Davies Character Conversions Multiverse

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Davies Character Conversions Multiverse

Post by Davies » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:08 pm

Those of you who were around in the Atomic Think Tank days might remember that I came up with a DC/Marvel/other stuff setting. What follows is the Earth-2 version of that setting, which shares the same prehistory.

1895 Kal-L arrives, gates open, super powers and magic become easier to use.
1920 Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered; the killer is arrested by officer James Gordon, who makes detective as a result.
1931 Kal-L becomes Superman.
1937 Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.
1938 Human Torch created; Namor first invades the United States; Flash, Hawkman and first Green Lantern are active.
1939 Dick Grayson becomes Robin.
1940 Justice Society forms; Diana of Themyscria comes to the United States; Steve Rogers becomes Captain America.
1941 The Keep.
1945 Captain America and Bucky are lost in action.
1949 Dick Grayson temporarily retires as Robin.
1951 Justice Society disbands after questioning by Kefauver Committee; Batman's first clash with Ra's al Ghul.
1955 Matthew Murdock and four infant turtles are exposed to mutagens.
1956 Second Green Lantern appears; Justice Society reforms as Justice League.
1957 Kara Zor-L arrives on Earth.
1958 Allen Adam becomes Captain Atom; incident shuts down Richards rocket project.
1959 Fantastic Four are empowered; Pym and Palmer develop sizemorphic technology in collaboration.
1960 Skrulls (supported by Tribbitite and Kronan mercenaries) invade Earth.
1961 Spider-Man origin.
1962 Avengers form, Cap found.
1963 Doom Patrol established; Jean Grey joins the X-Men; the Village begins operations in England; the Doctor and Susan briefly settle in London.
1964 Galactus visits Earth; Victor Sage begins pretending to be the Question.
1965 Daredevil begins activities.
1966 Doom Patrol destroyed; Defenders form.
1967 Forever People and Scott Free arrive on Earth.
1968 Gwen Stacy dies; the Question stops pretending to be Victor Sage; Helena Wayne becomes the Huntress.
1969 Second group of X-Men are established; Dick Grayson (aka Mark Spector) becomes Moon Knight.
1971 The Hand and the Foot come to America.
1972 Batman is apparently killed in action; increasing anti-vigilante sentiment.
1973 Trial of the Phoenix.
1974 Formation of Infinity, Incorporated.
1975 Crisis on Infinite Earths, Secret Wars; Justice League, Fantastic Four, Defenders disband; Avengers gradually disassemble over next few years.
1976 Cybertronians are awakened by Tangshan Earthquake.
1979 Watchmen-esque events.
1981 Repairman Jack begins activities in post-squid New York.
1987 Buffy Summers (daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone) learns of her destiny as the Slayer.
1989 Sailor Guardians awaken in Japan.
1991 Nightworld.
1992-6 Eugenics Wars.
2001 Fourth Host of the Celestials visits Earth; monolith discovered on the Moon.
2008 The Legion of Super-Heroes forms.
2018 Death of Peter Parker.

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Re: Davies Character Conversions Multiverse

Post by Davies » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:13 pm

Core Members of the Legion of Super-Heroes:

Moondragon (II): Scotty Richards (in full Susan Katherine Richards-Summers, but she dropped her mother's name after her parents split) is a telepath, and a pretty powerful and versatile one. She is not a reality warping telekinetic, as both of her parents were, and really wishes people would stop making the assumption that she has that sort of power. She trained with Titanian Eternals before they departed the solar system, and retains the "keys" to their abandoned moonbase. Rarely speaks when she can communicate telepathically.

Static: Virgil Hawkins, along with his twin sister Sharon and their older "cousin" Homer, was exposed to a chemical agent in the episode known as "the Big Bang", granting all of them electrical powers. (Why they all received the same powers, unlike any other individuals exposed to the mutagen, is a great mystery.) Virgil uses his heroically, while Homer has used his to rise up in the underworld of their hometown of Dakota. (Sharon focuses on her schooling.) He is not related to Black Lightning, and really wishes people would stop making that assumption.

Polaris (II): Rocco Crane claims to have developed his magnetic powers through origin chasing, having consumed a lethal dose of chemicals in hopes of gaining some superpower. He's gained a bit of maturity since then, and tries to educate people about the dangers of such pursuits, without much success. He is not related to Magneto or his younger daughter Polaris, and really wishes people would stop making that assumption ... but would rather they did that than find out that he is related to Neal Emerson, aka Doctor Polaris, and to Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow.

TripliKate: Kathy Darko (born Lorna Madrox) possesses the power to divide into three individuals who maintain a constant mental link with each other. She is also a highly trained martial artist and detective. When not divided, her brain processes information roughly three times faster than a normal human being. While her divided selves are very similar, they are not the same person, and have distinctive perspectives and opinions that they don't share with her unified self. She is the granddaughter of Jamie Madrox, and doesn't particularly mind if people know it. She does not do the sorts of things you're imagining.

Danny Phantom: Young Danny Fenton, he was just fourteen when his parents built a very strange machine, designed to view a world unseen. When it didn't quite work, his folks, they just quit, but then Danny took a look inside of it, and there was a great big flash, everything just changed, and his molecules got all rearranged. When he first woke up, he realized he had snow white hair, and glowing green eyes, he could walk through walls, disappear, and fly; he was much more unique than the other guys. And it was then that he knew what he had to do: he had to stop all the ghosts that were coming through. He's here to fight, for me and you!

Miss Martian: M'gann M'orzz, a White Martian (descended from Durlan colonists) who poses as a Green Martian (descended from Skrull colonists) as her values are more in line with the latter. (Currently, the two species are engaged in a cold war with each other, with the Green Martians supported by extramartian allies.) She can alter her appearance at will, and gain the benefits of other species' physiologies by transforming her own to resemble them, most notably gaining the classic Kryptonian abillities. She is not related to the Martian Manhunter, but wishes that she was. She has no idea that R.J. Brande is her father.

Ultra Boy: Uses the name Jonah Kent, he is a partially successful clone of Superman who is naturally invulnerable but can otherwise only use one of the classic Kryptonian abilities at any time. A hellraiser and thrillseeker who nonetheless has a good heart and is much smarter than he usually acts, he has been described as 'David Addison with superpowers'. Has a complicated and somewhat fraught set of relationships with Bethany Stark (CEO of Stark-Fujikawa), Knockout (an Apokoliptian warrior), and Shiiko Kotobuki.

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