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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by catsi563 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:52 pm

XP: 1



Strength 0
Stamina 2
Agility 2
Dexterity 2
Fighting 4
Intellect 1
Awareness 3
Presence 2

Deception 6 (+8/+10), Expertise [Criminal] 7 (+8), Insight 6 (+9 ), Perception 6 (+9 ), Persuasion 6 (+8/+10), Ranged Combat [Cold Generation Array] 6 (+8), Stealth 5 (+7)

Attractive, Daze [Persuasion], Defensive Roll 1, Equipment, Fascinate [Deception], Improved Initiative, Power Attack


Ice Armor: Protection 6
Immunity To Cold: Immunity 10 [Cold/Ice Effects]
Infrared Invisibility: Concealment 2 [Infravision]
Ice Walking/Snow Shoes: Movement 4 [Environmental Adaptation (Ice). Trackless (Limited: only on ice/snow), Water-Walking (Limited: only on ice/snow)]
Speed Skating: Speed 4 (Flaw: Limited [Only icy surfaces])
*AE: Ice Sliding (Flight 4 (Flaw: Platform)
Thermal Vision: Senses 1 [Infravision]
Too Cool for the room: (Features 2 (chill food and drink, cool heated objects)

Cold Generation Array:
(Array 20 +7 Alternate Effects)
Ice Blast Ranged Damage 12
Blizzard: Environment 8 [extreme cold, visibility (-5 penalty)] (Extra: Selective)
-Bitter Cold Blast: Ranged Affliction 12 [Fatigued, Exhausted, Incapacitated; resisted by Fortitude]
-CryoKinesis Ranged Affliction 10 [Dazed, Stunned, Transformed [target frozen solid]; resisted by Fortitude] (Extras: Affects Objects, Cumulative)
-Flash Freeze: Ranged Weaken Toughness 12 (Flaw: Affects Objects only)
-Freezing Aura: Cold/Ice Damage 10 (Extra: Reaction [Being touched])
-Ice Slick: Ranged Affliction 12 [Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Prone; resisted by Dodge] (Extras: Area [Burst], Extra Condition); (Flaw: Limited Degree)
-Snowblind: Ranged Affliction 12 [Visually Impaired, Visually Disabled, Visually Unaware; resisted by Dodge/Fortitude] (Extra: Cumulative); (Flaw: Limited [1 sense only (vision)])

Offense: Initiative +6
Melee Attack +4
Ranged Attack +2 // Cold Generation Array Attacks +8

Dodge +8
Parry +8
Toughness +12***/+6*/+5**/+2 [*Costume & Defensive Roll/**Costume/***Ice Armor]
Fortitude +7
Will +7

Costume: Protection 3 (Feat: Feature 1 [Hidden Pockets], Subtle)

Costs: Abilities 32 + Skills 15 + Advantages 7 + Powers 77 + Defenses 19 = 150 pts.

Real Name:
Jennifer Ellsworth
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 107 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue


A Cool Gal: A byproduct of Snowblind’s powers is that her body is a constant 30 degrees cooler than the average person. It is noticeable to any who touch her skin, so Snowblind normally wears long-sleeved shirts and pants to keep it from being noticed, even during summer months. A small use of her powers allow her to keep herself cool underneath all the clothing.

Motivation ~Thrills:
Snowblind loves the excitement of being a super villain.

Snowblind has managed to reconnect with her older brother, Kryogen (a member of VIPER's Dragon Branch).

Don't want to play with the Panda: After her run in with Panda Jen has a distinct fear of the shadow user and her powers, other shadow users give her the creeps.

Background:[/U] Learning that her older brother, Fred, had run away from home because he'd developed ice/cold based powers of his own several years earlier, Jennifer Ellsworth followed his example when she manifested similar abilities. Living on the streets for a while, it didn't take her very long to decide to use those powers to take care of herself. Her minor crime spree caught the attention of Fred, who had become part of VIPER as the super villain Kryogen, and he reached out to her and helped her to set herself up in a decent apartment with a bank account he filled with his criminal earnings.

After a couple of months of living on her brother's money, Jennifer began to feel guilty for not being able to get a legitimate job and secretly missing the thrill of being a super villain she decided to resume her criminal career. Jen was fairly successful at her returned career only suffering a minor setback here and there at the hands of the Supers she faced. She found as she trained herself in her powers use she could hold her own against the teenage heroes of the Albright institute, and even managed to out run a couple of the Freedom leaguers, yeah that was a close one but I don't think Johnny Rocket saw that ice slick in time :lol:

It was around this time that she got cocky. Shed just managed to pull a jewelry heist right out from under the new Ravens nose--gawd those tights made him too hunkalicious to resist :oops: -- when she was hired by an unknown party to break into the Think tank owned by the Heroines Vindicator, seems one of her former employees wanted the multimillion dollar enterprise all to himself and was offering serious scratch to anyone who could get him certain records hidden behind the vanished and presumed dead heroines layers of cyber security.

So she and a couple low rent villains got into the building housing the computers, a couple of security guardcicles later--don't look at me like that all theyd need is some soup and hot chocolate :P -- and they were in. that's when the crap hit the fan.

See it seems Vindicator was friends with this chick Panda, and she had recently joined forces with the Champions out of Bay City. And it seems that Panda had something going on with this Foreshadow guy and well you can guess the rest. Foreshadow just plain outmaneuvered the three villains making all three of them look like amatuers and Panda--shudder yeah I'm scared of the dark you would be too if you saw what I saw in that chicks eyes--well between the two of them all three villains ended up in jail.

And there she sat stewing in a Mark 2 Power dampening collar, extra uncomfortable in the heat, and avoiding gang fights in the common area. So whats this about someone wanting to see me about a job?

:arrow: Tman may recognize this young lady all grown up now.

Snowblinds build hasn't changed much save a few newer tricks and shes a bit stronger then when she started. Her Brothers still out there and could cause trouble for her.
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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by Tattooedman » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:52 pm

Plan b wrote:
Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:40 pm
Are we starting incarcerated, or are bribed/blackmail or otherwised coerced?

Either way thinking of building a max using powerhouse.

Starting off already in jail.
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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by Flynnarrel » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:56 pm

Ever since I read about an external procedure that can alter one's morality ( I wanted to explore a super-criminal having this happen to them by a well-meaning criminal-psychologist. The criminal-team on probation is the perfect venue for this. I've always wanted to see how her story would play to completion. I've also been fascinated by the nature of duality and the idea that the original psycho personality is in there and watching this do-gooder in horror. Will she earn redemption? Will some villain find away to cause the original to resurface or pull it out entirely to a separate being prompting a fight like in that Superman movie we all pretend doesn't exist? Who knows?

Her parents having died in one of the many super-powered fights that occurred in and around Freedom city Margaret Francis Kane was orphan and ward of the courts, in and out of the system and foster homes and generally harboring a growing hatred for the world from an early age.

