The Forever Tree NPCs/M&M2e

Where in all of your character write ups will go.
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The Forever Tree NPCs/M&M2e

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All my Forever Tree NPCs will be posted here.

Thanks, Ares!
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Re: The Forever Tree NPCs/The rebirth!

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[The Forever Tree]Sunward
Welcome to the Forever Tree NPC-gallery! Every single character herein belongs to my Forever Tree setting, and're all created using Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition.

Table of Contents (multiverse-wide):
Aqsra Ra the Ennobled Sifu of Worlds. The Sunsphinx Custodian of all parallel-Earths. A power-armored Supermanalogue of vast might.
Archon. A Lumpen One/Sunwitch hybrid from Earth-A, and a photokinetic brick! Part of the four-member dimension-hopping superhero team The Brigade.
Aum. Avatar of Om, a benevolent higher-order intelligence!
AXION. A Demimachine robot from the dawn of the multiverse. THE superscientist!
Bau Ra the Serene Sire of Worlds. The Sunsphinx Custodian of all Perpendiculars. A top-tier cryokinetic!
The Burningman. An Exotic superhuman pyrokinetic flying brick and multiversal villain. Created Dra-Tendora for Earth-C's Ereshkigal. Part of the Court of Hod.
Dominic Kesses. A Luciferan-style trickster. A thoughtform of immense power! Leader of The Pact!
Doomsday. A male Ogresymbiont Demiogre superhuman. Massively bloated with skin-burning liquids, Doomsday’s epidermis is easily ruptured, therefore spewing forth his inner chemical stew at a moment’s notice; he regenerates strongly; and, he’s a brick, which can easily cause his skin to split! Doomsday belongs to the multiverse-spanning supervillain team the Fallen Ones. He’s bioconnected to the Horror That Walks on Teeth and’s thus broodkin to Earth-L’s the Cognizant, the Dionysian and the Horse-Headed Centurion.
Ghostlord. A Heavenshadow time-traveler from Earth-B, devoted to exploring the multiverse. A sometimes-ally oF Earth-J’s the Man Enshrouded.
Ghostsmith. A higher-order intelligence obsessed with memetic cores and experimentation thereupon.
The Homestead. Avatar of Om, a benevolent higher-order intelligence!
The Huntsman and his Wild Hunt. Exotics, the whole lot of them. THE big-game hunters!
Irongoddess. An Earth-E mutant able to transform into living iron upon speaking a certain phrase in the primary Tlolkku language. Part of the four-member dimension-hopping superhero team The Brigade.
King Horse. The progenitor higher-order intelligence of all Titans and Titanblooded. A quadrupedal giant brick of unimaginable powers!
Lirunaur and Lunaur. Tlolkku scientist and bodyguard team. The leader of the Tlolkku and his chief protector!
Mauhaugh, the Treader of Suns. A multiverse-traveling alien slaver, with a fondness for capturing superhumans. The ruthless leader of the Finalsun Gang of equally loathsome alien slavers. A gadget villain!
Monarch. An Ogresymbiont with vast, skeletal wings and a prosboscis that can ‘inhale’ reality itself, leaving voids in his wake. Has no Ogre Dolls. Vestigially bioconnected to Qthulku. Broodkin, therefore, to Omut. Part of the four-member dimension-hopping superhero team The Brigade.
Network. Member of the Star Corps. A Sunwitch!
PILOT. A starship pilot human/Sunsphinx hybrid from Earth-Z. A gadgeteer and flying ace! Part of the four-member dimension-hopping superhero team The Brigade.
Prime. A dimension-hopping shapeshifting Benign Tumor mutant From Earth-B; an ally of the Star Corps.
The Red Eyed King. A higher-order Intelligence and leader of the multiverse-spanning Red Men. A brick of cosmic proportions,
Reeh. The higher-order intelligence worshipped as a goddess by the Qimrri, despite NOT being a Qimrri herself. A pyrokinetic goat-feral on a cosmic scale! Mate of Shhuq! Originally from the Earth-B universe.
Shhuq. The higher-order Intelligence worshipped as a god by the Qimrri, despite NOT being a Qimrri himself. A cryokinetic ram-feral on a cosmic scale! Mate of Reeh! Originally from the Earth-G universe.
The Skydoor. Nascent higher-order intelligence!
Sol Invictus I. A higher-order intelligence that was once a Sunwitch from Earth-A, who now is the Forever Tree’s mightiest Supermanalogue! He protects the ENTIRE Forever Tree, and as such no longer considers Earth-A his home...
That What Forges Artifice. A Sunsphinx turned higher-order intelligence, That What Forges Artifice is obsessed with technological development. Other Sunsphinx worship her as a goddess.
The Tlolkku Observer-Generals. Monitoring the multiverse on behalf of Supreme Scientist Lirunaur.

Table of Contents (parallel-Earths):
Blaire N Fernis. Evil Starvampire-worshipping haematologist.
The Deceiver. Aztec-themed Dreamingborn super-manipulator/ur-liar. A member of The Pact!
Earthstone. A Sunwitch and the Earth-A imperiex. Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance. Pilots an infinitely powerful mechanical ‘dragon’!
Fu Manchu. The crimelord of Asia and sole human considered an equal by Starvampires. A mundane human!
James Moriarty. The Napoleon of Crime. A mundane human! A member of the Court of Hod.
Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde. A chemist divided between good and evil. A Lumpen One!
John Carter. An Earthborn hero on the red planet of Mars. An Exotic brick!
Mr. Sun. An Exotic wearing a Demigod-Carapace.
Rajah Chandraputa. A Hindu swami secretly possessed by a minuscule portion of the Outer God Nyarlathotep.
Randolph Carter. A young Sunwitch boy with immense, untrained powers of astral projection. An unwilling servant of James Moriarty.
Red Man Nimbus. One of Earth-A’s three Red Men. A brick with a surface so shiny it can blind!
Red Woman Victoriana. One of Earth-A’s three Red Men. A brick.
Rising Sun. Photokinetic gadget-wielding defender of Japan, whose powers over sunlight keep Japan free from Starvampire dominance. An ardent supporter of the Meiji Restoration and the modernization of Japan.
Sherlock Holmes. The greatest detective on his parallel-Earth. A mundane human!
Sollune. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-A universe. Wields a stareyes gem.
StarHag. A hideously deformed and physically crippled reality-warping Sunwitch.
Stellar Engineer. A gadgeteer, he possesses ten power-rings, each with a different effect. A former Wyrmbinder.
The SUN Wolfe. A Sunwitch 'lycanthrope' ascended to cosmic entity-status.
Tarzan. A mundane human raised in the jungles of Africa by gorillas; a 'bad-ass' normal.
The Three Siblings of Cosmic Harmony and Celestial Dissonance. Plus LifeformDeathform, as well!
Varney the Vampire. An Englishman who had his brain implanted into a Starvampire’s body. Slowly dying permanently, he’ll do ANYTHING, with very few exceptions, to survive.
Victor Frankenstein. A mundane human surgeon building undead Lumpen Ones for his Starvampire masters.
Warriorborn. A Sunwitch with infinite combat ability, yet forced to wear a ‘power-ring’ that suppresses 99% of that power for the safety of all around him. He belongs to the Sungods, greatest superhero team in the entirety of the Forever Tree!
Wilbur Whately. A psychokinetic cultist of Yog-Sothoth, in league with the Blood Lords. An Exotic!
The Wizard. A Sunwitch...'wizard''? The Wizard is destined for greatness!
[Earth-A's Resonances]
Anubis. A masculine mar thoughtform that’s assumed a mythological role, and of great power, embodying the moment of death and the Primordial Deep. He inhabits Earth-A’s Resonance of Duat, alongside two other necrokinetic thoughtforms. This is NOT the genuine Egyptian god, however!
Hades. A masculine mar thoughtform that’s assumed a mythological role, and of great power, embodying the souls of the dead and wealth. He inhabits Earth-A’s Resonance of Duat, alongside two other necrokinetic thoughtforms. This is NOT the genuine Greek god, however!
Hel. A feminine mar thoughtform that’s assumed a mythological role, and of great power, embodying the physical side of death (i.e., corpses, decay, disease, famine, so forth). She inhabits Earth-A’s Resonance of Duat, alongside two other necrokinetic thoughtforms. This is NOT the genuine Norse god, however!
The Monster. A thoughtform incarnation of all fear throughout Earth-A.
Sahu the Redeemer. A being born of devoted pacifism, Sahu seeks to turn the Tlolkku to the light. A telepathic shapeshifter thoughtform!

The Abyssal. Darkness-wielding Heavenshadow mutant!
The Amoebic Sea. The physically largest mutant on Earth-B, as well as a Tiamat Atlantean mutant!
Charioteer of the Sun. A Divided mutant, crippled by a catastrophic injury. Part of the Dream Moth’s nameless team.
Daniel’s Lion. An Israeli leonine Divided mutant and most famous defender of the Jewish peoples. A casual friend of the Dream Moth, though only a fairweather friend.
The Dream Moth. Nigh-omnipotent unique mutant reality-warper. Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance. The imperiex of Earth-B, and mightiest of the imperiex. Leads his own nameless superhero team!
Eden’s Flower. A sunflower-Leaf missionary for Turning Over Anew Ministries. Can telepathically project feelings of happiness!
Entity #26. An albino non-sentient ape-feral with immense instinctive illusion-casting and oneirokinetic powers. A Hulkbeast!
Entropus Rex. An alien warlord obsessed with mutantkind. A psionic cyborg! A member of the Court of Hod.
The False Buddha. A cult leader and crime boss in the Japanese Protectorate of Greater Oceania. A Malignant Tumor mutant, he can create powerful illusions!
Faun. The most adorable and fluffy destroyer-of-cities Earth-B has ever seen. An adorably tiny little Hulkbeast capable of summoning an apocalyptic monstrosity at whim!
The Forestfather. A pagan Benign Tumor and high priest of the Hegemonic Oldgods Polity. Leads the Coven of the Elect.
The Forestmother. A pagan Giantess and high priestess of the Hegemonic Oldgods Polity. Belongs to the Dream Moth’s court. Leads the Coven of the Elect. Leader of the Mighty Four! Part of the Dream Moth’s nameless team.
Fu Manchu. The Earth-B Fu Manchu is a maharajah psychic, and has survived by possessing his own descendants! A wary ally (but not servant!) of the Orbital Man.
The Greenery Man. A strawberry-Leaf. Potential savior of Leafs everywhere!
Husk. A cyborg who also possesses bulky power-armor. A flying blaster!
Iconic Representation. A Dreamingborn flying brick who stronger the more mundane humans believe in her and trust her.
Infernal King. The most powerful Heavenshadow! Part of the Dream Moth’s nameless team.
IMPULSE. A Divided mutant superspeedster hunter of Thralls!
Katy Katydid. A katydid-riding pinecone-Leaf! A member of the Mighty Four!
Leopold Wynters. An evil non-mutant maharaja psychic and chief henchman of the nefarious Orbital Man!
Metamorphilosopher. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-B universe. Uses metamorphic drugs to temporarily change her shape.
Microbe. A pollen-Leaf. THE tiniest Leaf of all!
Mr. Capuchino. A coffee bean-Leaf and high-ranking Hegemonic diplomat!
The Nanite!, Leaf of Adventure! An appleseed-Leaf! A member of the Mighty Four!
Oblivion Dot. An ally of the Orbital Man. A superpowered Alien with an insanely small form but huge gravimetric and photokinetic powers!
The Orbital Man. An evil Supermanalogue trapped in orbit around Earth, a Benign Tumor mutant and the Orbital Exemplar.
Our Father. Leader of The Purity. Greatest foe of mutantkind. The Sentry! An Exemplar!
Petal Posey. A rose-Leaf! Newly-elected mayor of Leafgardentown.
Plaguedog. A Cyst Tumor mutant in love with someone he can never have. Belongs to the Dream Moth’s court, and’s directly allied with the Dream Moth.
Popinjay. A mushroom-Leaf! A member of the Mighty Four!
Red Man Sunburst. A Heavenshadow mutant selected to be a Red Man. A brick spatial-warper/light-lenser!
Red Woman Moonrise. A Benign Tumor mutant selected to be a Red Man. A brick shapeshifter!
The Signaldreamer ha-Dahkahtkuuv. A top-tier inwid alien scientist who inadvertently caused a regular man to become the Dream Moth—-thus, kicking off the Ectoplasmic Pollination and ALL that followed after!
Tiny Tailor Taylor. A sunflower-Leaf! Maker of costumes for superheroes all across Earth-B, plus he belongs to the greatest superhero team the multiverse has to offer, the Sungods.
Tawil at’Umr. A Malignant Tumor mutant pregnant with a fetal avatar of Nyarlathotep. A superspeedster!
The twelve Monolithic. The still and quiet and gigantic ur-mutants of the ruins of Las Vegas. Mutants-turned-cosmic-entities! One Monolith, in particular, belongs to the Worlds’ Henge.
The twelve Orbitals. The twelve mundane humans empowered by the Orbital Man as a prelude to his attempt at Planetary apotheosis!
[Earth-B's Resonances]
Aphrodite. An Olympian mutant. Trapped in the Ectoplasmic Containment Zone. Incredibly beautiful, she is a Telepath and an illusion-weaver of epic proportions!
Apollo. An insanely beautiful Olympian mutant. A pyrokinetic and a Biokinetic of GARGANTUAN power.
Ares. An Olympian mutant. Trapped in the Ectoplasmc Containment Zone. Can unleash only destructive waves of reality-warping!
Artemis. An Olympian mutant. Trapped in the Ectoplasmic Containment Zone. A biokinetic animal-shifter of immense power!
Athena. A mad, unstable Olympian mutant. Trapped in the Ectoplasmic Containment Zone. Is constantly shifting her shape and under so many layers of photokinetic illusions even she no longer knows her genuine appearance!
Erinyes. A beautiful winged Olympian mutant. Trapped in the Ectoplasmic Containmen5 Zone. A winged huntress with devastating illusions at her beck and call!
Gaia. She who is the land. A gargantuan Olympian mutant
Hades. A serial killer Olympian mutant, once he kills you he can trap you in an illusionary Underworld, in which Hades is omnipotent!
Hephaestus. A deformed Olympian mutant. Trapped in the Ectoplasmic Containment Zone. Has access to an infinite number of physics-shattering Devices!
Hecate. A gigantic-sized Olympian mutant. Trapped in the Ectoplasmic Containment Zone. Can wield quasi-real illusions, and’s a powerful brick! A member of The Pact!
Hera. Second-in-command of the Olympian mutants. Trapped in the Ectoplasmc Containment Zone. A supremely gifted shapechanger!
Hermes. A conniving Olympian mutant. Trapped in the Ectoplasmic Containment Zone. A superspeedster, he can also warp distance and time (within certain limitations): Hermes is the WEAKEST of the Olympians!
The Morphean Sister. An insubstantial illusionist. Queen of dreams and the only other Earth-B mutant of unique nature! Lives full-time is the Silenus Occultis.
Zeus. Leader of the Olympian mutants. Trapped in the Ectoplasmic Containment Zone. Can warp reality and alter his size!

Anu. God of the heavens. An insubstantial invisible telekinetic! Belongs to the Worlds’ Henge.
Annunaki. A friendly alien, who transformed early civilized humans into superhuman ‘gods’. A mentor to many of his creations!
Baal. (‘Lord’.) God of Canaan and the Canaanites. A god with the power to create weaponry out of thin air! Father of Behemoth and Leviathan.
Behemoth. A gigantic land-monster well-known to the Canaanites! The sibling of Leviathan; the son of Baal.
Bes. An Egyptian dwarf, he’s half-human/half-Sunsphinx with a knack for getting himself in trouble. A brick!
The Black Pharaoh. An avatar of Nyarlathotep, the Black Pharaoh roams ancient Egypt, Canaan and Mesopotamia drudging up hell in his wake as he goes.
The Bull of Heaven. The Earth-C imperiex. An aurochs-feral monster! Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance.
Ceres. Leader of the Rowan Queens of Europe. A plant controller!
Cernnunus. Leader of the Stag King of Europes. A brick with a stag head!
The Creeping Tide. A genderless ant-swarm monster! A member of the greatest superhero team in the Forever Tree, the Sungods!
Cronos. A mundane human warlord in what will one day be named Greece!
Dra-Tendora. Ancient Egyptian gadgeteer-lich. An old servant of Ereshkigal, but was actually empowered by the multiverse-slamming megavillain, the Burningman. A member of the Court of Hod.
Edimmu. An Apkallu mastermind!
Eibon. A questor ‘wizard’ with a Changecube, but who’s otherwise a mundane human!
ELL. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-C universe. Wields a Changecube.
Enki. Fish-feral god of wisdom, literacy and water. A super-genius fish-feral!
Enkidu. Demigod of the border between civilization and the wilderness. An ape-feral!
Enlil. God of storms. A weather-manipulating brick!
Ereshkigal. Necrokinetic goddess of the dead. Wife of Nergal. Can animate huge numbers of zombies!
Geb. The earth elemental of Earth-C; embodies the harvest and the horizon. Devoted lover of Nut. Part of the Sun-court of Ra...lives in Egypt.
Gilgamesh. Demigod king of Uruk-of-the-Four-Walls. A brick!
The Girtabllilu. A trio of giant centauroid scorpion-like aliens, the Girtabllilu are hunting Annunaki for mysterious spacedwelling benefactors!
The Horned God and the Triple Goddess. A cosmic entity manifesting simultaneously in two different bodies and four separate guises. Worshipped by the Stag Kings and Rowan Queens of Europe!
Horus. A ‘bad-ass normal’ Egyptian prince. A warrior with few equals in mundane combat...part of the Sun-court of Ra.
Humbaba. Monster-giant living in the Cedar Forest. A gigantic brick!
Inanna. Goddess of love and war. A supremely gifted and utterly lovely-looking weaponsmastee.
Isis. A biokinetic healer! The Sunsphinx lieutenant of Ra; a member of the Sun-court of Ra...lives in Egypt.
Kingu. A djinni-Apkallu aping at being the Babylonian general of APSU and TIAMAT. A cyborg!
Leviathan. A gigantic sea-monster well-known to the Canaanites! The sibling of Behemoth; the daughter of Baal.
Lilit. A goddess with the power to resurrect dead animals as reshaped, horrifying abominations! “The Mother of Monsters”.
Marduk. King of the gods. Wears power-armor!
Moloch. Evil god of cattle and fire. A biokinetic pyrokinetic!
Nanna-Sin. Goddess of the moon. A shapeshifter!
Nergal. Necrokinetic god of disease. Husband of Ereshkigal. A sentient microbe!
Ninhursag. A monster. She has vast geokinetic abilities!
Nut. Air elemental; she e,bodies the night sky and the stars therein. NOT part of the Sun-court of Ra, but still the faithful lover of Geb.
Osiris. A redeemed Starvampire Vampirepriest! The husband of Isis, and a lieutenant of Ra; a member of the Sun-court of Ra. Lives in Egypt.
Pan Gu. A cosmic entity and sibling of Earth-S’ He Who Strides. Lives in prehistoric China.
Red Man Adam. A Canaanite turned into one of the three Red Men Of Earth-C. A brick!
Red Man Sutekh. One of the three Red Men of Earth-C. A brick.
The satan. The ‘adversaries’. An elite unit of seven devil-Apkallu, each sworn to destroy what Annunaki has built. Each satan has unique powers, but are more alike than dissimilar.
Serapis. An uplifted sentient bull able to endless resurrect himself from death; a creation of the Burningman. Part of the Sun-court of Ra. Inhabits Egypt.
Set. A human surgically modified into a howling jackal-headed reaver; a member of the Sun-court of Ra. Lives in Eg6pt.
Shamash. God of cities, law and the sun. A pyrokinetic made out of living gold!
Telepinu. A god. He is wildly temperamental and can cause, reduce or control floods!
Tammuz. The ever-resurrecting god of vegetation and renewal. Tammuz belongs to the Worlds’ Henge.
Uta-Napushtim. A truly immortal demigod!
[Earth-C's Resonances]
The Abzu. The embodiment of the primeval waters. Not so much sentient as merely self-aware. A monster of epic size dwelling on the Sea of Apsu!
Asherah. A thoughtform pretending to be a full goddess! An illusion-weaver, shapeshifter and teleporter.
APSU. The cosmic entity that spins out the entire Sea of Apsu, and who created TIAMAT! A monster! An ally of Kingu. Dwells, obviously, within the Sea of Apsu.
Ra. A mighty pyrokinetic! The godlike thoughtform warlord ruling Egypt; leader of the Sun-court of Ra.
TIAMAT. The abandoned sentient thoughtform siege-engine of Marduk. Created long, long ago by APSU, at Marduk’s explicit commandment. A monster! An ally of Kingu! Dwells in the Sea of Apsu.

Bloodywulf. The exxxxtreeeeeeme and TOTALLY AWESOME Observer-General of Earth-D.
Faceripper Gorechilde. A spaced-out spaceman space-mercenary riding a spaceflight-capable space bike smoking space cigars in the vacuum of outer space hunting spacemen targets throughout intergalactic space. Refers to himself in the third person and exclusively uses pro wrestling terminology.
Fu Manchu. The most awesome villain ever, man! He has a Changecube! And wears a Demigod-Carapace! He has a least godforge! He has a thoughtform ‘dragon’ he rides around on, and two thoughtform ‘hellhounds’! He’s got two katanas, both of which can cut anything, ever no matter what! FEAR HIS POWAAAaaaa!

