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China - General Topic

Post by Ares » Thu May 28, 2020 3:13 am

So China. A nation with a fascinating history of conquest and re-conquest, the birth place of many philosophies, religions, stories, martial arts, a place that contributed so much to the world . . . and has fallen so very far. Ever since the Communist takeover of China in the 50's, the Nation has been a mess, and has only gotten worse over time.

Numerous human rights violations, the denial of many rights to their citizens, the implimentation of a Social Media Credit score that tracks how good a citizen you are, by far the worst polluters on the planet, the destruction of much of their previous culture, the crippling of their own martial arts, they keep the poaching industry going with a thriving market for such things, actual concentration camps, food markets that produce incredible diseases, they're basically the evil empire of the world presently. They even beat out some of the worst places in the Middle East if only by the sheer scope and power they have. These are people that can make American industries bend the knee for those sweet China bucks, and try to get corporations to promote Chinese ideals over American ones. And there's China's recent gift to the world in the form of a global pandemic.

So naturally, now they decided to push things even further with legislation to further limit the rights Hong Kong was given when it was returned to China in the late 90s. ... 05153.html

This could be a tipping point that finally forces some kind of action on behalf of Western nations. Me personally, I think every major American corporation needs to just pull out of China ASAP. They've already shown a willingness to just keep products made by American companies in China for their own benefit. It's just not worth it anymore to do anything to support them. Something needs to change in that nation, hopefully soon.

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Re: China - General Topic

Post by Ken » Thu May 28, 2020 6:46 am

It's not that I disagree with you, Ares; I don't. But I also know ... how did Vizzini put it... never get involved in a land war in Asia.

China's a bad mo'fo. But I'm also afraid of what would happen if they increased their militancy. Especially since they have a generation of young men who generally lack the generation of young women that should be there with them.
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Re: China - General Topic

Post by mrdent12 » Fri May 29, 2020 12:44 am

Viewing China from a Western lense it certainly is a mess. It breaks all norms of individual freedom and human rights the west believes are a given value system. So, coming from a Western perspective, I can't find fault with the remarks.

Throughout its history though, there has been a strong under current of the individual being secondary to society. Everyone has a place for the greater good and everyone should be working for the betterment of society. It's not a nationalism movement, but something deeper starting at the familial level. A social credit score is just a modern mechanism to enforce this. In light of this history, some have used it to hold on to power and justify reeducation camps plus other things all in the name of a stronger society and culture under assault from western ideals of individualism that threatens tradiontal values.

I am not trying to excuse the behaviour by any means, but trying to frame it. Short of war and forcing a cultural change on a society was a long history of tradition there isn't much to do. Economically, western companies have went to China because it was cheap and people saw goods made for a tenth of the cost of making them in the US. The same with rare earth materials that aren't rare persay, but polluting China is easier than polluting your own back yard. So, disengaging from them completely is difficult. Hong Kong was always going to be brought into the one China fold sooner than promised. I'm honestly surprised it took this long.

So long as China remains prosperous, the youth movement s will yield to security and prosperity arguments. China will continue to do well so long as it can gain influence in the world and attract alot of foreign investment. Moving production takes time.

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