + 16 + 0 + 4 + 4 = 68pp
STR: 8
STA: 8
AGI: 6
DEX: 0
FGT: 8
INT: 0
AWE: 2
PRE: 2

Defenses: 2 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 6 = 8 pp
Dodge: 8 (6 AGL + 2)
Parry: 8 (8 FGT)
Fort: 8 (8 STA)
Tou: 8 (8 STA)
Will: 8 (2 AWE + 6)

Advantages: 8pp
Agile Feint
Fast Grab
Improved Grab
Improved Hold
Improved Initiative 1
Language 1 (Spanish, Portuguese)
Power Attack
Skill Mastery (Acrobatics)

Bio Chemical Stamina & Endurance
Great Endurance

Warrior Spirit
Uncanny Dodge

Skills: 46 Ranks = 23pp
Acrobatics: 9 (+15)
Athletics: 2 (+10)
Deception: 4 [6 w/PRE bonus] (+8)
Expertise: Streetwise: 8 (+8)
Insight: 6 (+8)
Investigation: 5 (+5)
Perception: 6 (+8)
Persuasion: 6 (+8)

Powers: 2 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 13pp
Bio Chemical Stamina & Endurance (Chemical, Biological)
Immunity 2 (Disease, Poison; Advantages: Great Endurance; Flaw: Half Effect) [2pp]
Bio Chemical Strength & Power (Chemical, Biological)
Damage 2 (STR-based, Advantages: Improved Critical (BCS&P); Flaw: Inaccurate) [2pp]
AE: Speed 2 [1pp]
Warrior Senses (Mystical, Spiritual)
Senses 3 (Danger Sense (Mental; Radius, Ranged; Advantages: Fearless, Uncanny Dodge)) [5pp]
Strength Effects
Aggressive Strike Combination (Training, Skill)
Affliction 8 (Dazed, Vulnerable; Stunned, Defenseless; Resisted by FORT (STR AE, Extra: Extra Condition; Flaw: Limited Degree) [1pp]
Crushing Submission Lock (Training, Skill)
Weaken Toughness 8 (Resisted by FORT (STR AE, Extra: Secondary Effect; Flaw: Grab-based) [1pp]
Punishing Submission Lock (Training, Skill)
Affliction 8 (Impaired, Fatigued; Disabled, Exhausted; Incapacitated; Resisted by WILL (STR AE, Extra: Extra Condition; Flaw: Grab-based) [1pp]

Power Points:
Abilities 68pp + Defenses 8pp + Advantages 8pp + Skills 23pp + Powers 13pp = 120pp

Initiative +10
Grab +8 (DC 18) Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Power Attack
Throw +0 (DC 23)
Unarmed +8 (DC 23) Fast Grab, Power Attack
Bio Chemical Strength & Power + 8 (DC 25) Fast Grab, Improved Critical, Power Attack
Aggressive Strike Combination +8 (Fort DC 18, Dazed, Vulnerable; Stunned, Defenseless) Fast Grab, Power Attack
Crushing Submission Lock +8 (Fort DC 18, Secondary Effect, Grab-based) Power Attack
Punishing Submission Lock +8 (Will DC 18, Impaired, Fatigued; Disabled, Exhausted; Incapacitated, Grab-based) Power Attack


Honor: Tomas learned of his ancestry at a young age, and the warrior roots of both his Iroquois heritage and his Aztec blood captured his imagination. As he grew older he gravitated to the combat arts, boxing, jiu-jitsu, and muay thai, idolizing the warrior cultures of his birth. He drew the attention of Thomas Fireheart, a retired wrestler who ran a gym in his home neighborhood of East Harlem, Fireheart had wrestled the local circuit under the name Puma, and had long been a hero of the young Tomas.

Identity: Tomas Javier Almeida is a young latino of mixed heritage, his mother is of Native American descent, having grown up on the Akwesasne reservation in Franklin County, while his father was a Mexican immigrant who owned and operated a garage in East Harlem.

Motivation: Responsibility: Those who follow the path of the Lucha, or free fight, are passionate athletes and warriors who strive for excellence above all else, willing to risk their health, and their careers for the perfection of their craft and the roar of the crowd. The Jaguar is a well-known technico, or technical fighter, a good guy, in New York's East Harlem, he has, to date, acted with respect and sportsmanship for his fellow luchador's. In his role as Jaguar, he holds himself to a higher standard, his fan base regards him as a role model, a hero to whom they look up to, and out of respect for his fans, he aspires to be the hero that they believe him to be.



