Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

Post by catsi563 » Thu May 10, 2018 7:26 am

Shockwave (Helen Barnes)



PL: 11/276

Abilities (70pp)

Str 4 Agi 3 Fight 8 Awe 3

Sta 4 Dex 3 Int 6 Pre 5

Skills (41pp)

Athletics 4 (+8 ), Deception 5 (10 ), Expertise [Business] 8 (+14 ), Expertise [Criminal] 12 (+18 ), Expertise [Electronics] 12 (+18 ), Expertise [Science] 12 (+18 ), Expertise [Tactics] 8 (+14 ), Insight 8 (+11 ), Intimidate 9 (+14 ), Investigate 8 (+14 ), Perception 8 (+11 ), Ranged Combat [Electric Powers] 6 (+9 ), Technology 12 (+18 ), Vehicles 8 (+11 )

Advantages (16pp)

Accurate Attack, Assessment, Attractive, Connected, Contacts Cunning Fighter, Endurance, Improved Demoralize, Improved Trip, Inventor, leadership, Multi Lingual, Online Research, Power Attack, Startle, Well Informed,

Powers (118pp)

Electric Control: (Array 15 +8 Alternate Effects ) 38pp
*Lightning Bolt (Ranged Damage 13)
AE: Ball Lightning (Ranged Burst damage 10)
AE: Forked Lightning (Shapeable Ranged Damage 10)
AE: Chain Lightning (Ranged Multi Attack 10 )
AE: Lightning Flash (Perception Area Cumulative Affliction 10 [Resist by Dodge, Over come by Fort; Visually Impaired, Disabled, Unaware] (limited: Sight only)
AE: Taser (Ranged Affliction 13 [Resist overcome by Fort; Dazed Stunned, Incapacitated]
AE: Arc Cutter (Penetrating Ranged Damage 10)
AE: Boosted Shock Field (Reaction Cumulative Affliction 5 [Resist and overcome by Fort; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated]
AE: Short-Out Electrical Power (Nullify Electrical Devices & Powers 10 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst, Concentration)

Charged Brawl: (50pp)
*Electric Field (Force Field 5 (Impervious 10) And Shock Field (Reaction Cumulative Affliction 3 [Resist and overcome by Fort; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated]
*Enhanced Strenght 4 + Power Lifting 2) And Enhanced Stamina 4
*Enhanced Advantage: Improved Critical 2 (Unarmed)

Sky Bolt (Flight 6 ) 12pp

Arclight (Environmental 5 [Light] 5pp

Lightning Rod (Immunity 10 (electricity Effects) 10pp

Electro Sense: (Senses x (Acute Ranged Detect Electricity) 3pp

Combat (17pp)

Toughness: +4, +8 (Charged brawl), +13 (Electric Field )

Dodge: +9

Parry: +9

Fortitude: +8,+12 (Charged Brawl)

Will: +9


Arrogance: Shockwave knows how powerful she is and like to show it off.

Glory Hog: Shock loves the attention her crimes generate and can be a bit vain about it, making her crimes splashier then they might need to be.

Reputation: Shockwave is a powerful known villain and generates a well deserved bit of fear

Distinctive Features: Shocks Eyes glow blue sometimes, and her hair is a silvery White she must take some small measures to disguise her appearance.

Enemy: Shockwave is hunted by every known Law Enforcement group and a Several Hero groups)
Abilities 70 + Skills 41 + Advantages 16 + Powers 118 + Combat 17 = 262 Total pp

Shockwave is one of those villains like Titanothere, she doesn't show up often but when she does, she has a major impact. Whether its showing off for news crews, or challenging heroes, or leaving behind serious collateral damage she always makes sure everyone is in for a show. Shes smart and talented but tends to lack a bit of subtly which is what has gotten her caught on more then one occasion, but what the heck sensory overload is a blast and the louder the bag the better.

Helen Barnes was the daughter of Arthur Barnes a major player on the west coast crime scene right up until Helen decided to attempt a coup to replace him. Old Arthur though was no fool and was ready for her. Not willing to kill her outright he had her subjected to one of the labrynths DNAescent processes as punishment, a procedure that had a .002% survival rate.

Helen ahs always been a bit lucky and that day was no exception Escaping her captors in a thunderbolt of lightning that destroyed the facility Helen hid out for six months as she got her powers under control and then proceeded to systematically hunt down the men resposible for the experiment and pain she was subjected to as well as the ones who betrayed her attempted coup to her father. Her father narrowly escaped her wrath hiding behind his money and joining Viper prior to their failed Invasion.

Moving to the east coast Shockwave as helen took to calling herself wracked up a laundry list of crimes and damage before she barely escaped the Champions in New York. Figuring that what was good for the goose Helen recurited a number of like minded indviuals into a group the media coined the Nasty Boys. the name stuck and the Boys went on a tear that ended up in a brtual fight with the champions that put a couple of their members in the hospital.

