A-44 - Human Resources Report Requested

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A-44 - Human Resources Report Requested

Post by SHIELD Analyst 44 » Sat Nov 30, 2019 6:40 pm

So, I'm looking, as ever, at Mutants & Masterminds 2e. This time, I'm going for purely a speculative look at what one can do wih the system (rules as written, no GM approval or disapproval, and without my usual inclination to analyse the personnel files of famous supers.) Feel free to ignore it.

Assuming 5 pp spent by a character who otherwise spends the rest of his pp on becoming an otherwise typical fully rounded character. (King of a nation turned super like Black Panther or Doctor Doom.)

Buys 1 Sidekick with 5pp and an extra four ranks in the number of sidekicks, increasing it from rank 1 (a single sidekick), to rank 5 (25 sidekicks)

= 25 x 5 pp Sidekicks

There's no rule (aside from GM preference and tasteful restraint) against sidekicks having minions.

So, each sidekick spends all 5 pp on a lot of minions,
That means 1 pp to buy a 15 pp Minion and 4 extra ranks of number of minions, meaning that each sidekick can have 25 minions at 15 pp each.

Now, minions cannot have minions, but there is no rule (again, aside from GM preference and tasteful restraint) against having minions with their own sidekicks, as long as those sidekicks have less pp than them. These minions have 15 pp, and a sidekick that you spend 1 pp on has 5 pp, so that's fine.

Each minion can have *50,000* sidekicks (1 pp for a 5 pp sidekick, 14 pp on shooting up the ranks of "number of" sidekicks).

I think that's as many as you can get for that many points without letting a minion have a sidekick who has minions (which is technically fine, but skirts very close to a minion having minions). 5 pp sidekicks can't get sidekicks with less pp than them, which means they can't get sidekicks. Minions can't ever just get minions of their own, directly.

So, for 5 pp investment from a character with at least 6 pp total, (even if they don't actually spend that last pp) you can have:

25 Sidekicks

Who bring their:

625 Minions (25 for each Sidekick)

Who bring their:

31,250,000 Sidekicks

(1,250,000 Sidekicks per Sidekick of your own,

50,000 Sidekicks per Minion)

A total of 31,900,000 people. An incompetent population of a nice country.
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Re: Human Resources Report Requested

Post by Spectrum » Tue Dec 24, 2019 2:44 pm

Sounds a bit like an old HERO's joke:

Captain Kirk buys Spock as a sidekick. Spock in turn buys the Enterprise using the vehicle rules.

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Re: Human Resources Report Requested

Post by Jack of Spades » Tue Dec 24, 2019 10:02 pm

Nah, Kirk is Spock's DNPC. Kirk pays for Enterprise.
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