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Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:47 am
by Bladewind
Updated... :)

Can someone confirm the link still works ?

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Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:36 am
by Neo-Paladin
Bladewind wrote:
Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:42 pm
Working on formatting those into the setting doc.

And Neo... omg. the Gaulish Miracle potion ! Hah !Brilliant ! (But no speed ?)

I will also be adding to the list...
Speed can be stunted off Strength.

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Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:34 pm
by Bladewind
Neo-Paladin wrote:
Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:36 am
Bladewind wrote:
Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:42 pm
Working on formatting those into the setting doc.

And Neo... omg. the Gaulish Miracle potion ! Hah !Brilliant ! (But no speed ?)

I will also be adding to the list...
Speed can be stunted off Strength.
True enough !
Man, did that entry bring a smile to my face.

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Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 4:36 pm
by Neo-Paladin
Love Asterix since I was a little kid. :) I just could not pass up this opportunity.

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Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:56 pm
by Doctor Malsyn
I had the thought of something, but I was curious to see if it's already been addressed elsewhere in the multitude of Merge-canon.

How does the existence of multiple "Magic systems" play out within the setting? Such as; The Force, Chi, The Warp, and dozens upon dozens of differing expressions of magic from other fiction. More specifically, how do these elements interact when someone has an inborne inclination towards multiple different systems a la MGS?

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Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:22 pm
by Bladewind
Mostly story driven.

For instance, I have long posited that the ATA Gene from Stargate translates to being equivalent to the Atlean ability to power their tech in Voltron Legendary Defender and a Spelljammer helm.*

However, since Naquedah and the ATA Gene (Stargate mythos) are mutually exclusive, they still are in the Merged Universe. So unless a Go'a'uld takes someone with the ATA Gene, he can power a ribbon device but not a Puddle Jumper.

The same applies for Chi and the Force for instance... these are largely the same for all intents and purposes.

Magic relies on source to determine compatibility. For instance, some Go'a'uld tech appears magic, but simply requires Naquedah to run. Infernal, Celestial, Elemental, Divine and the like are essentially all magic but interact with each other differently.

In other words, sources of complications as needed!

* Note, I am currently working on some house rules for Spelljammer, just because...

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Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 5:50 pm
by Neo-Paladin
Doctor Malsyn wrote:
Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:56 pm
I had the thought of something, but I was curious to see if it's already been addressed elsewhere in the multitude of Merge-canon.

How does the existence of multiple "Magic systems" play out within the setting? Such as; The Force, Chi, The Warp, and dozens upon dozens of differing expressions of magic from other fiction. More specifically, how do these elements interact when someone has an inborne inclination towards multiple different systems a la MGS?
Basically...they mostly use one and the same energy. The more energetic dimensions (Heaven, Hell/the Abyss and the Warp...or even the deeper substrate between universes) are incontinent and release potential energy through the now-permeable quantum foam into the Merged Universe. However, the universe is more rigid than, say, the one from Warhammer and so, chaotic energy is forced into a "neutral" state underlying everything, a sort of energy field coalescing around objects and, more important, living beings.

Jedi would call this The Force. An Awakened Mage would call it Quintessence. And when it resides within living creatures, it can also be called Qi or Chi. Now, the Force can be channelled according to its user's intent and given a certain spin, light or dark. A Force-user does this instinctively according to their training. Their powers are limited in application but can be used with just a thought. Unless you want to do something more complex like, say, create dark Force-infused creatures or machines - which is where using the Force works exactly like magic.

So, Tl;DR: The Force and the energy magic draws on are one and the same. And yes, you can combine several disciplines (I had Asaj Ventress (pre face-turn) use both the Dark Side and some lovecraftian magic to control the Flying Polyps under Australia in an attempt to destroy the Jedi temple in one game).

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Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 4:15 pm
by Bladewind
Been awhile since I contributed to this thread or update the setting document...

I've had a whack of ideas, but I've restrained myself as this is, after all, Neo Paladin's Sandbox...

However, I was toying with some Star Trek notions and came up with The Merge: Federation Alliance:
Set in the Merge Universe, these stories center around Federation Alliance (The name Starfleet/ The United Federation of Planets uses in the Merged Universe) starships.

Much of the action will be centered around and onboard various ships. For instance, the story around the CJS Sita Jaxa is one of exploration, discovery/ rediscovery and the forging of new alliances in the new universe created by the Merge. By comparison, the USS Durandal is a “Bug Hunter,” searching for the bug-like insects of the Aliens Franchise, the Starship Troopers franchise and the like… scarily, they’ve had success. The Defiant class ships Atlantis and Nautilus bear similarities in their nautical names, but the similarities end there. The Nautilus is very loosely affiliated with the Federation Alliance, instead choosing to determine their own fate and is crewed by counterparts to DS9 canon characters more closely associated with “Mirror Universes.” The Atlantis crew, were they still a fictional ship, would be portrayed by the same actors as the Command Crew of the Atlantis from Stargate: Atlantis.