Background: Tomas Javier Almeida was born in East Harlem to Cesar Octavio Almeida and his wife, Summer. Cesar owned a small Auto Shop in the neighborhood, and his wife worked as a Personal Support Worker, for a small Home Health Care firm. In fact, it was in her job as a PSW
where she first met Cesar, caring for his mother, who suffered from pancreatic cancer. Cesar was hard working man, who had emigrated from Mexico, and Summer, who had grown up in the poverty of the Akwesasne Reserve appreciated the Almeida's work ethic, especially amid the poverty of East Harlem. Romance bloomed after Cesar assisted Summer with her car on late summer evening, she maintained contact with the family even after the passing of Cesar's mother.

Tomas grew up in a loving home, learning of his Mexican heritage from his ailing grandfather, Javier, and to many stories of the reserve from his mother, and her Uncle Wisakedjak, whom he always just called Jack. There were many issues with the area, that Tomas had to be sheltered from by his loving parents, the high unemployment rate led to soaring homelessness, drug abuse, gang violence and other such social challenges. In fact at the age of eleven, one of his closest friends, Sabino, was the victim of a drive by shooting, wherein Tomas himself was shot. The case was handled by an Irish beat cop, named James Ryan. The officer, now a Detective, took a special interest in Tomas, and during his recovery he introduced him to boxing, even going so far as to find the youth a gym in the neighborhood.

When he was fifteen he had already entered several bouts, enamored of the mental and physical conditioning and endurance required in the ring,
he pursued further instruction in the combative arts. As a child, he had watched many wrestling matches with his grandfather, and his father, the luchadors and their masks always entertained him. The legends like El Santo, the Blue Demon and Mil Máscaras were larger than life and became personal heroes to the young boy, if only because ofthe passion that his grandfather had for them and their craft. At the gym, he met Thomas Fireheart, a promoter for a local underground wrestling circuit, and he encouraged the young Tomas to continue his training, going so far as to find him trainers for both brazilian jiu-jitsu, and muay thai. Over the course of the next two years, Tomas continued under Fireheart's tutelage, continuing his boxing and becoming more versatile as a fighter, until finally he convinced the young man to begin training with his stable of fighters in the Underground Wrestling Circuit, or UWC which was hugely popular among the latino population of East Harlem.

At nineteen years old, against the protestations of his parents, he crafted the Jaguar persona with Fireheart, and after donning a cat like mask, he entered the squared circle for his first lucha. Accompanied to the ring by his promoter, Fireheart, who had wrestled as a rudos, or brawler, named Puma years ago, he drew a fair amount of heat from the crowd. However, with his technical skills, his outrageous style, and his passion for the sport, he not only defeated his opponent, he began to carve out a name for himself, and win over the crowd. His combination of striking, grappling, and acrobatic high flying moves earned him the label of technicos, a technical fighter, a good guy. His parents never understood his passion for the craft, and when he would come home with injuries they grew increasingly concerned. However, he continued with his education, eventually enrolling in City College of New York for both drama and business management. As such his parents grudgingly accepted his lifestyle, his persona as Jaguar, and his dedication to both Fireheart and the UWC.

Over the next few years, he continued to grow his character, the Jaguar, and through his technical prowess, his risky high flying maneuvers, and his charismatic and passionate promo's earning a loyal fan base. Javier, learned of his grandson's career, and despite his weakened state, begged his son, Tomas' father, to take him to one of his grandson's matches. He even met Tomas in the locker room, reminding him that the jaguar was revered by their ancestors, and that once he allowed that spirit into his heart, he needed to be fearless. That match, just happened to be for the Championship, currently held by Victor Creed. aka Sabertooth. It was a match of epic proportions, Victor was savagely brutal, the perfect rudos, whereas Tomas was stoically defending the brutal onslaught, however, partway through the match, the ailing Javier clutched his chest, and collapsed. Concerned for his father's well being, he rushed to his aid, and it was at that point that Victor went off script, and jealous of the newcomer's status, delivered a particularly vicious assault with a chair, and then drove the stunned Javier through the announcers table, before preceding to repeatedly bomb Jaguar against the ring post.