Still the Champions were victorious and Shockwave was captured and convicnted of multiple crimes to several life sentences. The rest of the Nasty Boys escaped before they could be captured and now they seek a way to free their boss. Shockwave is patient though and now has a new scheme in mind. One thats bigger and more spectacular then before.
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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

Post by catsi563 » Thu May 10, 2018 7:29 am

Bonecrusher (Robert "Bob" Johns)


Abilities (64pp)

Str 12 Agi 0 Fight 4 Awe 1

Sta 14 Dex 0 Int -1 Pre 2

Skills (12pp)

Expertise [Auto mechanics] 5 (+4 ), Expertise [Criminal] 5 (+4 ), Intimidate 4 (+6, +16 *Bruiser), Perception 4 (+4 ), Ranged Combat (Big stuff) 6 (+6 ), Technology 5 (+4 ), Vehicles 4 (+4 )

Advantages (11pp)

All-out attack, Bruiser, Close Combat 4, Improved Overrun, Interpose, Power Attack, Startle, Ultimate Toughness

Powers (41pp)

Organic Steel Body (Immunity 7 [Critical Hits, Disease, Environmental Cold, Environmental Heat, Environmental Pressure, Environmental Radiation, Poison], Features: Increased Mass 3) 10pp

Lungs of steel (immunity 2 (Suffocation Effects)(Limited: 30 Minutes only) 1pp

Tough as Nails (Impervious 12 on Toughness (Extras: Reflective on up to +8 Toughness) 20pp

Strong as iron (Power Lifting 6) 6pp

Feats Of Super Strength: • 1pp
-Shockwave: Damage 12 (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Flaw: Limited [both Tower & his targets must be on the same surface area])

Hard to budge (immunity 5 (knockback effects) (Flaw: reduced effect) 3pp

Combat (13pp)

Toughness: 14 (+12Impervious)

Dodge: +6

Parry: +6

Fortitude: +14

Will: +6


Not the sharpest wrench on the bench: Yeah Bobs not winning an IQ award any time soon

Reputation: (Bruiser) hes also not winning any popularity contests, Bobs a bit of a brute and likes collateral damage

Hunted: Law enforcement and multiple hero groups

Organic Metal Man (Bonecrusher is a massive man made of living metal he has a difficult time blending in)

Heavyeight (because of his increased mass he also tends to cause a few accidents here and there)
Abilities 64 + Skills 12 + Advantages 11 + Powers 41 + Combat 13 = 143 Total pp

Robert "Bob" Johns was a nobody who had about as much of a chance of rising about his menial mechanic job as he did of winning the nobel prize for science. What Bob did have was a penchant for getting into fights wherever and whenever he could. Being big and strong meant he could take most guys and let him indulge his anger a bit here and there.

This is what brought him to the attention of VIPER who was looking for a few good test subjects--err men-- to help them with an experiment. Bob said yes no sweat, why not after all the money was good and he was a tough guy not one of those other pansies who was screaming in agony. Nah Bob didn't scream--much-- But what Bob did do was survive the process which killed ten of the other 12 guys--he never did find out what happened to them, nor did he care really.

Bob or Bonecrusher as he was named did a few jobs for VIPER before going independent when the local nest he was par tof was raided by the Los Angeles based Avengers. Bob took a beating at the hands of Onyx the teams powerhouse but gave a good accounting of himself in the process. Bob managed to slip away in the aftermath and was met by a woman with incredible powers.

Shockwave Introduced herself by lighting him up like a Christmas tree when he threatened her, then offered him a place in her crew if he behaved. Having few other viable options Bob agreed and Bonecrusher became the Nasty Boys resident muscle.
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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

Post by catsi563 » Thu May 10, 2018 7:29 am

Doctor Photon (Dr. Teresa Holland PHD)


PL: 11/190pp

Abilities (62pp)

Str 1/4 Agi 3/6 Fight 8 Awe 3

Sta 4 Dex 3/6 Int 6 Pre 3

Skills (24pp)

Acrobatics 7 (+10 ), Athletics 7 (+8 ), Expertise [Technology] 8 (+14 ), Expertise [Science] 8 (+14 ), Insight 5 (+8 ), Investigation 6 (+12 ), Languages 2 [German, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian], Perception 8 (+11 ), Ranged Combat [Suit Weapons] 4 (+7; +10 [Suit]), Stealth 7 (+10 ), Technology 8 (+14 )

Advantages (11pp)
Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, Improved Initiative, Improvised tools, Inventor, Power Attack, Precise Shot 2 (Cover, Concealment), Skill Mastery 3(Technology, Expertise Science, Expertise Technology)

Powers (77pp)

Quick Mind (Quickness 2 (mental tasks only) 1pp

Photonic Battle Suit (Removable Device 95 ) 76pp
Flex Mesh Armor w Ballistic Weave (Protection 8 (impervious +8 ) 16pp
Thermaweave Insulation (immunity 3 (heat, cold, radiation) 3pp
Photonic Shielding (Immunity 5 (Light attacks) 5pp
Glare Proof Visor (Immunity 2 (Light Based Dazzles); Feature Shades) 3pp

Neuroweave Musculature Enhancment (Enhanced Strength 3, Enhanced Dex 3, Enhanced Agi 3, Power Lifting 3) 21pp

Enhanced visual Sensor suite (Sense 6 (Ultraviolet, Infrared, Extended 2, Radius, Low Light Vision) 6pp

Photonic Laser Weapons System (Array 24 + 7 Alternate Effects) 31pp
Laser Blast (Ranged Damage 12)
Cutting Beam (Ranged Damage 8 (Penetrating)
Photonic Cone (Cone area Damage 12)
Light Flare (Burst Ranged Affliction 8 [Resisted, overcome by Fort; Visually Impaired, Disabled, Incapacitated]
Phased Laser Blast (Ranged Damage 10 (Affects Insubstantial 2)
Laser Tunneler (Burrowing 8 (penetrating)
Photonic Burst (Ranged Burst Area Damage 8 )
X-Ray Laser (Ranged Damage 10 (Subtle 2)

Jet thrusters (Flight 5) 10pp

Combat (16pp)

Toughness: +3, +12 (Armor* +10 Impervious)

Dodge: +7, +10 (Armor)

Parry: +10

Fortitude: +8

Will: +8


Misandrist (Teresa has grown to despise Men, and can become enraged if she is thwarted by a male)

Overconfidence and Arrogance (Holland is very arrogant and self assured often to her detriment)

Hunted: Multiple Law Enforcement agencies and Hero teams.