Enter the PCs. Assigned to join the crew of a Federation Alliance Starship in an effort to bolster the ranks of the Federation, each ship has a slightly different mission in the various regions of space of the new Alpha Quadrant, primarily to establish what friends, foes and potential new friends and foes are out there....

A primary villain in these scenarios is a Go’a’uld System Lord in a Galra host with the army that such a being commands. At the beginning of the series he operates from his pyramid ship. His Jaffa bear animal helms akin to the main “mutant races” from the Thundercats cartoon series. (Reptile, Vulture, Jackal and Monkey.)

* * *

The Federation may not be the strongest player on the galactic block in the Merged Universe, it has still found itself placed in the immediate and unenviable position of becoming a rallying point for many civilizations.

Due in part to its smaller size, new allies and a variety of similar factors, the UFP in its current form is called the Federation Alliance.
The Federation, using Vulcan as their headquarters, is coordinating its Fleet alongside ships from the Rebel Alliance (Star Wars), Honorverse ships, some repurposed ISS ships (Star Trek Mirror Universe), a Daedalus Class battlecruiser (Stargate Atlantis) and at least one Glorious Heritage Class ship (Andromeda), perhaps even the N.C.E.A. Protector (Galaxy Quest) in addition to an equally diverse smattering of allies from Star Trek.

They have encountered the Borg, and fought an advanced fleet of Grue (who seem to have Merged with the Founders inasmuch as they used Jem Haddar and Vorta…)

The galaxy is not in disarray, but in an uneasy state akin to a cold war while different powers attempt to establish themselves, set their power bases and retake what they believe is theirs or protect the right of sentient beings to choose their own paths...
Parallel and Mirror Universes…

This being the Merge, not all allies are allies and not all enemies are enemies. Caution is the watchword in dealing with any version of a character or race, as it is difficult at best to determine which universe they may have come from...

Earth (The Sol System)
Most space powers are steering clear of Earth, at least for now.
The Federation has made contact and overtures, but finds itself in a strange position of balancing the Prime Directive against history. On the one hand, Earth is not at a state that can evolve into the version that is the core of the Federation. On the other hand, Earth is the center of the Federation.

Many races that might want Earth and its resources are equally staying away as actually assessing the defenses of the planet is nigh impossible. Even five years later, the exact count of superhumans, altered technology and the like is still incomplete.

This is not to say that some forays into Earth’s system have not happened or that aliens don’t call the planet home, just that Earth is still rather self contained.

Perhaps it also has something to do with the large space station in orbit around Mars…

The Borg
Scattered Borg vessels have appeared post Merge, some are attempting to link together and reestablish a Transwarp Hub network…

Cybertronians (Transformers)
Cybertronians exist across the galaxy, continuing their war and in some cases simply trying to start new lives in peace. A husk of a world that was likely a version of Cybertron floats in a distant solar system, and various known and new Cybertronians from both factions exist.

Earth boasts a large concentration of Autobots, with an Autobot City at the northern end of San Fransokyo on Earth. They keep low profiles, but others in the galaxy (and on Earth) are very much active.

There are some examples of “Shattered Mirror” Cybertronians, but their exact count and influence is unknown as some Decepticons have claimed to be from that universe in order to infiltrate Autobot bases (with limited success)...

Green Lantern Corps (DC)
Oa is either a closely guarded secret or the GL homeworld did not manifest post Merge. Mogo on the other hand may well be an equally guarded secret, but is most definitely present in the Merged Universe.
The exact count of Green Lantern operatives (or others from the Emotional Spectrum) is not known, but their presence is felt…

Barda Free with her husband Scott Free together form the Green Lantern of New Genesis but are not tied to their system.

Nova Corps (Marvel)
Another force for good in the Marvel version of the universe is the Nova Corps. There is no Corps as such in the Merged Universe, only a smattering of actual Novas carrying the torch of their brethren. There have been examples from mainstream Marvel and the MCU.

The Space Knights (Marvel)
There are a few known independent beings that register as machine but have the consciousness of humanoids transferred into their matrices. The Space Knights are allied with the peaceful races in the galaxy and are very few in number.

The Star Knights (Freedomverse)
There are few Star Knights from the Freedomverse in the Merged Universe. Mentor is still attempting to take stock of their resources before rebuilding/ recruiting.

Star Knights are something of a hybrid of Space Knights and the Lantern Corps with the Blackguards serving as counterpoints to the Sinestro Corps. (Organization of the Blackguards and the Sinestro Corps are unknown at this time, but it's likely they exist on some level.)