This brutal assault fractured several of Tomas' vertebrae, effectively ending his career. As hard as the news hit him, it was a visit from his stone faced father that nearly shattered his spirit. His grandfather had finally succumbed to his illness, and had passed away, and from his father's countenance he blamed Tomas for his grandfathers death. Despite the stern disapproval, he attended his grandfather's funeral, Fireheart pushing his wheelchair. He received consolatory glances from his mother throughout the service, but his father didn't speak to his son, and stoically ignored Fireheart's presence. Tomas was the last to leave the graveyard, the Jaguar's mask lay on Javier's headstone. He would never wrestle again.

Tomas' father blamed him for his own father's death, theorizing that had he not been at the match, he wouldn't have suffered a heart attack. This drove a rift between father and son, separating Tomas from the love, comfort, and support he had come to expect from his family. Fireheart had connections throughout the wrestling circuit, gangs, crime, and even prisons. It came to his attention that the scientist responsible for Project Rebirth, a Dr. Reinstein, had fled prosecution in the United States, relocation his clinic in Argentina. Some further digging revealed that the project had never really died, and the clinic was now operating under the banner of Scylla Pharmaceutical Group, who had developed a procedure which replicated Reinstein's success and supplemented that with combat enhancers procured from IGH.

Fireheart managed to convince Tomas that Scylla would be able to assist in his recovery and rehabilitation, and while doubtful, he conceded to the procedure, largely due to the pain he felt at his father's abandonment. Over the course of weeks, he received a debilitating battery of surgical procedures, targeting his spinal column, and nerve damage. Amazingly, Tomas was, after the initial procedure, able to walk unassisted, and yet the procedures continued, blood, bone, and tissue transplants and grafts. In time, he regained even his peak conditioning, grateful for this second chance, this opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of his family, he never questioned where the funding for these procedures would come from, or how he would be expected to repay the Scylla Group.
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

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Crunchy stuff
Shadowbourne and Zero Prime please add a detail breakdown of point cost with your powers similar to Flynnarrel.

Zero Prime w/o a background to see I'm just suggesting switch Danger Sense from mental to hearing to fit the bio-enhanced gig Jaguar has going.

Flynnarrel, I almost put a limit on Arrays in the Houserules but decided to look at each individually. I'll take a closer look over the weekend. Suggestion, maybe focus on channeling personal ancestors at first and growing into being able to channel others at a higher PL? No clue how that might effect the build but it would follow the concept of characters growing during each Phase (story arc)
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

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Flynnarrel wrote: Sat Jun 24, 2017 12:23 am Gateway.
He is almost the British Brother Voodoo. :)
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

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Edit: Maybe next time!
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

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Red Nova
PL 8

"Alright scumbag. Which do you want first, the insult or the injury?"

Strength 3/8, Stamina 3/8, Agility 1/6, Dexterity 0, Fighting 5, Intellect 0, Awareness 0, Presence 0

Close Attack 3, Equipment 2

Acrobatics 1 (+7), Athletics 2 (+10), Expertise [Law Enforcement] 4 (+4), Expertise [Streetwise] 3 (+3), Insight 2 (+2), Intimidation 1 (+1/+13), Investigation 2 (+2), Perception 5 (+5), Ranged Combat (Firearms) 4 (+4), Stealth 1 (+7), Vehicles 1 (+1)

Extremis Enhancements
-- Concentrated Exothermic Aura (Damage 7)(Extras: Reaction +3, Alternate Effect 2)(30pp)
--- Molten Touch (Weaken Toughness 8)(Extras: Affects Objects +1, Linked to damage) + Damage 8 (AE)
--- Molten Visage (Damage 4)(Extras: Linked to Enhanced Skills, Linked to Environmental Control, Reaction +3) + (Enhanced Skills 6 [Intimidation 12]) + (Environmental Control 3 [Extreme Heat 1, Light 1)(Flaws: Quirk [Full Power])(AE)

-- Genetic Upgrades (Enhanced Abilities [Strength 5, Stamina 5, Agility 5])(30pp)

-- Regrowth (Regeneration 5)(5pp)

Glock 17 (Ranged Damage 3)(6ep)
- Pepper Spray (1ep)
- Stun Gun (1ep)

Handcuffs (1ep)
Heat-resistant Costume (1ep)

Initiative +6
Unarmed +8 (DC 23)
Exothermic Aura (Reaction Damage, DC 22)
Blazing Touch +8 (Weaken, Fort DC 18)+ (Damage, DC 23)
Glock 17 +4 (Ranged Damage, DC 17)
Pepper Spray +8 (Visual Dazzle, Will DC 14)
Stun Gun +8 (Affliction, Fort DC 15)

Dodge: Agl 8 + Base 2 = 8
Fort: Sta 8 + Base 2 = 10
Parry: Fgt 5 + Base 3 = 8
Toughness: Sta 8 = 8
Will: Base 6  = 6

Costs: Abilities 24 + Advantages 5 + Skills 13 (26pp) + Powers 65 + Defences 13 = 120pp

Motivation (Protect and serve): Although she's no longer a cop, Caitlin still caries many of the ideals. She firmly believes in the law, and while she's not so naive as to be under the illusion that the system is perfect, she's quite certain that it's better then the alternatives.