Secret Identity (Teresa Hollands identity is a carefully guarded secret)

Nyctophobia (Teresa is terrified of Darkness and Dark based powers)

Abilities 62 + Skills 24 + Advantages 11 + Powers 77 + Combat 16 = 190 Total pp

Teresa Holland PHD was a star scientist at Aegis with a problem. She was continuously passed up for promotion or leadership on various projects by her male colleagues. The last straw was when a male colleague that she considered inferior intellectually was promoted over her for leadership of her department. No counseling could convince her that it was her own arrogance and hostility that had cost her the chance.

It was this state that left her a prime candidate for recruitment by Shockwave. She devised a Laser based combat system based on designs she worked on at Aegis's SHIELD research division. Donning the suit and the name Doctor Photon she began a career as a supervillain as part of Shockwaves Nasty Boys.
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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

Post by catsi563 » Thu May 10, 2018 7:29 am

Smoke: Kimiko Takaichi


PL: 10, 228pp

Abilities (74pp)

Str 3 Agi 6 Fight 13 Awe 3

Sta 3 Dex 6 Int 1 Pre 2

Skills (34pp)

Acrobatics 10 (+16 ), Athletics 10 (+14 ), Close Combat [Martial Strikes] 2, Deception 8 (+10 ), Expertise [Criminal Ninja] 8 (+9 ), Intimidation 8 (+10, +14* Mist Demon ), Insight 4 (+6 ), Investigate 8 (+11 ), Perception 10 (+13 ), Ranged Combat [Ninja Weapons]4 (+10 ), Sleight of Hand 10 (+16 ), Stealth 10 (+16 ), Technology 7 (+8 )

Advantages (23pp)

Agile Feint, Blind Fighting, Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll x1, Equipment 3, Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Cold Hearted, Fast Grab, Grappling Finesse, Hide In plain Sight, Improved Defense, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Move by Action, Power Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Uncanny Dodge

Powers (79pp)

Ninja Speed and Leaping (Leaping 2, And Speed 1) 3pp

Shinobi Skills (Movement 4 (Slowfall, Surefooted, Trackless, Wall Crawling) 8pp

See in the dark (Senses 3 (Darkvision, Danger Sense) 3pp

Martial Strikes (Strength based Damage 2 (Improved Critical 2 (18-20) 4pp

Become the Mist (Concealment 4 [Visual, Flight 1, Insubstantial 2 [Gaseous]) 20pp

Demon of the Mist (Feature 1 (Fog Moves at will around her (+4 to intimidation checks) 1pp

Whisper on the mist (Communication 3 [Auditory, mist or fog], Subtle 1) 13pp

Obscuring Mists (Array 13 + 1 Alternate Effect) 27pp
@Cold Mist (Environment 8 (Visibility -5, Selective )25pp
AE: Thick as Soup Fog (Visual Concealment Attack 2, Cloud Area 6 [500' radius]) 1pp

Equipment: 3pp (15ep)

Protective Costume (Protection 2 (Subtle) 3p
Thermaweave Insulation (immunity 2 (heat, Cold) 2pp

Ninja tools (Caltrops, Shuriken, Kunai, Garotte)

Combat (18pp)

Toughness: +3, +4 (Defensive Roll), +6 (Protective Costume)

Dodge: +14

Parry: +14

Fortitude: +7

Will: +7


Clan Betrayer: (Kimiko Betrayed her clan and family leaving all but a few alive in the process, the survivors are seeking vengeance)

Responsibility: Shockwave,, Kiniko owes Shockwave for saving her life from her estranged family, she has shown remarkable loyalty to the villain)

Greed: Smoke is in this game for money and power, She cares little for how she gets either.

Reputation: Ninja Assassin, Ninja have a dark mysterious reputation, and Smoke plays on this to the hilt.

Wanted: Smoke is wanted by numerous Law Enforcement agencies across the world for a string of crimes all the way up to murder.

Abilities 74 + Skills 34 + Advantages 23 + Powers 79 + Combat 18 = 228 Total pp

Smoke aka Kimiko Takaichi was the scion of one of Japans most ancient Ninja Clans. Born with the ability to obscure herself and to create blinding fogs Kimiko rapidly climbed the ranks of success until she decided she'd wanted to run the clan. Expecting her Father to leap at prospect given her successes she made her pitch only to be laughed at by the elders who were inclined to choose her younger brother then a woman evne one as successful as Kimiko had been.

Enraged Kimiko challenged her brother to a battle for the leadership of the clan despite his protests that he didn't want the position and thought she should have gotten it instead. But Kimiko was too blinded by her own ambition to listen and cut her brother down though he gave her a scar to remember before he died.

Kimiko didn't stop there, though she came back later that night and over the course of a single night murdered almost her entire clan. Only a few lone agents and distant family members survived and they swore vengeance. with her reputation in tatters and no one willing to touch her she fled for the US with assassins baying at her heels.

It was in America that she ran into Shockwave. the villainess was in the middle of planning a heist when Kimiko crashed into her hideout with a dozen angry ninja in pursuit. Wounded and exhausted Kimiko would surely have perished but Shockwave had other plans. She lit the killers up like a Tokyo billboard and laughed while she did it.