The Amoebic Creator. A Supernal wildling of raw, idiotic creation! An offspring of Ubbo-
The Amorphous Dancer Au. A flautist of Azathoth, acting as the god of a mundane human cult.
Atropos. A mutant who can predict the future! A part of the Norns.
Cipher. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-E universe. Wears an Enigmavestment.
Clotho. A mutant who can travel in time! A part of the Norns.
Cosmomon. A power-armor-wearing size-alterer and chief superhero of Japan. A gadget-wielding brick!
The Dreamingtoad of Kings. A mutant toad-feral brick with utter immunity to all telepathic effects!
The Ebony Goat. A wildling; son of the Spiralhorns and a mundane human woman. Hulking and infernal-seeming goat-feral tactile pyrokinetic brick. A skilled tempter.
Fu Manchu. Earth-E’s Fu Manchu has survived as a non-psionic brain in a jar, served by legions of semi-sentient machines!
Husk. A mutant with the power to merge with alternate reality versions of herself throughout the multiverse, gaining their powers briefly, before releasing them once more!
The Ivory Ram. A wildling; son of the Spiralhorns and a mundane human woman. Slender, androgynous and beautiful. A pure white, angelic-seeming ram-feral biokinetic healer brick.
Lachesis. A mutant who can severely bend and warp probability! A part of the Norns!
The Man in the Mauve Mask. A gun-toting ‘bad-ass normal”! A hero to the citizens of Detroit!
Mephistofalees. Mundane gangbanger who is behind the recent surge of Mutant Enzyme Deficiency Supplement (MEDS) drug epidemic hitting America. A secret member of the multiverse-spanning cult of literal Devil-worshippers titles ‘the Satanic Seven’.
Monolith. A hulking Supernal wildling able to host dozens of human beings inside herself! A former ally of and bitter rival towards the Spiralhorns.
The Mother-of-all-Bloodlines. The last unascended Old Giant!
Oneironaut. Sinister architect of dreams. A tcho-tcho mutant!
The Phoenix Architect. A Supernal wildling of eternal changelessness! The offspring of Unbound-Sathla.
Pyre. A pyrokinetic mechamorphosist. An idol (i.e., a cyborg)! She is part of the multiverse’s greatest superhero team, the Sungods!
The Pyroking. An Exotic with pyrokinesis. Supervillain; partner of the Pyroqueen. A petty crook with superpowers!
The Pyroqueen. An Exotic with pyrokinesis and fully functional wings. Supervillainess; partner of the Pyroking. A petty crook with superpowers!
Randolph Carter. Body-hopping Exotic servant of Yog-Sothoth. A top-tier self-taught astral projector! A part of The Shadowcourt!
Red Man Glorious Architect. A medieval Chinese Red Man countless centuries old. Literal brother of Red Woman Sublime Musician. A brick.
Red Woman Sublime Musician. A medieval Chinese Red Man musician countless centuries old. Literal sister of Red Man Glorious Architect. A brick!
The Spiralhorns. A cosmic-scale humanoid elk illusionist. The Supernal wildling Exemplar, as well as Earth-E’s imperiex! Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance. An ally of Monolith.
The Wurm Destroyer. A Supernal wildling of cunning, calculated destruction! An offspring of Ubbo-Sathla!
Wyrdling. Mistress of prophecy and probability. A mutant!
[Earth-E's Resonances]
The avatar of Azaothoth. A protoplasmic blob of mindless fury! Leads(?) The
The avatar of the Black Goat of the Woods. A hulking monster-factory on two legs! Part of The Shadowcourt.
The avatar of Nyarlathotep. A supremely gifted shapeshifter! Part of The Shadowcourt.
The avatar of Yog-Sothoth. Everywhere/everywhen at once! Part of The World’s Henge.
The Haunter in the Dark. A monstrous, huge emissary of Nyarlathotep!
The Man-at-the-Crossroads. A malevolent trickster of unknown type and/or origin. Can warp reality!

The Apocalypse-Engine. The end of the world, on two legs, but thankfully trapped in a state of quantum uncertainty. A Machine-Titan uber-brick!
Baal-Hammon. Sentient murder-machine. A Machine-Titan powered by, gruesomely enough, human sacrifice!
The Bronze Personage of the Middle Kingdom. A Machine-Deity winged brick. He seized the throne of China and plunged his kingdom into civil war!
Chaos’ King and Chaos’ Queen. One soul in two Machine-Deity bodies; he is walking artillery and she is a shapeshifting machine-soldier.
Deus ex Machina. A devil-Apkallu ‘ghost in the machine’. A cyberkinetic! A member of The Pact!
The Engine of Industry. A Machine-Titan, the Engine of Industry is her own construction-facility, spewing out dozens of directionless war-robots each year, to plague Europe!
Enoch, Letterer and Scriptor of Gnosis. A mundane man, possessed by a thoughtform spawned by Nyarlathotep, a thoughtform of Billions of grasping hands and nothing else, which he can manifest in corporeality.
Gabriel. A Machine-Deity photokinetic. Lover of Michael.
Icarus. A winged Machine-Deity! A young man with o,I wish gs, hunted by the Brethren League.
Jotun. Artillery-loaded flying brick. A Machine-Deity!
A Kami Sitting in the Garden. An earth-Dreamingborn Elemental, manifesting as a immobile statue of a Japanese harvest-deity. A telepathic precognitive geokinetic!
Metatron. His reality’s Supermanalogue. A Machine-Deity of incredible levels of power. Leader of the Machine-Brotherhood.
Michael. A Machine-Deity superspeedster. Lover of Gabriel.
The Overlord. A cosmic entity’s brain in a jar. The Earth-F imperiex! Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance.
Quantum. An alien-made robot created by the ishvhfhin species to keep an eye on Machine-Deities and Machine-Titans! A teleporter.
Raptor. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-F universe. Wears a telepathy-granting Demimachine helmet!
Ravanna. The million-handed Machine-Titan tyrant of India!
Red Man Satan. A mad Italian Red Man, he’s forgotten the truth and now believes himself to literally BE Satan! A brick!
Red Woman Kali. A Red Woman from India, worshipped falsely as the goddess of murder. A Machine-Deity, as well as a Red Man.
TANK. A railgun-wielding brick. A Machine-Deity as well as member of the Forever Tree’s greatest superhero team, the Sungods.
The Warbringer. A Norse Machine-Titan Who is basically a brick kaiju, albeit mechanically rather than biologically!
The Wheel of Heaven. A now-genderless Machine-Deity further enhanced by Apkallu helltech; though it’s yet to leave Earth, the Wheel of Heaven is expertly designed to explore the universe!
[Earth-F’s Resonances]
Architect. A reality manipulator thoughtform, currently in a state of flux, as it shifts from one Identity to another! Currently native to The Mechanism.
Chronos. An Earth-S stormogre Skytower Giant trapped in the Elysian Fields Resonance of Earth-F.
The Prime Monad. A Starvampire-made Psychic AI all others, it parasitically feeds off the inhabitants of various Earth-F ResonancesM
The Unmoved Mover. A cosmic-scale matter manipulator, pretending to be God! Trapped physically in The Eternal and Forever Within.

Aaxguu. A barely-sentient amorphous flautist of Azathoth, now Part of the Nightmare-Men!
Aethyreelle. The Earth-G water elemental—-a controller of rainstorms and thunderstorms! A mistress of the Ironprince, along with the Stormqueen.
The Ancient Staggod (and Charybdis and Gyre). The herald of a new age (and his two Sidekicks). A Starbeast!
The Angel of Wolves. A would-be superhuman messiah. A Starborn telepath! The ‘Magneto’ to Simon Luther’s ‘Prof. X’. Leads the Kinfolk.
Asclepius. A snake-turned-sentient-Starbeast, obsessed with the healing arts. Belongs to the informal circle of superpowered allies surrounding Simon Luther.
The Bearer of the Holy Gift. A Starborn, she can turn others into Starborn...but only for a time. She serves the Ironprince.
The Black Lord of the Dark Woods. An Unemtombed brick possessed by a tiny fragment of Nyarlathotep! A minion of Wotan!
Bloat. A grossly obese and wildly insane land-dwelling fish-Starborn in clown makeup! A member of the Nightmare-Carnival.
The Briar-King. Pumpkinhead, basically. A necrokinetic, deformed Starborn horror! Leads the Nightmare-Carnival.
The Bringer of Fire. An ascended Stonebuilder pyrokinetic. The mother of Michael Archangel. The imperiex of Earth-G! Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance.
Brutus. The 2nd-in-Command of the Kinfolk and the lover of the Angel of Wolves. A Starborn brick!
The Clockwork Goddess. Living embodiment of order and mechanisms. An amalgam of cosmic entity and mundane human!
Danse Macabre. A molten Starborn ‘ghost’. She’s an enforcer of the Angel of Wolves and belongs to the Kinfolk.
Deiphyla. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-G universe. Uses a Demimachine staff to control plant life.
The Devil-in-the-Sword. An evil man’s Memetic core trapped in a sword, who can possess those who wield him. A subtle but powerful villain.
The Dreaming Childe. A Starborn existing purely in the Sleeping minds of men! Nominally belongs to the Nightmare-Carnival.
The Eleven-in-One. An Exotic—-11 men linked into one grotesque fleshy amalgamation. ”We have such sights to show you.” Belongs to the Nightmare-Carnival.
The Fallen One. A devil-Apkallu playing at being Satan!
The Gate of Seven Swords. Seven-handed teleporting Starborn swordmistress. She’s an enforcer of the Angel of Wolves and belongs to the Kinfolk.
The Green Knight. A dimension-hopping biosculpt superhuman refugee from Earth-L. An associate of Simon Luther’s.
The Ironprince. An aristocratic French Starborn who’s literally made of an unusual living iron. A natural counterpoint to both the Angel of Wolves as well as Simon Luther.
The Jotun Twins. One Starborn consciousness, two Starborn bodies—-one body a brick, the other body a cryokinetic. They’re a dear friend to Simon Luther.
Knightrider and Kit. A pair of knightly Dreamerfey.
Michael Archangel. A Supermanalogue and most powerful of the current generation of The son of the Bringer of Fire!
Mute. A Starborn able to create and ‘loan out’ two very physically small but incredibly useful Sidekicks (Mite and Mote)! Part of the Kinfolk and a servant of the Angel of Wolves.
The Night's Mare. Horse-headed brute. A Starborn! Belongs to the Nightmare-Carnival.
Osidian. Evil Mayan Supermanalogue vampirically empowered by ritual human sacrifice. An Exotic!
Protean I. A twisted, genderless thing able to temporarily transform mundane animals into non-sentient Starbeast OR temporarily turn mundane humans into sentient Starbeasts. A Starborn! Belongs to the Nightmare-Carnival.
Red Man Knight-of-Conjoined-Wings. A Germanic Christian knight transformed into a Red Man. A brick!
Sandman. A Starborn of Zoroastrian faith, Sandman is made of coherent sand particles, which he can shape as he wills! He serves the Angel of Wolves.
The Sea Hag. A hideous, elderly Starborn aquakinetic. An old mentor to Simon Luther, when Luther was much younger.
Siegfried the Beasttamer. A gluttonous warper of flesh. A Starborn! Belongs to the Nightmare-Carnival.
Simon Luther. Savior...?...or destroyer...? A Starborn! Also, a member of the greatest superhero team in the whole Forever Tree, the Sungods. A ‘Prof. X’ to the Angel of Wolves’ ‘Magneto’.
Starry Witch Queen. A reality-manipulating Starborn! Despite her sheer versatility, Starry Witch Queen isn’t all that terribly powerful. A minion of Wotan.
Steiner, the Many-Winged Devil. A self-hating Starborn who hunts other Starborn!
STONE. The first of the Unentombed. Part of the Court of Hod.
The Stormqueen. A peasant girl turned into a Starborn. If injured enough to draw blood, her wound conjures storms—-the greater the injury, the greater the storm conjured up. The Stormqueen is the mistress of the Ironprince.
The Sun Lion. The greatest bandit-lord medieval North Africa has ever seen. A sentient lion-Starbeast! His pet is Sunwolfe. Shares a strange psychic link with Perpendicular-2’s He Who Conquers.
Sunwolfe. A tactile pyrokinetic Starbeast! A pet of the Sun Lion...!
The Weaponer. A Starborn able to assemble very physical arms and armor by mere force of will, drawing the very materials needed from thin air. An old friend of Simon Luther’s.
The Wither-Man. A necrokinetic insectile half-undead aberration. A Starborn! A member of the Nightmare-Carnival.
The Woman in Glass. Fragile and blinding. A Starborn!
Wotan. A reindeer-Starbeast! Worshipped as a god by the Norse.
[Earth-G's Resonances]
The Heavenly Beast. A thoughtform born of Christian eschatology. A kaiju!

Apex. An Exotic with the ability to travel in time by performing impromptu theatre-pieces depicting the era in question! a thoughtfirm! A member of the Seventeen Eternals!
The Chimeric. A chimera-bodied gorgon. In addition to having the form and abilities of a mythological Greek chimera, the Chimeric’s mythform is made of living gold. A member of the Seventeen Eternals!
The Dancer at the Gate. An infinitely powerful pyrokinetic. The first arhat as well as the imperiex of Earth-H! Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance.
Dead Horse. A voudoun-practicing arhat! So emaciated as to appear dead, he’s a pyrokinetic able to briefly be possessed by thoughtforms and, while Possessed, use those thoughtfirms’ powers. A member of the Seventeen Eternals!
Dominion. A Nemean Lion-godform gorgon with virtually indestructible hide. Belongs to the Seventeen Eternals.
Epona. A centaur-bodied gorgon superhuman!
Fallen-wyrm. A dragon-bodied gorgon superhuman!
The Fenrir. An arhat with tactile pyrokinesis; a werewolf-bodied gorgon. One of Earth-H’s sole two arhat/gorgon hybrids. A disciple of the arhat Mahatma. He contains the Mother of Mudras inside his consciousness.
Fu Manchu. Transformed into a mummy by Starvampire science, this Fu Manchu plots to betray his stellar masters!
Greenmonk. A chi-manipulating Dreamingborn sentient tree. Converted long, long ago to Tibetan Buddhism. Belongs to the both the Seventeen Eternals and the Worlds’ Henge.
The Groaning Maw. An arhat that is centuries old and who has mastered the ‘fire’ called radioactivity—-or has it mastered him?
Gryffyn. A griffon-bodied girgon, with psi-generated Harding and a Sunsphinx power-ring permitting him to astrally travel through space/time as he sees fit! A member of the Seventeen Eternals!
The Heavenly Beast. She who is explosively immortal. A phoenix-bodied gorgon! She has infiltrated the Seventeen Eternals.
Heavybrain. A disembodied brain in permenant communion with several Outer Gods —— most prominently, Nyarlathotep. A telepathic Exotic!
The Hellish Beast. A fiery-winged huntress. A griffon-bodied gorgon and a low-tier arhat. One of Earth-H’s sole two arhat/gorgon hybrids. A disciple of the arhat Mahatma. She contains the Father of Faith inside her consciousness.
Hell’s Prisoner. An immobile arhat of insane levels of power. A Japanese Buddhist ‘mummy’—-a ‘full body sarira’. A member of the Worlds’ Henge.
The Hightower Watchman. An angel-bodied Supermanalogue gorgon. (I’m not referring to beauty, but that her gorgon godform is literally that of a blazing, winged Biblical angel.) Belongs to the Sungods, greatest superhero team of the entire multiverse.
Infininaut. A spacefaring brick with mild telepathy and an infininaut implant. A giant-bodied gorgon! Belongs to the Seventeen Eternals.
Mahatma. THE native telepath. An arhat! Mahatma teaches three gorgons and nine arhats, along with both of the current arhat/gorgon hybrids—-and is ‘shaman’ to three unique thoughtforms of vast cosmic power!
The Man Who Walks Backwards. A giant-bodied gorgon, his head is on backwards and he’s supremely quintuple-jointed.
The Murder of Crows. An assassin-for-here. A gorgon whose god-body is a massive flock of doomsaying crows!
Naga. A snake-bodied gorgon Hindu rishi! A member of the Seventeen Eternals.
PILLAR. An arhat who permanently merged with a sol thoughtform! Made of molten gold.
Red Man Solar. A Red Man and his fiery thoughtform ‘pet’. A brick and his pet’s a tactile pyrokinetic!
She Who Comprehends. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-H universe. Has an infininaut implant in her brain.
William Farsighter-Westerling. Can conjure (‘draw down’) fire-wielding thoughtforms to fight on his behalf. Himself a thoughtform, sustained in his current identity by the auspices of Mahatma!! A disciple of the arhat Mahatma.
[Earth-H's Resonances]
The Father of Faith. A gigantic sol thoughtform with ten blazing arms, each hand holding a different memetic weapon with a different set of powers. Dwells INSIDE the subconscious mind of the Hellish Beast. A disciple of the arhat Mahatma.
The Mother of Mudras. A gigantic eku thoughtform with a hundred arms and ten different Alternate Forms! Dwells INSIDE the subconscious mind of the Fenrir. A disciple of the arhat Mahatma.
Sen. An oneiric entity that slips between reality and dreaming, causing mass chaos along the way!

Ba, the Incarna of Clay; the Immutable Aspect of Ir/Making. Wields the Weapon of Vicissitudes; is an elemental shapeshifter. Can empower up to the fifty Disciples, by way of Ba’s sole Avatar.
Deicide. A ‘bad-ass normal’ top-tier warrior, Trained to fight the Incarnae. He’s a member of the Sungods, THE Forever Tree superhero team!
Earthmover, the Avatar of Sheut; a brick. He brings Sheut’s power to potential Disciples.
Fu Manchu. Incredibly decrepit, this Fu Manchu clings to life only through repeated ingestion of a blood-serum distilled from the lifeblood of Disciples! A major crime boss.
Ghoul, the Avatar of Khaibit; a darkness-controller. She brings Khaibit’s power to potential Disciples.
Golem, the Avatar of Ka; an earth elementalist psychic. He brings Ka’s power to potential Disciples.
The Ir/Maker. Primordial entity that birthed the Earth-I universe and which empowered the has a single Avatar, distinct from the Avatar possessed by Urut-nnil. An imperiex! It’s body is Urut-nnil. Does not belong to the Worlds’ Henge.
Ka, the Incarna of Stone; the Apocalyptic Aspect of Ir/Making. Wields the Weapon of Certainties; is a brick. Can empower up to fifty Disciples, by way of Ka’s sole Avatar.
Khaibit, the Incarna of Glass; the Supernal Aspect of Ir/Making. Wields the Weapon of Revelations; is a telepathic telekinetic. Can empower up to fifty Disciples, by way of Khaibit’s sole Avatar.
Osseus Shell. The Tlolkku Observer-General of Earth-I. Heavily cyborged with a never-ending series of progressively smaller copies of himself inside himself!
Red Woman Imperia. Leader of the Human Resistance. A Red Man. A brick!
Ren, the Incarna of Iron; the Commanding Aspect of Ir/Making. Wields the Weapon of Potentates; can control others with his spoken words. Can empower up to fifty Disciples, by way of Ren’s sole Avatar.
Sheut, the Incarna of Bronze; the Hidden Aspect of Ir/Making. Wields the Weapon of Subtlety; is a matter-transmuter. Can empower up to fifty Disciples, by way of Sheut’s sole Avatar.
Stone, the Avatar of Ba; a winged huntress. She brings Ba’s power to potential Disciples.
Urut-nnil. Primordial entity that birthed the Earth-I universe and which empowered the Incarnae. A sentient location/cosmic entity! Belongs to the Worlds’ Henge. It’s disembodied consciousness is the Ir/Maker, and has a single Avatar, distinct from the Avatar of the Ir/Maker. (However, Urut-nnil technically isn’t the imperiex of Earth-I.)
Wyrmking, the Avatar of Ren; a generalized telepath. He brings Ren’s power to potential Disciples.