Quirk (Explosive temper): Caitlin's natural irascibility has always been an issue for her, but the addition of the extremis virus to the equation has made it a potentially catastrophic one. Although her extremis is generally fairly stable, she finds it difficult to control her exothermic reaction when she's genuinely pissed.

Quirk (Heat signature): Owing to the extremis that riddles her body, Caitlin's body heat signature is significantly higher then an average person's. This makes her easily identifiable to anyone or anything capable of thermovision.

Relationship (James Ryan): Cait's father, and a homicide detective with the NYPD. A brash, no-nonsense sort of man, but possessed of a gruff charm that makes him quite likable. In many ways he's Cait's mentor, and she idolizes him. The two are very close.

Complication (On the index):

Hatred (ETs): After very nearly losing her life in the Chitauri attack on New York, Caitlin developed a strong case of xenophobia when it comes to beings of an extraterrestrial origin.

Name/Codename: Caitlin Ryan/Red Nova
Gender/Age: Female/24
Ethnicity/Nationality: Caucasian/American
Profession: Hero

Born in Brooklyn and raised in the rowdy, loving atmosphere of a big Irish family, Caitlin Ryan was destined to follow in her father's footsteps and become a cop. Growing up she was your stereotypical tomboy, which isn't particularly surprising considering that she was the only girl out of the five Ryan children and right in the middle age-wise. It was a career and lifestyle that James Ryan had no intention of letting his only daughter fall into but when graduation time finally rolled around her only thought was of the NYPD academy, and Cait's mind, once set, was like a solid pillar of granite; it wasn't budging no matter how hard you tried to move it.

A year and a half later, Cadet Ryan had become Probationary Police Officer Ryan. She was only three weeks into her new career when, one day while walking her beat, the sky opened up and death began to rain from above in the form of grotesque alien invaders. She and her partner Travis Scott did what they could to protect the citizens in their reach, but they were woefully outmatched. A Chitauri energy weapon killed him; she was nealy crushed under a pile of debris that had fallen from a building when the Hulk had smashed a few of the alien mauraders through it.

After coming out of a three-month medically-induced coma, the doctors told her she was lucky to be alive. She herself wasn't so sure. Although the falling slab of building had failed to kill her, it had succeded in completely destroying her left leg and shattering her T3, T4, and T5 vertebrae. Her walking days were thoroughly over. Her father did what he could to keep her spirits up, and the department assured her that there would be a comfortable desk job waiting for her when she got out of the hospital. Caitlin found no comfort. As far as she was concerned, life was over.

Then one day, out of the blue, her prayers for some salvation were seemingly answered. She was approached by a man who represented some kind of scientific think-tank, Advanced Idea Mechanics, who told her that they were looking for subjects for a radical new trial. He unequivocally guaranteed that AIM's program could restore her ability to walk; all she had to do in return was sign an NDA and commit to some post-treatment monitoring and maybe provide a testimonial. It was a pitch that would have sounded too good to be true to any but the most desperate; in her emotionally compromised state, Caitlin was easy pickings. She agreed on the spot, and checked herself out of the hospital the next day.

The initial extremis treatment was absolute hell, but it was nothing compared to the prospect of life confined to a wheelchair. Cait endured, but it soon became clear that whatever they'd jacked her full of was no mere medicine. In a fantastically painful fashion her left leg literally regrew itself from the base of its stump. She was able to get up off the table unaided, and was able to walk back to the room they'd prepared for her.

The treatments continued for two weeks. Every day was a fresh hell, but Caitlin's fear of regressing kept her focused forward. AIM had given her what they'd promised, but the extremis had done much more then heal her body. It had made her body better. Stronger, faster, more resilient, and capable of generating and focusing incredible amounts of bioheat. They'd weaponized her.

