New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

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New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by Michuru » Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:58 pm

Since the end of World War II, mankind has known about the existence of Neo-Sapiens—men and women who inherit fantastic abilities from one or both of their parents. While some use these powers to terrorize the world, others use them to safeguard mankind. Still, society fears and hates these people…

Resources Active PCs Inactive PCs Go at it, guys.
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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by Shock » Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:43 pm

Woohoo! Go time!

When's the IC thread go up?

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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by Arkrite » Mon Nov 07, 2016 5:47 pm


Alex "Current" Murphy

Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 144/145

STR: +1 (12), DEX: +6 (16/22), CON: +4 (18), INT: +0 (10), WIS: +2 (14), CHA: +1 (12)

Tough: +4/+5, Fort: +8, Ref: +9, Will: +5

Skills: Acrobatics 9 (+15), Bluff 4 (+5), Computers 6 (+6), Craft (electronic) 4 (+4), Diplomacy 3 (+4), Drive 1 (+7), Gather Information 5 (+6), Knowledge (popular culture) 2 (+2), Language 3 (+3), Notice 5 (+7), Perform (singing) 13 (+14), Perform (stringed instruments) 13 (+14), Search 4 (+4), Sense Motive 4 (+6)

Feats: Accurate Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, Defensive Roll, Dodge Focus 5, Equipment 1, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 2, Monkey Climber

Can make hands or eyes glow like flashlight (Features 1)
Electrical Awareness (Super-Senses 2) (acute: Electricity, awareness: Electricity)
Electrical Control 10 (DC 25)
. . Paralyze 10 (Alternate; DC 20)
Electrically Enhanced Healing (Regeneration 12) (recovery bonus 4 (+4 to recover), recovery rate (bruised) 1 (recover 1 / round), recovery rate (disabled) 2 (recover 1 / hour), recovery rate (injured) 4 (recover 1 / round), recovery rate (staggered) 1 (recover 1 / 20 mins); Source (Electricity); Diehard, Regrowth; Custom (Source flaw on feats))
Electrically Enhanced Muscle Control (Linked)
. . Enhanced Dexterity 6 (Linked; +6 DEX)
. . Leaping 2 (Linked; Jumping distance: x5)
. . Speed 12 (Alternate; Speed: 50000 mph, 440000 ft./rnd; Custom (Water Run))
. . Speed 5 (Linked; Speed: 250 mph, 2200 ft./rnd)
Living Battery (Immunity 10) (common descriptor: Electricity)
Super Charged Nervous System (Enhanced Trait 27) (electricity, Attack Bonus +4 (+6), Defense Bonus +4 (+11), Feats: Accurate Attack, Defensive Roll, Dodge Focus 5, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 2)

Equipment: Cell Phone, Commlink, Guitar 1, Leather Jacket

Attack Bonus: +2/+6 (Ranged: +2/+6, Melee: +2/+6, Grapple: +3/+7)

Attacks: Electrical Control 10, +6 (DC 25), Paralyze 10, +6 (DC Staged/Will 20), Unarmed Attack, +6 (DC 16)

Defense: +7/+11 (Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: -2

Initiative: +14

Languages: English, German, Japanese, Spanish

Totals: Abilities 22 + Skills 19 (76 ranks) + Feats 3 + Powers 82 + Combat 8 + Saves 10 + Drawbacks 0 = 144