The Backwards Man. An Exotic whose skin is on backwards. A regenerator, he must tear gashes in himself every day just to perform daily necessities. A high priest of the King of Billions of Wings!
The Boar That Herds the Forests. A pooka with immense powers over Yellowstone National Park, particularly it’s forests! (He’s trapped in Yellowstone, though.) Thanks to KORE, the Boar That Herds the Forests is dimensionally telepathically linked with Earth-T’s Reignfire.
Cosmos King. An Exotic with eight arms and a load of advanced Tlolkku firearms!
The Drummer to the Spirits. A pooka-diverhost, his Oneiric Raiment is a giantess who plays immense stone drums to conjure up thoughts—-and those same drums can be used to clobber the s**t out of things!
Endless Infinite Forever Animal-King. A sidhe with a ‘sky-lion’ Oneiric Raiment! A member of the multiverse’s greatest superhero team, the Sungods!
The Fire-Haired Monster-Queen. A pooka diverhost with an immensely beautiful pyrokinetic Oneiric Raimemt. Wife of the Frost-Bearded Monster-King! Enlightened dictator of the city of Detroit, USA.
The Frost-Bearded Monster-King. A pooka diverhost with an immensely feral cryokinetic Oneiric Raiment! Husband of the Fire-Haired Monster-Queen! Enlightened dictator of the city of Detroit, USA.
Fu Manchu. The grandson of the original Earth-J Fu Manchu, this young mundane human is the head of Earth’s greatest guild of assassins!
Ghost. A pooka diverhost that is both undead and alive at the same time! A cryokinetic! A minion of the Man Enshrouded.
GNAW. A Mythos ghoul from the Beyond, it leads a cult of ghoul-worshippers, cannibals, the deeply mentally ill and people of pure evil. He worships Mordiggian, but serves as an entirely secular agent of Nyarlathotep.
The Harp That Plays His Own Orchestra. A beautiful yet monstrous sidhe diverhost, when wearing his Oneiric Raiment his rib cage and torso massively expand, forming a biological harp that can produce a variety of sonic-based effects.
Hunter in Gold and Roses. Female sidhe diverhost. Her Oneiric Raiment is an entire faerie Wild Hunt: herself as the huntsman, unnaturally intelligent hounds, horned, hoove'd archers and the steed the huntsman rides upon.
The Ibis that Reads the Scroll of the Skies. A precognitive sidhe diverhost with a vast, superhuman intellect. A Greenpriest!
The King of Billions of Wings. The Earth-J imperiex and a sidhe diverhost!
The Knight of the Growing Shield. A sidhe who grows into new places and dies out in old places rather than actually moving, the Knight of the Growing Shield is the hero of the people of London, England! Crime-fighting partner of the Shadow of Himself.
The Lion of Hands. A sidhe diverhost fashion model whose Oneiric Raiment is a bizarre man-faced lion of living silver, wearing as a garment thousands of human hands coming out from his voluminous robes, his oversized crown and from fissures in the earth that spontaneously and then close again as he passes by. A Greenpriest!
The Man Enshrouded. A pooka diverhost, his Oneiric Raiment has permanently manifested as a separate creature, a giant levitating octopus that does his host’s bidding—-sometimes.
The Moon Engulfed. A lunar-Focused pooka-diverhost; beast-king of the druids. A Greenpriest!
Optibull. A pooka diverhost with immense horns and equally immense precognitive abilities!
The Orc. A pooka diverhost, her Oneiric Raiment is that of a hulking, hideous male brute, like out of a fantasy novel. A minion of the Man Enshrouded.
Red Dog. A Red Man who’s also a pooka-diverhost. A lover of the King of Billions for Wings. A brick with an massive canine Oneiric Raiment!
The Shadow of Himself. A shadowy pooka diverhost who is the reflection in the mirror, and the being in physical reality is the reflection! Crime-fighting partner of the Knight of the Growing Shield.
Skiesserene. The Tlolkku Observer-General of Earth-J. Has utter mastery of her biokinetic lifeforce, when aided by Tlolkku pharmaceuticals!
The Sun Exultant. A solar-focused sidhe-diverhost; beast-queen of the druids. A Greenpriestess!
The Tall Thin Man. A pooka diverhost who never takes off his Oneiric Raiment, the Tall Thin Man is an ‘infinitely tall’, stretched out and thin giant, covered in iron chains, shackles and dragging a ball and chain behind it.
The Three-Headed Wolf. A minotaur with three heads that helps the Ferrymen guide the dead, in return for vastly increased life expectancy!
The World’s Serpent. A sidhe diverhost whose Oneiric Raiment can literally encircle the entire planet’s width! A Greenpriest!

The Carver. A serial killer in the employ of the Manifold Giants. A ‘bad-ass normal’ mundane human! Belongs to the Court of Hod.
Cerberus. Three-headed cannibalistic monstrosity. A Manifold Giant!
David and Goliath. A mundane human resistance-fighter and his heavily brain-damaged Manifold Giant protector!
The Devil in Jade. A Manifold Giant dimensional traveler/devourer of memetic cores! The chief enforcer of the Ogrefather.
Ebonsmith. A Manifold Giant inventor/architect/doctor.
Fu Manchu. The free-floating memetic core of a Victorian-era Chinese crime-boss, Fu Manchu desires a return to life and conquest of the entire Earth. Worshipped secretly as a god by Chinese criminals.
Gigantomorph. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-K universe. Wears a suit of mecha battle-armor.
ha-Baphomet. A Godgiant with but a single Mirror, which transforms him from a lumpen oaf into a beautiful, beast-like trickster!
Holy Man of the Black Faith. A Manifold Giant, consumes with madness, who has an avatar of Hastur as his Mirror.
Horus the Ibis-Headed. An impossibly virtuous and upstanding photokinetic. A Half-Giant! Brother of Set the Serpent-Headed. A member of the multiverse’s greatest superhero team, the Sungods.
Jack the Giantslayer. Mighty slayer of Godgiants. A mundane human!
The Ogrefather. The Earth-K imperiex. The Manifold Giant! Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance.
The Ogremother. Cruel wife of the Ogrefather. A Manifold Giantess!
Omnimax. An extremely powerful Half-Giant Telepathic brick. A freedom-fighter for human independence!
Red Woman Ashe. A Red Man obsessed with arson. A brick!
Saul Lion-Tamer. A tracker for the Manifold Giants. A mundane human, Saul has a lion he’s totally domesticated, turning it into a warbeast to fight on his behalf!
Set the Serpent-Headed. A Half-Giant reptilian adaptive shapeshifter! The brother of Horus the Ibis-Headed; a member of the Ogrefather’s Court.
The Sleeping Maiden. An oneirikinetic Half-Giantess trapped in the worlds of dreams!
The Swanqueen. The exiled ex-wife of the Swan King. A Half-Giantess saboteur fighting on behalf of humanity!
Trickster. A potent thoughtform currently consuming the identity of the Norse god Loki. A shapeshifter!
The Woodsman. A 'wolf-feral' Half-Giant!
[Earth-K's Resonances]
Annwn. A thoughtform imitating the mythological Irish god of the dead. A powerful controller of air, fog, mist and storms! Lives in a Resonance called The Belowground Dominion.
Baba Yaga. Not the genuine figure of Russian folklore, it is instead a thoughtform that’s adopted the guise. A telepathic illusionist, it embodies the concept of ‘the witch hunt’. It dwells in the Kingdom of Swans.
Lugh of the Long Arm. A ghost—-a renegade Memetic core!—-hiding from the Primordial Deep amd its agents by going to the Kingdom of Swans. A wielder of powerful Memetic weaponry and vastly extendable arms!
The Swan King. An undead Mirror of a Manifold Giant that has gained Independent existence. Cruel king of the Kingdom of Swans.

Abzu. A pyrokinetic living fusion reactor. The physically largest Ogreorbital Ogre! Abzu is bioconnected to Division , Griffon and Phase. It’s proto-Avatar is Ghille Dhu.
Behmuth. A brick beyond comprehension. An Ogrestructure Ogre. It’s proto-Avatar is Mazahar.
Bhlot (‘the Sore Upon the Sun’). An Ogreorbital Ogre that lives on the sun! It’s proto-Avatar is Teshut.
The Cognizant. A Matroishka Ogre Doll, he’s a supergenius with only a handful of intellectual peers and’s a mighty telekinetic. He’s bioconnected to the Horror That Walks on Teeth, and is broodkin to Doomsday, the Dionysian and the Horse-Headed Centurion.
The Dionysian. An Ogresymbiont Demiogre superhuman politician. She’s bioconnected to the Horror That Walks on Teeth, and thus is broodkin to the Cognizant, Doomsday and the Horse-Headed Centurion!
Division. An Ogremagus Demiogre superhuman with no Ogre Dolls. Powerfully precognitive and postcognitive! Bioconnected to Abzu, and also an inhabitant of Abzu’s Hollow. He’s broodkin to Griffon and Phase.
The Earth Enthroned. A massively huge Ogresymbiont, the Earth Enthroned functions effectively as an artificial Ogre. So massive is she that the Earth Enthroned is easily mistaken for an Ogrestructure! The Earth shakes as she walks. The most powerful Demiogre. Part of the Court of Hod.
The Flayed Giant. A truly hideous Ogresymbiont with the ability to shapechange into fear-inducing forms! Has no Ogre Dolls. Bioconnected to Behmuth, thus is broodkin to the
Fu Manchu. Kept alive by occasionally having his brain surgically transplanted into new bodies, this otherwise mundane human being is one of the openly acknowledged leaders of the Griffon Mythology!
Ghille Dhu. A proto-Avatar of Abzu, Ghille Dhu can revert to a normal human being by shucking off his Demiogre body like a second skin. Like all proto-Avatars, Ghille Dhu can’t have Ogredolls.
Griffon. A winged Ogresymbiont of godlike power, Griffon secretly masterminds the Griffon Mythology (which she brazenly named after herself, and is the head of a council of five that rules the organization). Griffon is the most powerful supervillain on Earth-L, and her schemes are equally epic in scale. Bioconnected to Abzu, shes broodkin to Division and Phase. A member of The Pact!
Hel’s Sister. The proto-Avatar of Lilit, Hel’s Sister can convert a single mundane human being into ‘Hel’, a temporary pseudo-Ogresymbont brick that is either beautiful (when calm) or monstrous (when enraged).
Herald and Messenger and Teacher. Herald is an Ogresymbiont who can wear the skins of others and masquerade as them; Messenger is a superspeedster Ogre Doll; and Teacher is an Ogre Doll that randomly telepathically switches skills around from person 5o person. The head of the loosely associated R’lyetist religion.
The Horror that Walks on Teeth. A super-massive Ogrestructure ur-brick bioterraformer, as well as the imperiex of Earth-L! Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance. It is bioconnected to the Cognizant, Doomsday and the Horse-Headed Centurion. It’s proto-Avatar is Semzu.
The Horse-Headed Centurion. An Ogresymbiont with additional lab-grown biotech power-armor! Has three Ogre Dolls. Bioconnected to the Horror That Walks on Teeth, and is thusly broodkin to the Cognizant, Doomsday and the Dionysian.
The Immortuus. A non-Demiogre superhuman magus (i.e., psychic) lich! A member of the multiverse’s greatest superhero team, the Sungods.
Knightwings. A biosculpt superhuman. A champion of Mr. Protocol, and the mightiest of the biosculpted! A member of the Griffon Mythology.
Levthhan. A sea monster out of nightmare. THE physically largest Ogreleviathan Ogre! It’s proto-Avatar is Usku.
Lilit. A non-sentient telepath. A huge Ogrestructure! Shade and Siredam the Progenitor are both bioconnected to Lilit, and are inhabitants of Lilit’s Hollow. It’s proto-Avatar is Hel’s Sister.
The Manyvulture. An aerial Ogresymbiont with six Ogre Dolls (Her ‘flock’.) Bioconnected to Behmuth, thus is broodkin to the Flayed Giant!
Mazahar. The proto-Avatar of Behmuth. It can split in twain; one half is a giant, the other half a serpentine telepath!
Mot the Godtamer. A xeno-bodied Dreamingborn who can summon—but not control—Ogres! An inhabitant of Urizen’s Hollow.
Mr. Protocol. A mundane human. Leader of the Griffon Mythology; greatest foe to all Demiogres; gifted biosculpt-engineer.
Omut. A reality-weaving ‘magician’. An Ogremagus Demiogre superhuman with a single Ogre Doll, Crow! Omut is bioconnected to Qthulku, is broodkin to Monarch and Pinhead, and is an inhabitant of Qthulku’s Hollow.
Owtsidr. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-L universe. Wears two power-rings; one alters space, one alters time. An inhabitant of Lilit’s Hollow.
The Perfect Man. The male biosculpt. One of the five secret leaders of the Griffon Mythology. Husband of the Perfect Woman. A brick with wings!
The Perfect Woman. The female biosculpt. One of the five secret leaders of the Griffon Mythology. Wife of the Perfect Man. A telepathic brick!
Phase. A gelatinous Ogresymbiont! Has a single Ogre Doll. Bioconnected to Abzu. Bloodline to Division and Griffon.
Pinhead. A massively huge and muscular Ogresymbiont without a head; his Ogre Doll Pindrop serves as Pinhead’s Head. Bioconnected to Qthulkhu.
Qthulku. Qthulku has a madness-inducing aura. An Ogreleviathan Ogre. Qthulku is bioconnected to Monarch, Omut and Pinhead.
Qishshut. A ‘mother-of-monsters’-style Ogresymbiont Demiogre superhuman. Has no Ogre Dolls. ‘Captains’ the Swimmer of Deepnothing, to whom he is also broodkin. Qishshut is bioconnected to Urizen and is native to Urizen’s Hollow.
Qo. The proto-Avatar of Urizen. A horned, gazelle-like superspeedster beauty!
Red Man Twin. A pair of brother welded into one by r3 diving a Red Mantle. They count as being a single Red Man, just in two bodies. Bricks!
Semzu. The proto-Avatar of the Horror That Walks On Teeth. A one-eyed, one-armed, one-legged epic brick!
Shade. A rare psychic Ogresymbiont Demiogre superhuman of some power, with two Ogre Dolls, Edward and Lawrence. Shade is bioconnected to Lilit, and is broodkin to Siredam the Progenitor.
Siredam the Progenitor. An Ogresymbiont who can infect others with Ogresymbiosis as if she’s an Ogre, herself! Siredam is bioconnected to Lilit and is broodkin to Shade.
Teshut. The proto-Avatar of Bhlot. A living nuclear reactor, Teshut is an atom bomb in mortal form!
Timat is a massively powerful aquakinetic. An Ogreleviathan Ogre.
The Tomorrow-Herald, and Impure William. A vastly charismatic mundane human cult-leader, and his brainwashed tormented Ogresymbiont Demiogre superhuman servant. Impure William was once bioconnected to Urizen. He has no Ogre Dolls.
Umbra. A mundane human wielding a nail broken from Cthulhu’s hand millions of years ago, with which he can falsely imitate an Ogresymbiont. Naturally he’s no Ogre Dolls.
Urizen. A strangely beautiful and oddly delicate Ogrestructure! Urizen is, shockingly for a beast of its size, a superspeedster! Contains several million tons of Useful Oblivion. Urizen is bioconnected to Qishshut, was once bioconnected to Impure William. Urizen contains the Swimmer of It’s proto-Avatar is Qo.
Usku. The proto-Avatar of Levthhan. A Demiogres able to regenerate by eating meat and is able to warp reality by using her existing body parts as fuel.
Earth-L's Resonances]
Akon. An oneiric cosmic entity (‘archon’) inhabiting the Hibernating Realms. Akon was once a mundane human from Ancient Egypt, but evolved into a higher state by exposure to Tlolkku brain surgeries.
KORE. An oneiric cosmic entity (‘archon’) inhabiting the Hibernating Realms. KORE was once an Ogresymbiont, before she ascended to celestial godhood.
The Swimmer of Deepnothing. A powerful but non-sentient Ogremagus Ogre, with a single Dullmind Ogre Doll, Ramsey. An incarnation of Useful Oblivion, ‘captained’ by Qishshut, to whom he is also broodkin. Wanders the deep layers of the alien consciousness of Urizen, in the Hibernating Realms.
The Wanderer. A man-turned-thoughtform! Can control time on an impressive scale. Inhabits the alien consciousness of the Horror That Walks on Teeth, in the Hibernating Realms.

Adam Kadmon, the Primeval Ancestor. A humanoid, sentient tree over 1 mile in height. Has an Imperial Assemblage. Leads the Worlds’ Henge. The First Dreamer, as well as the Earth-M imperiex! Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance. Adam Kadmon stands apart from the intrigues of the Elfcourts.
The Dead Dreaming. A Starvampire who fell in with the Daemoncourt of Las Vegas. Is the only non-Dreamer to have a Noble Assemblage!
The Devil in the Red Mask. A Moonborn slowly ascending to Dreamer status by way of cannibalistically devouring other Moonborn...maybe—-maybe he’s just crazy. A member of the Faerie Court of Sleipnir.
The Dreaming Emperor. The mysterious, masked monarch of the Elfcourts, as a whole. An immensely powerful giant, the Dreaming Emperor has an Imperial Assemblage.
Elfwolf. A Dreamfey humanoid wolf; has a Noble Assemblage. The same character as in Earth-N.
Fu Manchu. The grandson of the original Fu Manchu, he is a Moonborn with a dragon as a mount! He serves the Elfcourt of the Middle Kingdom!
The Gargantuan Ape. An unbelievably ancient Dreamer, he resembles a humungous cross between a gorilla and an orangutan. A brick! Has a Noble Assemblage!
The Hag-Blooded Crone. Gigantic sentient speech-capable Dreamingborn sea serpent. A member of the Faerie Court of Sleipnir.
The Man in the Labyrinth Atop the Gargantuan Beast Inside the Cave Beneath the Moon (“the Labyrinthian”). A nephilim living inside and riding atop a vast elephantine non-sentient Dreamer. A member of the Faerie Court of Sleipnir.
Infinity. A reality-weaving centaur-Dreamer. Has an Imperial Assemblage. Stands apart from the Elfcourts, as a whole.
Ironside. A mundane human power-armored hunter of Dreamers!
Many Spheres. A higher-order intelligence that was once a Dreamer. THE oneirokinetic! Has a Royal Assemblage. Monarch of his own Faerie Court and a Prince of the Elfcourts!
Morphean. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-M universe. Wears a power-ring gifting him with strong telepathy.
Hobgoblin. Heroic superarcher and member of the multiverse-spanning Sungods. A Moonborn! A lesser member of the Faerie Court of Many Spheres!
Racer. A Moonborn superspeedster with a toxin-laden Demimachine scythe. A knight in service to the Faerie Court of Sleipnir.
Red Man Lion. A Red Man wearing feline-like power-armor. A power-armored brick!
The Rhyming Beast. He-who-commands-color. A Dreamer! A lesser member of the Faerie Court of Many Spheres!
Sleipnir. An eight-legged horse-Dreamer dimension-hopping time traveling superspeedster. Has a Royal Assemblage. Lord of Sleipnir’s Faerie Court and a prince of the Elfcourts!
Taklorgic. A hundred-armed alien prankster, rendered immortal while visiting Earth during a dreamingfall!
Titan. 'Infinitely' tall? A Dreamer! A lesser member of the Faerie Court of Many Spheres!
Yg (the World Tree). A reality-weaving oneirofloral Dreamer. A member of the Worlds’ Henge. High-ranking member(s) of the Faerie Court of Many Spheres.
[Earth-M's Resonances]
The Chimera. A thoughtform embodying the surgical merging of two species—-a reality now facing Earth-M. A brick! Lairs in a horrifying Resonance called the Chimeraege,
The Manticore. A Dreamer-turned-cosmic-entity! The husband of the Sphinx. Oathbound bodyguard of the Dreaming Emperor, he literally lives inside his employer’s shadow.
The Sphinx. A Dreamer-turned-cosmic-entity! The wife of the Manticore. Oathbound bodyguard of the Dreaming Emperor, she literally lives inside her employer’s shadow.

The Aegis. Sleek and sensual cyborg-Sunwolf! A member of the greatest superhero team in the Forever Tree, the Sungods!
Arhat Monster. A Sunwolf 'giant'! Lifemate of Bodhisattva Carnivore. He leads the Wylders.
Bishop Blasphemer. A Sun spiritwolf that has a capacity for lying bordering on the superhuman! He belongs to the Wylders.
Bodhisattva Carnivore. A Sunwolf ‘giantess’! Lifemate of Arhat Monster. She is part of the Wylders. She despises her husband’s adulterous lover, Wolfgoddess.
Cardinal Murderer. A Moonwolf ‘giant’! Lifemate of Saint Butcher. He is part of the Wylders.
Cerberus. The eldest Moonwolf among the Lords of Ice. A three-headed Moonwolf ‘giant’ of immense powers!
Elfwolf. A strange humanoid non-spiritwolf wolf, able to summon a horde of tiny imps to serve him. The same character as in Earth-M.
Father Sadist. A Moonwolf with a vanir-stone! Lifemate of Sister Sinister. A member of the Wylders.
Fenris. A hunter of spiritwolves. A mundane human!
Kronos. A Sunwolf entirely of the modern era. Also a time-traveler!
Lelitth. A disembodied brain in a jar and the imperiex of Earth-N. In addition to being highly psychic, she has an aesir-stone embedded in her spinal column.
The Matriarchwolf. The ‘queen’ of the North American Sunwolves. Mate of the Patriarchwolf. A Sun spiritwolf!
Pangaea. A Moonwolf older than any else of her kind!
The Patriarchwolf. The ‘king’ of the North American Sunwolves. Mate of the Matriarchwolf. A Sun spiritwolf!
Ragnarok. THE largest Moon spiritwolf to’ve ever walked the earth.
Reaper. A cyborg with vampiric-style cyberimplants. Otherwise, is a mundane human!
Romularus. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-N universe. Owns a vaguely lupine biomechanical horror as his Sidekick.
Root and Ruin. Sentient kudzu-Dreamingborn capable of theoretically infinite growth.
Saint Butcher. A Moonwolf ‘giantess’! Lifemate of Cardinal Murderer. She belongs to the Wylders.
Sister Sinister. A deformed mutated and warped Moonwolf with out-of-control regeneration! Lifemate of Father Sadist. She belongs to the Wylders!
Vargr. A Sunwolf gun-runner!
Void-Gunner. Killer of 'lycanthropes'. A cyborg!
Wolfgoddess. A Sunwolf with additional metamorphic powers! A lover of Arhat Monster, Wolfgoddess despises Bodhisattva Carnivore.
[Earth-N's Resonances]
The Ancient Bearded Tree-King. A giant thoughtform obsessed with hunting, native to the Sidhe Forest. Commands a host of dog wer thoughtforms! A member-in-good-standing of the Court of Hod.
Echowylfe. A free-floating Moonwolf memetic core that can exit the Primordial Deeps during nights of the full moon in order to possess and reconfigure the corpses of roadkill.
Enng the Turtle. A vastly huge turtle thoughtform. Floats in a nameless void-Resonance. Claims to be omnipotent!