The System Lords (Go’Auld - Stargate)
Very few System Lords have appeared in the Merged Universe, but one such is a Galra Prince by the name of Menthu...

Uncatalogued Remnants
This is a catch all category representing bits and pieces of formerly fictional races, tech, civilizations and the like. It could be a Tkon outpost, an alternate universe Star Trek ship without a crew, an unmanned fleet of Star Destroyers, a lone member of a former team looking for their place in the new order of things, a massive almost moon-sized station… or on the other end, small artefacts like lightsabers, a power sword, a T-800 arm..

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Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 4:21 pm
by Bladewind
I'm also toying with the idea (and y'all can blame our generous host Ares for this one...) of one the Merged elements being a micro-Cosm of sorts from the Torg setting. I've always loved that game setting and thanks to Ares I've been devouring the main-book. Still considering some of the other books in PDF format, but the main book has given me lots to enjoy (and to occupy my time...)

At the very least, this micro-Cosm would be highly classified and mostly unknown to the world at large thanks to the efforts of the DXDO (I didn't think introducing a full blown Delphi Council was a great idea... although they might be a division or ops name from the DXDO). Having the already terrified masses who are dealing with goblinization, super-villains and everything else find out that there is an area that is trying to expand in which the laws of reality are altered... not the best of ideas.

I'm actually in the process of using the format of the Power Profiles to create a Storm Knight doc to see how much of Torg's setting effects I can convert with the "least" amount of effort. (That's not a question of being lazy, it's simply a matter of trying to see if it's feasible or a Herculean undertaking.)
An area of Earth is discovered to have been invaded by a High Lord, possibly more than one High Lord and/ or area. Every team that has been sent in has lost been lost, with the new reality neutralizing superpowers and technology alike…

Until now.

A lone Storm Knight emerged from one of the areas and made contact with the DXDO. Subsequent to this, identifying potential Storm Knights and making forays into the invaded lands was difficult at best. For now, these are mostly intel gathering missions as opposed to attempts to reclaim territory from the High Lord(s)...

The first Storm Knight will be an NPC.

There is also a small cabal akin to a fledgling Delphi Council. Quinn Sebastian recently made his presence known to the DXDO and the Delphi Council is a task force under the DXDO…

In any event, this High Lord and his Cosm are secrets that are kept from the general public. In the wake of the near destruction of all reality, coupled with the fact that the world has Merged with so many others… it’s something that the average person just doesn’t need to know...

House Rules
For the most part, the details and rules as presented in Torg are better left that game and its system. The Merged Universe uses the Mutant and Masterminds mechanics, and it would be a huge undertaking to even attempt to have a consistent set of cross game rules.

As such, Storm Knights are just “another breed” of superheroes. They do have specific powers and abilities that enable them to maintain their own realities within the Realm of the High Lord. Other heroes, people who lived in the area, and teams that have attempted recon or other military operations are either barely clinging to their former realities or have transformed and are a part of the new reality...

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Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 4:30 pm
by Bladewind
As for the Star Trek idea I posted above, the Durandal is actually my favourite ship.

A Galaxy Class Ship captained by Lola Beck from Starship Troopers, she is technically a "sister ship" of the USS Excalibur...
I may covnert the notes to PDF and post a link...

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Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:35 pm
by Neo-Paladin
Some nice smattering of ideas there :)

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Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 10:44 am
by Neo-Paladin
More human enhancements

Time marches on and so do science and magic in the Merged Universe, often entering into a tumultous marriage that produces strange but often horrifyingly effective results.
The black market in human enhancements is an ever-growing cancer in the flesh of an Earth that only wishes for more peaceful times and law enforcement has its hands full, with many nations creating special task forces solely to stop further spread of illegal enhancement technologies.

Legislation regarding enhancements is tricky, although most nations have started treating any enhancements like they do illegal drugs while an international ban or treaty on HETs (Human Enhancement Treatments) is in the works. Of course, human nature being what it is, nearly every single nation has their own thinktanks trying to perfect their own means of enhancing people.

Here are some more examples of HETs used in the Merged World.

Witcher Mutagens

While the understanding of biological principles in the Witcher universe was surprisingly thorough for someone from our world, that universe lacked the technological advancements to synthesize and fully understand certain magical plants and alchemical substances, which was why the Witcher schools had to rely on the infamous Trial of Grasses, a gruelling process during which a young boy's body would be subjected to a toxic alchemical treatment that broke their DNA so that it could be reformed to produce a faster, stronger, long-living and sterile specimen.

Most boys did not survive. In the Merged Universe, science has allowed the treatment to be much more effective. While there are a few „ true“ Witchers still roaming the world, making money by hunting monsters, some unscrupulous people have started to funnel money into illegal laboratories where scientists blend alchemy and chemistry to create a new generation of superhuman soldiers.
Child soldiers.
So far, there have only been rumours of cat's-eyed child soldiers in Africa, but if they prove to be true, someone will have to act fast.