Alex "Lex" Murphy was a happy kid growing up. He, his parents, and younger brother lived in a poor side of town, mostly dominated by Spanish causing him to spend most of his life feeling a little out of place. He made friends young, and spent a lot of time at his friend's places. While not overly clever he liked being able to talk to his friends without his family knowing what they were talking about, and picked up Spanish as a second language just to drive them a little batty.
He spent a lot of time in gymnastics, to his father's (a football lover) chagrin, but he was quite good at it. He had hopes of getting into the Olympics, and practiced every chance he got, ignoring the comments he gathered from school. His friends especially enjoyed poking fun at him for his gymnastics and being in the band, and for being the goody-two-shoes of the group.
For all his father's complaints that his friends were the "wrong kind of people" he was a far better influence on them than they were a bad influence on him. They spent a lot of time roughhousing, breaking into old abandoned buildings, and generally getting into trouble that would get them scolded instead of arrested. He took the high ground, walked away when they wanted to do something that might get him in trouble, guilt tripped them when they were doing something stupid, and generally helped them out after they'd learned their lesson the hard way. They called him "our high and mighty white conscious" and grumbled about it significantly, but for all the complaints they still liked him.
Alex came into his powers quite by accident. His little brother stabbed a knife into a toaster to try to get the bread out and electrocuted himself. Lex grabbed the knife, and pulled it out before his brother was seriously hurt and learned for the first time that he could absorb and channel electricity. The latter he learned when he accidentally blasted the toaster with a small bolt of lightning.
His family was polarized immediately. His mother, who had been close to him and open to the Neo-Sapien problem turned quiet and distant, his little brother who was already acting out in attempt to get attention now hated his super powered older brother, and surprisingly his father who'd been quite racist against Neo-Sapiens became surprisingly supportive.
His friends, of course, thought it was awesome and they spent a lot of time trying to figure out how his powers worked. He found that he could suck in power, and when he did he could shoot it out of his hands, or make his hands electrified. He could move at high speeds for short periods of time (once he put on a mask and outran a car when his friends dared him), reacted faster to things that were happening around him, and even seemed to heal up cuts and bruises faster when he was "recharging". He also learned his powers had some limits as he'd run out of juice and need to rest or find some electricity before he could do it again.
His life came to an end around the time that Apocatastasis attacked New York. With the government putting Neo-Sapiens in internment camps Lex did his best to keep a low profile. This worked fine until the day the cops showed up on his doorstep. Only the actions of his friends helped him escape capture, giving him a chance to run and hide.
He ran to his father's work with the cops not far behind, and his father surprised him yet again. He made a call, pulled out a small bag from a locker, and handed Lex all the money he had on him. Then he gave his son a hug, told him where he could meet a friend who'd get him to Europe and watched sadly as his son left his life.
The plan was simple. Stow away on a ship with the help of a friend of his fathers, get to Europe, and from there get to the New Vindicator Academy in Vienna. If he was lucky they'd take him in and he'd be safer than he could be back in the US. If they didn't he wasn't sure what he'd do, but being around a large base of Neo-Sapiens sounded better than nothing...

Playing Guitar
Tinkering with computers

Complications (Family)
He still loves his family and he's very homesick. His father, Roger, is feeling guilty at the moment. His hatred of Neo-Sapiens came from his dislike of his father who he felt put his mother and him at risk acting like a superhero when he was young. Now that his son is one he believes that it's most likely his side of the family it came from. His mother, Lillian, still loves Lex, but no longer knows how to act around him. It was one thing for her to know Neo-Sapiens were real, but finding out her son was one completely took the floor out from under her. Steven, his younger brother, hates him but Lex doesn't realize it. Lex still likes the annoying little brat, but it's hard to say if he still would when he found out that it was Steven who called the cops on him...

Complications (Friends)
Lex had a small but very loyal group of friends when he was growing up. Ricky, Ed, Jose (his real name is Augustus), Ryan and Q (Real Name: Frank). For the most part they weren't really inspired by school, and weren't destined for any real level of greatness, but they were good decent people. They also saved Lex from a long stay in an internment camp. Unfortunately Jose was caught by the cops during the rescue and was charged with assaulting a police officer, aiding and abetting a criminal, and a few other misdemeanours. Luckily he's a young offender, and he got a good lawyer by luck of draw (they aren't kidding when they say one will be provided for you if you can't afford it) so he's mostly stuck with a short stint in juvie and some community service. The rest of his friends are treating Jose like a big damn hero at the moment for saving Lex and for not ratting them out.