Her mutant powers* emerged when her petty criminal boyfriend, just having robbed a convenience store in order to impress one of the city's many criminal gangs, and driving recklessly to avoid capture by the cops, wrapped his car around a telephone pole. Though her boyfriend was killed a vaguely reddish-blue force seemed to surround Margaret keeping the jagged metal and broken glass off of her. She fled the scene, finding that she could take to the air on broken parts of the engine block, and finding that bullets mostly bounced off the shield surrounding her.

(* At least, Maggie always assumes they are mutant powers. In truth, they may have a connection to a single session she had with a court-mandated therapist after being picked up for a misdemeanor. The therapist asked her what she wanted most in life and she responded 'enough power to get respect and do what she wanted'. This could have been Mr. Infamy.)

She resented the big gangs as much as the cops and avoided recruitment attempts, keeping to small gangs of rougher and rougher people, lending her powers to more and more daring heists. She enjoyed the terror in her victims' eyes almost as much as tearing vault doors off their hinges and killing alarm systems. She took the name 'Violet' after the color that her powers manifest as, and how similar it sounded to 'Violent'.

Eventually she was caught and locked away in a facility for powered criminals. A psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Harris, armed with a Trancranial Magnetic Stimulator and... result-driven ethics, discovered that he could tamper with the magnified magnetic fields of Margaret's mind. Over several months he reversed the polaric pathways of her brain and found her becoming less violent and less anti-establishment driven. A previously lazy ethic became hard-working and driven. She discovered remorse and asked for the chance to work *with* the law enforcement as 'Magenta' - an eager to be helpful reformed "honest" member of society.

The woman that she is today is cheerful and eager with an almost too-wide smile that, when she's gone too long between treatments, starts to crack around the edges. She's been studying psychiatric nursing to be able to help others as she's been helped.


Just after her arrest.

Today, after months of successful treatments.


Attributes: [10pp]
STR -1

Defenses: [28pp]
Toughness 2STA+8Forcefield=10

Dodge 2+6pp + 2shield = 10
Parry 6pp+ 2shield = 8
Fort 2STA+8pp = 10
Will 2AWE+8pp = 10

Advantages [6pp]: Improved Initiative, Equipment 1, Move by Action, Attractive, Task Focus(Disabling w/Technology skill) 2
from powers: Evasion 1, Second Chance (will vs. Mental Afflictions)

Equipment: Thermal-Mylar suit (Quick Change, immunity Environmental Cold/Heat, Rebeather, Commlink) 5ep
{This light-weight suit fits in a belt-pack and she can use her powers to slither it over any outside clothes in an instant.}

Combat(2/1) [4pp]
Ranged (Magnetic Array) 8,

non-combat(3/1) [20pp]
Deception 9 (+9/11), Persuasion 6 (+6/8), Perception 9(+11), Insight 9(+11), Technology 3(+3/+8 disabling), Stealth 6(+8), Investigation 6(+6), Expertise[Criminal]3(+3), Expertise[Streetwise] 3(+3), Treatment 6(+6)


Detect Metal (Mental), Ranged, Acute (one sense), Accurate(one sense), Radius, Extended, Quirk - only ferrous metals. Awareness (electro-magnetic force) [7pp]
{Maggie senses metals in the world around her through walls or the ground or whatnot. Further, she can detect when things put off an EM field (certain electronics, etc.) though with less pinpoint precision as her metal sense.}

Flight 6, [12pp]

Ionic Forcefield, Protection 8[8pp]
{At her command, a cloud of ionized particles are tethered within an inch of her skin. They intercept incoming attacks and though some are near-microscopic, the sheer volume can minimize blows.}

Dancing Metal Shields; Dodge 2, Parry 2, Evasion 1 [5]

Mental instability: Second Chance - Will vs. Afflictions with Mental Descriptor [1pp]
{The extra voice inside Maggie's head gets even more insistent when she's threatened with Mind Control of Mental Stunning, etc.}

Magnetic Control: Move Object, Area-Burst, Selective, Range- Perception, Limited - Magnetic objects, Feats: Subtle, Precise PR 10 [42pp + 7AEs]
AE: Extension of my Iron Will; Move Object, Range - Perception, Damaging, Subtle, Precise pr 10
{Magenta surrounds a single target with metal through which she can manipulate it directly.}
AE: Shrapnel Storm: Blast, Multiattack, pr 12, Precise (Ranged, Cover/Concealment), Indirect 4
AE: Transcranial Magnetic Scramble: Affliction, Area - Cone (Resist by Will, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Progressive, Reversible, Subtle (Magnetic senses), PR 10
AE: Metal Sculpture: Create Object (Metal), Movable, Continuous, Precise, innate pr 10
AE: Metallic ensnare: Affliction, Ranged, Cumulative, Extra Condition 2, Limited Degree (Resist by Dodge/Overcome by STR, Hindered & Vulnerable & Impaired, Immobile & Defenseless & Disabled), Homing 2, pr 12
AE: Reshape Metal: Transform Metal to differently shaped Metal, Perception, Continuous, Distracting, Precise, Innate, pr 10
AP: Focused EMP: Nullify (Electronics), Affect Objects Only, Broad, Area Burst, Selective, Simultaneous, Range-Close, Precise, Innate, PR 10

Initiative +6
Unarmed +0 to hit, DC 14 Toughness
Magnetic Control, Selective Area Burst - Disarm, Trip, Grapple Metallic objects DC20
Extension of Iron Will, Single target, DC25 Toughness, Perception, Can Grab, Trip, Disarm, Subtle, Precise
Shrapnel Storm +8 to Hit, Multiattack DC 27 Toughness, Indirect 4, Precise Range/Cover, Range/Concealment
Scramble, Area Cone, Dodge DC20, or Will DC 20 or 15 Affliction, Progressive
Create Drop +8 to hit, Dodge DC20 negates, DC 25 Toughness, Movable
Create Trap +8 to hit, Dodge DC20 escape, Movable
Ensnare +8 to Hit, Dodge DC22 Affliction, Homing 2

Attributes 10 + Defenses 28 + Advantages 6 + Skills 24 + Powers 82 = 150

Reputation - Some people remember her deeds as Violet. Overcoming those prejudice's may be too much to bear. Many may assume she's elaborately faking, unable to fathom how a psycho can turn such a drastic new leaf.

Recognizable - Although MUCH more readily identifiable in her mylar suit, the criminal justice system did nothing to preserve any semblance of privacy surrounding her publicized trial. Even without being suited up she may be recognized.

Treatments - Margaret needs weekly, if not daily (if under stress) sessions in the TMS machine.

Dr. Paul Harris - Margaret thinks the best of Dr. Harris but who knows what his full agenda might be.

