Skunkheart's still-unnamed campaign setting

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Skunkheart's still-unnamed campaign setting

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In honor of Hallowe'en Month, I have written up Beelzebub for my M&M setting. He proved harder to capture in game mechanics than I expected, but I think I eventually came to something pretty decent. Check him out here: https://luciferssubcreations.blogspot.c ... ot-go.html

Las Vegas is damn near full in my setting, I think! I think I might switch to fleshing out Sacramento soon....

View all of the characters written up so far at https://luciferssubcreations.blogspot.c ... asterminds They include:
  • the fallen being known as Rack Angel, who will answer your prayers because Heaven won't
  • the Christmas-themed superteam known as the Flurry, led by Santa Claus's half-Martian daughter
  • ghostly dad Emberwight
  • culturally appropriating supervillainous speed-stealer the Hummingbird Thief
  • and Catspaw, the part-fairy werecat daughter of the Greek titan Nemesis
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