Complication (Brownout)
Lex's superhuman powers are powered by electricity. Some of this he generates himself, some he can gather up through physical exposure to any source of electricity. But these sources aren't infinate, and if he uses his powers too much he'll "drain the batteries" so to speak, leaving him a very normal human being. The only ability he has that will work when he enters a "brownout" is his ability to absorb electricity. The only way to counter a brownout is to absorb a large amount of electricity, or recharge the old fashion way with a good meal and some sleep.

Complication (Path of least resistance)
Electricity is not a weapon of great precision, as it tends to arc from one point to another. Sometimes when Lex shoots a lightning bolt it arcs to something he's not aiming at.

Concept of powers: Lex is an electricity manipulator. He can absorb it, charging himself up and healing himself. With a large charge he can release this electricity in a blast of "lightning" or by charging his hand up with a high voltage low current field of electricity to stun or "taze" opponents.
Strangely enough his electricity manipulation seem to have internalized significantly. His nervous system has either been supercharged, or he's somehow receiving sensory information and activating motor responses without having to wait for his nervous system to respond the old fashion way. It's given him enhanced reaction time and muscle control making him a significantly better "shot" then he is normally, and allowing him to get out of the way a lot faster.
Also the enhanced reaction speeds have allowed him to push his body past its limits when it comes to running. The problem being that while he's gained these powers his body isn't designed for high speeds or designed for high speed reactions. In fact for all his superhuman powers, his body is very much human. Using this super speed actually damages his muscles and bones from the stress he's putting them under. Muscles weren't designed to move that fast, and bones weren't designed to take impacts that fast and repeatedly. His ability to heal through the absorption of electricity has kept him from noticing it, but if he were to push himself too hard it is possible he could break a bone or badly damage the muscles in his legs by forcing himself to those speeds.
He normally doesn't benefit from his enhanced abilities as using them all the time is a quick way to end up "run down". He prefers to avoid using it until he has to (or feels like it), which means he's normally... normal.

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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by Flynnarrel » Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:11 pm

From Page 1 of the Atomicthinktank OOC thread and page 4 of the greenronin OOC thread comes....

I would love the chance to contribute to this marvelous set of stories and would appreciate a chance to play in this world under a great storyteller. I do however have a lingering sense of dread of ever meeting the little alphabet guy.

My Submission:
Martin B. Curie
Pl8 PP120+30earned,

Str 10 Dex 16 Con 14 Int 16 Wis 16 Cha 10 [22pp]
Ref 3+4 = 7 Fort 2+4 = 6 Will 3+6 = 9 [14pp]
Toughness: 2+ 4 Defensive Roll +2 tough +2 uniform = +10 / +6 flatfooted

Skills: [13pp+2pp] Knowledge: Physical science +6 (+9), Acrobatics +4 (+7), Notice +7 (+10 ), Escape Artist +0 (+3/+8), Sense Motive +4 (+7 ), Craft: Chemicals +4 (+7), Medicine +5 (+8), Computers +2 (+5), Stealth +5(+8), Concentration +8(+10), Bluff +10, Investigate 2(+5), Sleight of Hand 2(+5) Languages - French (Native), English, German.

Feats:[23pp] Evasion, Improved Grab, Grappling Finesse, Prone Fighting, Attack Specialization – Grapple, Eidetic Memory, Improved Pin, Defensive Roll 4, Dodge 2, Improved Initiative, Attack Specialization – Unarmed, Attack Focus – Melee 3, Tough 2, Equipment 2, Second Chance(Mind Control)

Equipment: Vindicator uniform, protection 2, commlink, Quickchange, immunity heat/cold, GPS
(7ep), Smart phone(cell phone, laptop) (2ep), digital audio recorder (1ep),

Combat: BDB +4[8pp] +2Dodge = +6 / +2 Flatfooted
BAB +3 [6pp] / +6 Melee / +8 Unarmed attack
Grapple: +6 Melee +2 Grapple specialization +3Dex +5 Elongation = +16
initiative: +7