Angel (of the Light) and Daemonic (of the Darkness). Angel is a winged hunter; Daemonic is a goat-feral with low-tier mind control powers. Angel and Daemonic are Oppositionals to each other!
The Balance Between. An insubstantial luck-manipulating Dreamingborn telepath. She has two Oppositionals—-the Abysmal Darkness and the Celestial Light!
Deity (of the Light) and Devil (of the Darkness). Deity is a reality-warper; Devil is a wish-granter. They’re Oppositionals to each other!
Der Hexengeist. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-O universe. Can use pharmaceuticals to literally split into two selves! Has no Oppositional, as he’s not native to Earth-O.
Giant (of the Darkness) and Giantess (of the Light). Giant is a huge cryokinetic brick; Giantess is a huge pyrokinetic brick. They’re Oppositionals to each other!
The King of Wyrms. A benevolent humanoid reptilian alien, and’s the imperiex of Earth-O. He has no Oppositional, by his very nature!
[Earth-O’s Resonances]

4-Saykinh. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-P universe. Infected with the nanoplague and trapped in the Earth-P universe by his fellow Tlolkku.
Eidolon-prime. The bringer of madness. A Demimachine, AI-equipped robot!
Insecta. An immortal Cthulhoid entity...that was once human!
N-Dying. An unliving colossus of flesh and psychically-generated solar plasma. A lord of Leng.
N.M.E. An omniweapon-wielding robot.
[Earth-P's Resonances]

Abyss. A Fish brick without psychic abilities—-a rarity for her species! Leader of the evil Deepwalkers!
DAI. Created for me and Macyn’s build non-contest! A Telekinetic Fish supergenius, she must wear an encounter-suit while on land!
The Man Ecased in Jade. Earth-Q’s imperiex! A power-armored WWII era superhero.
Nemesis/Sun. The Tlolkku-Observer-General of Earth-R. Exists in a controlled state of quantum uncertainty!
Ocean-King. An Epoch of truly epic size! Dedicated to eco-preservation.
Oort Oroborus. The most powerful Fish on Earth. He holds the entire Atlantic Ocean inside his Demimachine artificial lungs, while at the same time swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, which is simultaneously still on Earth where it should be. A Wyrmbinder!
The Sea Bishop. The first Fish to convert to Christianity, the Sea Bishop is now centuries old. He’s a chronokinetic!
Soldier. A superspeedster Epoch! A bodyguard of the Sea Bishop.
The staff and students of Hellinger Academy. A school for siperpowered college kids!
The Submerged Sun. A Fish pyrokinetic, she even burns in the deepest oceans! A lieutenant of Abyss and 2nd-in-command of the evil Deepwalkers!
Warrior. A telekinetic Archon! A bodyguard of the Sea Bishop.

The Manichaean. The Tlolkku Observer-General of Earth-R. A ‘standard’ Observer-General driven mad by a brief possession by the Abysmal Darkness!

Ariadne. A thoughtform summoned by the Spidergoddess and bound to the Spidergoddess’ service.
Asterion. A minotaur Skytower Magus! Can form telekinetic ‘armor’ around himself to make him into a Bull-shaped brick!
The Beekeeper. An Exotic with bees she can control with her verbal commands. A Parthian!
Bestio Belli. (‘The Beast of War’.) An utterly feral skytreader Skytower Giant with barely any sentience due to a head injury. A major threat to Rome!
Cypher. A mundane human ‘bad-ass normal’ Roman spy, in deep cover in Parthian lands!
Daemon. Champion of the people of Rome. A skytreader Skytower Giant!
Daniel. A hulking nephilim, Daniel may transform into a lion! Daniel serves the Restored Kingdoms of Israel and Judah!
Gargant. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-S universe. A disembodied brain ‘wearing’ a variety of biomechanical bodies as ‘power-armor’.
The Ghost. A hulking aquakinetic brick. The Exemplar cloudspirit Skytower Giant!
Hecate. Stormbull Skytower Giant with an arsenal of Changecubes of varying levels of power she can remotely control. She ‘gifts’ these to regular, mundane human beings, neglecting to mention her remote access.
He Who Strides. Creator of superhumanity. A cosmic entity!
Magna Mater. (‘The Great Mother’.) A cloudspirit Skytower Giant able to conjure tens of thousands of exceptionally weak thoughtforms by temporarily merging with pre-existing storms!
MOLOCH. The greatest evil of his world. A super-scientist. A devil-Apkallu! Part of the Court of Hod.
Oceanus. An entirely, solely aquatic skytreader Skytower Giant; head of Rome’s Navy.
The Protean II. A biokinetic infiltrator of Rome, working for the Parthians. A cyclops Skytower Magus!
Rager. A winged hunter. The Exemplar stormbull Skytower Giant!
Sol Invictus II. The ‘god’ of the Roman Legions. A stormbull Skytower Giant!
Sphinx. A stormbull Skytower Giant female embodies as a great stone sphinx. A feral brick! Charged by Rome with ruling Egypt.
The Spidergoddess. Six-armed biome-manipulator and imperiex of Earth-S. A skytreader Skytower Giant! Has Mandragora servants and a personal Resonance. She summoned and bound Ariadne.
Taktak. An Exotic living in the Polynesian islands; can summon and bind thoughtforms with his ‘enchanted’ (Sunsphinx) drum. Worshipped as a god!
Talos the Bronze Giant. A woman masquerading as a man, and an incredible warrior. The Exemplar skytreader Skytower Giant.
Undying Brute. A member of the multiverse-spanning superhero team, the Sungods. A skytreader Skytower Giant!
Voidstrider. She who monitors the sky on Rome’s behalf. A cloudspirit Skytower Giant!
Walking Sun. A delicate and beautiful living sun. A skytreader Skytower Giant!
Warbringer. Dreamingborn swordswoman who can’t die in a fair fight.
[Earth-S's Resonances]
The Cherub With the Flaming Swords. A thoughtform, resembling a Kabbala angel. A pyrokinetic! Guards the door to the subconsciousness of He Who Strides.

Ashen Wings Conjoined. A winged huntress! The Avatar of birds of prey.
Hydra. The Tlolkku Observer-General of Earth-T. Wears a left-handed power-gauntlet that allows her to manipulate dozens of objects telekinetically in different ways all at the same time!
Dr. Destiny. A power-armored Exotic supervillain, and leader of the rogue nation of New Rome. A genius with few equals!
Godhead. An Inheritor who Embodies the giant stone heads of Easter Island. With a regular-sized body but a massively oversized head, Godhead can draw upon gravity to keep perpetual forward momentum!
Instinct. A bioengineered tiger given sentience! Now a crime boss in Detroit, USA!
L’il Stinker. A VERY annoying shapeshifting prankster, this Avatar Embodies humor.
Machine. An Avatar representing the burgeoning fields of Artificial Intelligence.
Monolith. An Inheritor, she represents Stonehenge, in England. A giantess and a brick!
Reignfire. An incredibly dangerous Inheritor who Embodies the supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park, kept in a medically induced coma at The House Fear Built. However, unbeknownst to all, KORE has established a dimensionally telepathic link between Reignfire and Earth-J’s the Boar That Herds the Forests.
Ofanim. A godlike Inheritor who embodies Earth’s sun. A pyrokinetic/radiological Supermanalogue!
Urth. A godlike Inheritor, he Embodies the entirety of planet Earth. A geokinetic without many equals. He leads the Celestial Symphony, greatest superhero team of Earth-T.
Vulcan. A godlike Inheritor, he Embodies the entirety of the planet Mars. A sand-manipulating cryokinetic. He belongs to the Celestial Symphony, greatest superhero team of Earth-T.
[Earth-T's Resonances]

Antaeus. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-U universe. Wears eterniite boots.
Battery. A power-armored brick with 19 fully-functional artificial arms and a berserker rage.
Corporate Raider. An invisibility-belt-wearing mundane human master cat burglar!
Enginseer Ka. A millennia-old Egyptian Hyperbrain wielding an infinitely powerful Demimachine ankh-headed staff. Enginseer Ka is Earth-U’s imperiex. He has Mandragora servants. His memory palace doubles as his personal Resonance!
Graven Idol. Heroic thoughtform-turned-human.
The Incredible Dr. Theo Arachnos. Time-traveling superhero from the 1890s! Crimefighting partner of Shell!
Loki and Sif. Once close...but now the direst of enemies! Gadget-wielding 'superhumans'!
The Nuclear Man. A power-armor-wearing superhuman. The supervillain of Earth-U! Leads the supervillain team the Frightning Five.
Omniguardian. The most beloved and trusted superhero of Earth-U. Wields the mighty Allscepter! A member of the Forever Tree’s greatest superhero team, the Sungods.
Omnipresent. A power-ring-wearing teleporter!
Shell. A force field belt-wearing pulp-style hero, transplanting to the present from the 1920s. Crimefighting partner of the Incredible Dr. Theo Arachnos!
She Who Hides Behind Twenty Masks. Illusion-weaving gadgeteer leader of the Immortals. A Sunsphinx!
Singularity. Wearer of an endlessly-upgrading Demigod-Carapace, as well as a powerful illusion-weaving Nephilim.
Thor. An Exotic. Tatsuie's character for my unfortunately short Star Corps PbP campaign. NOT my creation!
VAIN. An alien-built nearly omniscient AI that masquerades as an entire team of superheroes!
[Earth-U's Resonances]
Grigori the Maker-of-Artifice. An ‘angelic’ alien giant!

The Beast. The Arcaninaut. A seven-headed nine-armed brick!
Black Lily. A bioelite human Tempestineer who can conjure memetic cores to do her bidding by ‘wearing’ her hollow, quasi-dead Mount. A necrokinetic! In addition, Black Lily’s Weapon can capture the souls of those still living and her Sphere gives her an unnatural form of self-resurrection!
Blackwings. A renegade biotwists mutant Tempestineer! His Mount can fly, his Sphere generates force fields and his Weapon lets him combine Mount and Sphere into a devastating ‘cannonball’ combat-technique!
Bor. A beastman Tempestineer.
Dani 'Starborn' Reyes. A bioelite human Tempestineer marksman. Her Mount is hulking and leonine; her Sphere is mildly pyrokinetic; and her Weapon is a pyrokinetic whip.
The Ebon Pharaoh. A dreambeast beastman loaded with dreamtechnology, the Ebon Pharaoh rules the toxic region of Jypit, in the Middees District. He is a decadent warlord!
Galactaur. A Supermanalogue bioelite human ! His Mount is a giant, hollow humanoid Galactaur can ‘wear’ like armor, Galactaur’s Weapon is a massively oversized biotech gauntlet that greatly increases the size and proportions of his left arm, and his Sphere is snake-like and rests around his neck that a Celtic torc.
Godbearer. A xenogen glutton who hunts Tempestineers to temporarily steal their Organisms (after killing the Tempestineer in question, of course!).
Hadron Oroboros. Bioelite mundane human who wears a power-ring that derives power from healthy planetary ecosystems; his powers’re currently much diminished from what they were. With his ring Oroboros is a shapeshifting florakinetic! A Wyrmbinder!
He Who Makes Things Go. A Dreamerfey embodying technology, science and rationality. A cyberkinetic gadgeteer/‘robot’.
Ifrit. An Icon permanently manifested in the physical universe and the herald of Jax the Sleeping King. An electrokinetic!
Imperious. An Exotic bioelite parahuman psychic wearing a Demigod-Carapace! Leader/guardian of Bastion. NOT MY OWN CREATION!
Jason the Arbiter. A bioelite Iron Enginseer posing as a god-king to a large reaver tribe. Has guns built into his limbs!
Jax the Sleeping King. He who wrecked Paradise. An imperiex wearing infinitely powerful power-armor! Currently hiding in torpor. Has slumbering Mandragora servants and a sealed-off personal Resonance.
Jenny Cogworker. A female biotwist mutant Iron Enginseer, Jenny Cogworker dwells near Tempest. Her cybernetic implants exclusively boost her intelligence and make her mildly telepathic!
King-Behind-Veils. An immortal cyborg, Ge lives aboard a Flying Citadel coexisting equally in both physical reality and the Datasphere. Frail in real life, in the Datasphere he’s an almighty Kabbalistic angel!
Mickey. A mundane bioelite human being; a ‘bad-ass normal’. A ‘citizen’, so to speak, of Bastion.
Moon’s Flower. A female technically ‘human?’ Iron Enginseer, codename 0101. She lives near Bastion, and’s literally a brain in a jar. Conducts DANGEROUS Arcaninaut-related research. Great-aunt of Sun’s Flower.
Mr. Ashcroft. A hideously deformed mutant biotwist blessed with telepathy. The only mutant ‘citizen’ of Bastion.
Mr. Mystery. Xenohybrid madman! Artificially decanted ‘son’ of Moon’s Flower! A versatile psychic.
Nepenthe, the Sleeping Queen. The first wife of Jax the Sleeping King, still alive, Anow Awakened by Imperious. A biolelite mutant psychic. In addition to weak Innate telepathy, Nepenthe wields a power-staff, a HUD generates by a tiara and a Starryfire ring. Hates Jax deeply.
Omnipotentate. Mundane bioelite human with a staff that boosts the powers of others; leader of the Ascent Gang of Burrlyn District, in Europa Bloc.
Orc. A bioelite human
Prime Architect. A renegade Iron Enginseer with a Changecube incorporated into her torso. She can warp reality, albeit on a limited scale!
PRIME MONAD and the Watchmen-upon-the-Wall. Six robots created by the Solar Lion to keep watch for signs of Jax.
The Relentless. An Arcaninaut of frightening power, he is a brick with perpetual forward momentum!
Shedu. A bioelite human Tempestineer.
The Sleeping Creature. An oneirikinetic Arcaninaut! Dwells in the Shattered Labyrinth least, it does so physically!
Sun’s Flower. A female bioelite human Tempestineer. The great-niece of Moon’s Flower!
Tempestinaut. The Supermanalogue of Earth-V. A Tempestineer!
Verbena. A bioelite human cybernetic Tempestineer, as well as a former cybermagus, with healing-oriented Organisms.
The Wielder of Omnipotent Pinions. He’s a bioelite human. A reality-manipulating Tempestineer! His Mount is a feathered serpent, his Sphere is a hulking eagle-like ‘shoulder-cannon’ and his Weapon a wing harness of immense power!
That Which Stands Apart From all the Others. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-V universe. A disembodied brain implanted into a Tempestineer’s body. It’s Organisms are heavily tainted with Tlolkku DNA; it’s Mount is slender and paradimensional, it’s Sphere gives it immense teleportational powers, and its Weapon permits it to exist in up to ten locations SIMULTANEOUSLY.
[Earth-V's Resonances]
Ang, Who Stops the Waters, Who Opens the Gate. A firewall-Icon guarding a connection between the Datasphere and the Godmesh near the biocreche of Bastion. A ‘brick’!
Bo Da. An Icon strangely blessed with immense psychic powers, a genuinely alive program. Lives in the Godmesh!
Lu Si 4. Tempestineer-turned-thoughtform, now inhabiting the God-mesh. A VR ‘pyrokinetic/photokinetic’. A great enemy of Yhawh.
SaeTann. Arcaninaut-turned-thoughtform, now inhabiting the God-mesh. A VR ‘shaoeshifter’. A great enemy of Yhawh.
Torso-Prime. Guardian AI of the ever-diminishing Datasphere.
Yhawh. Chief AI of the God-mesh. A VR ‘brick’. A great enemy of both Lu Si 4 and SaeTann.
Yhazzua. A subsidiary AI-avatar of Yhawh which exists in the Datasphere.

The Amazing Equine Hominid! A horseheaded precognitive giant. The Amazing Equine Hominid! belongs to the multiverse’s greatest superhero team, the Sungods!
Bahamoath. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-W universe. Wears a gargantuan suit of mecha power-armor.
Cerberus. Three-headed necrokinetic. A dog-headed giant superhuman!
Elohim. A moth-winged giantess. A petty criminal and lowlife associate of the Vainglory of Feathers!
The Ring-Bearer. Bearer of a powerful Demimachine power-ring. A gorilla-headed giant superhuman!
Singularity Oroboros. Has a meteor lodged in his head, allowing this otherwise mundane human vast gravimetric mastery. A Wyrmbinder!
The Vainglory of Feathers. She's famous...for being famous. A peacock-headed giant superhuman!
The Vast Glutton That Eats the Sky. A perpetually gluttonous higher-order intelligence and also the Earth-W imperiex!
The Weaver. She has immense Probability Control powers. A spider-headed giant superhuman! Part of the Saced Trinity.
The Wyld. She’s made of living diamond and is a ‘fractal’ shapeshifter. An ibis-headed giant superhuman! Sister of the Weaver and the Wyrm. Part of the Sacred Trinity.
The Wyrm. A toxic brick. A crocodile-headed giant superhuman! Part of the Sacred Trinity.
[Earth-W's Resonances]
KONG. A gigantic ape inhabiting an island-Resonance connected to the Pacific Ocean. A giant brick!

The Runesmith. The Tlolkku Observer-General of Earth-X. Is a master of the terrifying Titanflesh Forgegod Runetitan-shape!
Vulcan-88. A time-displaced superspeedster gadgeteering Runetitan superhuman. She leads the Infinite Mechanisms, the sect to which nearly all Runetitans strive to be worthy of and to join!

He Who Devours Thoughts. The Tlolkku Observer-General of Earth-Y. A highly-specialized ‘parasitic’ telepath!

Ascendancy. A top-tier Supermanalogue with TEN(!) power-rings. An almost-Star God!
Digger. An earthsinger. A mundane human!
The original earth haunt. Mightiest of the earth haunts.
Sumerian Oroboros. Wields a Demimachine sword that makes him nearly invincible in battle, but only against mundane humans or fellow super-gadgeteers. A Wyrmbinder!
Supremacy. A brick who draws power from the four Classical Greek elements, as well as by devouring electricity. An almost-Star God!
Udaeus. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Earth-Z universe. Wields countless summonable Demimachine weapons!
UniversalSpore. The fungal imperiex of Earth-Z! A rank coward. No longer possesses either Mandragora servants or a personal VR-Resonance!
The Unstoppable Force. A deceptively powerful brick. An almost-Star Goddess!
[Earth-Z's Resonances]

Table of Contents (Ten Hollows):

Bringer of the Storm. A gargantuan brick eagle-Skybeast!
Daughter of Stagnant Water. A superspeedster dragonfly-Skybeast!
He Dwells in Days Gone By. Elder brother of She Lives in the Days Ahead. A time-traveling owl-Skybeast!
Howling Shaman Ear to the Void. A precognitive bat-Skybeast!
Man of Moths. An illusion-generating, fear-absorbing moth-S,ybeast!
She Lives in the Days Ahead. Younger sister of He Dwells in Days Gone By. A time-traveling owl-Skybeast!

Alexander of Macedon. THE Demigod, his weaponry allows the King of Macedonia to fly, project blasts of energy, and pop out monofilament swords from his elbows!



Gabriel. Servant of the Holy See. Type 1 superspeedster mechanicangel!
Lucifer. Rebel without a master. Type 1 flying photomechanical mechanicangel of extreme beauty!
Michael. Servant of the city of Jerusalem. Type 1 brick mechanicangel!
Sachiel. Servant of the Spanish monarchy. Type 3 mechanicangel!
Uriel. Servant of the Grim Reaper Machine. Type 2 necromechanical mechanicangel!

Universal Hero. The sole superhuman of Earth-6, a top-tier Supermanalogue and his universe’s Shaded Dreamingbeast! A benevolent utopian global dictator.





Table of Contents (Perpendiculars):
Berutu. A Qimrri primefather; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Flame.. Mate of Za.
’Copperbones'. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Perpendicular-1 universe. Wields various bronzepunk Gadgets ANd Devices.
The Engine-Mammoth. Bronzepunk cyborg warrior-royal. A Stormblessed cyborg!
Glome.. A bioarmor-wearing brick. One of the Four Earthly Kings, aspected to the Platonic Ideal of ‘stone’. Rules one-fourth of the Dominion. He’s an archenemy of the Stormfather.
Hallah, the Brazen Valkyrie. A warrior-maiden Stormblessed! A member of the multiverse’s greatest superhero team, the Sungods!
Hurukaeth Halh. A Stormblessed science-priest! A loyal servant of the Stormfather!
Ifrit. A bioarmor-wearing pyrokinetic. One of the Four Earthly Kings, aspected to the Platonic Ideal of ‘sun’. Rules one-fourth of the Dominion. He’s an archenemy of the Stormfather!
Melchizedek. Originally from Earth-U; an immortal gadgeteer from ancient Canaan. An enemy of the Stormfather!
Ondien. An aquatic bioarmor-wearing brick. One of the Four Earthly Kings, aspected to the Platonic Ideal of ‘tidal waves’. Rules one-fourth of the Dominion. She’s an archenemy of the Stormfather.
Paroseme. A winged bioarmor-wearing huntress. One of the Four Earthly Kings, aspected to the Platonic Ideal of ‘wind’. Rules one-fourth of the Dominion. She’s an archenemy of the Stormfather.
The Patriarch of Lightning. Bronzepunk gadget-wielding psychic holy man. A godlineage psychic!
The Stormfather. Living god who created the Stormblessed! Himself is THE Stormblessed, as well as a _MASSIVELY_ powerful psychic! Is fiercely opposed by the Four Earthly Kings of the Dominion. The third and youngest son of Ask and Embla.
VASTER-THAN-THE-SKY. An alien cyborg from Earth-Z, now trapped on Perpendicular-1 and forced to serve the Stormfather. A cybernetic blademaster!
Za. A Qimrri primemother; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Time. Mate of Berutu.
[Perpendicular-1's Resonances]
Ask. The first man of legend. An Exotic rendered immortal pharmaceutically. Dwells in the First Lands, site of Ymir’s Door. Worshipped as the god of war.
Embla.. The first woman of legend. An Exotic human rendered immortal pharmaceutically. Worshipped as the goddess of agriculture.
Ve. The first son of Ask and Embla. Naturally immortal Exotic. Dwells in the First Lands, site of Ynir’s Door. Worshipped as the god of commerce.
Vili. The second son of Ask and Embla. Naturally immortal Exotic. Dwells in the First Lands, site of Ymir’s Door. Worshipped as the god of endurance and strength.
Ymir. A giant-sized cosmic entity uber-brick, imprisoned behind Ymir’s Door, in the First Lands. The greatest evil of Lulultulul!

