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Re: Warehouse W - Bonelli Comics: Mephisto, Yama, Proteus, Black Tiger

Post by Woodclaw » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:29 am

Jabroniville wrote:
Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:11 am
Interesting guys!

So many of Tex's opponents seem to be more mental opponents than physical ones, so Ruby is interesting as a direct opponent. His look- animal-print jackets and such, combined with his name, gives me the impression he's more of a "dandy" or effeminate character, but the way he fights seems to imply the opposite.

What happened with him? Did Tex kill him?
Yeah, Ruby didn't survive. Tex, still wounded and pretty much staying upright only thanks to some kind of stimulant, went after Ruby, who was so shocked by seeing what looked like the ghost of his opponent that lost his cool and was mercylessly gunned down.
the interesting part of the tale came later, when Ruby's girlfriend arrived in town, still hoping to prevent the showdown. After seeing her belowed killed she found the man that payed Ruby to go after Tex and killed him in an act of "indian revenge". This started a chain of event that eventually led to the, very convenient, suicide of the old town boss. As I said Silver Bell was very much a filler story.
Jabroniville wrote:
Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:11 am
The mad scientist guy is a unique kind of weirdo- Tex seems so down-to-earth and not fantastical that I forget sometimes that super-unrealistic things still happen. I mean, one of his opponents is a WIZARD, after all.

The giant cougars reminds me of how weird animals are in superhero stories as well- technically, a very large animal isn't more dangerous than a lot of superheroes (who are seen dispatching very powerful enemies at times)- but for some reason, writers always need to make the animals out to be REALLY DANGEROUS THREATS, so the heroes have to fight them by cheating. I mean... is a buffalo-sized cougar immune to gunfire? Buffalo sure aren't.
Vindex is pretty much unique. There were a few more stories that dealt with mad scientist (Andrew Liddel, the Master, was one), but never to such an extent.
About the cougars, they were not bulletproof, but they were extremely hard to kill. Apparently the increase in size also provided them with a level un unnatural vitality, they were able to soak multiple rifle bullets and, while clearly in pair, still going for the kill.
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