Nursing Kimiko back to health Shockwave recruited the grateful assassin into her ranks where Smoke as she became known became one of the Super Villainesses most loyal and deadly killers.
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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

Post by catsi563 » Thu May 10, 2018 7:30 am

Undertow (Pamela Neimic)


PL: 10/192pp

Abilities (60pp)

Str 4 Agi 4 Fight 8 Awe 2

Sta 4 Dex 4 Int 2 Pre 2

Skills (26pp)

Athletics 8 (+11 ), Expertise [Electronics] 8 (+10 ), Expertise [Navy] 8 (+10 ), Expertise [Survival] 4 (+6 ), Intimidation 8 (+10 ), Investigation 4 (+6 ), Perception 8 (+10 ), Ranged Combat [Water Powers] 4 (+8 ), Stealth 8 (+11 ), Technology 8 (+10 ), Treatment 4 (+6 ), Vehicles 4 (+7 )

Advantages (9pp)

Grappling Finesse, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Improved Pin, Improved Trip, Languages 2, Power Attack, Taunt

Powers (85pp)

Adapted to the depths 16pp
Environmental Adaptation [Underwater] 2pp
Immunity 3 [Cold, Pressure, Drowning] 3pp
Low Light Vision 1pp
Protection 4 4pp
Swimming 6 6pp

Liquid Form (21pp)
Clear Water (Concealment 3 [Visual and Audio] (limited only in water] 3pp
Fluid Dynamics (Insubstantial 1 [Fluid] 5pp
Splash Damage (Protection 4 (Impervious 14 (only versus Edged or Ballistic or Punching attacks) 7pp
Fluid Reach (Elongation 4) 4pp
Swimming 2 2pp

HydroKinesis (Array 20 and 6 Alternate Effects) 46pp
@Water Control (Perception Ranged Move Object 14 (Damaging +1; Limited; Water Only])
AE: Water Blast (Blast 12 & Move Object 4 (Limited only Backwards -1)
AE: Water Wave (Cone Damage 10 and Move Object 4 (Limited only Backwards)
AE: Tsunami (Cone Area Move Object 12 (Limited only backwards -1, Linked Affliction 12 [Resist by Dodge, overcome by Fort] (Dazed Prone]) (Limited Degree -1)
AE: High Impact Water Blast (Affliction 12 (Dazed, Stunned) (Limited Degree -1)
AE: Drown (Ranged Cumulative Affliction 10 [Resisted Overcome by Fort] (Fatigued, Exhausted, Incapacitated) (Concentration)
AE: Wall of Water (Create Object 14 (Limited to Simple Shapes)

Features 2 (Produce Clean cool Drinking Water at will, Cleanse any Water source no matter how polluted) 2pp

Combat (12pp)

Toughness: +8, +12 (Water Form)

Dodge: +8

Parry: +8

Fortitude: +8

Will: +6


Vulnerable (Cold Attacks do double damage to her in her water form)

Non Human (Pamelas skin is light green while her hair is a darker green she has to take efforts to pass for human)

Hunted: The Navy and Aegis are searching for her to make sure she gets the help she needs and I fpossible find out how she gained her powers

Paranoid (Pamela has become slightly paranoid that Aegis and the Navy want to lock her up and experiment on her, shes wrong but not entirely incorrect either which only feeds the paranoia, Shockwave make sure she remains suspicious of any Aegis or Naval Figures)

Heroic Criminal (Pamela has saved a number of lives while also sinking a Whaling boat and a Cannery Ship, and a Ship dunking toxic waste she tries to be better but keeps finding herself in deeper trouble)

Abilities 60 + Skills 26 + Advantages 9 + Powers 85 + Combat 12 = Total 192pp

Seaman First Class Pamela Neimic received her powers from an experiment by the Navy in Conjunction with Aegis. The goal was to research the viability of Super Soldier SEALs who could breath underwater and swim further and faster. Several Volunteers unfortunately were killed by the experiment, and AEGIS was in the process of shutting it down when a last round of the experiment succeeded with Pamela. At first she suffered no ill effects and the only visible change was a slight greenish tint to her hair. Shortly after a few days though her skin changed and her hair became a dark green as she found herself able to change into liquid nd control water.

Exhilerated and a little frightened Pamela at first worked with the scientists and Naval personel to experiemnt with and test her powers. But after a week of seemingly endless testing Pamela became a little stir crazy --possibly due to some alteration of her brains cheimstry-- she started thinkig the scientists were plotting to keep her under lock and key forever or worse.

Agent Phil coulson tried to reassure her that wasnt the case but she became more and more suspicious and a week later after hearing about containment procedures--talk about another experiment entirely-- she escaped via a faucet and into the ocean. There she became a bit of an urban legend, sinking a naval patrol bot, then a week later a Whaling ship, and a week after that towing a boat with two honeymooners to shore.

She would continue this way for a year before the Navy closed in on her it was then that Shockwave found her and the two managed to disable the Navy vessels and escape. Shockwave knew just how to manipulate her and brought her into the fold of the Nasty Boys.

Pamela while not a true criminal does what Shockwave tells her mostly because shes terrifed of the Navy or Aegis catching her which theyve come close to on more then one occasion.

Agent Coulson hasnt stopped looking for her as he feesl responsible for her transformation due to not stopping the experiments fast enough and then failing to assure her of her safety. He hopes he can rescue her and possibly restore her to her humanity or at least help her become a hero. Only time will tell.
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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

Post by catsi563 » Thu May 10, 2018 7:30 am

Torval: (Mitch Bourg)


Pl: 10/159pp

Abilities (54pp)

Str 3 Agi 5 Fight 8 Awe 1

Sta 4 Dex 5 Int 0 Pre 1

Skills (15pp)

Athletics 5 (+8 ), Close Combat [Unarmed] 4 (+12 ), Deception 6 (+7 ), Expertise [Criminal] 8 (+8 ), Perception 7 (+8 ) Sleight of Hand 5 (+10 ), Stealth 5 (+10 ), Technology 5 (+5 )


Contacts, Defensive Attack, Evasion, Fast grab, Improved grab, Power Attack, Well Informed

Powers (71pp)