Power Origins - In the GM wants, Maggie's powers could be a result of a deal with Mr. Infamy. How might the cosmic wish-granter feel about one of his wishes being 'corrupted' to turn a mortal to committing good deeds?

Violet - there is still that needling dark voice of Violet in her head. It could distract her at key times.

Needs metal - her Flight and many of her powers require metal in the environment. Magenta's law-abiding nature make her hesitant to use Traffic signs and fire hydrants and otherwise cause destruction of private or city property. If she does use any environmental metal, she'll try to put it back at the end of it's use.
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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by MacynSnow » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:04 am

Tattooedman wrote:
Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:25 pm
1) Sorry, it's 3E.
2) As for posting I'd like to try for every couple of days. My own schedule can be a bit difficult to manage sometimes so I understand.
1) OK,then it'll take me 'till 'bout Saturday to convert one of their stats to 3e,and i might not even be right fair warning......
2) cool,thanks! :)

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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by EpicEclipse » Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:28 am

Slight alteration to the concept am going with in the interest of not using really mechanically complex power builds.

The character is more of a black cat, bringing bad luck by touch, driven to villainy due to her powers making her a pariah. Niche-wise will be something of a light meleeist like a martial artist.

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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by Prof Weird » Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:44 am

Putting this character into the ring, because I suspect she might need a looking over - she's a Power Mimic plus some Octopus powers.
Still working on background and such.

Amanita, PL10/150 pp

Abilities 40 + Advantages 24 + Skills 15 + Saves 18 + Powers 53 = 150/150

Abilities : STR 2 STA 2 AGL 2 DEX 2 FGT 8 INT 1 AWE 2 PRE 1 [ 40 pp]

Advantages [ 24 pp] : Assessment, Beginner's Luck, Improved Initiative, Uncanny Dodge, Hide In Plain Sight, Ranged Atk 5, Equipment 7, Power Atk, Accurate Atk, Move By Atk, Language 1 (English; Japanese base)*, Defensive Roll 2, Skill Mastery 1 (Stealth)

Skills (3 sp/pp) : Acrobatics 4 (+6), Athletics 4 (+6), Insight 3 (+7), Perception 5 (+7), Deception 8 (+9), Expertise 5 (Criminal, +6), Stealth 7 (+9), [ 12 pp]

Skills (2 sp/pp) : Ranged Combat 6 (Blaster Rifle, +13) [ 3 pp]

Saves : Dodge +6 Parry +0 Fort +6 Will +6 [ 18 pp]
(Final Scores : Dodge +8* Parry +8* Fort +8* Will +8* Tou +2/4*)

* depending on what powers she's mimicking.

Offense (base) :
Unarmed : +2* damage, +8* to hit
Melee : 2+weapon*, +8* to hit
Ranged : * damage, +7* to hit
* depending on what powers she's mimicking

Blaster Rifle : +7 damage, +13 to hit

Powers :

Detect Powers (Detect Powers, Ranged, Acute, Analytical; Noticeable) [ 4 pp]
  • AP : Comprehend Languages (Speak, Understand; Sustained) Quirk - only in person (does not work over the phone, radio, etc).
Contact Mimicry Variable 8 (40 pp for duplicating a subject's traits ; Limit : Touch range -2; Limited to one subject) [ 32 pp]
Training Powers : Speed 1, Leaping 2 (Acrobatics check req'd, DC11) [ 2 pp]
Mimic octopus powers [ 15 pp]
Immunity 2 (Drowning, Pressure)
Swimming 2 (5 mph, or 30'/move action)
Movement : Environmental Adaptation (underwater) [ 2 pp]
Concealment (Normal Vision; Blending, Passive) [ 1 pp]
Insubstantial 1 (Move action -1) [ 8 pp]
  • AP : Elongation 4
    AP : Concussive Strike (STR-based damage 1, Alt Save : Fort vs DC18)
    AP : Wall Crawl 1, Safe Fall
    AP : Enhanced Trait : Sleight +9 (+11), Skill Mastery (Sleight)
Equipment :
Combat Baton (STR-based Damage 2, Improved Smash, Improved Disarm)
Weaponry Array [21 ep]:
Blaster Rifle (+7 Ranged Damage); Extended Range, Targeting Scope
  • AP : Fragmentation Grenade (Ranged Burst Damage 5)
    AP : Glue Strings (Ranged Cloud Area Snare 4)
    AP : Concussion Grenade (Ranged Burst Area Affliction 8 [Dazed, Stunned])
    AP : Smoke Bombs (Ranged Cloud Area Concealment Atk 4)
    AP : Flash Bangs (Ranged Burst Area Dazzle 4 (visual+auditory)

Yacht, with Hidden Compartments [10 ep]

Motivation : Greed - utterly despises being poor and desperate. Life dealt her a bad hand, so she's just returning the favor !
Motivation : Thrills - she was originally designed to deal with superpowered threats, and some of that drive still exists. So far, she's been able to focus on staying under the radar, but some of those metas look like they'd be a worthy test of her powers ! Or just someone fun to beat the snot out of - she'd be fine with it either way.
Complication : Power loss - cannot mimic Device-based powers.
Weakness : takes on weaknesses and vulnerabilities of copied subject.

Background :
Back in 1985, an overworked researcher 'knew' that at the turn of the millenium, all of those superpowered beings starting to litter the place would unite and subjugate the normal people of the world. So he managed to get investors to back his plan to create an Ultimate Weapon - a living being capable of taking down any metapowered threats that arose.

When the year 2000 came and went without a massive superhero uprising, his investors became a bit concerned about what he was spending their money on.

When he was arrested and sent to prison, the various investors tried to recoup some of their funds by selling off what equipment he had, as well as some of his remaining research materials.

Forty eight artificial cell constructs were left in a liquid nitrogen tank (so if something went wrong, he wouldn't have to start all the way back at the beginning to build one). Dr Hanks of Labyrinth liked what Dr Green was attempting, but figured Dr Green didn't have the resources or sheer intellect to make the project work. He knew that he did !!

He was wrong.

Even using the best gene manipulation technology available, installing specific powersets still has rather influential stochastic component determining success or failure (given the fact that adding or manipulating DNA to an already developed person is different than booting up a genomic program from a single cell).

So he ended up with a slightly improved construct - she could copy any trait instead of just powers, but still had to touch the target (rendering the mimic power virtually useless under most situations).

Not wanting to be disposed of (or dissected to see what went 'wrong' with her), Amanita made her escape (no one in the lab thought to look for non-human DNA in her sequences, as Dr Green apparently 'forgot' to write down those late modifications in his records) - she just slipped under a door and made for the ocean.

She began making a living as a pirate, stealing from ships out at sea when their less on guard. She'd been keeping a low profile, not wanting to attract the attention and wrath of other seafaring villains like Trawler II or Devil Ray. She shifted over to the more lucrative smuggling once she earned enough to buy her own ship (amusingly, from a police impound sale. It still had hidden compartments !)