Feat: Instant up [1pp] {Rather than acrobatically leap up, he simply reforms himself in a standing position]

Anatomic Separation, Variable Split, Action - Full Round, Duration - Continuous. pr 6 [3pp]
{In his budding abilities to mitosis, like Entier could, Martin has developed the capacity to split off body parts and let him retain control over that matter. This is the Simulacrum ability he used for spying. He split off a hand, eye, ear, and nose and used morph to make it look like a little version of him (and morph to cosmetically cover the loss of those body parts).}

Maleable body Container [10pp +3AP]
-Insubstantial 1, Elongation pr 5 {100 ft, +5 Grapple}
{His amorphous body can stretch to great lengths in seconds}
AP: SuperMove: Permeate [Extra: affects Others (on rank 1 only), Flaw: Requires Grapple] pr3 + Blur + Flight 1
AP: Morph (any equivalent mass) pr3 + Feature: relocate physical features
{His Body can destabilize, breaking into the component chemicals in a loose, multi-colored puddle. Including the ability to arrange his molecules between the molecules of other things. He can extend this power to someone but must coat [Grapple] the person and must go much slower. His own form blurs as he does this and he can move in 3 dimensions by slipping in between even air molecules.
Further, he can put forth his mind to look like anything of his mass, even relocating his functional body parts.}
AP:Immutable, Sustained. {He can keep his cells from externally being forced to change, just as his sister did when possessed by Lacuna.}

Immunity: Suffocation, Poison, Disease, Critical Hits, Vacuum, Sleep [9pp]
Immunity Half Effect: Aging, Starvation/Thirst [1pp]

Super senses (smell): Acute(1), Tracking(1), Accurate (2), Extended Smell (1), Analytical(1) (Chemical Composition), Magical Awareness; Vulnerable(Scent Attacks/Pheromones, +1DC); [5pp+1xp +1 AP] {Complication: Usually on}
AP: Super-Senses (Touch), {Sustained}: Analytical(1) (Chemical Composition), Magical Awareness, Microscopic Touch pr 4(Atomic-sized)
{*Can create a radius sense of what chemicals are around him, can differentiate by chemical signatures, but is foiled by a sealed ziplock bag, or in a Vacuum.
With a moment's thought he can analyze things he's touching or surrounding on an atomic level, including things in his own body.}

Dimensional Pocket, Flaw: Standard action to store, pr 1 [1pp] {Martin has duplicated his sister's trick of breaking down items and reassembling them. 100lbs.}

Immunity (half effect), Sustained Duration: All Physical Damage, Feat: Withstand Damage, Evasion (bringing it to Evasion 2 when allowing transmutable cells) [22pp+7AP]
{It’s hard to physically hurt someone whose molecular bonds give way, only to reform after}
AP:Snare, Engulf, Feat: Tether, Chokehold pr 10 (22/22)
{Martin can fully slither over someone, }
AP: Suffocate, Flaw:Requires Grapple, Extra: Duration-Sustained, Feats: Split Attack, Sedation pr 10 (22/22)
{When he binds someone up he can force his malleable body down their throat unless their autonomic responses can force him out.}
AP:Corrosion (Drain Toughness, affects objects 6 +linked+ Strike 6), Accurate 2, Slow Fade(on Drain), Feat: Power Attack pr 6 (22/22)
{Martin can also manipulate the chemical bonds of things he grasps, breaking them down… [+10 to hit, dc 16 Fort, 21 Toughness]}
AP:Transmutation, Extra: Continuous, Flaws: Permanent, Touch Range, Feat: Precise, innate pr 5 (22/22)
{… or rearranging them…}
AP: Healing, Standard Action, Total, Feat: Stabilize, regrowth PR 5 (22/22)
{…including Restoration of healthy tissue in himself and others.}
AP: Beam of Excited Molecules, Damage [Vibrating molecules], Area: Line (General), Secondary Effect, Flaw: Full Round Action, Feat: Affects Insubstantial 2, Indirect, Precise, Subtle 2 PR 8 (22/22)
{After learning that it was in his sister's Capability to project a beam of vibrating molecules and spurred by the fact that his parents worked with her from a young age to develop her powers but left him ignored, He came up with theories on how it could be done and relentless pursued them until he could also gather molecules, excite them, and release them in a destructive path that continues to agitate affected areas once penetrated.}
AP: Teleport, Medium-Own body parts, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Dimensional, Precise [all or part of himself] pr 17
{Any of Martin's body parts he can designate as his self and form a body in that location}