Speed Demon ( Speed 10 and Quickness 8( Enhanced Advantage Improved Initiative 4) 22pp

High Speed Mover (Movement 3 Wall Crawling 2, Water Walking, Enhanced Advantage 2 Move By Action, Instant Up)(Only by moving -1) 4pp

Faster then a Bullet (Enhanced Defenses 12 (Dodge 6 Parry 6) Enhanced Advantages x (Defensive Roll 2) 14pp

Speed Tricks (Array 14 + 3 Alternate effects) 31pp
Rapid Attacks (Selective Multi Attack Damage 8)
AE: Rapid Fire (Selective Multi Attack Ranged Damage 6 (Accurate x2)
AE: Flattening Wake (Line Area Affliction 10 [Resist by Dodge, Overcome by Fort] Dazed Prone, Instant Recovery, Limited Degree, limited to behind Torval, Reaction Moving at high speed)
AE: Super Sonic Punch(Strength based Damage Momentum 5)

Combat (12pp)

Toughness: +4, +6 (Defensive Roll)

Dodge: +14

Parry: +14

Fortitude: +8

Will: +6


Low rent thug (Torval is a goon with superpowers and his reputation proceeds him)

Wanted ( Pretty much most of the Law Enforcement world and multiple Superheroes are hinting him)

Greedy (Mitch does what ever it takes for money)

Mutant (Mitch has bright blue hair, and shows up on mutant scanners as such)

Speedy Metabolism (like most speedsters Mitch consumes a LOT of food in a go)

Abilities 54 + Skills 15 + Advantages 7 + Powers 71 + Combat 12 = Total pp 159

Born a mutant with blue hair, Mitch Bourg could have excelled in Athletics if hed chosen but a mean streak and a cocky attitude found him running numbers and eventually breaking legs for a local Loanshark. Eventually he managed to get recognized by the Maggia and was acting as a super powered enforcer for the the families right up until Shockwave wrecked them entirely. S

Still he didn't end up in jail because Shockwave blasted the transport he was in and offered him a job, getting the impression that his other choice was being lit up like times square on new years he gladly accepted and hasn't looked back since.

A short sighted thug Mitch spends money as fast as he runs and always needs more leading him to take excessive risks on occasion. Only the fact that Shockwave usually always succeeds has kept him from turning on her, that and the fact that she promised to flahs fry him if he ever did, a threat shes more then capable of following through on has kept him loyal.

Still hes a weasel and Shcokwave knows it so she keeps a wary eye on him and doesn't trust him for a minute.
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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

Post by catsi563 » Thu May 10, 2018 7:34 am

Black Lash


Pl: 10/144pp

Abilities (64pp)

Str 3 Agi 4 Fight 8 Awe 2

Sta 4 Dex 4 Int 5 Pre 2

Skills (11pp)

Acrobatics 2 (+6), Athletics 3 (+6), Close Combat (Whips) 2 (+10), Expertise (Science) 6 (+11), Expertise (Criminal) 1 (+6), Insight 1 (+3), Intimidation 6 (+8), Perception 2 (+4), Stealth 2 (+6), Technology 6 (+11), Vehicles 1 (+5)

Advantages (13pp)

All-Out Attack, Daze (Intimidation), Improved Critical (Whips) 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Smash, Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 5, Startle

Powers (37pp)

"Titanium Whips & Costume" (Flaws: Removable) [26]
"Strength-Damage +7 (Feats: Reach 4, Penetrating 8) (19) -- (21)
AE: "Vaulting Pole" Leaping 4 (4)
AE: Deflect 10 (10)

"Bulletproof" Protection 4 (Extras: Impervious 7) (11)
-- (32 points)

"Devices" (Flaws: Easily Removable) [11]
"Anti-Gravity Bolas" Snare 6 (18 points)


Toughness: +4 (+8 Costume)

Dodge: +11

Parry: +11

Fortitude: +6

Will: +5


Motivation (Greed)

Hunted: (Law Enforcement)

Enemy: (Shock)

Responsibility (Manic-Depressive)

Abilities 64 + Skills 11 + Advantages 13 + Powers 37 + Combat 15 = 140 Total pp

Mark Scarlotti was originally a gifted electrical technician at Oracle Incorporated's San Francisco branch. Desiring a life of luxury and living beyond his means, Scarlotti became a professional criminal. Using a costume and a sophisticated metal whip of his own design, he became Blacklash, a weapons designer, special agent, and assassin for the Maggia a criminal cartle. On behalf of the Maggia, Blacklash fought the hero Grasshopper when Lash attempted to kidnap Catherine Deveraux.

After being beaten and arrested Scarlotti was freed thanks to the Maggias Influence. He once more tried to break into Oracles Los Angeles campus but this time ran afoul of the Hero Shock who beat him after a prolonged fight.

Scarlotti would once more be freed from prison by his legal team with a new assignment, this time he would be hired to kill the hero known as the Vigilante when the latter interfered in the Maggias plans once to often. Scarlotti would be beaten by Vigilante, though and once more end up in prison,

This would be the last straw for the Maggia and Scarlotti would be left to rot, save that the MAggia was wiped out by Shockwave in revenge for the experimentation done on her. Shockwave had an appreciation for Blacklashes style and recruited him by rescuing him on his transfer to prison. Scarlottis been a loyal member of the Nasty Boys ever since.
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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

Post by Bladewind » Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:19 pm


or: maybe this, but withouth the lightning bolt


Strength 12,
Stamina 5,
Agility 2,
Dexterity 2,
Fighting 4,
Intellect 1,
Awareness 2,
Presence 2