But all good deals come to an end eventually - she got caught and arrested.
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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by MacynSnow » Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:13 am

NAME=Alexander "A-Ry" Riley OCC=Ex-Gangbanger/Super-Villian PL=10/150pnt.
HT=6'2" WT=245Ibs. EYES=Blue HAIR=Brown D.FEATURES=light scaring over upper body


Gas Gun Of The Red Death:
Array=Easily Removable
Eternal Slumber-Affliction+8(Daze/Stun/Incapacitated,Fort resists:Extra-Cumulative+1,Range+1)
Gas Of The Red Death:
Damage+8(Extra-Fort resists+1,Range+1)
Mantle Of The Red Death:
Armored Costume-Protection +4
Mask Of The Red Death-Features+2(Gas mask,rebreather),Senses+2(Darkvision)

Defensive Roll 4 = Improved Initiative 2 = Range Attack 1 = Evasion 2 = Contacts = Quick Draw = Diehard = Startle = Well Informed = Inventor

Athletics+6 Deception+8 Expertise:Chemisrty+6 Expertise:Current Events+8 Expertise:Streetwise+9 Insight+10 Intimidation+10
Investigation+10 Perception+8 Range Cmbat:Gas Pistol+12 Stealth+6 Technology+6 Vehicals+6

Motivation:Masque of The Red Death-Believes like Cecilia that there can ba no true justice so long as the Wealthy can hide behind their money...
Enemies:The Miz-ation - they'd really want to know who's been trying to kill them off.....
Hatred:Mike "The Miz" Mizanin-Despises the Gang leader for trying to kill him.....
Honor:despite his Vendetta against his old gang,Alex refuses to let other's be harmed by his gases(especially the homeless and destitute).That doesn't mean he has a problem with Collateral damage,it just mean's he'll avoid it if he can....

Unarmed +5(Close Damage 2 DC15)
Range +12(Ranged Damage 12 DC 22?)
Eternal Slumber +8(Afflict, Cumulative Fort DC 23)
Gas of the Red Death: Damage +8(Paraytic, Cumulative Fort DC 23)
Initiative +12

Toughness+10/6/2 Dodge+10/15 Fort+8 Parry+10 Will+12 Initiative+12

Alex grew-up in a fairly normal household in Washington DC,the son of a minor Legislater&his personal call girl.Showing a marked intellect at a young age(especially in Chemistry,where he excelled),his mother used her connections to get him a Schollarship for FCU,majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Football(where he played Alternate quarterback/Linebacker).While just a Freshman,he met Both Miz&Maryse at a College mixer.That started his pull into villiany.....

Falling somewhat easily for the charm Miz exhibited,alex became one of the Miz-ations "Head Nerds"(along with fellow Freshman Damian Sandow) and used his remarkable knowledge of chemistry to improve the drug Zoom to the point where even the smallest dose could get you hooked.Apparently seeing something in him,Mike made "A-Ry"(as he was refered to in the crew) his personal assistant and Protoge'.with the money rolling in,Alex thought life was good.Untill it all came crashing down around him due to Mike growing paranoia&Maryse's near constant need for Mike's attention....

For some reason unknown to Alex,Mike had decided to "Take care of" Himself and Damian(who was having second thought's about what he was doing and was slowly talking Alex into leaving the group with him) by having Truth "enlighten" both of them.Alex was the only one to come out of the South River that night,mostly due to his unaturally high pain threshold(which was what got him the football minor in the first place).

Vowing revenge on not just Mike,but also the Entire Miz-ation for what they did to him&his friend,Alex stumbled upon one of the Hideouts of the Second Red Death(Cecelia Rogers),where he collapsed almost right on top of her.Taking upon herself to see to his injures,she helped nurse him back to health,hearing his story in the process.Pointing out to him that people like Mike were the reason society was the way it was&no amount of the law could hold him due to his money,Cecelia managed to convince Alex to take up her old Mantel of The Red Death(as she had realized,even through her insanity,that she was getting on in years and couldn't keep up the "Good Fight" forever)and start the ball rolling with Mike.

Alex has been currently waging a Gureilla War on Mike and his Holdings(Using his knowledge of chemistry to improve The Gas' Duration),but can't seem to catch any of Miz's inner circle.He was finally caught by Foreshadow when he tried to Gas Mike&Maryse when they went to pick up their Kid from The Daycare she was at(while he normally would never do something like that,Alex was starting to get Desperate at that point),so he's currently sitting in jail waiting for his chance to get back out and nail Mike's Skin to the wall....

Before his split with the Miz-ation,Alex was a Varsity Jock with a brain,using what he knew about chemistry to just make money,who cared about some idiot taking it?not his problem.....Now,after the betrayal and talking to Ceclia(whom he consider's a big sister and confidant),he now consider's himself "reborn to avenge those lost to greed and avarice" like his friend Damion(he and the Miz-ation don't know it,but Sandow actually survived his encounter with Truth,having been found and brainwashed by Dr.Sin's Agents),though he can still be the thoughtful,romantic soul he was before he befriended Mike those years ago(it just needs to be found underneath all the bitterness,regret and anger).....
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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by Doctor Malsyn » Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:44 am


Birth Name: David Shah Wavaski
Known Aliases: Dave, Mav
Age: 24
Height: 188.976 cm
Weight: 70 KG
Place of Birth: Houston TX
"I'm the last thing you'll never see. ...Dammit, that didn't even make sense."

With his ashen skin, impressive stature, chiseled features, and slim build, Dave is the very epitome of tall dark and handsome. His eyes are a twin pair of pupiless rose spheres set against black schelra, display a lack of passion and depth befit of normal men. Two locks of smooth black hair frame his features with the rest strung up into a shoulder length ponytail, his face itself devoid of any sign of facial hair.

In contrast to his complexion he wears an immaculate white suit, complimented by a red undershirt and black tie. Tucked up his sleeves is a short straight edge razor, it's handle a dark polished mahogany.

It can be tough for a young man, being forced to look after your baby brother on account of your father opting to take the fast way out. The circumstances really can royally screw over your carefully laid plans for a rich fulfilling life. Especially when you have to drop out of college, move back home, and somehow find a job willing to take in someone completely inexperienced and unqualified for much more then burger flipping.

Even when everything else was tentatively handled however, Dave never made it easy for long with his habit of taking off at the drop of a had out of some selfish sense of rebellion. It was years later that he'd think back and realize just how much trouble he'd put his legal guardian through. While sitting in a cell specifically designed to keep shadows from ever being cast within, he wondered if all this could've been avoided if he had just decided to behave.