Drawbacks: Vulnerability: Radiation, Uncommon, Moderate (+50%) -2
{Martin is, however, more susceptible to attacks that bombard cells with free radicals and ions which disrupts his ability to manipulate his own chemical structures.}

Abilities22 + Saves14 + Skills15 + Combat14 + Feats23 + Powers 63 - Drawbacks 2 = 149 of 150(?)


Appearance: Martin is 5 foot 6, still not grown into his adult height. He has sandy blond hair and light brown eyes. He wore glasses until his eyes corrected themselves and still unconsciously ‘adjusts’ them, especially when nervous.

65% Oxygen, 18% Carbon, 10% Hydrogen, a bit of Nitrogen, and a smidge of other stuff: Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, Sulfur, etc… make up the Human body and Martin can describe them all.
Martin Curie was never the most popular kid, he had a fondness for science and chemistry, unconsciously drawn to it, even from a young age. This targets a kid for bullying and after the third bloody nose his parents recommended he go out for wrestling just to keep the bullies off of him. Even then, he never really bulked up, just became wiry for his small size.

If the name is familiar it is because he is indeed descended from Marie and Pierre Curie, the famous chemists and physicists. (or so he believed his whole life) This fact likewise did not endear him to the hearts of would-be-tormentors.

Discovering his abilities was a rather traumatic occurrence – during a wrestling match he abruptly ‘melted’ into a rippling gold puddle of goo. He came to facing a man in a HazMat suit in a quarantined building. His parents, Jeannette and Basil, intelligent individuals themselves, saw their dreams for their bright son evaporate in the face of his publicly awakened Neo-Sapian powers, or so Martin believed. They try to be supportive, but don’t really know what to do with him and they seemed to carefully watch his 11 year old sister, Gabrielle, for fear she might also manifest.

Though, this was, in fact, a lie. Martin's parents are a single entity known as Entier. She was a collection of unstable molecules cloned by Dr. Meinstein for his 'Primes' in the bowels of Patriot Robotics. She gained sentience and learned how to manipulate her liquidy form and inherent command over the covalent and ionic bonds in objects she touches. She escaped Patriot Robotics with her donor host, a Neo-Sapien boy with the ability to affect molecules named Martin) and fled to France where, in her desire for a mate and to provide a family for the orphaned Martin, she split off to form Basil Curie, then had another 'child', Gabrielle (Elle).
Martin (Prime) grew to young adulthood but was killed when his powers were revealed to townsfolk (saving victims of a crash, no less).
In their/her grief and loss, Entier fabricated a new 'Martin' from her/their mass and raised him as their son.
They, unbeknownst to Martin, joined a terrorist organization (a reaction to the pain and loss they were still reeling from) in misguided efforts that no one should lose a companion like they/she did.

Martin tries to be unobtrusive. Maintain his studies. Continue wrestling for exercise and because he feels it may still keep bullies off of him (not fully comprehending that his intuitive grasp of the manipulation and destruction of cohesive bonds of chemicals is a potent deterrent in its own right).