Flight Array: (31 points)
Flight 13 [Dynamic]
Dyn: Speed 13 [Dynamic]
Dyn: Gravikinesis: Move Object 12 [Precise, Subtle, Dynamic]
Invulnerability: (14 points)
Protection 7, Immunity 5 [Cold, Heat, Pressure, Radiation, Vacuum], Gravitic Immunity: Immunity 2 [Gravity Effects]
Gravitic Array: (31 points)
Tactile-Telekinesis: Feature 1 [Exert Strength without moving],
Gravitic Strength: Enhanced Strength 11
Alt: Singularity: Move Object 11 [Cone Area 2, Damaging; Limited to pulling objects towards him. 1 rank for every ten foot increment. Full Round Action ]
Alt: Shield Others: Create 10 [Movable; Proportional; Subtle 1, Precise]
Alt: Shockwave: Affliction 11 [(Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed and Vulnerable, Stunned and Defenseless); Burst Area, Extra Condition; Limited - Gladius and targets must be touching the ground]
Alt: Gravitic Blast: Damage 11 [Ranged]
Alt: Gravitic Wave: Damage 11 [Cone Area]
Alt: Gravity Field: Move Object 10 [Burst Area; Limited to Pulling Towards a surface; Precise]
Gravitic Power Stunts: (0 points)
Directional Pull: Movement 3 [Alter pull of gravity enabling anyone in the range to alter the direction of "down" - Wall Crawling 3; Burst Area, Selective; Linked to Artificial Gravity (Environment 5 - negate impeded movement due to Gravity)],
Gravitic Containment: Nullify 11 [Nullify Explosions]


All-Out Attack,
Extraordinary Effort,
Move-by Action,
Second Chance 1 [Re-roll against Mind Control],
Inspire 1,
Improved Initiative 2,

Athletics (+12),
Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (+10),
Deception 4 (+6),
Expertise: Current Events 4 (+5),
Expertise: History 1 (+2),
Insight 4 (+6),
Intimidation 4 (+6),
Investigation 2 (+3),
Perception 5 (+7),
Persuasion 2 (+4),
Ranged Combat: Gravity Powers 9 (+11),
Stealth (+2),
Treatment 4 (+5), Vehicles 3 (+5)

Initiative +10
Unarmed +10, Damage 12
Shockwave +4, Damage 11, Burst Area
Gravitic Blast +11, Damage 11

Dodge 10, Parry 8
Toughness 12 (Def Roll 0), Fortitude 10, Will 12

Power Points
Abilities 38 + Powers 76 + Advantages 9 + Skills 19 + Defenses 27 = Total 169

Motivation: Responsibility. Gladius truly believes that his power and origin are a gift that he must use to help others.
Stepping Up: Gladius is a clone of the Centurion. He's not as powerful, but he wears the colors and works to be worthy of the mantle one day. He will step up despite the risk.
Relationship: Gladius and Bankshot have a relationship (they're married) that has not become common knowledge.
Rival - Gravity Master. The guy's not all bad so it's not an "enemy complication" but Gravity Master envies that Gladius got the girl (Bank Shot) and has powers naturally that he worked to build.

Design Notes
* This was originally an excuse to play the 90s style Superboy's powerset if not the personality. As such, I tweaked the DCA build. His powers are telekinetic at their base, but developed into gravitic in nature.
* Being a legacy of Centurion and not Superman, I was quite at ease to remove heat vision and the super-sensory array.
* His Enhanced Strength is the focus of his Gravity Powers - it's a personal gravitational field allowing him to lift 100 tons. Arguably having the full fledged gravikinesis (telekinesis) is a moot point and a waste of a point. However, I see him mostly using his powers to appear to be a paragon more than telekinetic.
* There may be too much in the array. Personally, I see it mostly as descriptors on variant damage applications, but leave to your examination.
* Power Stunt section is to have some stunts on standby. Some things that he can do, but that require extra effort.

Gaius Aurelius, Ryan Connors, Orion, Gladius... All the same person, and yet none of them should exist in our world. Just ask Dr. Mayhem.

Desperate to restore his timeline and his identity, the villain known as Dr Mayhem hatched a plot to find the Gladius of his world. His latest device sought out parallel worlds that most resembled the one that he remembered, the one where he belonged. In the process, about a dozen young heroes appeared with uniforms strikingly similar to that of the long deceased hero Centurion. Each was puzzled by the world that they had arrived on, but none more so than Gaius Aurelius. Of all the duplicates, he was the only to not use the familiar gold white and blue of his alleged father.

Freedom City rolled its eyes at all these newcomers – after all the presence of the Alpha Centurion had dashed their hopes of ever seeing their beloved hero again and made them suspicious of all who might wear his colors.

So it was that when the crisis of duplicates was resolved, Gaius faded into the background and managed to remain on Earth Prime. Taking the name Ryan Connors he enrolled at Claremont Academy, having a referral from Lady Liberty certainly helped his case.

Quiet and reserved, he remained in his black and gold uniform, his slightly different powerset drawing absolutely no attention to his potential origin. A few of the girls noted that he looked like a young Centurion, but he dismissed it. He even went so far as to dye his hair black.

He dedicated his free time to playing the guitar – something that he truly excelled at, perhaps due to his powers – and to reading and watching all things about Centurion.

The truth is, he wishes that Centurion was his father. Although this is closer to truth than outright falsehood, the fact of the matter is that the Centurion of Gaius’ world was anything but the benevolent hero of Earth Prime. Still, he was no villain, perhaps more akin to the Superman of the JLA animated episodes “A Better World.” He was Marcus Aurelius, and he called himself the Alpha Centurion*. And this was another reason why Ryan cringed at revealing his origins. Gaius was supposed to be next in line to take his father’s place as leader of the Myrmidons (his world’s equivalent to the Freedom League). He had been "grown" as one of the receptacles that could take on the mind and mantle of the Alpha Centurion in case of his death. A guarantee of immortality. A crown prince who would never assume the throne.