Instead, the continuous trouble he'd get into would force his brother Agni to miss work again and again, resulting in terminations from a long string of jobs that piled onto an increasingly useless résumé. It was around his twealth birthday when the one who started vanishing for long stretches of time only to show up with cuts and bruises had switched instead from Dave, to his older brother.

Long nights of absence would slowly give way to days, then weeks, and even on occasion an entire month without a single word. He thought he had learnt through continuous observation the truth behind it all. The reasons for the injuries, the money, the strange men he'd see pass by their home right before they had to pack up and move. The kid imagined he'd have to be an idiot if he couldn't solve the puzzle before him.

In his mind, someway or somehow Agni had gotten involved with the shadier side of life. A bodyguard for some mafioso, a bruiser maybe. Or perhaps, worst of all, he was a killer for hire. No matter how he tried to word it, his brother would dodge questions and continue to act like nothing was wrong, that they were living a perfectly normal life despite having moved three times in a single year alone.

During Agni's longest, and final absence, the reasons for all their moves had become violently evident when the door to their latest apartment had been busted down by men in dark form fitting uniforms. They didn't bother even talking, merely opening fire with blasters the moment they caught sight of him at the kitchen table. Laserfire tore through the walls like tissue paper, and Dave had never felt such fear in his life.

When thhe bright flashing lights had unexpectedly triggered Dave to undergo an epileptic seizure, the raiding party yelled out in shock and surprise
as several of them started falling through the darkened corners of his apartment's floor and walls. Dave himself felt his own body start to fall alongside them, and the place he had arrived was... strange.

He heard screaming in the void as people he accompanied fell through a lightless expanse to places unknown, while he himself felt as if his he'd been dumped into an icy lake. Slowly, his body started to warm, adapting to this new shrouded realm. Then there was a pull, like a hook somewhere behind his naval, and the next time he opened his eyes was to a bright sunny day in the middle of nowhere.

That world, the Shcanttenwelt as he later learned, had embraced him, changed him into it's emissary. Miles from home in a place wholly unknown, Dave decided to follow in the perceived footsteps of his older brother, to use his newfound abilities for his own personal gain.

Years spent in the shadows further shaped and changed the young man, turning him into the killer known to many as Tsalmaveth. A hired blade, well skilled and well versed at slipping in and out before the target knew what hit them. It was a job which taught him to distance himself, to put aside emotion and act without remorse. A very lucrative career as well, something he was well aware of as more money was squirreled away to various dummy accounts.

And then his brother walked back into his life, causing everything to go south quicker then he could've imagined.

It was during a job when a stream light materialized in front of him, the man he had been hired to take out having revealed itself to be nothing more then a replica as the room was lit up. The blurry image before him dimmed, beams of sunlight slowly fading away in order to reveal a man dressed in oranges and reds. The superhero known to him vaguely as Surya. A superhero who removed his mask, to show the tired, dreary eyes of Agni.

Dave could've fought him. He might've even won. Instead he dropped the blade in his hand and fell to his knees, and soon found his wrists cuffed and bound behind his back. There were never any words exchanged between them, not during his arrest and not even during his sentencing. Even then, the message of his disappointment was clear.

Motivation: To change or remain The events surrounding his arrest left Dave in a great deal of shock for a time, as the justification he had used all those years ago was pulled out from under his feat. Everything he had done was entirely of his own making, his own doing. Now he had a chance, to remake his life. To decide on who he really wanted to be. Tentatively turn down the path of a hero, or embrace his roll as a villain.
Never again Whatever he may choose, there's one decision he's set in stone. The people he's killed may not haunt his nightmares, but the guilt he's long burried has surfaced into the light. While he'll still seriously injure and maim those he needs to fight, he now makes an active effort to never drive the knife too deep, refusing to take another life ever again.
Wannabe Smartass He likes to picture himself as clever and cool under pressure, the epitome of suave and formality. While he's sometimes successful and pulling it off, it's not uncommon for his mannerisms to annoy the wrong person and land himself into trouble one way or another.
A tale of two brothers The entire time he thought his brother to be a villain, Agni had instead been playing the part of a hero. As Surya, the photon fueled hero has an array of abilities which both mimic and dissimilate themselves from his own. Dave doesn't know what to think of him as of yet, but it's clear to him that they were bound to cross paths again.
Photosensitive epilepsy While his eyes now grant him perfect vision in darkness, they have also become very sensitive to bright lights. The sunglasses he wears help him to operate on a day to day basis, but when exposed to sufficiently bright and flashing patterns, Dave needs to succeed against a DC 20 Fortitude save or become incapacitated for a number of rounds.
Tall Dark and Handsome: He might be a looker, but that wasn't always a good thing. Especially when the color of your eyes and skin make you seem more akin to an alien or a demon then another human being. For that reason, Dave sticks out when it comes to crowds, unable to hide himself very well.
Abilities: 6+6+12+6+8+0+4+2= 44
Strength 3, Stamina 3, Agility 6, Dexterity 3
Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 1

Advantages 22
Agile feint, Attractive 1, Assessment, Benefit: Ambidexterity, Connected, Contacts, Defensive Roll 5, Fearless, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Crit 1 (Straight Razor), Improved Disarm, Languages 2(Hebrew, Hindi, Spanish), Power Attack, Quick Draw, Skill Mastery: Stealth, Take down, Uncanny Dodge

General Skills 13 (39)
Acrobatics 6(+12), Insight 9 (+10), Perception 9(+10), SoH 6 (+9), Stealth 9 (+15)

Combat Skills 4 (8)
Close Attack: Razor 8 (+12)

Powers 34+6= 40

Born of Shadow 28+2+2+2=34
..Nighteye: Senses 2 (Darkvision) 2
..Inhuman Biology: Immunity 4 (Suffocation, disease, poisons) Limited: Half effect 2
..Shadowstep: Accurate Easy Extended(60 Mi.) (Medium)Shadow Teleport 6(1,800 ft.) , Turnabout 1, Increase Mass 3(400 lbs.) (28)
....Drag-Along: Accurate 4 Attack based Accurate (Medium)Shadow Teleportation 6(1,800 ft.) linked w/ Accurate (Medium)Shadow Teleportation 5(1,800 ft.) 1(28/28
...Submerge: Movement 1 [Dimensional Travel (Shattenwelt)] (Extras: Area [Burst], Attack [resisted by Dodge DC 18], Increased Resistance Rank 7, Perception Range) (28 pp)

Tool of the Trade 6
..Razor Sharp: Penetrating 5 Damage 5, Easily Removable 6

Initiative: +6
Unarmed: +4, DC 18
Drag-Along: +12, DC 16 Dodge
Submerge: DC 18 dodge, 30 Ft. foot burst at Perception range, Transported to the Schanttenwelt
Straight Edge Razor: +12, DC 23, 19-20 crit, Pen 5