GF - Tatjana, unstable
Puddle - (Fluxx's imperfect control over his cohesion means that sometimes powerful impacts (physical or emotional) or the application of heat can cause him a temporary and messy 'accidents' as some or all of him dribbles to the ground).
Science - (He's subject to the natural laws. For example, if he's submerged in water for a long time, although immune to suffocation, he still has to pull oxygen from somewhere. Bubbles of Hydrogen fizz up from him as he strips and recombines usable O2 molecules. This could just be flavor or this could alert someone he's trying to hide from. To transmute a gallon of water to a gallon of gas requires a fair amount of carbon. He'd have to use a piece of burnt toast or a pencil, or something for the compounds he needs.)
Open to suggestions.


For Martin, start with a young Adrien Brody.

... in one of those poses that really makes him look French and vaguely disapproving.

Jack and Fluxx (Jack is the same as before)
Image ... 50x0-1.jpg
a yearbook picture of Adrien Brody

Edit: Spent points on Bluff, Medicine, Knowledge Physical Sciences, and Craft: Chemicals to represent likely skills gained from parents.
Edit: More skills.
Edit: 9/1/16 Added more ability to separate Anatomically and even designate a full self from a body part (i.e. teleport)
Edit 7/3/17 Added Immunity Vacuum environment, Sleep, replaced previous half immunity Sleep with Aging. 1 point banked for now.
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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by Flynnarrel » Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:17 pm

and I can get here from work
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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by EnigmaticOne » Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:53 pm



Real Name: Dennis Schausteller
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Nationality: Swiss (Oubliette-519)
First Appearance: NVAE #20

Biography: Dennis was born in Zurich, Switzerland on - when else? - April 1, 1994. Not even a decade and a half after the spell that signaled the end for the Neo-Sapiens. From a young age, the child of absentee bankers realized that he was an Esper with illusions, and it cast a bit of a slant on his growing up.

Aside from the potential for knavery - and the more innocuous ability to hone his interests in drama with one-man plays - Dennis held an ambivalent eye towards "old Father Antic" the law and governments. Sure, Espers seemed to have the world at their feet - but what if they went the way of the Neos?

That and to be honest, it was rather lonesome, being few of the super-powered sort. Dennis took up to a tad of quasi-heroic, quasi-gray area deeds as Imago, out of rebellion against his never present parents whom would have seen it as undignified, for fun, and for an outlet.

Then, the arrival of the Armada ship Kurbash created a war, and brought allies... from another world. Enchanted by the possibility of a place where the superhuman lot was better and plentiful versus here, Imago came back with the Vindicator students and the Drifter.

Abilities: Strength 10 (+0), Dexterity 12 (+1), Constitution 10 (+0), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 14 (+2), Charisma 14 (+2)

Skills: Bluff 13 (+17), Concentration 8 (+10), Diplomacy 8 (+10), Gather Information 8 (+10), Knowledge: Arcane Lore 3 (+4), Languages 3 (Native: German, English, French, Language of the Birds), Notice 7 (+9), Perform: Acting 8 (+10), Sense Motive 10 (+14), Sleight of Hand 6 (+7), Stealth 6 (+7)

Feats: Challenge (Fast Task - Bluff), Distract (Bluff), Equipment 1, Fascinate (Perform), Luck 2, Redirect, Setup, Talented (Bluff/Sense Motive), Taunt

Cell Phone, New Vindicators Uniform [Protection 2, Immunity 2 (Environmental Cold/Heat)]

Illusionary Disguise: Morph [Humanoids] 5 (Saving Throw -1)
Diverting Illusions: Force Field 8

Show and Tell [Array]
- Illusion [Visual and Auditory Sense Types] 8 (Duration: Sustained +1, Phantasm -1, Selective Attack +1, Progression PF x3)
- Perception Blast 8 (Alternate Save: Will +1, Incurable PF, Precise PF, Reversible PF)
- Perception Dazzle [Visual & Auditory Sense Types] 8 (Alternative Save: Reflex/Will +0, Reversible PF)
- Perception Nauseate 8 (Alternate Save: Will +0, Reversible PF)
- Perception Stun 8 (Alternate Save: Will +0, Reversible PF)