The All-Powerful. King among gods. A catfish-god! A god of the Orichalcum Metropolis.
The Bat. Bat-goddess and goddess of moonless nights. A bat-feral mistress of assassins and spies! A member of the Court of Hod.
The Beautiful. Queen among gods. A butterfly-goddess! A god of the Orichalcum Metropolis.
BhEast. Would-be god of the sun. A lion-god!
Crimson Ayla. A mortal warrior-woman with few equals!
Ekarrus. A Qimrri primefather; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Hatred. Mate of Gogotuuh.
EPohn. A horse-god and god of cavalry! A citizen of the Orichalcum Metropolis.
GHath Thaen Oto Ih. A hulking elephant-god and god if craftsmanship, with sole control over the Volcanoforges at Sebseb. An elephant-feral brick! A vassal of kAthuu Oo ‘Luu.
The God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers. A lesser god of war. A crocodile-god!
Gogotuuh. A Qimrri primemother; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Inertia. Mate of Ekarrus.
Gog the Godslayer. A Benign Tumor mutant Supermanalogue from Earth-B, now stranded in Perpendicular-2; is a freedom-fighter for human liberty throughout the Bowl of Uruku!
He Who Conquers. A lion-god of war, and evil as can be. Shares a strange psychic link with the Sun Lion of Earth-G. An ally of nUmalal. A god of the Land of Black Sands.
Hod the Green Sun. An ape-god of the End of the World. Leads the Court of Hod.
Iron Monger. A human mercenary wearing primitiv3 piwer-armor! He wanders to and fro defeating gods and living the high life...for as long as it lasts!
KAthuu Oo ‘Luu. An octopus-god and god of the sea; king of the Black Sands city-state of Sebseb. Possessed powders that, when ingested, give him control over the dreams of others!
Keter Who Wears the Crown. An ibis-god who rules the Canaat human tribes in the Black Sands Kingdoms, he wears a crown festooned with specially-cut Starryfire gems, which give him VAST power over the natural world!
Khashhar Anu Skyfather. The ‘King of the World’. Monarch/‘deity’ of the World of Stone. A psychic!
KRaa’h. The pharaoh of Khemri. A falcon-god of unbelievable wealth! A god of the Land of the Black Sands. Advised by the Wise, greatest genius in the entire Perpendicular-2 universe!
NUmalal. Hyena-god of civil wars, political upheavals and strife. A god of the Papermakers. An ally of He Who Conquers!
Radiant Peacock. Adventuring god of mischief.
RAin. Goddess of storms. A humpback whale-goddess! A god of the Orichalcum Metropolis.
The Reaper Of Ossuaries. God of death, disease and filth. A servant of k’Raa’h! A dung beetle-god! Feared by all.
RIver. The crocodile-god of the Moargoar River, and rivers in general.
Sha-nGorot. A goat-goddess; an apprentice of gHath Thaen Oto Ih, and works at Sebseb’s Volcanoforges.
The Somnolent Dreamer. A cicada-goddess of sleep! Naturally immortal, the Somnolent Dreamer spends 99% of her life asleep, beneath the heavily-guarded Oneiro-Causeway. A god of the Thethuhu Forest.
Son of the Sun. The holiest god to ever walk the Bowl of Uruku.
The Sun That is the Beast Which Devours the Moon. A female moth-goddess of candles and immolation, the Sun That is the Beast Which Devours the Moon May be physically weak, but she alone of all the gods of Linntuuu has studied under Enginseer Ka, and she alone among the gods truly understands super-science!
SUt. A half-Tlolkku/half-god. A turtle-god, embodying alchemy! Functions as the Tlolkku Observer-General of the Perpendicular-2 universe.
Tiny Beeste. A gerbil-sized, barely sentient tardigrade-goddess, kept as both a pet and as the object of reverence of the Mole People tribe of the Papermakers. Worshipped as a goddess of survival at any cost.
The Wise. A blind, deaf and mute elephant-god of purest genius. A god of the Land of the Black Sands. An advisor to kRaa’h of Khemri.
ZOoa'aarru. A jellyfish-goddess! A god of the Orichalcum Metropolis. A member of the multiverse’s greatest superhero team, the Sungods.
[Perpendicular-2's Resonances]

Aeon. An Exotic, she currently has sole control over the legendary Creatorfire. A flame-themed Supermanalogue!
The Artful Dodger. A Lghtning-empowered miklio alien. A superspeedster! Belongs to the greatest superhero team n the entire Forever Tree multiverse, the Sungods.
Inonmahh. A Qimrri primefather; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Predestination. Mate of Ioot.
Ioot. A Qimrri primemother; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Descent. Mate of Inonmahh.
Ixion. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Perpendicular-3 universe. Commands a legion of war-robots!
Omni-Armiger. Nearly omnipotent ur-Monolith with 19 fully-functional arms and a talent with cyberkinesis and technokinesis that’s truly a sight to behold.
Sen Su. A Datacreche raider. A mundane human!
Syntax. THE code-breaker, unmatched ANYWHERE in the Forever Tree. A mundane human!
TITANIC. An immensely powerful giant brick. A god-robot!
[Perpendicular-3's Resonances]

The Avenger. Fragment of a Great Old One!
Corpsesire. The eldest bheast, so wrinkled and frail with age a stiff wind might kill him...and who is the literal ancestor of nearly 70% of the entire bheast ‘race’.
Disembodied. A singular mar thoughtform imitating three ghosts chained together.
The Flower Beast. A beautiful and bizarre animalistic Supermanalogue. Second-in-command of the Worlds’ Henge.
The Gate to the Endless Gullet. A gargantuan bheast, equipped with massively superheavy necrotech power-armor; he guards the entrance to the Endless Gullet, which is the galaxy-sized stomach of the Corpulence!
Looqoot. A Qimrri primemother; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Salubriousness. Mate of Seelee.
Necronaut. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Perpendicular-4 universe. Necronaut is a Starvampire who’s betrayed his people and renewed her loyalty to her Tlolkku ancestors!
Seelee. A Qimrri primefather; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Comprehension. Mate of Looqoot.
[Perpendicular-4's Resonances]
The Brain Eater. A parasite gnawing on the Corpulent’s brain; dwells in the Hollow-spaces, a Resonance.
The Godworm. A parasite much resembling a giant tapeworm; non-sentient yet strangely powerfully telepathic, it feeds on the dreams of those in the Corpulent still, dead heart.
The Heartdevourer. A parasite slowly eating the Corpulent’s heart; dwells in the Hollow-spaces, a Resonance.

The Black Pharaoh. Secondking of Llengg. An avatar of Nyarlathotep. A fragment of an Outer God!
The Ebon Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. An embodiment of monstrous fertility. A fragment of an Outer God!
Exponential Cancer. A sickness upon the entire Perpendicular, embodied in humanoid shape! A Spawn of Yog-Sothoth!
The Forsaken Disciple. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Perpendicular-5 universe. Possessed by a fragment of one of Azathoth’s blind idiotic daemon-musicians!
Graceful Masked Ibis. Secondprince of Llengg. Wielder of a power-ring containing the slumbering mentality of almighty Cthulhu! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhthaghn!
The King in Yellow. Firstprince of Llengg. An avatar of Hastur. A fragment of a Great Old One!
The Occult Priestwizard Maughu, Firstking of Llengg. A tcho-tcho psychic cyborg and high priest of Hastur!
The protplasmic avatar. A minor extension of Azathoth, Daemon Sultan of the Universe!
Randolph Carter. Body-hopping psychic servant of Yog-Sothoth. A spiritualist!
Sardarerteret. A Qimrri primemother; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Umbra. Mate of Wy.
Wilbur Whately. Thirdprince of Llengg. A ‘sorcery-using’ servant of Yog-Sothoth. A medium-with-familiar!
Wy. A Qimrri primefather; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Insanity. Mate of Sardareteret.
[Perpendicular-5's Resonances]

Ashamon the Invincible. A primitive-if-specialized telekinetic! A Sunsphinx.
Fool. An impish reality-manipulator and member of the greatest superhero team in the multiverse, the Sungods! A Sunsphinx.
GEODEITY. Created for me and Macyn’s build non-challenge! A heavily-cyborg’d Wargod soldier in the shape of a humanoid turtle! A Sunsphinx.
Monitor. A nigh-omniscient gadgeteer! A Sunsphinx.
Hefsha Vo. A Divine Intelligencer with strong telepathy and e en stronger telekinesis.
Helekar. A Qimrri primemother; bears a fragment of Ilutstone of Changelessness. Mate of Vulu.
Orphan. A shapeshifter! A Sunsphinx!
Overwatch Officer Antarakili. A chronokinetic and a telekinetic! The Sunsphinx liaison to the Sungods. A Sunsphinx.
Overwatch Officer Linkiri. A Supermanalogue! The Sunsphinx liaison to the Timewardens. A Sunsphinx.
The Pnuemathief. A shaper of thoughtforms and breaker of memetic cores. A Sunsphinx!
Skymonk. A godlike martial artist! A Sunsphinx.
The Solar Lion. The imperiex of Perpendicular-6 and the ONLY imperiex in the Perpendiculars, as a whole. A Sunsphinx!
Vulu. A Qimrri primefather; bears a fragment of the Ilutstone of Happiness. Mate of Helekar.
[Perpendicular-6's Resonances]

[The Rootthrone]
Fiery Archon Ra the Reader of all Psalms. The Sunsphinx Custodian of the Rootthrone. A pyrokinetic matter manipulator!
The Lamassu. The stoic and nigh-omnipotent guardians of the nameless weaver of destiny.
The nameless weaver. That which spins destiny.
The Veiled. The mute and blind Tlolkku Observer-General of the Rootthrone.

[The Primordual Deep]
The Gatekeeper. Guardian of the afterlife.
The Hidden. The deaf and mute Tlolkku Observer-General of the Primordial Deep.
Qo Ra Who is the Echo of the Dead. The Sunsphinx Custodian of the Primordial Deep. A necrokinetic ‘ghost’!

[The Outer Shell and the Beyond]
The Astralsinger. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Outer Shell.
The Beyonder (and Tiny Mote). She sees farther than any other. He records it all. Allies of Prime!
Chicken-Boo. He’s a chicken, yo.
Cosmothought. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Beyond. Has trained to alter the Beyond via force of will coupled with psychically-resonant pharmaceuticals!
Krar Ra Son of Thunder. The Sunsphinx Custodian of the Outer Shell. A mid-tier Supermanalogue!
Laor Ra Queen of Mercy and Misery. The Sunsphinx Custodian of the Beyond. A top-tier reality warper!
LEVIATHAN. A starship possessed by an insanely evil thoughtform.
Vast. A Thing That Should Not Be.


[The Infinite Roots]Moonward.
Table of Contents (the Core Darkness):
The Forgotten Exile of Higher Realms. The Tlolkku Observer-General of the Infinite Roots as a whole.
The Lunaric. A vast, protean, genderbending higher-order intelligence. Sibling of the Solaric; child of He-who-is-now-Dead and an unknown mother. An ur-shapeshifter!
Meseggeg Ra the Messenger of Gods’ Words. The Sunsphinx Custodian of the Infinite Roots’ Core Darkness. A matter transmuter!
The Solaric. A vast, complex genderless machine/higher-order intelligence. Sibling of the Lunaric; child of He-who-is-now-Dead and an unknown mother. An ur-pyrokinetic!

Arhuttu: a realm of absolute equality.
Adssar Qhi. An adventurer and archaeologist. A mundane human!
Arhuttu. The One Who Shines. A goldform embodying democracy and liberty! His soul is in the Solaric's caretaking.
Silas Weaver. A reality-manipulating cyborg. A 'sorcerer' (ha!)!
Arhuttu's Resonances:

Baatuthruaq: a realm of geometric perfection.
Baatuthruaaq. The One Who Imagines. A goldform embodying singular genius! Their souls are in the Lunaric's caretaking.
Rocoldi Manssrii. A Tarot-reading psychic. A sumblessed superhuman!
Baatuthruaq's Resonances:

Erekhthruaaq: a realm of harmonious symbiosis.
Erekhthruaq. The One Who Produces. A goldform embodying fertility and the harvest!
Es tAwru sRaa. A gun-wielding swordsman. A moonborn superhuman!
Erekhthruaaq's Resonances:

Msil: a realm of raw imagination.
Maqqoo'a. Telepathic superspeedster. A sumblessed superhuman!
Msil. The One Who Innovates. A goldform embodying practicality and technology!
Psikosis. A Majestos. A counterpart to the Forever Tree’s imperiex King Wyrm.
Msil's Resonances:

Nu: a realm of cybernetics and social idealism.
Atum-Ra. A fearless photokinetic. A sumblessed superhuman!
Nu. The One Who Designs. A goldform embodying progress and science!

Shu: a realm of friendship and memory.
Nniraarsh Wel. A thoughtform-turned-human. A moonborn superbeing!
Shu. The One Who Protects. A goldform embodying stasis and tradition!

Simshu: a realm of possibilities unfettered.
Simshu. The One Who Prays. A goldform embodying mental perfection!
Zazu Sha. A 'bad-ass normal' caped crusader. A mundane human!

Table of Contents (the Inner Darkness):
Throughout the Inner Darkness:
Bhrimstone Ra the Builder That Destroys. The Sunsphinx Custodian of the Infinite Roots’ Inner Darkness. A shapeshifter.
The First Voyager. A star-sailing ancient astronaut. A godlike cyberkinetic/technokinetic. An eclipsebirthed superhuman!

The Shadow of Arhuttu: a realm of psionic supremacy.
Ahr-Arhuttu. The Caster of His Shadow. An ironform embodying imperialism, descended from the Solaric.
Cale Stormbrow. THE native psychic. A sunseared superhuman!

The Shadow of Baatuthruaq: a realm of non-Euclidean parallels.
Ahr-Baatuthruaq. The Caster of Their Shadows. An ironform embodying duality and madness, descended from the Lunaric.
Shining Eidolon. He who subsumed the sun, the moons and the stars. A gadget-wielding mundane human!

The Shadow of Erekhthaaq: a realm of parasitic infestations.
Ahr-Erekhthaaq. The Caster of His Shadow. An ironform embodying disease and famine, descended from the Lunaric.
Bloat. A tiny undead horror.

The Shadow of Msil: a realm of oneiric madness.
Ahr-Msil. The Caster of Her Shadow. An ironform embodying dreams and possibility, descended from the Lunatic.
Cain the Betrayer. A Majestos. Counterpart to the Forever Tree’s imperiex Adam Kadmon.
Mkar. A sibilant superspeedster. A moonscarred djinni!

The Shadow of Nu: a realm of cybernetic titans and technodream shamans.
Ahr-Nu. The Caster of Her Shadow. An ironform embodying Demimachinery, as a whole, descended from the Solaric.
Coal the Black Fire. She Who Unravels. The Majestrix opposite of the Forever Tree’s imperiex Earthstone.
Malcolm the Minister. Preacher of the Unutterable Symbol. A moonscarred superhuman!

The Shadow of Shu: a realm of mnemonic tyranny.
Ahr-Shu. The Caster of Its Shadow. An ironform embodying motion and telekinesis, descended from the Solaric.
Poison. An Earth-B Leaf possessed by an ultimus shade. An Earth-B mutant, independent of either the Lunaric or the Solaric!

The Shadow of Simshu: a realm of painfully brilliant perfection.
Ahr-Simshu. The Caster of Their Shadows. An ironform embodying physical perfection.
Bur-aQ-kOr. Alien and bizarre Supermanalogue. A sunseared Tlolkku superbeing!
Idealized Iconic Representation. A Majestrix. Counterpart to the Forever Tree’s imperiex the Ogrefather.

Table of Contents (the Outer Darkness):
Throughout the Outer Darkness:
Sarc Ra the Final Enigma. The Sunsphinx Custodian of the Infinite Roots’ Outer Darkness. A brick!
The Second Voyager. A mystic dimension-hopper. A sorcerer. An eclipsebirthed superhuman!
Tenebrous. A Majestos. The Lord of Darkness. King of the Moonsphimx. Counterpart to the Forever Tree’s imperiex the Solar Lion.

The Echo of Arhuttu: a realm of mindless superpowered animals.
Ge Ih Au. She Who Shapes. A vast, vaguely ursine titaness. A geobeast!
Se-Arhuttu. The Gnawer of His Legs. A stoneform embodying animalistic dominance-displays.

The Echo of Baatuthruaq: a realm of nonsensical impossibilities.
The Nightmare-Butterfly. A Majestrix. The counterpart to the Forever Tree’s imperiex the Dream Moth.
Ree. An illusion-weaving body-hopping psychotic. A nigh-Infinitely-powerful superhuman!
Se-Baatuthruaaq. They Who Writhe and Scream. A stoneform embodying multiplicity and unreliability.

The Echo of Erekhthaaq: a realm of undead flesh, without sentience.
Cer. A mountain-sized zombie!
Se-Erekhthaaq. He Who Reaps the Stillness of the Dead. A stoneform embodying corpses and the physical side of death.

The Echo of Msil: a realm of catatonic oblivion.
The Extinguished Ember. He Who Consumes His Thoughts. The Majestos opposite to the Forever Tree’s imperiex the Dancer at the Gate.
Se-Msil. The Stabber of Her Own Eyes. A stoneform embodying confusion and madness.
VOID. A Majestos. The ever-hungry counterpart to the Forever Tree’s imperiex the Horror That Walks on Teeth.

The Echo of Nu: a realm of ever-silent architectural buildings/organisms.
Se-Nu. The Knower of Her Own Demise. A stoneform embodying incomprehension and the lack of tool-usage.

The Echo of Shu: a realm without free will.
Se-Shu. It is Its Own Adversary. A stoneform embodying blindness and omnipresence.

The Echo of Simshu: a realm of physical corrosion and crippling infirmity.
Se-Simshu. They That Eat That Which Displeases Them. A stoneform embodying corporeal disfigurements.


Table of Contents (battles):

Hel vs the Wizard.


Eibon vs Enki.


Oneironaut vs Randolph Carter.

TANK vs the Huntsman and his Wild Hunt.

The Angel of Wolves vs Asclepius.

Epona vs the Heavenly Beast.




Knightwings vs Shade and Shade’s two Ogre Dolls, Edward And Lawrence.









Loki vs the Incredible Dr. Theo Arachnos!
Loki vs Omniguardian.
Loki vs Sif.






The Engine-Mammoth vs the Patriarch of Lightning and Srorrus.

BhEast vs the Son of the Sun.






[The Realms of Idrifaulo]Earthward.
Idrifaulo, pre-ascension. Before He reshaped the multiverse...
Indrifaulo, post-ascension. After He reshaped the multiverse...
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[Earth-G]Simon Luther

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Simon Luther: Would-be savior of superhumanity.
Background Writeup (himself): Here!!!
Background Writeup (Lord Luther’s School for Extraordinary Gentlefolk): HERE...!
Background Writeup (the Sungods): Here ye go!
Theme Song: “Imagine” by John Lennon.
Simon Luther is psychic (focused on ESP).
PL3/80pp. (ESP-capable Starborn visionary [good].)
Attributes: Strength 10 (+0), Dexterity 10 (+0), Constitution 10 (+0), Intelligence 16 (+3), Wisdom 16 (+3), Charisma 14 (+2). [16pp.]
Combat: BAB (melee +0/ranged +0) melee +0/ranged +0, Defense (10) 10. [0pp.]
Saves: Toughness (+0) +1, Fortitude (+0) +1, Reflex (+0) +1, Will (+3) +5. [5pp.]
Feats: Benefit 4 (status 1 [directly related to the English throne], wealth 3 [yes, Simon is filthy rich]), Dedicated 1 (to the harmonious interaction of human and those touched by the Green Star), Equipment 6 (Sungod uniform 6), Favored Opponent 2 (the Kinfolk [of the Angel of Wolves], the Red Hand), Jack-of-all-Trades. [14pp.]
Skills: Knowledge (+3) (astronomy) +4, Knowledge (+3) (current events) +4, Knowledges (+3) (theology and philosophy) +5, Languages (English [native]; German). [2pp.]
Powers: [42pp.]
Angelic 'Wings' of Light: Dazzle 2 (sight, only [magnificent holographic wings]). [2pp.] Features 1 (magnificent holographic wings [Inspire feat]). [1pp.] — [3pp.]
Hearing with the Ears of a Pagan God: Super-Senses 5 (acute analytical ranged hearing, analytical echolocation; Extras: Dimensional 1 [the collective unconsciousness], Progression 9 [range]). [15pp.]
Seeing with the Eyes of a Pagan God: Super-Senses 3 (acute analytical ranged sight; Extras: Dimensional 1 [the collective unconsciousness], Progression 20 [range]). [24pp.]
"Slide Me!": Super-Movement 1 (dimensional movement 1 [to Perpendicular-6]; Extras: Portal; Flaws: Medium [must say, in a loud, clear voice, "Slide me!"; Drawbacks: Power Loss [if his connection to the Temple-at-the-Heart is ever severed]). [0pp.] (This power is free, due to his belonging to the Sungods.)
Sungod: Super-Movement 2 (dimensional movement 2 [any parallel-Earth in the entire Forever Tree]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [if his connection to the Temple-at-the-Heart is ever severed]). [0pp.] (This power is free, due to his belonging to the Sungods.)
Drawbacks: n/a. [-0pp.]
Sungod Uniform: Equipment 6.
Kinetic Absorbers: Leaping 1. (1pp.) Protection 1 (Extras: Impervious 9). (10pp.) --- (11pp.)
Onboard AI: Enhanced Feats: Eidetic Memory. (1pp.) Enhanced Skills: Knowledges (dimensional) +8. (2pp.) Features 1 (AI advisor). (1pp.) --- (4pp.)
Spun-Out Reality-Pocket: Dimensional Pocket 5. (5pp.)
Standard Sungod Uniform Features: Features 1 (online database). (1pp.) Immunity 4 (temperature extreme). (4pp.) Morph 5 (any set of human clothes from any parallel-Earth). (5pp.) --- (10pp.)
---/::This is a completed Sungod uniform build.
Though he hides it well, Simon has seen too much of the Forever Tree, and could no longer sustain his medieval Christian worldview. Being an atheist in medieval Europe is dangerous, however, necessitating keeping it very quiet.
Has Immense Secret Knowledge of the Multiverse
This may not seem bad, but Earth-G is a place where too much knowledge disagreeing with religious authorities gets you burned at the stake.
Technologically Inept
Again, this may not seem like all that big a deal in medieval Europe, but, as a Sungod, Simon Luther could theoretically call upon massive hi-tech resources. He chooses not to do so, mainly because he, as a medieval person, is hopelessly inept with such things. Thus, Simon is considerably weaker than he should be...!
Quote: "Together we CAN make the world a much better place!"
Notes: 'Dedicated' is a feat drawn from Mecha & Manga.
---/::This is a completed Simon Luther of Earth-G build.