Defense 5+7+8+7=27
Dodge 5 (+11), Parry 7 (+11), Fortitude 8 (+11), Toughness 5 (+8), Will 7 (+8)

Power Points
Abilities 44 + Powers 40 + Advantages 22 + Skills 17 (47 ranks) + Defenses 27 = 150
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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by catsi563 » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:07 pm

managed to update Snowblind to full points. if theres a conflict with current iterations of the character let me know ok? ill shift gears as requested
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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by EpicEclipse » Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:17 pm


Name: Felicity Black
Alias: Cat Noir
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 113lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Caucasian
Power Level: 10
Power Points: 150/150
Hero Points: 1
[30]ABI [26]DEF [26]SKI [9]ADV [59]POW

Strength: 1
Stamina: 2
Agility: 4
Dexterity: 0
Fighting: 4
Intellect: 0
Awareness: 4
Presence: 0

Initiative: +4
Unarmed: +10 DC15 Tgh (Bludgeon)

Toughness: + 6 (2+4)
Dodge: +14 (4+6+4)
Parry: +14 (4+6+4)
Fortitude: +8 (2+6)
Will: +12 (4+8)

[26]Skills(69sp, 6c.sp) *3sp/pp except C.C & R.C
Acrobatics 4(+8), Athletics 7(+8), C.C: Unarmed 6(+10), Deception 8(+8/13), Expertise: Burglar 8(+8), Expertise: Security 8(+8), Insight 6(+10), Intimidation 8(+8), Perception 6(+10), Persuasion 8(+8/13), Stealth 6(+10)

[9]Advantages (* = Enhanced)
Attractive 2, Benefit 2 (Burglar: Stealth, Softpaw), Equipment 3, Hide in Plain Sight*, Improved Critical (Karmic Touch) 4*, Improved Smash, Improvised Tools*, Jack-Of-All-Trades*, Luck 5*, Precise Attack 2 (Close Concealment and Cover)*, Skill Mastery (Stealth), Uncanny Dodge*
*Burglar: Use Stealth in place of Technology for the purpose of Security only.
*Softpaw: Use Stealth in place of Sleight of Hand for the purpose of Stealing only.

Flashlight (2; Environment 1, Subtle(Ultraviolet light))
Combat Gloves (1; Strength-Based Damage 1, Variable Descriptor)
Light Pistol (6; Ranged Damage 3)
Zip-tie Restraints (1; Feature 1 (Restraints, DC20, Toughness 5)
Swingline (2; Movement 1)
Stealthsuit (1; +2 Circumstance Stealth bonus in poor lighting)
UV Lenses (1; Senses 1 (Ultravision))

[59] Powers
[19pp] Karmic Touch: Array 14 points, 5 alternate effects
-[14] Affliction 10 (Resisted and overcome by Will; 1st) Impaired & Vulnerable, 2nd) Defenseless & Disabled), Affects Insubstantial 2, Cumulative, Extra Affliction, Insidious, Subtle (visible only to magical senses), Limited Degree, Side Effect * Linked to unarmed attack
*(If affliction fails to affect the target, Cat must attempt the same save herself.)
-[1] AE: Affliction 10 (As above sans Linked)
-[1] AE: Weaken Toughness 10, Affects Objects Only, Insidious, Precise, Slow Fade(1/2 rounds), Subtle (visible only to magical senses) * Linked to unarmed attack
-[1] AE: Weaken Toughness 10 (As above sans Linked)
-[1] AE: Enhanced Extra 10 (Perception Range), Variable Descriptor (Attacks), Quirk (Limited to lower of Attack’s or Extra’s ranks)
-[1] AE: Affliction 10 (Resisted and overcome by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated) * Linked to unarmed attack

[7pp] Defensive Luck: Protection 4, Sustained & Healing 1, Reaction (Damage), Limited (Self only)

[11pp] Lucky Dodge: Enhanced Advantage 3 (Evasion 2, Uncanny Dodge), Enhanced Defenses 8 (Dodge & Parry 4)

[14pp] Lucky: Enhanced Advantage 14 (Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Critical(Karmic Touch) 4, Improvised Tools, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Luck 5*, Precise Attack 2 (Close Concealment and Cover))
*All 5 ranks of Luck are ‘Scene Edit’

[1pp] Lady Luck: Feature 1 (Can manipulate the outcome of games of chance unless another is using this same Feature)

[6pp] Lucky Awareness: Senses 6 (Ranged Mental, Accurate, Acute, Radius, Danger Sense (Mental))
-[1pp] AE: Senses 6 (Detect Clue(Mental), Ranged, Accurate, Acute, Radius)

Motivation(Thrill Seeker): Felicity is an infamous thief due to her known behavior of targeting high profile marks for theft. Between a target of more value or higher risk, she’ll pit her luck against the higher risk every time.

Karmic Backlash: Due to the nature of her powers, Felicity can experience a sudden backlash of karma, beyond that experienced when her karmic aura is resisted. (This could be a string of automatic 1s or actual bad luck things happening to her that may cause failure or injury)

Bad Luck Charm: While Felicity obviously exhibits a certain level of control with her bad luck aura, it is by no means perfect. Bad luck tends to follow in her wake regardless of her intent to cause it. This bad luck doesn’t usually affect her directly, though she certainly may indirectly cause her and those around her problems.

Mysterious Power: Felicity doesn't actually know why or how she got powers. As they are evidently magical in nature, she is obviously not a metahuman, but she has also never studied sorcery in any capacity. While she doesn't tend to dwell on it much and nothing has come forth yet, it doesn't mean nothing ever will.

Felicity Black grew up an orphan. Too young when she lost her parents to really remember them, she floated from foster home to foster home, always feeling out of place, never quite fitting in. Of course, that would be largely in part due to the uncanny bad luck that seems to befall anything she touches.

Ultimately, this led to Felicity becoming something of a pariah, an outcast from those around her, no matter how many orphanages or foster homes she went to. It boiled down to no-one knowing how to handle that bad luck that came with her.

This label as a jinxed child stuck with Felicity and she grew up resenting others, forming a strong self-reliance that led to her crime as a means to provide for herself. It was around this time that she realizes that not only did bad luck happen to whatever she touched, she herself enjoyed the blessing of extraordinarily good luck.

And so it went that Felicity adopted the alias Cat Noir and embraced her apparent abilities, quickly demonstrating how difficult it was to catch her as luck would appear to bend over backward to allow her to escape. Though she was captured eventually, it appears to largely have been due to a reversal of luck, a backlash of her own abilities, coupled with some magical assistance once it was learned that her powers appear to be magical in nature, if their source isn’t truly known.

Having grown up a pariah and outcast, Felicity tends to distrust most people, though she apparently has a soft spot for orphans she may feel a bond with and it not unheard of for an orphanage to receive a mysterious donation following a theft by Cat Noir. Despite this, she tends to be wary of getting close to anyone due to the effect her powers tend to have.