On this Earth, Gaius liked the new name - Ryan Connors - that Lady Liberty had given him, and Gaius Aurelius and all that he was began to fade into a distant memory and he treated it as a nightmare best forgotten. He even assumed the codename of Orion to distance himself a little more from his legacy.

Dr. Mayhem discovered the youth, and determined to prove exactly what Ryan wanted so desperately to believe – that he was no scion of Centurion and that was not worthy of the name. They clashed repeatedly, leaving Ryan shaken to the core on several occasions and losing his sense of self. It was one such encounter that actually finally determined once and for all who the young man was, is, and will be.

Ryan had developed friends outside of Claremont, and Mayhem discovered them. In a ruthless plan he attempted to destroy them one at a time in order to weed out the “False Gladius.” Orion appealed to the Alterni-Teens for help and his friends were rescued. In the ensuing confrontation with Mayhem, Orion’s uniform was shredded and the hero was very near total defeat at the hands of the madman. As Dauntless moved to help, Lady Liberty appeared and gently held him back. She told the team that this was Orion’s fight and there was far more than a loss at the hands of Mayhem at stake for the young man.

Mayhem’s final trap proved the end of Orion. But not in the way that he had intended. Thrown into a burning building, his friends could no longer stand by and watch. Despite Liberty’s plea, they subdued Mayhem, Dauntless and Magni Thorson attempted to destroy his Battlesuit. The others turned to help Orion, but in that second a rebirth happened. Mayhem held his own against the team, apparently having been toying with Orion until this point. Behind the battle, the building collapsed just as Orion exploded from the roof, holding the hands of the two people that the Alterni-Teens had had not been able to find. His protective powers extended over them he touched down next to Relentless, his costume barely hanging on to his battered body.

His face, strangely bereft of emotion, he turned to face Mayhem. As if sensing him behind them, the Teens moved aside. Orion’s hand clamped down on the armour, and the battlesuit flew apart in pieces. In shock, Mayhem was defeated while Orion returned to the Academy to recover from the battle. He was quiet for days, the only sounds coming from his room the riffs he would play on the guitar. He refused to talk to anyone, he refused to acknowledge or respond when addressed by name. He also refused to accept a replacement uniform.

Lady Liberty paid a visit to the Academy about a week later, a box under her arm. She nodded and smiled to all that greeted her, but proceeded to Ryan’s door. She opened it, not bothering to knock and the teen didn’t bother to look up. Putting the box down, she asked a simple question. “Who are you?” Startled, he acknowledged her by looking up. Answering her own question before he could say anything, she told him what she thought. “You are Ryan Connors. Who you were or what you think you were before arriving in Freedom City is irrelevant. A week ago, you showed us courage, strength, wisdom and compassion. You showed us that we can count on our friends and to ask for help when it is needed. You showed us what it means to be a hero. You may have been created to be something or someone in another reality. On this world, you are very much more than that. When you’re ready, open the box.”

Liberty left, not waiting for a reply, pausing to talk to the Alterni-Teens. As she prepared to return to Freedom Hall, the assembled students stopped talking one at a time and their gazes fell on the figure of Orion. The uniform he now wore was gold and blue with white highlights. The resemblance to Centurion’s costume was there, but it was not a copy. Liberty smiled and asked, “And, what is your answer?”

“I am Ryan Connors. I am Gladius.”
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Building to be comics "accurate" is different than building to run a PC or building something to challenge a group.
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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

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Lithos, PL 11, 170 pp. 3 skill points/PP, (except for combat skills)
Real Name : Petra Gonzalez
Gender : Female
Age : 38
Hair : Long, black
Eyes : iridescent emerald green on black
Height : 6' 0" human form, 9' 0" living stone form
Weight : 120 lbs (human form), 1600 lbs (Stone form)
Known family : mother (Maria, high school English teacher), father (Carlos, general contractor), older brother (Marcus, lawyer), younger brother (William, industrial chemist)
Alternate form : looks like a giant woman carved out of volcanic glass, with three glowing yellow eyes (the third one grants Subterranean Senses when open).
Concept : crystalline Powerhouse
Abilities : STR 3/14 STA 3/13 AGL 2 DEX 2 FGT 5 INT 2 AWE 2 PRE 1 (40 pp)

Advantages : Ultimate Effort (Toughness), Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Accurate Attack, Interpose, Multilingual, Improvised Tools, Connected, Teamwork, Close Atk 1, Second Chance : Treatment [ 11 pp]

Skills [ 19 pp] : Acrobatics 3 (+5), Persuasion 4 (+5), Intimidation 4 (+5/+6*), Investigation 3 (+5), Insight 4 (+6), Perception 5 (+7), Expertise : Sculpture 9 (+11), Expertise : Science 3 (+5), Expertise : History 4 (+6), Expertise : EMT 3 (+5), Treatment 3 (+5)

Combat skills : Close Combat (unarmed) 2 (+8), Ranged Atk (Throwing) 6 (+8)
Totals : 8/2 (4 pp) in Combat skills, 45/3 (15 pp) in other is 19
* value when Alternate form active