Turned out they'd done it to a decent number of people in situations similar to her own, mostly former army. Those that survived the treatments either exploded after losing control of their exothermic reactions or took positions working as lapdogs for AIM's founder, often both. Caitlin wasn't much interested in either option, nor was she particularly pleased to have been given 'superpowers' that could potentially kill her and anyone around her. When Aldrich Killian didn't like her response to his offer of employment, he had Maya Hansen sedate her and put her in stasis for later possible use in stabilizing the virus.

Things didn't work out for Killian, though, and several months later he died in a conflict with Iron Man and an extremis-enhanced Pepper Potts. Although AIM as an entity survived its leader's demise most of Killian's more questionable projects were halted, the extremis program included. Most of the discontinued program's resources were allocated elsewhere, but the new top brass at AIM was unsure of what to do with the 'human assets' that remained in stasis. Eventually it was simply decided they'd do nothing, and leave the test subjects on ice indefinitely, housed in a remote facility on an island leased from the Chinese government.

Caitlin would likely still be there in that island holding facility if it hadn't been for a team of SHIELD agents who raided it. They hadn't been aware of the facility's nature, they'd been chasing leads on an organization known as Centipede, but Caitlin and the other subjects were rescued as a result. The others, when revived, proved too unstable; one melted down, and the rest were put back into hibernation until a cure could be found. Only Caitlin's extremis was stable enough to be controlled.

Two years had passed while she'd been in captivity. SHIELD allowed her to contact her family, though they thought it best she stay in quarantine for a time until she proved she was of no danger to the public, and she agreed.
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

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MissRo wrote: Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:59 am Hatred (ETs): After very nearly losing her life in the Chitauri attack on New York, Caitlin developed a strong case of xenophobia when it comes to beings of an extraterrestrial origin.
Whell, that's potentially interesting. ;)
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

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Complications are always fun. :)
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

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StarGuard wrote: Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:16 am Flynnarrel, I almost put a limit on Arrays in the Houserules but decided to look at each individually. I'll take a closer look over the weekend. Suggestion, maybe focus on channeling personal ancestors at first and growing into being able to channel others at a higher PL? No clue how that might effect the build but it would follow the concept of characters growing during each Phase (story arc)
Let me know. I'm open to modifications that make you more comfortable with the character. Feel free to send a PM with questions or clarifications or requests.
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Re: OOC: Marvel Cinema Universe 2.0 [Recruiting]

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The Dark Stalker
"We are all alone until we accept our need for others"

Concept Alien Doctor with dreadlocks
Role Scout / Medic
Name subject PR8D4 ; Most people just call him Doc
Height 7 '0 ft
Weight 205 pounds
Place of Birth Planet X (Groot's home world)

[32 pp]
Strength 0(+2), Stamina 4(+2), Agility 3, Dexterity 2, figthing 1, Intellect 4, Awareness 2, Precence 2

Skills [31 pp]
(2 pp) [str+2] Athletics - [6] -
(3 pp) [Agi+3] Stealth(+2)- [10] -(-1)
(1 pp) [Int+4](Biology) - [6] -
(3 pp) [awa+2]Perception(+2) [10] -
(1 pp) [int+4][Physician] - [6] -
(2 pp) [int+4]Technology, - [8] -
(1 pp) [pre+2]Intimidation[+1] [5]
(2 pp) [agi+3]Acrobatics - [7] -
(2 pp) [int+4]Treatment - [8] -
(2 pp) (pre+2)Deception - [6] -

(4 pp) Ranged , Combat [Web-shooters]
(2 pp) C Combat [Bite]
(2 pp) Ranged , Combat [Shoulder cannon]

*2 Presence = 2 Perception
*2 Dexterity = 2 Stealth

Saves [7 pp]
Toughness [2 pp] (sta+4) [6] Protection 2
Fortitude [2 pp] (sta+4) [6]
Will [5 pp] (awa+3) [8]

[3 pp] (agi+3) Dodge [6]
[5 pp] (ftg+1) Parry [6]
[4 pp] (Dex+2) R, Att ; [6] Web-Shooters
[2 pp] (Str+2) Attack [4] Bite
[2 pp] (Dex+2) R, Att ; [4] Shoulder Cannon

Advantages [11 pp]
Assessment, Prone Fighting , Equipment 8 [Predator mask, shoulder cannon, Cloaking device] Move by attack

Powers [43 pp]

Predator physiology [17 pp]

Feature 1: Quick Change; Alien Form/ Human
Strength Damage +1 (Bite)
Languages 2 [(Hish) Native, English, Wakandan, Spanish, Groot] (Quirk; Noticeable lisp)
Growth 2 (innate)
Protection 2
Enchanched Dodge 3
Enchanched Parry 5