Felicity also has also been noted to having a manipulative and duplicitous side. She has been documented while under incarceration to employ false pretenses ranging from seductive to remorseful, such attempts having ultimately been ploys to effect an escape.

Extreme caution is advised when dealing interacting with Felicity Black.

**Power Profile**
The source of Felicity’s (Alias: Cat Noir) power is still under investigation, as it appears to be magical in nature, but she herself casts no spells and has displayed no other magical inclination.

Regardless of its source, Felicity is able to wrap her hands in an aura that causes bad luck in whatever she touches. People have accidents, objects seem to develop catastrophic weak points and so on. And while she exhibits no apparent capability to project this aura over any discernible distance, bad luck does still seem to happen around her general vicinity. The working theory is that the aura around her hands permeates into the air around her creating a larger aura she has no control over.

It may be more accurate to surmise that the aura Felicity wraps around her hands actually absorbs the good luck from whatever she touches, possibly fueling her own good luck with it. This may explain why she seems to retain her own good luck even if she hasn’t touched anything with her hands.

It has been documented that her aura CAN backfire in rare circumstances, generally against subjects that exhibit exceptional willpower. When this occurs, Felicity’s good fortune seems to reverse itself, which is what landed her under incarceration.

Due to the nature of her powers, Felicity requires constant surveillance and suppression on standby if an anti-magical field is not present. Attempts to develop hand-wear that blocks her aura has so far proven ineffective as all present prototypes have suffered catastrophic failures.

-Expertise [Burglar]: You know the local gangs, symbols, slang, and the various bosses, and possibly ones in other cities (it wouldn't take you too long to find out). You know how to find where valuables are whether it is an exhibit or personal safe, where to fence them and how to identify points of ingress and egress for infiltration. You know how to recognize security systems, the signs of an easy "mark" or a hidden safe, stash or cache. Most super-villains with this Skill are professional thieves that make a business of making the valuables of others their own.

-Expertise [Security]: You know the names, logos, major personnel and basic operations of security firms and possibly even their more proprietary details. You can identify security systems and devices (such as cameras, locking mechanisms and safes) and have an understanding of their operation and function and maybe even possible countermeasures. And you can recognize patterns in security personnel with a degree of observation, such as patrol patterns and shift changes. This skill is appropriate for both heroes and villains looking to protect their headquarters or are looking to thwart the security of another’s.
Done! .... sorta. I still have 2pp that I can't decide what to do with for now. I considered a gun, but I am more certain if those would be given to the squad. If yes, then definitely a weapon would be handy for her to have.

She's a melee striker that doesn't do much in the way of damage per se but is just as capable of knocking foes out by weakening them with her karmic touch.

EDIT: Spent those 2pp on equipment, and have also pushed a few points around. I think I can safely call this build done and very comfortably so. I noticed I forgot to explain her Detect Clues power when I meant to.

So, there is a French animated show called Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir that follows the adventures of the titular characters, which I actually pulled a fair amount of inspiration from. Ladybug has a special power called Lucky Charm which generates an item that is exactly what she needs to pull through a situation. The item, however, is often not obvious in how it will help and she is left to figure out how to apply it in the situation.

The Detect Clue power is very similar. It will draw Cat's attention to a clue, but won't give her any information about what makes it relevant. She has to either already know (IE: Looking for footprints), or has to figure out why it's important and draw her attention (IE: a mess of papers on a desk that has information the group didn't necessarily even know they would find useful)

Mainly, it's a means by which Tattooed could nudge the group towards a clue they are painfully overlooking, without actually giving away why the clue is important and still letting us figure that much out ourselves.

EDIT 2: So I shifted a few points.. I lowered her athletics and acrobatics by 5 each, which I might shift back upward a little by balancing out the rest of her skills, but I haven't decided on that yet. I did this to free some points to add a new expertise skill thay is slightly modified from TM's Criminal Expertise, but shifting the focus from more thuggish to more thief/pickpocket type. I decided to add this rather than just replace her Security expertise because folding the two together seemed overkill and they do have their more specialise focuses that work well together, so it makes sense she has both, and then the Burglar benefit as well for actually disabling security (expertise in security may cover that too.. but I figured better to have both just in case for now. Certainly no harm in a little redundancy)

Under her powers, I reduced the subtle to 1 on both the main affliction and the weaken, making them only visible to magical senses. With the description of her powers, it made more sense anyways. I also took 1pp out of skills to give her affliction Affects Insubstantial 2 (her unarmed attack may not harm said insubstantial for, but the luck aura will still affect them), the second rank being the former 2nd rank of subtle. Under the weaken effect, I added Slow Fade so the effect lasts a little longer, and precise, so she can say... weaken a circle in a window pane like a glass cutter, but also in like, steel, instead of weakening the whole thing.

Finally, I noticed TM is using the variant rule for the Luck advantage, which is great for Cat. All her Luck is scene edits because it makes soooo much more sense for her Luck to be due to circumstantial luck-based changes in the scene than vanilla rerolls.

EDIT 3: Very slight changes. Lowered her stealth suit to 1ep for a +2 and altered her gloves to have variable descriptor so she can punch or scratch with retractable claws. And I did end up moving a few skill points around. I lowered all three social skill by 2 and increased her athletics and acrobatics by 3 each. They felt a bit low for my vision and her social skills are still respectable, especially factoring in Attractive (which I used more for her actively utilizing her looks when being seductive. She knows how to use what she's got)
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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by Bill from Accounting » Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:21 am

I'm interested. Flip-flopping right now on a couple of concepts.

1. A face character who uses a special suit that lets him assume the form of different humans or become invisible.

2. A genius inventor who put his mind into a robot as a form of immortality.

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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by Camus » Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:22 pm