Hopefully my math is ok...
Simon Luthor is from Earth-G. Simon Luthor is a member of the Sungods, a multiverse-wide superhero team working directly for the Solar Lion, a higher-order intelligence from Perpendicular-6.

Simon's chief goal is to obtain peaceful cohabitation between mundane humanity and those metamorphosed by the Green Star. To this end, Simon’s gathered a nameless group of Starbeasts and Starborn to be his allies, students and assistants. (Simon’s well aware how useless he is, in a fight. The Sungods did not choose him for that reason; the Sungods chose Simon because Simon can potentially save Earth-G’s mundane humans from a war it cannot hope to win.)

These allies include: Asclepius.

Simon’s archnemeses are the Angel of Wolves and the Ironprince.

Yes, Simon's eyesight is good to read the fine print on a newspaper 11 billion lightyears away. It's his main power, after all. His hearing cannot penetrate the void of outer space---obviously!---but he can hear anywhere on Earth!
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[Multiverse-wide]the Skydoor

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The Skydoor: Deus ex Machina.
Background Writeup:
Theme Song: “The Strut” by Miracle of Sound.
PL10/150pp. (Living, sentient dimensional/temporal portal [neutral].)
Attributes: Strength 9 (-1), Dexterity 9 (-1), Constitution 9 (-1), Intelligence 9 (-1), Wisdom 9 (-1), Charisma 14 (+2). (-1pp.)
[Combat: BAB (melee -1/ranged -1) melee +1/ranged +1, Defense (9) 11. (8pp.)
Saves: Toughness (-1) +0, Fortitude (-1) +0, Reflex (-1) +0, Will (-1) +2. (6pp.)
Feats: Fascinate 2 (Perform [fire-eating], Perform [jugglings]), Ninja Run, Skill Mastery (Perform [fire-eating], Perform [juggler], Profession [fire-eater], Profession [juggler]). (4pp.)
Skills: Concentrate (-1) +10, Languages (English [native]; French, German), Perform (+2) (fire-eating) +6, Perform (+2) (juggling) +6, Profession (-1) (fire-eater) +6, Profession (-1) (juggler) +6. (11pp.)
Powers: (122pp.)
Can Summon Any Object: Create Object 5. (10pp.)
Light Itself is His Road: Flight 2 (Flaws: Platform). (2pp.)
Living Tear in Space/Time: Immunity 81 (aging, lethal physical damage, non-lethal physical damage). (81pp.)
Skydoor: Super-Movement 6 (dimensional movement 3 [anywhere in the entire Forever Tree], temporal movement 3 [anywhen in the entire timeline]; Extras: Portal). (18pp.) --- (21pp.)
AP: Combat-Capable Skydoor: Super-Movement 6 (dimensional movement 3 [anywhere in the entire Forever Tree], temporal movement 3 [anywhen in the timeline]; Extras: Attacks). (1pp.)
AP: Combat-Capable Teleportation: Teleport 9 (Extras: Attacks; Flaws: Check Required [Perform {juggling}]). (1pp.)
AP: Generic Teleportation: Teleport 9. (1pp.)
Skydoor: Super-Senses 4 (acute analytical radius detect space/time rift). (4pp.)
Telepathic Communication: Communicate 4 (mental; languages). (4pp.)
Drawbacks: n/a. (-0pp.)
Uncaring...But Not Cruel
The Skydoor is just as happy to work for villains as for heroes, but there is a certain line he will never cross. A wise villainous employer will simply use the Skydoor as a means of transportation.
The Skydoor is an enigma, even to his employers.
Utterly Mercenary...But How You Pay is Unclear
The Skydoor has worked for just about every major entity and/or faction in the Forever Tree; he seems to show no favoritism. one knows why he does what he does, as genuine, meaningful communication with the Skydoor is a maddening exercise in frustration...!
Quote: <(Yes. The way is clear. Go!)>
Notes: The 'Ninja Run' feat is from Mecha & Manga.
---/::This is a completed Skydoor build.
The Skydoor is originally from the Rootthrone. He has a 'son' named Khaos (who works with the Epimetheans [a band of dimensional art-thieves]) and a 'daughter' named Stasis (who works with the Red Sons [an anti-hero team devoted to upkeeping the multiverse no matter the cost]). As both Khaos and Stasis were conceived asexually and're also living tears in space/time, the Skydoor feels zero parental concern for his accidentally-spawned children.

The Skydoor is a living Deus ex Machina, existing to facilitate multiverse-wide explorations. He's not native to any specific reality, and is, in fact, a special creation of the Worldfather. He is also not affiliated with any multiversal faction, having worked for just about everybody down his long epochs of life.

What is the Skydoor's goal? Why, that's up to the individual GM to decide. In my Forever Tree capaigns, he's secretly looking for a specific cosmic entity, but...YMMV.
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[Earth-G]the Woman in Glass

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Earth-G character:
The Woman in Glass: Scarred by her era.
Background Writeup:
Theme Song: “Ultra” by KMFDM.
The Woman in Glass is technically psychic.
PL8/79pp. (Fire-absorbing glass 'golem' [good].)
Attributes: Strength 10 (+0), Dexterity 10 (+0), Constitution 10 (+0), Intelligence 10 (+0), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 12 (+1). (4pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee +0/ranged +0) melee +1/ranged +6, Defense (10) 11. (9pp.)
Saves: Toughness (+0) +1, Fortitude (+0) +3, Reflex (+0) +3, Will (+1) +3. (9pp.)
Feats: Demonic Glare 2, Fearsome Presence 1, Rage 1. (4pp.)
Skills: Bluff (+1) +5, Knowledge (+0) (current events) +1, Knowledge (+0) (history) +1, Knowledges (+0) (politics) +1, Knowledge (+0) +1, Intimidate (+1) +9, Languages (French [native]; English, Hebrew, Italian), Ride (+0) +4, Sense Motive (+1) +5. (9pp.)
Powers: (44pp.)
Disfiguring Gaze: Transform 1 (any beautiful human being to any horridly hideous human being; Extras: Area [cone]; Flaws: Sense-Dependent [sight]). (6pp.)
Fire, Healing Fire: Immortality (Flaws: Source [fire]). (4pp.) Immunity 20 (fire effects). (20pp.) --- (24pp.)
Inner Psychic Labyrinth: Confuse 9 (Flaws: Linked [to Inner Psychic Labyrinth Mind Shield]). (9pp.) Mind Shield 1 (Flaws: Linked [to Inner Psychic Labyrinth Confuse]). (1pp.) --- (10pp.)
Made of Living Glass: Dazzle 8 (sight, only; Flaws: Source [bright light to reflect]). (4pp.)
Drawbacks: n/a. (-0pp.)
Angry, So, So, So Very Angry
Anger defines the Woman in Glass and motivates her in her desire to see the persecution of the Starborn come to a halt.
Jew in Medieval Europe
Though anti-Semitism is disgusting and vile, sadly, in medieval Europe, it was rather commonplace. As a result, the Woman in Glass was persecuted by her fellow Europeans well before becoming a Starborn...
Obviously Superhuman
There is no way for the Woman in Glass to hide her Starborn nature, so that alone brings hostility her way..
Quote: "G-d give me strength..."
Notes: 'Demonic Glare' is a feat from Mecha & Manga.
---/::This is a completed Woman in Glass build.

Angelique turned out to have a lower point-total than I had originally alloted!
The Woman in Glass' real name is Felicity Steinman.

The Woman in Glass is from Earth-G. Though they kept it as hidden as is possible (for a HUGE variety of reasons), both Simon Luthor and the Woman in Glass are involved in a very torrid affair, that'll probably end badly for both of them.

She's immortal??!

Well...kind of. You see, without fire to prompt it, the Woman in Glass is just as vulnerable to death as the rest of the cosmos. However, as has just been discovered in the PbP game, fire is effective with Angelique even after her death. Thus, Immortality rather than Regeneration...

Furthermore, though no one (even Angelique!) knows it, her mind contains a 'telepathic maze' that confounds psychics attempting to contact the mind of the Woman in Glass!
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[Multiverse-wide]Aum, the Monk at the Center of all Existence

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Aum, the Monk at the Center of all Existence, is a higher-order intelligence larger than the Milky Way Galaxy. So, rather than statting that monstrosity up, Aum has a much lesser avatar, Om (the Monk who Transcends Self).
Om, the Monk who Transcends Self:
Background Writeup (himself):
Background Writeup (the Star Corps): Here!!!
Theme Song: “Are You Ready” by Disturbed.
Om is a psychic. Om is a cosmic entity’s avatar.
PL12/200pp. (Tiny, limited fragment of a much mightier entity [good].)
Attributes: Strength 14 (+2), Dexterity 20 (+5), Constitution 14 (+2), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 18 (+4), Charisma 10 (+0). (28pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee +2/ranged +5) melee +5/ranged +8, Defense (15) 16. (8pp.)
Saves: Toughness (+2) +8, Fortitude (+2) +4, Reflex (+5) +8, Will (+4) +8. (15pp.)
Feats: Equipment 2 (a Genius-Scar 2), Trance. (2pp.)
Skills: Computer (+1) +2, Concentrate (+5) +17, Crafts (+5) (electronics) +6, Crafts (+5) (mechanical) +6, Crafts (+5) (Genius-tech) +17, Knowledges (+1) (technology) +5, Pilot (+5) +6, Professions (+5) (monk) +9. (9pp.)
Powers: (157pp.)
Allspeech: Universal Translator. (5pp.)
Avatar: Features 1 (temporal inertia). (1pp.) Immunity 1 (aging). (1pp.) --- (2pp.)
Cosmic Body: Immunity 10 (the Mimic power). (10pp.) --- (11pp.)
AP: Cosmic Flesh: Protection 10. (1pp.)
Cosmic Mind: Immunity 10 (the Mind Control power). (10pp.) --- (11pp.)
AP: Cosmic Thoughtshield: Mind Shield 10 (Feats: Stacks [on Telepath Mind Shield]). (1pp.)
Gauntlet of Power: Device 10 (psi-resonant gauntlet; hard to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [cosmic entities, Starvampires and Tlolkku, only]). (41pp.)
Genius-Assisted Telepath: Variable Power 10 (any number of traits of the 'Telepathy' descriptor; Flaws: Medium [a Genius-Scar]). (70pp.) --- (71pp.)
AP: Genius-Generated Telekinetic: Variable Power 10 (any number of traits at once of the 'Telekinesis' descriptor; Flaws: Medium [a Genius-Scar]). (1pp.)
Holder of a Genius: Immunity 1 (Genius-theft). (0pp, a free power due to the Star Corps.)
Telekinetic: Telekinesis 2. (4pp.)
Telepath: Mind Shield 8. (8pp.) Telepathy 2. (4pp.) --- (12pp.)
Drawbacks: Avatar (-0pp; Aum may dissolve Om at any time, for any reason).
The Gauntlet of Power: Device 10.
A right-handed Demimachine-gauntlet.
Brute Telekinetic Force: Blast 6 (Extras: Area [burst]). (18pp.) Energy Aura 2 (telekinetic defenses; Flaws: Limited [non-lethal damage, only]). (6pp.) --- (25pp.)
Highly Technical Telekinetic Mastery: Force Constructs 4 (Flaws: Linked [to Highly Technical Telekinetic Mastery Snare]). (8pp.) Snare 6 (Flaws: Linked [to Highly Technical Telekinetic Mastery Force Constructs]). (6pp.) --- (14pp.)
Surgically Precise Telekinesis: Features 1 (can perform surgery telekinetically [+4 to Medicine rolls]). (1pp.) Strike 5 (telekinetic 'swords'). (10pp.) --- (11pp.)
---/::This is a completed Earth-G Gauntlet of Power build.
A Genius-Scar: Equipment 2.
A staff inlaid with Demimachinery circuitry.
Mild Telekinetic Boost: Leaping 2. (2pp.)
Progenitor of Geniuses: Features 1 (can safely handle a Genius in its formless, inert state). (1pp.)
Swift Strikes: Strike 3 (Feats: Mighty). (7pp.)
---/::This is a completed Genius-Scar build.
It is EXCEEDINGLY easy for Om to become obsessive on certain topics, as he is not human, never was human and never will be human. The 'flightiness' of others is a major source of concern, to Om...that's just the way things are.
Often Forgets He's Merely an Avatar
As Aum, he may break asunder galaxies on a whim. He sometimes forgets that Om is NOWHERE near as powerful. This makes Om often wildly underestimate his opponents!
Sole Maker of the 'Genius' Psi-Technology
This is a secret Om will never divulge, as Aum will dissolve Om rather than let the process pass to another's craftsmanship.
Quote: "For harmony, we must be ready to lay down our very lives."
---/::This is a completed Om, the Monk who Transcends Self, build.
Om is originally from Earth-G. His 'GreaterI', Aum, is beyond nearly all comprehension.

Om leads the Star Corps, even though he's much weaker than his fellow Star Corpsmen. He's a 'wise old mentor', and guides, instead of leading. He's very 'mystical'. He's also incredibly friendly, unendingly polite and fatherly towards those who follow him. The Star Corps is viewed by Om as family, but he won't ever coddle them.

Notable adversaries include:
The Black Coven (found in the six Perpendiculars).
The Ir/Maker and Urut-nnil (of Earth-I).
The Ogrefather (of Earth-K).
The Red Sons (found throughout the whole multiverse).
Starvampires (found throughout the whole multiverse).

Om doesn't get along well with the Solar Lion and the Solar Lion's Sungods. An ancient 'misunderstanding' has led to millions of years of frosty barely-civil rivalry.

Om is only mildly powerful as a psychic, but, with his Genius-Scar (an item formed from one of Aum’s stray thoughts), he becomes a psionic powerhouse!
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Multiversal Character:
Network (the Star Corps): Living 'switchboard' for the entire Star Corps.
Background Writeup (himself):
Background Writeup (the Star Corps): Here!!!
Theme Song: “Digital Shadow 2014” by Miracle of Sound.
Network is psychic (focused on psychoportation and telepathy).
PL10/151pp. (Living switchboard/living transport for the entire Star Corps [good].)
Attributes: Strength 10 (+0), Dexterity 10 (+0), Constitution 14 (+2), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 10 (+0), Charisma 12 (+1). (8pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee +0/ranged +0) melee +0/ranged +5, Defense (10) 14. (13pp.)
Saves: Toughness (+1) +2, Fortitude (+1) +4, Reflex (+0) +1, Will (+0) +2. (7pp.)
Feats: Benefit 1 (cipher 1 [even other Star Corpsmen aren't sure who Network really is]), Connected, Equipment 5 (cosmos-keyboard 4, hi-tech uniform 1), Online Research, Well-Informed. (9pp.)
Skills: Computer (+1) +13, Drive (+0) +4, Gather Information (+1) +5, Knowledges (+1) (cosmology) +9, Knowledges (+1) (trivia) +9, Languages (English [native]; German), Pilot (+0) +4, Ride (+0) +4. (13pp.)
Powers: (110pp.)
Calling up a Wormhole: Super-Movement 3 (dimensional movement 3 [anywhere in the Forever Tree]; Extras: Portal). (9pp.) --- (10pp.)
AP: Calling up a Wormhole: Super-Movement 3 (temporal movement 3 [anywhen in time]; Extras: Portal). (1pp.)
Sunwitch: Features 2 (eyes glow like flashlight, photosynthesis [skin is golden, however, NOT green]). (2pp.) Flight 1 (Flaws: Levitate). (1pp.) Immunity 2 (temperature extremes). (2pp.) --- (5pp.)
Telepathic 'Arrow': Mind Blast 3. (12pp.)
Telepathic 'Barricade': Mind Shield 5 (Extras: Impervious 2). (7pp.)
Telepathic 'Sting': Mind Blast 7 (rending psi-whip; Flaws: Linked [to Telepathic 'Sting' Snare], Mental Weapon). (14pp.) Snare 2 (Flaws: Linked [to Telepathic 'Sting' Mind Blast]). (2pp.) --- (16pp.)
Telepathic Switchboard: Telepathy 9 (Extras: Dimensional 32 [every parallel-Earth AND all six Perpendiculars]). (50pp.)
Drawbacks: n/a. (-0pp.)
Cosmos-Keyboard: Equipment 4.
Interface: Enhanced Attributes: Intelligence +2 (Flaws: Limited [technology-related checks, only]). (1pp.) Enhanced Skills: Computer +4. [1pp.] — [2pp.]
Linkup via the Homestead: Concealment 2 (Flaws: Limited [online presence, only]). (6pp.) Datalink 10 (Drawbacks: Power Loss [-1pp; if link to the Homestead is ever severed]). (9pp.) Enhanced Skills: Computer +4. (1pp.) --- (16pp.)
Onboard Combat-AI: Enhanced Feats: Master Plan (Flaws: Linked [to Onboard Combat-AI Features]). (1pp.) Features 1 (AI-assisted tactical database; Flaws: Linked [to Onboard Combat-AI Enhanced Feats]). (1pp.) --- (2pp.)
---/::This is a completed cosmos-keyboard build.
Hi-Tech Uniform: Equipment 1.
Low-Tier Kinetic Absorbers: Protection 1 (Extras: Impervious 3). (4pp.)
Onboard Data-Storage Capabilities: Enhanced Feats: Eidetic Memory. (1pp.)
---/::This is a completed Earth-H hi-tech uniform build.
Deepseated Rivalry with the Red Sons Sect
The Red Sons of Earth-H and Network do NOT get along, as the Red Sons had wanted Network for themselves. Om 'stole' him, however, and the Red Sons tried to kill Network rather than be 'deprived' of him. The relationship between Network and the Red Sons has been extremely frosty, ever since...
The ONLY Star Corpsman WITHOUT a Genius
That he doesn't have a Genius gnaws at Network; it makes him feel like an outsider. As a result, Network is prone to do extremely risky things to 'prove' himself.
Too Valuable to Risk in a Battle
This is a great source of private humiliation to Network; he feels he's not 'carrying his weight' most of the time...!
Quote: "Ok, Corpsmen---let's roll!"
Notes: 'Online Research' is a feat from Mecha & Manga.
---/::This is a completed Network (the Star Corpsman) build.
Network's real name is Franklin Ways.

Network is originally from Earth-A. He's a Sunwitch, meaning he's powered by the sun. He's no paragon, however, instead being very far from being a Supermanalogue. Network, in fact, is a psychic!

The Red Sons, a malevolent group devoted to 'protecting' the multiverse by any means necessary, including destroying whole planets, tried to kidnap Network. Om saved Network, however, and as such Network is extremely grateful to the Monk that Transcends Self.

Network is an indespensible part of the Star Corps, as he makes their appointed task all the easier to accomplish. However, as a Sunwitch from Earth-A, Network could not be given a Genius. As a result, he is substantially weaker than every other teammate.
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[Multiverse-wide]the Homestead

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Multiverse-Wide Character:
the Homestead: ANOTHER avatar of Aum.
Background Writeup (itself):
Background Writeup (the Star Corps): Here!!!
Theme Song:
The Homestead is a cosmic entity’s avatar.
PL15/300pp. (Ship-avatar of mighty Aum [good].)
Attributes: Strength - (-), Dexterity - (-), Constitution - (-), Intelligence 6 (-3), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 10 (+0). (-2pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee -/ranged -) melee -/ranged +6, Defense (-) 10. (32pp.)
Saves: Toughness (-) +15, Fortitude - (-), Reflex - (-), Will (+1) +5. (19pp.)
Feats: n/a. (0pp.)
Skills: Knowledges (-3) (astronomy) +9, Pilot (-) +16. (7pp.)
Powers: (251pp.)
Adaptive Hull: Adaptation 2 (Flaws: Limited [stellar environs, only]). (14pp.) Protection 2 (Extras: Impervious 10). (12pp.) --- (26pp.)
Adaptive Interiors: Adaptation 3 (Extras: Affects Objects, Affects Others; Flaws: Limited [the crew, only], Only Affects Others). (27pp.) --- (28pp.)
AP: Adaptive Security Measures: Nemesis 3 (Extras: Affects Objects; Flaws: Limited [only within Homestead's interior]). (1pp.)
Built to Last: Immunity 1 (aging). (1pp.)
Defense Screens: Force Field 6 (Extras: Impervious 3). (9pp.) --- (10pp.)
AP: Weapons Systems: Blast 12 (Extras: Progression 12 [range]; Feats: Homing 3; Flaws: Check Required [Pilot check], Noticeable [its firing torpedos], Unreliable [must reload torpedos frequently]). (1pp.)
Dimensional Drives: Super-Movement 2 (any parallel-Earth in the entire Forever Tree; Flaws: Unreliable [can only be used once every 48 hours]). (2pp.)
Fighter Bay: Summon Minion 14 (automated fighter-craft; each is built on PL6/25pp; there are x10 of them, meaning there's a huge number of them; Extras: Horde). (42pp.)
FTL-Drives: Space Flight 6. (6pp.)
Immortal Genius: Immunity 1 (Genius-theft). (0pp; this is a free power as a teammember of the Star Corps.)
Sentient Spaceship: Density 20 (Feats: Innate; Flaws: Permanent). (41pp.) Enhanced Feats: Equipment 22 (he is a living modular spaceship; Feats: Variable Descriptor [any 'Spaceship']). (24pp.) Growth 20 (Awesome sized; Feats: Innate; Flaws: Permanent). (41pp.) --- (106pp.)
Sublight-Drives: Flight 16. (32pp.) --- (33pp.)
AP: Heavy Weaponry: Blast 10 (Extras: Penetrating 12, Progression 10 [range]; Flaws: Unreliable [must reload torpedos frequently]). (1pp.)
Drawbacks: Avatar (-0pp; Aum can dissolve the Homestead at any time, and for any reason).
A Living Spacecraft
This says it all, basically...!
Avatar of Aum
The Homestead has no independent existence, instead being a lesser aspect of Aum.
Bridge to Every World, Every Realm
Powered by eighteen microsingularities and a single 'dimensionally vivisected' black hole, the Homestead can go to any parallel-Earth he chooses...
---/::This is a completed Homestead build.
The Homestead is originally from Earth-G.