Takes One To Know One: Super-Senses 4 (Visual and Auditory Counters Illusions)

Conjuration Magic [Array] (Drawbacks: Power Loss [when unable to speak or gesture, -2 points])
- Nimor Racetion: Create Object 1 (Subtle)

Initiative +1
Attack +0
Defense +6

Saves: Fortitude +4, Reflex +6, Toughness +10/+2, Will +9

[Abilities 12 + Skills 21 [84 ranks] + Feats 10 + Powers 57 + Combat 12 + Saves 16 = 128]

519-er: Dennis originates from another Earth with a significantly different past few decades. There's a great deal of people and other information that he doesn't know the way someone from Oubliette-137 easily would.
Prejudice: SPB
Relationships: Dennis is an apprentice of Dr. Stephen White, the Aurelius.
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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by Michuru » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:18 pm

Shock wrote:Woohoo! Go time!

When's the IC thread go up?
Boom. Sorry about the delay. I didn't think the day was ever going to end.

In other news? I can do more than four pictures per post, so... no having to split the updates in twain. Also, I have yet to post and have the forums just direct me to the lobby. This means I've finally been able to post NVAA stuff.

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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by Horsenhero » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:46 pm

I will have an updatable copy of Kas up soon.

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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by EnigmaticOne » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:47 pm

Michuru wrote:
Shock wrote:Woohoo! Go time!

When's the IC thread go up?
Boom. Sorry about the delay. I didn't think the day was ever going to end.

In other news? I can do more than four pictures per post, so... no having to split the updates in twain. Also, I have yet to post and have the forums just direct me to the lobby. This means I've finally been able to post NVAA stuff.
Stop bringing down our people, Michuru!
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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by Michuru » Tue Nov 08, 2016 12:45 am

EnigmaticOne wrote:Stop bringing down our people, Michuru!
You're no fun! :(

While I'm here... So, the code I used for the tables didn't convert well, and rather than--you know, learn to make it work... I've elected to fabricate a spreadsheet that I can save as a PDF on Dropbox, updating it as you go. This handy-dandy sheet displays who is currently out. I'll be linking it to my signature, like I did on the Forums That Shall Not Be Named.

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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by Arkrite » Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:00 pm

Happy Birthday, TM!

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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by McGuffin » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:41 pm

Happy birthday TMan, many returns of the day! :)
Otso Karell, student at the New Vindicators Academy Europe.

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Re: New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)

Post by McGuffin » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:42 pm

Real name: Otso Karell
Thanks to Horsenhero for the great character art.

PL8 / 124 pp

Abilities(16): STR: 14/30 (+2/+10) DEX: 12 (+1) CON: 14/22 (+2/+6) INT: 12(+1) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 10 (+0)

Skills(23/92 ranks): Bluff 4 (+4), Climb 5/13 (+7/+23), Concentration 7(+9), Diplomacy 4 (+4), Handle Animal 8 (+8), Intimidate 4 (+4), Knowledge (current events) 4 (+5), Knowledge (history) 8 (+9), Knowledge (popular culture) 4 (+5), Language 6, Medicine 4 (+5), Notice 6/10 (+8/+12), Search 7 (+8), Sense Motive 6 (+8), Stealth 2(+3), Survival 7 (+9), Swim 6 (+8/+16)

Feats(17): All-out Attack, Animal Empathy, Grappling Block, Chokehold, Crushing Pin, Diehard, Endurance 1, Equipment 2, Improved Block 2, Improved Disarm 2, Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Interpose, Track

Powers(35): Container 7 [Werebear form]]
Enhanced Strength 16
Enhanced Constitution 8
Protection 2
Super-Senses 2 [low-light vision, scent]
Super-Strength 1
Enhanced Skills 3 [Climb +8, Notice +4]

Equipment: New Vindicators Uniform [Protection 2, Immunity (environmental heat/cold), commlink], Cell phone [6/10 ep spent]