Groot's Prayer; "We are Groot" [11 pp]
Healing 10 (Restorative +1, Resurrection +1, Persistant +1 Flat)
(Flaws; Medium[tree roots] -1 ) (Flaws; Empathic -1, Limited [Healing others] -1

Vertical Maneuvering Device Dynamic array [22 pp] (Flaws; Easily Removable -8) [14 pp]
Snare 6 (Split, Dynamic) 20pp
Movement 3 [Swinging, wall crawling, safe fall] (Dynamic) 8 pp
[Flaw; See complications]

Equipment 29 ep = 5 pp

Predator mask 10 ep
Senses 6 Linked Immunity [Drowning, Suffocation, Radiation]
[Visual] (Extra; Infravision 1r, Tracking 1r),
[Scent] (Extras; Extended 1r, Ranged 1r)
[Radio 1r] (Extra; Communication 1r)
Feature 1: Mask has audio, and visual recording system

Shoulder Mounted; Stun Cannon 11 ep
(Descriptor; Radiation & Electrical based affliction)
Affliction 12 (Hindered/Nausea, Prone/Vomiting) [Ex; Extra Affliction +1,Culminative +1, Ranged +1]
(Flaws; Check Required(Tech) Targeting system -1, Limited Degree (1&2) -1, Limited [Nausea/Vomiting ] to Organic opponents-1 )
(Quirk; (Enemies that have non-visual acute senses ignore Hindered and Prone)

Light Reflecting Cloaking Device [8 ep]
Concealment 8 All Visual; Audio, Ultra Hearing, Radar, Mental (Extras; Affect others +1, Precise +1 flat)
(Flaws; Blending -1, Check required [stealth] -1)

Motivation; five-year mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no mutated man sized lizard has gone before.

Power Loss; The Doc's gas operated Vertical Maneuvering Device runs out of compressed air at the most unfortunate times

Responsibility; Hippocratic oath; Even though he appears to be a alien savage. The Dark stalker is a Doctor bound by the Hippocratic oath to not kill no matter what the circumstances, and he will help out non mortally wounded enemies

Quirk: Cold Blooded; His alien body can't handle colder environments, and he fatigues very quickly

Quirk: A Honorable Hunter; The Doc wont harm a unarmed man, a pregnant woman, or child.

Relationship:[/I] Rocket & Groot; The Dark stalker shares the same home world as Groot, and endured the same brutal experiments Rocket did to achieve his powers. All three escaped Half world together, and parted on good terms, and plan to reunite in a few years

Complication: On the Index


Sent his army to invade the planet for it's valuable mineral resources. The flora colossi fought bravely, but were eventually
defeated. Only one survived and he was named Groot, but he wasn't the lone survivor on the planet he was joined by a handful of
animals. A small and overly aggressive spider, and a abnormally large and friendly lizard. Among them

The animals, and Groot were 'saved' by ravagers who sold them to a research facility on the half world planet. A Facility known
for conducting illegal genetic and cybernetic experiments on lower life forms. The experiments killed all but two of the animal
subjects. V8I9N a surly spider, and PR8D4 a gentle giant of a lizard.

The experiments enhanced the animals intelligence, and other attributes. The spiders which the researchers soon started referring
to as 'Venom' because of his poisonous personality. Displayed increased motor skills, and a innovative knack for combat, and
regenerative abilities. The Lizard was capable of repairing technology, and understanding the complexity of biology, and was called
'Doc' by the researchers.

The duo of the Venom, and Doc, were trained for combat. Learning various tactics, and specializing in a assortment of weapons. Alongside
Groot, and his cellmate a raccoon with a rude attitude named rocket. The researchers of half world planned to auction off the newly trained
mercenaries to the highest bidder, but their plans were foiled when the fearsome foursome escaped. Destroying the research lab in the process.
However Venom was 'killed' during the explosion.

The trio honored their fallen comrade burying him at the foot of a tree, Groot did a prayer 'we are Groot', and the body was covered in a
magnificent wooden casket. The Doc never forgot that prayer, and later after building equipment which enabled him to vertical maneuver around
like a spider he took a small spaceship to explore his old friends home world. A small blue planet named earth. Winding up in Wakanda a few months
later the Doc decides to stay on earth for a while to study the biology of the planet which reminds him of his home world of planet X.

EDIT: Added Venom to the backstory.
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