The Homestead is another indespensible member of the Star Corps. More a transport than a battleship, the Homestead however lacks the versatility of usefulness of Network; he cannot teleport people, for instance...
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[Earth-B]Dr. Leopold Wynters

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Earth-B character:
Dr. Leopold Wynters: Assistant to a genocidal madman.
Background Writeup (himself): Here!!!
Background Writeup (the Orbitals):
Theme Song; “Papercut” by Linkin Park.
Dr. Leopold Wynters is a psychic (focused on telepathy).
PL6/67pp. (Maharajah unknowingly posing as a Mentat [evil].)
Attributes: Strength 10 (+0), Dexterity 10 (+0), Constitution 10 (+0), Intelligence 16 (+3), Wisdom 14 (+2), Charisma 14 (+2). (14pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee +0/ranged +0) melee +1/ranged +1, Defense (10) 11. (4pp.)
Saves: Toughness (+0) +2, Fortitude (+0) +2, Reflex (+0) +1, Will (+2) +5. (8pp.)
Feats: Benefit 1 (organizational ties 1 [licensed and accredited Hegemonic Central Polity therapist]), Equipment 3 (cellphone 1, laptop 2), Fascinate (Diplomacy), Second Chance (making a Sense Motive roll with one of his patients), Skill Mastery (Diplomacy, Knowledges [behavioral sciences], Professions [therapist], Sense Motive). (7pp.)
Skills: Bluff (+2) +4, Diplomacy (+2) +4, Knowledges (+3) (behavioral sciences) +7, Languages (English [native]; others: German), Notice (+2) +4, Professions (+2) (therapist) +6, Search (+2) +4, Sense Motive (+2) +6. (6pp.)
Powers: (33pp.)
Combat-Telepath: Mind Blast 4 (Flaws: Mental Weapon). (8pp.) --- (9pp.)
AP: Combat-Telepath: Mind Blast 2. (1pp.)
Extrasensory Perception: Super-Senses 4 (postcognition; Flaws: Medium [an object to sense 'psychic impressions' from]). (2pp.)
Mahahrajah: Super-Senses 4 (analytical danger sense, analytical truth sense). (4pp.)
Skilled Telepath: Mind Shield 4. (4pp.) Telepathy 5 (Feats: Insidious 1). (11pp.) --- (15pp.)
Vestigial Telekinetic: Protection 1 (Extras: Impervious 1; Flaws: Action [sustained]). (1pp.) Super-Strength 1. (2pp.) --- (3pp.)
Drawbacks: Disability (-1pp; nearsighted [easily fixable with prescription eyeglasses]).
Cellphone: Equipment 1.
A cellphone. As in...a cellphone.
Online Portable Telephone: Datalink 4. (4pp.) Features 1 (is a mobile telephone). (1pp.) --- (5pp.)
---/::This is a completed Earth-B cellphone build.
Laptop: Equipment 2.
A regular, run-of-the-mill laptop.
Online-Capable: Datalink 9. (9pp.) Enhanced Feats: Online Research. (1pp.) --- (10pp.)
----/::This is a completed Earth-B laptop build.
Falsely Believes Himself to be a Mentat
As mahahrajahs are so obscure AND so outnumbered by mutant psychics, even Dr. Wynters believes himself to be a Mentat. He is NOT a Mentat, however, and so is perfectly mentally stable. Dr. Wynters believes himself to ill, however...
Prejudice ('Mentat')
Mentats are mentally ill by nature; as people (including Dr. Wynters!) believe Leopold is a Mentat, they treat him as if he were mentally ill. While this sometimes works to Dr. Wynters' advantage, MOST of the time it does NOT.
Willing Co-Conspirator of the Orbital Man
The Orbital Man is an evil paragon trapped in orbit around Earth, but with an unusual 'extra' power: he can lend 1/12th his power to chosen mundane humans---thus creating the artificial superhumans known as 'Orbitals'. Dr. Wynters envies the Orbitals and wishes to become one. As such, the 'good doctor' is now a willing agent of the Orbital Man's wicked schemes!
Quote: "That's very interesting---why do you feel that way?"
---/::This is a completed Dr. Leopold Wynters build.

Dr. Wynters took far fewer points to build than I thought he would!
Dr. Leopold Wynters is from Earth-B. Wynters has grand, impossible dreams, and thinks the Orbital Man is Wynters' key to 'greatness'. Though the Orbital Man just views Wynters as a disposal asset, Wynters has completely misread the situation, thinking himself more important to his master's plans than he actually is.

The Orbital Man is a huge menace of a mastermind---and what is a mastermind, without his nefarious 2nd-in-command?
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[Perpendicular-2]the God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers

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Perpendicular-2 character:
the God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers: Hulking warrior and god of wandering warriors and war.
Background Writeup: Here!!!
Theme Song: “Kana” by Miracle of Sound.
The God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers is Titanblooded.
PL14/156pp. (Heroic crocodilian deity [good].)
Attributes: Strength 22 (+6), Dexterity 14 (+2), Constitution 16 (+3), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 14 (+2). (30pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee +6/ranged +2) melee +12/ranged +2, Defense (12) 14. (10pp.)
Saves: Toughness (+3) +6, Fortitude (+3) +10, Reflex (+2) +3, Will (+1) +5. (15pp.)
Feats: Attack Focus 3 (melee 3), Attack Specialization 3 (his gargantuan warhammer 3), Demonic Glare 2, Equipment 10 (absolutely massive maul 5, ceremonial gold-inlaid 'armor' 2, feather headdress 1, twin daggers 2), Fearless, Rage 2, Ultimate Effort 1 (Perform [religious ceremonies]). (22pp.)
Skills: Intimidate (+6) +10, Languages (Tongue of the Black Sands ['ancient Egyptian', native]; Papermakerspeech ['ancient Greek'], Uruspeech ['Sumerian']), Perform (+2) (religious ceremonies) +10, Survival (+3) +7. (6pp.)
Powers: (73pp.)
Crocodile-God: Features 2 (cast-iron stomach, iron lungs [can hold his breath underwater for up to an hour], semi-aquatic [+4 to Swim checks], tail [+4 to balance-related checks]). (4pp.) Protection 4 (thick, leathery hide; Extras: Impervious 4). (8pp.) Strike 6 (bite; Feats: Improved Grab). (13pp.) --- (25pp.)
Divine Reserves of Strength: Power Reserve 10 (to his Strength and his Super-Strength; Flaws: Medium [must activate his Rage feat]). (5pp.)
God: Density 4 (Feats: Innate; Flaws: Permanent). (9pp.) Growth 4 (Feats: Innate; Flaws: Permanent). (9pp.) Immunity 5 (his bones cannot break). (5pp.) --- (23pp.)
God of Wandering Warriors: Adrenal Boost 8. (8pp.) Super-Speed 2 (Flaws: Tiring). (2pp.) Super-Strength 4 (Drawbacks: Power Loss [-1pp; without regular performance of religious ceremonies by the God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers]). (7pp.) --- (17pp.)
Lesser God of War: Enhanced Feats: Leadership, Master Plan, Taunt, Teamwork (Drawbacks: Power Loss [-1pp; without regular performance of religious ceremonies by the God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers]). (3pp.)
Drawbacks: n/a. (-0pp.)
Ceremonial Gold-Inlaid 'Armor': Equipment 2.
Huge, beautifully made Aztec-style ceremonial armor, etched with holy imagery and scenes of mythological horror.
Powers: [10pp.]
Etched with Hexes: Features 1 (half-carved in imagery depicting human sacrifice and gibbering demons [+4 to Intimidate]). (1pp.)
Etched by History: Features 1 (half-carved in glyphs depicting his familyline's history and mythology [+4 to Diplomacy rolls]). (1pp.)
Megafauna-Skull Helm: Enhanced Feats: Fearsome Presence 2, Improved Overrun, Taunt. (4pp.)
Poison Ampoules: Features 1 (hidden compartments to hide poison ampoules in). (1pp.) Nauseate 1 (Extras: Area [burst, cloud]). (3pp.) --- (4pp.)
---/::This is a completed Perpendicular-2 ceremonial gold-inlaid 'armor' build.
Feathered Headdress: Equipment 1.
A symbolic 'crown' of his divinity.
Powers: [5pp.]
Marked by Destiny: Enhanced Feats: Beginners' Luck, Elusive Target. (2pp.)
Ordained by Heaven: Enhanced Attributes: Charisma +2 (Flaws: Limited [only for Perform [religious ceremonies]). (1pp.) Enhanced Feats: Benefit 1 (status 1 [godpriest]). (1pp.) Enhanced Skills: Intimidate +4. (1pp.) --- (3pp.)
---/::This is a completed Perpendicular-2 feathered headdress build.
Pair of Daggers: Equipment 2.
Deadly curving daggers.
Powers: [10pp.]
Curling Blades: Enhanced Feats: Weapon Bind. (1pp.) Strike 4 (Feats: Split Attack [there're TWO daggers]). (9pp.) --- (10pp.)
----/::This is a completed pair of daggers build.
Truly Gigantic Warmaul: Equipment 5.
This thing is gigantic and heavy.
Powers: [25pp.]
Massive, Gargantuan Hammer: Density 3 (this thing weighs a lot!). (9pp.) Enhanced Feats: Fascinate 1 (Intimidate), Favored Opponent 1 (mooks). (2pp.) Strike 10 (Extras: Progression 2 [reach]; Flaws: Action [full action; swinging this hulking thing is an endeavor, unto itself!]). (12pp.) --- (23pp.)
Mastery over the Earth: Super-Strength 0 (Feats: Groundstrike, Shockwave). (2pp.)
---/::This is a completed Perpendicular-2 truly gigantic warmaul build.
Arrogance, Personified
The God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers honestly believes in his own divinity, as have generations of Linntuuu's 'gods' before him.
A Benevolent God
Despite his monumental ego and great many self-delusions, the God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers is still a good guy. Those he smites are evil-doers: slavers, brigands, cannibal-gods and so forth. The innocent and defenseless have nothing to fear from the god of wandering warriors!
Magical Thinking
As a 'god', the God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers honestly believes he has control over the environment and natural phenomena of all kinds. Cognitive dissonance, however, helps him rationalize away why his 'divine powers' are sometimes 'thwarted'.
Quote: "BEHOLD! I AM the god of war!"
Notes: 'Demonic Glare' is a feat from Mecha & Manga.
---/::This is a completed God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers build.

Again, he took far less points than I'd originally alloted---go, team!
The God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers is from Perpendicular-2. As the god of wandering warriors (in particular) and a lesser god of warfare (in general), the God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers has an official priesthood, a lavish temple filled with holy men and temple dancers---none of which he sees more than once or twice every year. Wanderlust is in the God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers, and this temple, despite its pleasures and luxuries, is too 'static' for his tastes.

The God-in-Gold-and-Gem-and-Feathers was once named sAuran, but he sacrificed that name to his ancestors, in return for greater strength. Now, he is known only by his title!

He would be grimly amused his blood can be used to culture TEGS, should he ever learn about it. The idea that gods and monsters are the same thing would greatly appeal to his dogma of heroic fatalism.
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[Multiverse-wide]Lirunar and Lunaur

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Multiverse-Wide Characters:
Lirunaur (Supreme-Scientist of the Tlolkku): The evil scientist in the Forever Tree!
Background Writeup:
Theme Song:
Lirunaur is a Tlolkku alien.
PL10/150pp. (Scientific mastermind alien [evil].)
Attributes: Strength 12 (+1), Dexterity 12 (+1), Constitutiom 14 (+2), Intelligence 25 (+8)/29 [database-assisted] (+24)/47 [neutron star-assisted] (+18)/51 [with both database and neutron star assistance] (+20), Wisdom 12 (+1)/22 [neutron star-assisted] (+6), Charisma 8 (-1). (23pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee +1/ranged +1) melee +1/ranged +1, Defense (10) 10. (0pp.)
Saves: Toughness (+2) +2, Fortitude (+2) +2, Reflex (+1) +1, Will (+1) +10. (9pp.)
Feats: Benefit 7 (organizational ties 2 [the Tlolkku's Celestial Knowledge Database], reputation 1 [amoral mad scientist], security clearance 1 [the Tlolkku's Celestial Knowledge Database], status 1 [Supreme-Scientist of the Tlolkku species], wealth 2), Dedicated 1 (to the pursuit of cold hard science), Eidetic Memory, Equipment 25 (laboratory-on-starsails [HQ/vehicle] 10, personalized research gear 5, neutron star computational processor 10), Improvised Tools, Inventor. (36pp.)
Skills: Concentrate (+2) +10, Computer (+8) +12/+28 [database-assisted], Crafts (+1) (electronics) +9/+17 [database-assisted], Knowledges (+8) (chemistry) +12/+20 [database-assisted], Knowledges (+8) (physical sciences) +12/+24 [database-assisted], Knowledges (+8) (technology) +12, Professions (+1) (amoral scientist) +9. (10pp.)
Powers: (64pp.)
Agile Tails: Additional Limbs 2 (3 prehensile tails). (2pp.)
Genetically 'Perfected': Features 1 (will ALWAYS be in tip-top physical condition). (1pp.) Immunity 3 (aging, temperature extremes). (3pp.) --- (6pp.)
Omnitool Swarm: Gadgets 2 (nano-assembler cloud; easy to lose; Extras: Area [burst]). (14pp.)
Winged, and Able to Fly: Flight 2 (Drawbacks: Power Loss [-1pp; if wings're bound]). (3pp.)
Yescube: Device 13 (wish-granting Demimachine handheld cube; easy to lose; Feats: Indestructible, Restricted 1 [must be a Tlolkku OR a Starvampire]). (39pp.)
Drawbacks: n/a. (0pp.)
Neutron Star Computational Processor: Equipment 10.
A tiny, palm-sized magnetically-sealed miniaturized neutron star transformed via Demimachinery into a massively powerful computer.
Powers: [50pp.]
Massive Computational Capability: Enhanced Attributes: Intelligence +22, Wisdom +10. (32pp.) Enhanced Feats: Assessment, Eidetic Memory, Skill Mastery (Computer, Science [astronomy, biology, chemistry, physical sciences]). (3pp.) --- (25pp.)
Spatial-Warping Manuevering: Spatial Control 12. (24pp.)
Wide-Ranging Database: Enhanced Feats: Jack-of-All-Trades. (1pp.)
---/::This is a completed neutron star computational processor build.
Personalized Reseach Gear: Equipment 5.
This stuff is custom, made specifically with Lirunaur in mind.
Powers: [25pp.]
Database: Enhanced Attributes: Intelligence +4. [4pp.] Enhanced Feats: Online Research. [1pp.] Enhanced Skills: Computer +16, Crafts (chemical) +8, Crafts (electronics) +8, Crafts (mechanical) +8, Knowledges (biological sciences) +12, Knowledges (earth sciences) +12, Knowledges (physical sciences) +12, Medicine +4. [20pp.] --- [25pp.]
---/>_-This is a completed Lirunar's personalized research gear build.
Yescube: Device 13.
A Yescube reshapes reality as the holder desires.
Powers: [65pp.]
'Cosmic Power': Illusion 3 (all five senses). (12pp.)
'Scene-Edits': Probability Control 5 (Feats: Insidious 2). (7pp.)
Wish-Granting: Transform 5 (any to any). (45pp.) --- (46pp.)
AP: Wish-Granting: Mental Transform 5 (any to any). (1pp.)
---/::This is a completed Yescube build.
A Laboratory-on-Starsails: Equipment 10.
His HQ AND his spacecraft, all rolled into one!
Omniscience is the Key
Knowledges = power; Lirunar will be omnipotent!
Ruthless, Even With His Own Species
Anything holding back scientific progress must be crushed.
Zeal for Knowledge is WELL Past the 'Mania' Stage
The advancement of comprehension is everything---morality is but a distraction from that simple truth...
Quote: "Fascinating. Bring me ten more subjects. Let us test biological resistance to hard vacuum on amphibians, next. After that, we'll move to radiation-testing..."
Notes: 'Dedicated' is a feat from Mecha & Manga.
---/::This is a completed Supreme-Scientist Lirunaur build.
The brains. Lirunaur is originally from Earth-A, and is a total sociopath. Knowledge is all that matters to Lirunaur and fallout be damned!

Lirunaur only speaks the main Tlolkku language of Ufruthuoo.
Lunaur: Devoted and godlike protector of Lirunaur!
Background Writeup:
Theme Song:
Lunaur is an AI-equipped robot.
PL15/258pp. (Will-less but godlike robotic guardian [neutral-by-default].)
Attributes: Strength 18 (+4), Dexterity 18 (+4), Constitution - (-), Intelligence 14 (+2), Wisdom 6 (-3), Charisma 6 (-3). (12pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee +4/ranged +4) melee +6/ranged +6, Defense (14) 16. (8pp.)
Saves: Toughness (-) +14, Fortitude (-) -, Reflex (+4) +8, Will (-3) -4. (17pp.)
Feats: Ambidexterity, Assessment, Dedicated 1 (to the safety of the reigning Supreme-Scientist), Instant Up, Interpose, Machine Empathy, Reverse Sidekick 10 (Lirunaur; built on PL10/150pp]), Set-Up, Teamwork. (18pp.)
Skills: n/a. (0pp.)
Adaptive Quantum Entanglement: Immunity 1 (the Nullify Teleport power). (1pp.) Teleport 5. (10pp.) --- (11pp.)
Omni-Interface: Datalink 10 (Extras: Affects Others ['memetic apparatuses']; Flaws: Limited [Tlolkku-technology, only]). (10pp.)
Reactive Armored Plating: Protection 4 (Extras: Impervious 4; Feats: Variable Descriptor [any 'Reaction to Damage']). (9pp.)
Reactive Armor-Piercing Talons: Strike 4 (Extras: Penetrating 4; Feats: Variable Descriptor [any 'Adapting to Bypass Armor']). (13pp.)
Tlolkku-Made Robot: Immunity 51 (aging, Fortitude saves, mental effects). (51pp.)
Tlolkku-Made War-Robot (Combat.mode.1): Nemesis 12. (108pp.)
AP: Tlolkku-Made War-Robot (Combat.mode.2): Adaptation 12. (1pp.)
Drawbacks: n/a. (0pp.)
Only the Tlolkku Have Lives of ANY Importance!
The Supreme-Scientist MUST Be Protected!
The Will of the Supreme-Scientist MUST Be Obeyed!
Notes: 'Dedicated' is a feat from Mecha & Manga. 'Reverse Sidekick' is a variation on the normal Sidekick feat, in which the more powerful character is the minion of the less powerful character.
---/::This is a completed Lunaur build.
The brawn. Lunaur is originally from Earth-A, and is mindlessly loyal to whomever the lawful Tlolkku Supreme-Scientist happens to be at that moment!

Lunaur only speaks the primary Tlolkku tongue of Ufruthuoo.
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[Earth-U]Graven Idol

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Graven Idol:
Background Writeup:
Theme Song:
PL12/160pp. (Thoughtform-turned-human [good].)
Attributes: Strength 12 (+1), Dexterity 12 (+1), Constitution 9 (-1), Intelligence 10 (+0), Wisdom 22 (+6)/23 [bejeweled beard] (+6) Charisma 22 (+6)/23 [bejeweled beard] (+6). [27pp.]
Combat: BAB (melee +1/ranged +1) melee +4/ranged +4, Defense (11) 13. [10pp.]
Saves: Toughness (-1) +0, Fortitude (-1) -2, Reflex (+1) +6, Will (+6) +9. [8pp.]
Feats: Attack Specialization 3 (his Ur-Blade 3), Benefit 1 (cipher [no one even knows who Graven Idol even is), Fascinate 1 (Diplomacy). [5pp.]
Skills: n/a. [0pp.]
Powers: [108pp.]
Armor of the Sphinx: Alternate Form 10 (male sphinx). [50pp.]
Celestial Speech: Universal Translator. [5pp.]
Former Thoughtform: Immortality (Flaws: Source [interesting and novel experiences to lure him back and keep him young]). [4pp.] Immunity 4 (the Dream Control power, fatigue, sleep). [4pp.] --- [8pp.]
Greatly-Lessened Cosmic Power: Cosmic Energy Control 9 (Feats: Dynamic Array). [20pp.] --- [26pp.]
BP: Cosmic Blast: Blast 9. [0pp.]
DAP: Cosmic Barrier: Force Field. [2pp.]
DAP: Cosmic Gear: Force Constructs. [2pp.]
DAP: Cosmic Whip: Snare. [2pp.]
The Ur-Blade/sword mode: Strike 9 (the Ur-Blade can't be taken from him and thus is a power and NOT a Device; Extras: Penetrating 2). [20pp.] --- [21pp.]
AP: The Ur-Blade/wings mode: Flight 9; Extras: Attacks, Area [trail]; Feats: Homing 1, Incurable; Flaws: Distracting, Tiring). [1pp.]
Drawbacks: n/a. [-0pp.]
Alternate Shapes:
A Male Sphinx: Alternate Form 10.
This form is hulking and imperious.
Powers: [50pp.]
Bejewelled Beard: Enhanced Attributes: Wisdom +1, Charisma +1. (2pp.) Enhanced Feats: Attractive 1, Benefit 2 (wealth 2 [his beard is festooned with gems and various precious metals]). (3pp.) --- (5pp.)
Divine Eyes: Super-Senses 3 (acute analytical truth sense). (3pp.)
Majestic Wings: Flight 6 (Flaws: Linked [to Majestic Wings Growth]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [-3pp; if wings're bound]). (9pp.) Growth 12 (Flaws: Limited [wings, only], Linked [to Majestic Wings Flight]). (24pp.) --- (33pp.)
Terrifying Talons: Strike 4 (Extras: Penetrating 4; Feats: Incurable). (9pp.)
---/::This is a completed male shinx shape build.
Alien to the Human Experience
Forgetting Himself
No Ability to Lie, Whatsoever
Quote: "Be true to yourself. This IS the GREATEST of truths."
---/::This is a completed Graven Idol build.
Graven Idol is from Earth-U.