Defenses : Dodge +7, Parry +3, Fort +0, Will +7 [ 17 pp]
(final scores : Toughness +13*/+3, Dodge +9, Parry +9, Fort +13*/+3, Will +9. Impervious Tou 8)
Offenses :
Unarmed : +14 damage, +8 to hit
Melee otherwise : +14 damage, +6 to hit
Trips, Grabs : +14 to maintain (victim also at -5 due to Improved Hold), +6 to hit
Ranged (throwing) : +14 damage, +8 to hit
Shockwave : DC26/DC20 vs Tou damage, Burst Area
Ear clap : DC24 vs Will
Thunderclap : DC17/DC13 vs Fort Affliction
Quicksand : DC21/DC15 vs Dodge Affliction
Initiative : +2
Powers :
Power Lifting 2 [ 2pp] (lift mass rank 5 [1600 lbs] base; rank 16 [1600 tons] in Alternate form)
Immunity 12 (Critical hits, Life Support) [ 12 pp]
Reconstitution : Regeneration 6 (Flaw : source - earth) [ 3 pp]
Siliceous Insinuation : Movement : Permeate 1 (Limit : earthen materials only) [ 1 pp]

Alternate Form (Living Stone); Activation : Move (-1) for 65 pp
Growth 2 (Permanent, +0), linked to Density 2 (Permanent, +0) [ 8 pp] - grants +4 STR, +4 STA, -1 active defenses, +1 Intimidation, -2 Stealth, etc
Graceful Giantess : Enhanced Traits 2 : Dodge +1, Parry +1 [ 2 pp]
Feature : Hands like tools (mostly to carve metal and stone with just fingertips) [ 1 pp]
Enhanced STR 7, Enhanced STA 6, Impervious 8 on Toughness (Noticeable) [ 33 pp]
Leaping 10 [ 10 + 2 pp] - 1 mile/move action (as far as she could throw her weight = rank 8 )
  • AP : Cutting Loose (Penetrating 10 on unarmed damage)
    AP : Subterranean movement : Burrowing 9, Subtle
(Burrowing speed rank of 4 in loose soil, 3 in packed earth/clay, 1 through rock)
Subterranean Senses : Darkvision, Vision Penetrates Concealment (earthen materials only), Distance Sense, Direction Sense [ 6 pp]
STR damage array (14 pp base) : [0 + 4 pp]
  • AP : Shockwave (Burst Area Damage 11 (Area +1, Limit : ground contact -1))
    AP : Quicksand (Burst Area Affliction 11 (Resist with Dodge, Overcome by Damage; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobile, Extra Condition +1, Limited Degree -1, Targets must be on the ground -1, Burst Area +1)
    AP : Ear Clap - Affliction 14 (Resist and Overcome with Will : Dazed and Impaired/Disabled and Stunned; Extra Condition +1, Limited Degree -1)
    AP : Thunderclap : Affliction 7 (Cone Area Affliction, resist/recover with Fort; Dazed and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Stunned; Extra Condition +1, Limited Degree -1)
Abilities 40 + Advantages 11 + Skills + 19 + Defenses 17 + Powers 83 = 170/170

Complications :
Motivation : Responsibility. There are a LOT of over-powered idiots out there, and she is currently one of the few strong enough to effectively deal with them. And rescue folk endangered by said idiots.
“O, it is excellent To have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant.” ― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
Thrills and Adventure ! : Best way to see foreign works of art is TO GO THERE, since some nations refuse to let their artwork leave the country (and due to sheer number of thieves and weirdos trying to steal mystical artifacts, such an opinion is quite understandable). Travels quite a bit; essentially, as often as she can.

Quirk : distrusts vigilantes and tomb raiders/graverobbers.
Relationship (family) : Even though they live on the opposite side of the country (natively from Osceola, FL), she keeps in contact as much as she can.
Responsibilities : between making replicas for museums, commissioned for sculptures or stonework, and being a first responder, Petra has more than a few demands of her time.
Weakness : vibratory attacks. Since her alternate form is crystalline, vibrations harm her a bit more than usual (considered Hindered vs all sonic/vibratory attacks).

Background :
Petra grew up in Osceola, Florida. A few miles away from Winter Park - home of the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden, and the Crealde School of Art. She was always fascinated by sculpture, so took as many courses about it as she could.
About ten years ago, she was in the Yucatan studying local sculpture within what geologists know as the Chixulub crater, and found some interesting stone to sculpt.

While carving it, her chisel slipped and she injured herself, getting some of the meteoric dust into her bloodstream (this stone had cryptic variations in hardness). Later found out that some of the dust were quasi-life crystals : complex chains of minerals that can perform limited organic catalysis. They became part of a symbiotic relationship with her cells - they could utilize background radiation to generate ATP without the need for oxygen or other electron acceptors. Meaning she didn't need to breathe anymore, and her metabolism worked differently - she got hungry, but much slower than she'd expect.

Months later she found out the quasi-life crystals granted other, more 'interesting' abilities - her physical strength increased, and she could sort of slip through earth and stone without disturbing it. Within a year, the last of the effects occurred - she could convert her own flesh into living stone. With a massive increase in weight, strength and toughness.

She was not the sort to fall into the 'starving artist' cliche - she knew that becoming famous and rich as an artist was a longshot, and so kept herself busy.

The best use of her free time (which she had some control over) was to become a First Responder. Once she got her powers, she started to specialize a bit more as an Extrication Specialist.

Once she heard that Bay City was being built, she figured there would be more job opportunities out there than back home, so she left to find her way out there.

But it seemed her super abilities were called upon more often than she'd like - apparently, super strength and incredible toughness are a VERY common powers for people to get. And for some peculiar reason, the only thing people think to do with them - is hit stuff.
Although she could fix and repair the damage done from super brawls and temper tantrums, she thought it would be better to stop the idiots BEFORE they make too big a mess.
ooc : thinking of either scrapping Quicksand, or replacing with something else. Like Bone Rattler : Area Effect 11, Recover with Fort; Vulnerable and Dazed, Stunned and Prone; Extra Condition+1, Limited Degree-1, Area+1, Limit : ground targets only -1
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Re: Heroes Unlimited: The Catsiverse Role Call

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