Umbrella's Legacy

Ask someone what image the name „ Umbrella Corporation“ conjures up and even in the pre-Merge World someone would say zombies. Few people know that the zombies created by the T(yrant)-Virus were a byproduct of their bio-organic weapon research, with the end goal being immortality for Umbrella's founders and superhuman soldiers at their beck and call.
After the Merge, many of Umrella's secrets eventually ended up on the black market and there are still T-Virus outbreaks being reported.

But besides some fool with too much money getting their hands on an unstable virus and unwittingly unleashing hell, the top brass of Umbrella went underground after the Merge, with their most prominent member Albert Wesker currently residing in Mexico, where he is supporting the local cartels with viral treatments that create mutated super-soldiers – and the occasional viral outbreak to keep the authorities busy.
In Europe, the Las Plagas parasites fetch a lot of money on the black market, given that they create self-aware but utterly loyal followers that are nearly immune to pain, can mutate when heavily injured and are smart enoughz to operate weapons and tools.

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Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 4:47 pm
by Bladewind
Setting Document has been updated.
Link, as always, in my sig.

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Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:21 am
by betterwatchit
A Taste of Home:

Dining Hall, Castle Heterodyne...

As they finished their dinner, Lady Heterodyne asked "So you think this 'International Market' that's being opened tomorrow is a good idea, Griffin?"

Griffin said "I do, Aggie. A good amount of your newest citizens can't safely go back to their homeland - if it made it over at all - due to the EU's so-called 'anti-vigilante' laws, which should properly be called their 'monopoly-of-force' laws. Just ask the Guard if you don't believe me! The Market plans to sell imported food, drink, books, magazines and newspapers from all over the world. And they're even working out deals to import and install satellite dishes and decoders. It'll certainly help deal with the homesickness some of them have been feeling lately. And the less homesick people get, then the less likely they are to cause unnecessary violence."

Vanamonde Von Mekkhan, the Castle's Seneschal, asked "Why would they sell these satellite dishes here?"

Griffin said "That I can talk about from personal experience and observation. You see, satellite dishes are simply one of the most practical methods available on this Earth for an expatriate to watch television programmes from their homeland and in their native language. When Britain had an immigration surge from Eastern Europe a few years pre-Merge, the dishes just proliferated! I know a few places back in London where I can find several dishes pointed at completely different satellites, all on the same street!"

Vanamonde asked "Why are they offering professional installation?"

Griffin replied "You need to place the dish outdoors and point it at whichever satellite has the channels you want to watch. This requires working out where the satellite you want is actually located and then finding out how far up and how far west or east they have to point the dish. Which is difficult when you're on the ground and trying to aim it at something in orbit! Then you need to drill a hole in the exterior wall for the cable to connect the dish and the decoder. You can place the TV set and the decoder wherever you like, but it's usually practical for someone using it at home to keep them both as close to each other as possible."

Then a deep voice said "They drill through the wall?!"

Griffin said "Yes, Castle, they do. Not every building is sapient like yourself! I think you're the only sapient building I know of for a fact!"

The Castle said "That is true!"

Griffin then went "And before you ask, the answer's no. Satellite signals can't go through glass, so drilling is indeed required to make the installation any good."

Lady Heterodyne asked "Meaning that if I wanted satellite television in the Castle..."

Griffin told her "You'll have to tell the Castle to not harm the team who are doing the drilling and to honestly aid them. They'll only need to drill two holes at the most, and that's to get the outside dish wired into the set-top box indoors."

Lady Heterodyne went "Excellent. You can tell them in the morning that I approve of their proposal and that I want to arrange a satellite dish installation."

Griffin went "Of course."

The Castle sighed and said "I suppose you want me to not harm whoever is installing the dish."

Lady Heterodyne told the Castle "Correct, Castle. When they arrive, they are NOT TO BE HARMED IN ANY WAY."

The Castle acknowledged, saying "Oh very well. By your order, they shall not be harmed."

Griffin was somewhat relieved that the Castle wouldn't hurt the installers. After all, it just got the order to help them out from the one person it can't really say no to...

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Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:29 am
by kirinke
However.... The castle thought gleefully, neither the Lady nor her winged friend said anything about playing with them. Like any truly malevolent being, loop-hole abuse was something it excelled at. A lesson both she and her friend needed to learn. For their own good of course. Plus the Castle was bored. It would be a fine exercise in creativity to see how much it could get away with and still let the workers do their job.


Nice to see ya 'watchit! Remember, the Castle is an evil, psychotic, stationary mecha that's utterly loyal to Aggie.