Oni means demon in Japanese. There were myriads of these creatures roaming the ancient land of Japan, and when a particularly evil and wicked man would come to renown in the courts, he would be refereed to as an Oni. These people would eventually become real demons after they were slain. But some, the most evil and wicked, would sometimes turn into onis in life. Such was the fate of Yamada Genki. Genki was a lowly ashigaru soldier from the province of Kanagawa. Since he has memory, he had hated the destiny he was forced upon. His family was killed by brigands, and he was recruited as an ashigaru swordsman by the Daimyo, and the lord party set to hunt down the brigands. However he had other plans. Taking the oportunity to spy the habits and shifts of the guards, Genki slipped into the Daimyo's tent, and stole his katana. The sword had been in the Daimyo's clan for centuries, and as it was usual with this type of weapons in ancient Japan, the sword was magical. It was enchanted with the spirits of the ancestors of the Kanagawa clan!
Once Genki took to the outskirts of the camp, the voices from the sword started to speak to him. Soon he was mad, trying to get rid of the sword. But anything he did was in vain, he was now under the powerful curse of the katana. He would leave the sword under a rock, to find it next morning in his pack. He would tie it to a rock and throw it in the powerful currents of the rivers that run along Fuji zan, only to find it strapped to his waist when he sat down. He would have it purposefully stolen, to find it in his bed when he was turning in for the nigh!
Only when he was about to commit sepukku, did he actually pay attention to the maddening voices. These spirits were hungry... Thirsty actually... For blood. They promise to leave Genki alone as long as he keeps them satisfied with fresh blood.
By the dark enchantment that the sword had, Genki's body was bolstered and empowered to fulfill his mission once he accepted it. His face also changed and sprouted fangs and big mane of wild hair. Ten years after he was known as Nikuya Yamada, "Butcher" Yamada.
oni4.jpg (62.53 KiB) Viewed 846 times
He had killed many to remain sane, and had lost himself to the curse in the process. But the lords would not tolerate an oni running in the alleys and killing their retainers any longer. They summoned heroes and soldiers alike, and hunted him down. However they found Genki the Oni impossible to slain. Much like his sword, he came back to life every time he was cut down. An elderly sage found the solution, and commanded the Daimyo to bind Genki with chains with blessed talismans and to imprison him in a sanctuary in the peak of Fuji zan.
oni3.jpg (152.11 KiB) Viewed 846 times
And so they did, and the Oni was vanquished from the land, left alone in the top of the volcano, to forever hear the maddening screams of the hungry katana. As centuries passed, the energy that sustained both the sword and Genki began to fade away, the spirits fading to limbo one by one. And eventually, Genki was left alone, bound in the darkness of the sanctuary. The energy on the sword also disappeared, and the weapon turned into dust by the passage of time. Genki wondered if soon, time would also claim him, and end his curse. But that did not happen. It was 400 years after his imprisonment that Genki saw the rays of light from the sun once again. A group of archaeologists unearthed the sanctuary and discovered the sealed coffin in which he was trapped. As they undid the bindings, Genki could barely contain his excitement.


At least he felt the last of the talismans being removed, and burst out of the coffin, quickly disposing of the poor scientists. He thought their closthing was odd, but paid no mind. He rushed out and into the world. But the world had changed so much. He could not rampage free as he did in the past, heroes had awaken in this era, and his killing spree was cut short, by the Silver Samurai, a japanese hero. Sooner than later, he was contained again, bound and immobilized.
Japan decided to send him to USA to work collaboratively with a group of scientist that was interested in studying the apparent immortality of Genki. However, Genki was not to be bound for much more...

Name: Yamada Genki AKA Oni Height 1,7mts
Skin: pale Weight 60 kg
Hair: silver
Eyes: silver Age: unknown

Complications [/b]
Bushido : The strict code of conduct of the samurai, bushido states that a man should not face an unarmed opponent, nor should a man use subterfuge or lie. Despite his evil and wicked ways, Genki has remained true to this principle.
From another time : he manners of Genki are from medieval japan, quite outdated in the current time.
Cursed : The curse of the Kanagawa means that Genki has to endure endless suffering. However now that the sword has been destroyed by the passage of time, Genki can be slain, although he is oblivious of that fact.

Abilities ( 70 pp)
Strength 7 , Stamina 10 , Agility 6 , Dexterity 0 , Fighting 10 , Intellect 0 , Awareness 2 , Precence 0 .

Powers ( 40 pp)
Bushido: Rakurai ( Strength Effect 9: Reaction 3 (Being hit in melee), Subtle 1, accurate 1, Quirk: needs a sword ) · 28 point/s
Bushido: Kōsoku ken ( AP: Strength Effect 9 : Multiattack, Secondary effect, Subtle 1, accurate 1,Quirk: needs a sword ) · 1 point/s
Bushido: Taifū ken ( AP: Strength Effect 9 : Burst area, Secondary effect, Subtle 1, Quirk: needs a sword ) · 1 point/s
Bushido: Yumi no geijutsu ( AP: Strength Effect 10 : Ranged, accurate 4, Precise attack (ranged), Quirk: Needs a bow ) · 1 point/s
Fast feet ( Speed 3 ) · 3 point/s
Over the rooftop of Kyoto [/u] ( Leaping 3 ) · 3 point/s
Curse of the Kanagawa ( Immunity : Aging, starvation and thirst, Sleep ) · 3 point/s

Advantages ( 16 pp)
Move by action 1 , Defensive attack 1 , Evasion 2 , Fearless 1 , Improved critical (sword) 3 , All out attack 1 , Power attack 1 , Instant up 1 , Quick draw 1 , Uncanny dodge 1 , Equipment 2 , Imp. Initiative 1.

Skills ( 12 pp)

Acrobatics 6 (+ 12 ), Deception 0 (+ 0 ), Athletics 6 (+ 13 ), Expertise (Tactics) 0 (+ 0 ), Insight 6 (+ 8 ), Treatment 0 (+ 0 ), Persuacion 0 (+ 0 ), Technology 0 (+ 0 ), Close 0 (+ 10 ), 0 0 (+ 0 ), Vehicles 0 (+ 6 ), Sleight of Hand 0 (+ 0 ), Perception 6 (+ 8 ), Intimidation 12 (+ 12 ), Investigation 0 (+ 0 ), Stealth 0 (+ 0 )

Initiative: 10
Rakurai + 11 Attack for DC: 24 Range: reaction close
Kōsoku ken + 11 Attack for DC: 24 Range: close
Taifū ken + Area attack Attack for DC: 24 Range: burst area
Yumi no geijutsu + 10 Attack for DC: 25 Range: ranged
Kōsoku ken + 11 Attack for DC: 24 Range: close

Defence ( 12 pp)
Parry: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
Dodge: Rank ( 0 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
Toughness: 2 Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 12
Fortitude: Rank ( 4 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 10
Will: Rank ( 6 ) + Feat/power ( 0 ) + Equipment ( 0 )= 8

Katana (Sword) 3 dmg
Yumi (Bow) 2 dmg
Knife 2
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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by EpicEclipse » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:31 pm

My submission is updated and more or less complete. I have 2pp in reserve for right now that will go into equipment if it's okay to give her a gun.

Pretty happy with how she's turned out.

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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by pathfinderq1 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:51 pm

For Cat Noir- Hide in Plain Sight seems like a good fit. Otherwise, that looks pretty good- I was thinking of a burglar type, but I'll find something else.

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Re: Team Cerberus (aka Suicide Squad In Freedom City)

Post by Doctor Malsyn » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:53 pm

I like her! Luck based characters are always really cool to me, and somehow no two characters are quite alike. I'm not sure how well she'd do with a gun however personally, most you could probably giver her is a +2 bonus due to no dexterity. That assumes one point for the gun, and one for the ranged combat skill. Still, having a ranged attack is better then not having a ranged attack.
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