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My artwork

Post by Jonathan » Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:46 pm

I'm gonna be honest, my art skill isn't anywhere near as good as the majority of what I've seen from you guys on here. Nonetheless, I figure I'll participate anyways in showing some of my drawings, just for the heck of it mostly. Anyways, here goes.....

Queen Avela
-The primary villain of a superhero setting I was working on a long time ago. The idea was that she was trying to merge her realm into ours in order to conquer it, and the spill over of magic cause certain people on our world to gain superpowers, and some of the people from her realm who didn't support her to ally with the main hero team(the Guardians) against her and her forces. She was very much suppose to be kind of a female Darkseid type, though I later found out that Champions RPG did their own take on that concept with Istvatha Vahn(or however you spell her name).

-A spider-centaur type chick who was going to be a villain for a fantasy setting I never really developed. Not much detail was ever really added to develop her history or personality or anything, but I always though it was a cool looking pic. If I ever start working on the Guardians again I might add her in that and make her one of Avela's minions.

Lady Kisha
-A hero chick who would've fit in with that same fantasy setting, but never really developed. Maybe if I do the Guardians again I'll include her as one of the ones from Avela's realm that decides to help humanity.

General Demaskus
-A US general who goes traitor and works against humanity in favor of Avela's forces in exchange for mystical power. Probably the villain that the Guardians would encounter on a regular basis the most.

-Nothing really developed about him except that he uses a battle axe and he is a friend and frequent ally of Lady Kisha.

The Devastators
-A villain team that I made for a different superhero setting(actually, I'm not sure I ever decided what setting they were suppose to go into).
The guy in the center is gauntlet, the team leader, who has various techno abilities from his high tech gauntlets.
The cat dude is Panther, a cat human hybrid with the obvious advantages that would come with that(enhanced reflexes, agility, senses, strength, etc.)
The orange chick in the back is suppose to be made out of lava, which is also her name(haven't really developed real names for the yet).
The big green monster/guy is Manien, who due to an accident was formed into a half-man/half-alien monster hybrid.
The girl on pink on his shoulder is sapphire, the youngest member of the team, able to generate and throw explosive globs of sapphire like energy.
The girl with the swords is Mimiyoshi, a fairly typical oriental female ninja type.
And the guy with wings and a gun is Falcon, a guy with.....wings, and a gun(energy projection type).

Ketorean Fleet
-A picture of a ketorean fleet in orbit over the planet Rith right before their invasion of said planet. This is part of my Draw Wars setting(sometimes referred to JMS Draw Wars to keep it distinct, though I am considering Reign of Steel as an actual title for the setting).

Ketorean Units
-Some of the ketorean units are pictured, though I got lazy and didn't even finish coloring everything in. Featured are 1 War Lord, 6 fighters, 8 jet troopers, I think 25 regular troopers, 5 hover tanks, 5 quad mechs, and 1 attack craft.

Republic Units
-Some units of the Republic of Rith, the main(though not only) nation of the planet. I'm thinking about changing their name though since having the planet called Rith and their nation called Rith if its not the only nation on the planet, seems kinda silly. Anyways, featured are 10 battle tanks, 1 self-propelled howitzer, 1 IFV towing an anti-tank gun, 1 gattling gun tank, 1 transport/attack copter, 3 jet fighters, 1 jeep, and 1 soldier with scoped assault rifle.

Okay, I guess that's good for now; I'll probably add more to this later.

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Re: My artwork

Post by greycrusader » Fri Dec 06, 2019 4:43 am

Thank you for sharing the artwork! And I'm sure your fellow gamers a appreciated your efforts!

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