Combat(24): Attack: +6 | Damage +2/+10 | Defense: 16/ 13 flat-footed | Initiative: +1 | Grapple: +8/+17

Saves(17): Toughness +2/+8/+10 (normal/powers on/+ uniform) | Fortitude +6/+10 | Reflex +6 | Will +10

Languages: Finnish (native), English, Swedish, French, German, Latin, Icelandic

Tradeoffs: +2 Save dc / -2 Attack
+2 Toughness/ -2 Defense

Relationships: Beatrice Marceau (girlfriend), Matt Kowalski (father)


Honor: Otso promised to his father to never again raise his hand against another person except to protect others or himself, a promise he goes to great lengths to uphold.

Prejudice: Neo-Sapien
Enemy: UUB

Abilities 16 + Skills 23 (92 Ranks) + Feats 17 + Powers 35 + Combat 24 + Saves 17 – Drawbacks = 132/135 pp

Otso Karell was born in Finland, the son of Finnish Anna Karell and American Matt Kowalski. His summers were spent at his grandfather's cabin. He'd often go fishing, hiking or hunting with the old man and sat by the fire late into the night, listening to his grandpa's war-stories. At school he was a quiet kid, showing interest in history and excelling at languages, due in large part to his bilingual family. Having a strong sense of right and wrong, Otso got into a few fights at school defending other kids from bullies. When his parents were informed, his dad took him aside and promised to teach him a little wrestling, but only if he swore to never again raise his hand against another person except to protect others or himself.

The death of his grandfather in 2003 hit him hard, but Otso persevered largely due to the loving support of his parents. When his father abruptly disappeared four years later Otso felt like his world was falling apart around him and he withdrew deeper inside of himself. At the age of 16, his life came crashing down once and for all when he and his mother were driving home one evening. Anna swerved to avoid a drunk-driver and lost control of the car. Otso was saved by his Neo-Sapien powers kicking in a fraction of a second before impact. He emerged from the wreckage transformed into a werebear and turned back into a human when he managed to calm down. By then the ambulances and police where there. The EMTs pronounced his mother dead at the scene.After the funeral, Otso approached discreetly what little relatives he had left. Coming to the conclusion that he had inherited his powers from his father, Otso set out to find him, or at least some answers. Seeing as Vienna housed the European New Vindicators Academy, it seemed like a logical first stop.

Otso is a man of few words, passively observing the world behind his blue eyes. He isn't afraid to defend others or himself, however, and is relentless in his determination once roused into action. 5'11'' tall, Otso is brawny but not overly muscular. He owes his physical fitness more to hard work and outdoor exercise than regularly hitting the gym.

Theme1 Kansas - Carry on my wayward son
Theme2 Rise Against - Worth dying for
Theme3 Miracle of Sound - Normandy
Theme4 Imagine Dragons - Demons
Theme5 Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace

Edit:17.11.2010. Used an extra pp to exchange 1 rank of Attack Specialization [Unarmed] for 2 ranks of Attack Focus [Melee], Otso now functions as originally intended.

Edit II: 12.9.2011. Shifted 4 ranks of Knowledge: Behavioral Sciences into 2 ranks of Bluff and 2 ranks of Diplomacy. Used 1 pp to get an extra rank of Equipment for a cell-phone, further equipment pending. Used 1 pp to get the Feat All-out Attack.

Edit III: 1.9.2016. Changed Attack Focus (Melee) 2 to Attack 2 and Dodge Focus 2 to Defense 2. Added +2 to Reflex save and +1 to Will save. Added 2 ranks to Bluff and 2 ranks to Diplomacy. (8 pp)

Edit IV: 8.9.2017. Noted three unspent powerpoints on the sheet.
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Otso Karell, student at the New Vindicators Academy Europe.

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Happy belated birthday, my friend! Many returns of the day! Have three hero points for making it around the sun again!

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Is Whitaker's attack ranged or melee? It'll matter if David's prone.

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