As a thoughtform, Graven Idol's self-image was fluid and was subject to slow-but-constant change. Upon becoming human, a trace of this frailty remains, as Graven Idol's low Constitution score, as well as his equally low Fortitude save.

Graven Idol once possessed the Allscepter, but he willingly gave that weapon away to the young hero, Omniguardian, an act of altruism Graven Idol has never once regretted. To be sure, Graven Idol would be significantly stronger if he ever re-acquired the Allscepter, but this is likely to happen only once Omniguardian has died an honorable death facing off against evil.

(With the Allscepter back, however, Graven Idol would become PL13/255pp.)

The Ur-Blade, however, Graven Idol kept for himself...

In sphinx-form, Graven Idol's wings are MONSTROUS in size, rendering them easier to immobilize.
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Background Writeup:
Theme Song: “How to be a Human” by Powerman 5000.
Epona’s technically a psychic.
PL10/145pp. (Gorgon able to assume the shape of a centaur [evil].)
Attributes: Strength 10 (+0)/15 [gorgon strength] (+2)/30 [super-strength] (+25)/45 [gorgon strength and super-strength] (+17), Dexterity 12 (+1), Constitution 10 (+0)/14 [gorgon strength] (+2), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 14 (+2), Charisma 12 (+1). (10pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee +0/ranged +1) melee +5/ranged +6/+12 [starhelm ranged bonus], Defense (11) 14/16 [starhelm defense bonus]. (16pp.)
Saves: Toughness (+0) +3, Fortitude (+0) +4, Reflex (+1) +5, Will (+2) +4. (13pp.)
Feats: Diehard, Endurance, Equipment 6 (a pair of kukris 6), Fearsome Presence 2, Last Stand, Withstand Damage. (12pp.)
Skills: Climb (+0) +4, Handle Animal (+1) +9, Intimidate (+1) +5, Knowledges (+1) (business) +5, Languages (English [native]; Greek), Medicine (+2) +6, Professions (+2) (owner of a horse ranch) +6, Ride (+2) +6, Swim (+1) +5. (10pp.)
Powers: (84pp.)
Starhelm: Device 3 (alien-made helmet; hard to lose). (12pp.)
Starspear: Device 4 (alien-made psi-resonant spear; easy to lose). (12pp.)
Gorgon/Centaur: Alternate Form 10 (centaur godform; Extras: Duration [continuous]). (60pp.)
Drawbacks: Disability (blind [-3pp]).
Alternate Shapes:
Centaur Godform: Alternate Form 10.
Powers: [50pp.]
Gorgon Awareness: Buys off the Disability (blind) Drawback; doesn't actually permit sight but rather negates the penalties for being blind; has the 'Psychic Senses' descriptor. (3pp.)
Gorgon Endurance: Protection 2 (Extras: Impervious 5). (7pp.)
Gorgon Strength: Enhanced Attributes: Strength +5, Constitution +4. (9pp.) Leaping 4 (Flaws: Medium [must first get up to full running speed]). (2pp.) Speed 2. (2pp.) Super-Strength 4. (8pp.) --- (21pp.)
Hooves!: Strike 5 (Extras: Penetrating 1). (11pp.)
Lower Body of a Horse: Additional Limbs 3 (four extra legs [as her godform is that of a centaur]). (3pp.) Growth 4 (Flaws: Permanent). (8pp.) --- (11pp.)
---/::This is a completed Centaur Godform build.
A Pair of Kukris: Equipment 6.
Sharp, sharp, sharp!
Left-Handed Blade: Strike 2 (Extras: Penetrating 1). [5pp.]
Right-Handed Blade: Strike 1 (Extras: Penetrating 1, Progression 1 [range]). [4pp.]
Two Blades at Once, Sharpened to Perfection and Swift as the Wind: Strike 6 (Extras: Penetrating 3; Feats: Incurable, Mighty, Split Attack). [18pp.]
Starhelm: Device 3.
Not a Demimachine, this Starhelm is nevertheless QUITE impressive!
Powers: [15pp.]
Direct Brain-Downloaded Combat Data: Enhanced BAB: ranged +6, Defense +2. (10pp.) Enhanced Feats: Attack Focus 1 (ranged). (1pp.) --- (11pp.)
Direct Brain-Downloaded Heads-Up Display: Features 1 (tactical database). (1pp.) Super-Senses 3 (danger sense, radius mental awareness). (2pp.) --- (4pp.)
---/::This is a completed Starhelm build.
Starspear: Device 4.
Made by Earth-H's futurians, a dimensionally- and temporally-displaced branch of the human species!
Powers: [20pp.]
Stellar Energy Conduit: Cosmic Energy Control 8. (16pp.)
BP: Stellar Beam: Blast 8. (0pp.)
AP: Stellar Containment Field, v1: Snare 8 (Extras: Progression 2 [range]; Feats: Affects Insubstantial, Selective). (1pp.)
AP: Stellar Containment Field, v2: Force Field 5 (Extras: Affects Others; Feats: Affects Insubstantial). (1pp.)
AP: Stellar Edge: Strike 7 (Extras: Penetrating 1, Progression 1 [reach]). (1pp.)
AP: Stellar Fury: Energy Aura 4 (raging cosmic fire). (1pp.)
---/::This is a completed Starspear build.
Weaklings deserve to be hurt. It's what they're there for, after all.
It's her way or the highway.
Notes: The feats 'Last Stand' and 'Withstand Damage' are from Mecha & Manga.
---/::This is a completed Epona build.
Epona's real name is Charline Somerset.

Epona is from Earth-H.

By ritually blinding themselves, dedicated enough people on Earth-H can draw down 'godforms' from a Resonance known as the Mythsphere. Though their eyesight is forever gone, these 'gorgons' gain VERY powerful Alternate Forms as a result.

Epona (named after a Celtic horse-goddess) can assume the godform of a centaur. She's definitely evil, but in a cool, calm and calculated manner. She is also a religious zealot, fanatically adhering to the gorgon-supremacist faith of Mythspherical Buddhism. (Mythspherical Buddhism postulates that becoming a gorgon is equal to the Buddha's act of enlightenment. To say mainstream Buddhism disagrees with this idea is a massive understatement.)
All of Epona's powers have the 'Mythsphere' descriptor.
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[Earth-U]Loki and Sif

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What follows are not really mythological figures; instead, they're regular people, who lucked out by getting their hands on some very advanced technology. They're appropriated the mythological names/personas, but are not the real Loki and Sif...

These two NPCs are designed to fit into the personal mythos of a 'Thor-lookalike' PC in my 'Star Corps' PbP!

And now...

Background Writeup (herself):
Background Writeup (the Satanic Seven):
Theme Song: “Up Jumped the Devil” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
PL12/166pp. (Illusion-weaving 'goddess' of strife [evil].)
Background Writeup:
Attributes: Strength 9 (-1), Dexterity 18 (+4), Constitution 10 (+0), Intelligence 10 (+0), Wisdom 12 (+0), Charisma 18 (+4). (17pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee -1/ranged +4) melee +1/ranged +6, Defense (14) 18. (12pp.)
Saves: Toughness (+0) +3, Fortitude (+0) +4, Reflex (+4) +9, Will (+0) +6. (18pp.)
Feats: Attack Specialization 4 (A Hurtful Word 4), Benefit 1 (cipher [no one other than Sif and Thor even know who Loki really is, organizational ties 1 [the Satanic Seven]), Equipment 7 (cellphone 1, first-aid kit 1, a pair of pistols 4, a long-ass hunting knife 1), Fascinate 1 (Bluff), Master Plan, Minions 3 (a single AI-piloted fae drone; built on PL2/45pp), Taunt, Ultimate Effort 1 (Bluff checks). (20pp.)
Skills: Bluff (+4) +16, Computer (+0) +2, Gather Information (+4) +12, Knowledges (+0) (trivia) +2, Languages (English [native]; Dutch, German, Norwegian), Notice (+0) +8, Search (+0) +4, Sense Motive (+0) +8, Sleight-of-Hand (+4) +12. (16pp.)
Powers: (66pp.)
Box of Mischief: Device 1 (alien nano-assembler disguised as a small box; easy to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [must be a mundane human to use]). (4pp.)
Garments of the Trickster: Device 15 (alien-made psi-reactive clothing; hard to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [must be a mundane human to use]). (61pp.)
Seven-Leagues Boots: Device 4 (alien-made footwear; hard to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [must be a mundane human to use]). (17pp.)
Slight Genetic Enhancement: Features 1 (longevity). (1pp.)
Drawbacks: n/a. [-0pp.]
Box of Mischief: Device 1.
A miniature nanofabricator in box shape.
Powers: [5pp.]
Nanofabrication: Enhanced Feats: Equipment 3 (Feats: Variable Descriptor [any 'Handheld Equipment']). (5pp.)
---/::This is a completed box of mischief build.
Cellphone: Equipment 1.
A cellphone. As in...a cellphone.
Garments of the Trickster: Device 15.
Inlaid with psychic nanocircuitry, the garments of the Trickster work by reflexively activating portions of others' brains concerned with dreams and dreaming.
Powers: [75pp.]
Glamour'd: Features 1 ("A Warding Word", protects against temperature extremes). (1pp.) Morph 6 (“A False Word”, any humanoid shape). (6pp.) --- (7pp.)
Greater Glamour: Illusion 10 ("A Hurtful Word", all 5 senses; Extras: Attacks). (50pp.) Spirit Control 5 ("A Compelling Word", thoughtforms). (5pp.) --- (55pp.)
Lesser Glamour: Invisibility 4 ("A Subtle Word"). (4pp.)
Psychic Glamour: Dream Control 2 ("A Guiding Word"). (6pp.) Dream Travel 7 ("A Word of Travel"). (7pp.) --- (13pp.)
---/::This is a completed garments of the Trickster build.
A pair of pistols: Equipment 4.
Seven-Leagues Boots: Device 4.
Made by the vastdreamers, in return for a favor Loki once performed on their behalf.
Powers: [20pp.]
Gravimetric Stabilizers: Features 1 (weighs half her normal weight). (1pp.) Immunity 5 (the Gravity Control power). (5pp.) Super-Movement 2 (perfect balance, wall-crawling). (2pp.) --- (8pp.)
Seven Leagues in a Step: Teleport 4. (8pp.)
Walking the Wind: Flight 2 (Flaws: Levitate). (2pp.) Super-Movement 1 (air-walking). (1pp.) --- (3pp.)
Weightless Movement: Features 1 (leaves no footprints even on the softest surfaces). (1pp.)
---/::These are a completed Seven-Leagues Boots build.
Bitter and Cynical of EVERYTHING
Delusions of Grandeur
Extremely Jealous
Quote: "Mine, now! Mine, forever!"
---/::This is a completed Loki build.

AI-Piloted Faedrone:
PL2/45pp. (Robot ‘horse’ that carries Loki about [neutral].)
Feats: Improved Overrun.
Machine-Steed: Speed 3. [3pp.]
Drawbacks: Disability (-1pp; mute), Disability (-5pp; no hands).

Background Writeup:
Theme Song: “Warrior” by Disturbed.
Sif is technically psychic.
PL12/180pp. (Swordswoman neurally enhanced by an alien weapon [good].)
Attributes: Strength 16 (+3), Dexterity 16 (+3), Constitution 14 (+2), Intelligence 10 (+0), Wisdom 14 (+2), Charisma 14 (+2). [24pp.]
Feats: Attack Focus 1 (melee 1), Attack Specialization 1 (Neural-Enhancer Sword 1), Attractive 1, Benefit 1 (reputation 1 [nationally-recognized cosplayer]), Diehard, Equipment 4 (steed drone [vehicle] 4), Skill Mastery (Bluff, Knowledges [pop culture], Perform [cosplaying], Professions [nationally-recognized cosplayer]). (10pp.)
Skills: Bluff (+2) +6, Concentrate (+2) +6, Diplomacy (+2) +10, Drive (+3) +5, Knowledges (+0) (tactics) +4, Languages (native: English; others: Norwegian), Pilot (+3) +5. [7pp.]
Golden 'Hair': Container 3 (golden nano-braids woven into her natural raven-black hair; Feats:Insidious 2 [the Golden 'Hair's' effects are 'masked' by Sif's Neural-Enhancer Sword], Subtle 2 [looks like normal blonde hair]). (19pp.)
Neural-Enhancer Sword: Device 15 (alien-made sword; easy to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [must be a mundane human to use]). (45pp.)
Skyboots: Device 2 (demimachine boots; hard to lose). [8pp.]
Slight Genetic Enhancement: Features 1 (longevity). (1pp.)
Golden 'Hair': Container 3.
Combat-Specific Telepathy: Enhanced Combat: Defense +4. (8pp.) Enhanced Feats: Assessment, Beginners' Luck, Break the Style, Elusive Target. (4pp.) Mind Shield 2 (Extras: Impervious 1). (3pp.) --- (15pp.)
---/::This is a completed golden 'hair' build.
Neural-Enhancer Sword: Device 15.
Skyboots: Device 2.
Skyjumping: Features 2 (can maneuver in zero-G like a fully-suited astronaut, can skydive without an actual parachute). [2pp.]
Thunderkicks: Strike 2 (kicks; Extras: Penetrating 1). [3pp.] Strike 2 (shockwave-stomps; Extras: Area [burst]). [4pp.] --- [7pp.]
Steed Drone: Equipment 4.
Notes: 'Break the Style' is a feat from Mecha & Manga.

Sif is currently at 114pp out of 180pp total.
Loki's real name is Amanda Serenity. Sif's real name is Deborah Caseyfields.
Both Loki and Sif are from Earth-U.

Loki wears alien-woven clothing embedded with molecule-thin psi-circuitry; as long as she's wearing them, Loki can draw illusions forth from this costume. She also has a nano-assembler disguised as a small portable cube; with this, Loki's petty vindictiveness reaches all-new heights. She's otherwise human.

Sif wields an alien-made sword that can connect to her nervous system by organically 'plugging in' to her nervous system when she holds the blade in her hand. This sword contains a huge combat database, which turns Sif from an ordinary woman into a warrior with few equals. In addition, she has nanofiber braids woven into her hair; these braids stimulate psychic potential for a wide variety of ESP-related effects. (It also makes her appear blonde.)

I wasn't originally going to give Sif Attractive, until it dawned on me that, as a world-famous cosplayer, looks help promote the cosplayer. Ergo...Attractive!
Loki and Sif feuded over Thor's affections; Sif won. Sif is a kind, caring woman, while Loki is a vengeful sociopath. Thor chose Sif, and Loki has never forgiven either Thor or Sif for this 'treachery'.
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[Earth-B]Our Father

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Our Father: Genocidal madman in charge of The Purity.
Background Writeup (himself): Here!!!
Nackground Writeup (Thralls):
Background Writeup (the Sentry Program):
Theme Song: “Saviour of Nothing” by Disturbed.
PL13/262pp. (Delusional ‘savior’ of humanity [evil].)
Attributes: Strength 20 (+5), Dexterity 20 (+5), Constitution - (-), Intelligence 10 (+0), Wisdom 9 (-1), Charisma 18 (+4). (17pp.)
Combat: BAB (melee +5/ranged +5) melee +7/+7, Defense (15) 18. (10pp.)
Saves: Toughness (-) +11, Fortitude (-) -, Reflex (+5) +9, Will (-1) +6. (23pp.)
Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, Benefit 6 (organizational ties 2 [The Purity 2], reputation 2 [the Butcher of Beakers' Bridge 2], security clearance 1 [the Sentry Program 1], status 1 [Our Father]), Equipment 25 (full suite of state-of-the-art military gear/weaponry 10, the House Our Father Built [HQ] 15), Fascinate 1 (Intimidate 1), Fearsome Presence 3, Improvised Tools, Inspire, Leadership, Minions 22 (elite non-Sentry cyborg soldiers of The Purity; each is built on PL6/50pp; x12 numbers), Second Chance 2 (Reflex saves to avoid being singed by Heavenshadows 1, Will saves to resist Mentat Mind Control 1), Taunt. (64pp.)
Skills: Acrobatics (+5) +9, Climb (+5) +9, Concentrate (-) +12, Intimidate (+5) +9, Knowledges (+0) (tactics) +12, Languages (Italian [native]; English, Greek), Professions (-1) (soldier) +10. (13pp.)
Powers: (139pp.)
Armored Plating: Protection 10 (Extras: Impervious 3). (13pp.)
Built-In Arm-Weaponry: Gadgets 6 (hard to lose; Feats: Attack Focus 3 [melee 1, ranged 2]; Flaws: Limited [arm-mounted weaponry, only]). (43pp.)
Combat Gravimetrics: Gravity Control 10. (20pp.) --- (21pp.)
BP: Combat Gravimetrics, Basic Mode: Move Object 10. (0pp.)
AP: Combat Gravimetrics, Advanced Mode: Force Field 10 (gravimetric distortion). (1pp.)
More Machine than Man: Immunity 40 (aging, the Datalink power, Fortitude effects, full lifesuppirt, the Mind Switch power, the Possession power). (43pp.)
Self-Repair Internal Mechanisms: Regeneration 18 (bruised/injured 9, stunned 9). (18pp.)
Drawbacks: Vulnerability (magnetic attacks; -3pp).
Full Suite of Cutting-Edge Military Weaponry/Gear: Equipment 10.
This stuff is frightening and can deal a LOT of damage!
Powers: [50pp.]
Anti-Radar Technologies: Immunity 1 (being detected by mundane radar). [1pp.]
Basic Firearms: Blast 4 (Flaws: Charges [6 shots then reloading is necessary], Limited [lethal damage ONLY]). [2pp.]
Explosives: Blast 5 (Extras: Explosion, Penetrating 6; Feats: Dynamic Array). [23pp.] --- [39pp.]
DAP: Anti-Mutant Depowering Ammunition: Nullify (all powers of the 'Earth-B Mutant' descriptor). [2pp.]
DAP: Anti-Mutant-Scale Bodyarmor: Protection (Extras: Impervious 11). [2pp.]
DAP: Anti-Mutant-Scale Heavy Weaponry: Blast (Extras: Explosion). [2pp.]
DAP: Combat-Beacon: Communication Link (the nearest Sentries; radio). [2pp.]
DAP: High-Powered Sniper Rifle: Blast (Extras: Penetrating 2; Feats: Subtle 1 [the sound of the gun is completely muted]). [2pp.]
DAP: Hi-Tech Stealthsuit: Concealment. [2pp.]
DAP: Outer Cyberarmor-Enhancements: Adaptation. [2pp.]
DAP: Sensor Suite of Extreme Precision: Super-Senses acute ranged vision analytical ranged hearing; Feats: Variable Descriptor [any 'Wavelength or Frequency Normally Invisible to Man']). [2pp.]
Outer Cyberweapon-Enhancements: Nemesis 1 (Flaws: Medium [must be used in conjunction with a mundane ‘real world’ weapon]). [8pp.]
—-/>_-This is a completed full suite of cutting-edge military weaponry/gear Equipment build.
the House Our Father Built: Equipment 15.
To be blunt, only Our Father's mania and fanaticism have kept The Purity afloat; if he dies, it's likely The Purity will either politically implode or economically collapse.
Genocidal Lunatic
Our Father's sanity may be questionable, but his zeal is not. Our Father honestly believes God has sent him to exterminate 'the mutant menace'. He feels neither doubt nor pity nor remorse in his genocidal dreams.
Quote: "Truce? There can be no truce with them."
---/::This is a completed Our Father build.

Our Father’s elite Purity non-Sentry cyborg-soldiers:
Background Writeups:
Theme Song: “God-Given” by Nine Inch Nails.
PL6/50pp. (Combat-cyborgs, but not as powerful or as complex in design as Sentries [evil].)
Attributes: Strength 14 (+2), Dexterity 14 (+2), Constitution 14 (+2), Intelligence 9 (-1), Wisdom 8 (-1), Charisma 7 (-2). [6pp.]
Feats: Benefit 1 (organizational ties 1 [Our Father’s Cabinet of Prophets 1]), Equipment 3 (cutting-edge Purity armor 1, cutting-edge Purity comms system 1, weaponry 1), Rage 1. [5pp.]
Mildly Adaptive Cyberarmor: Adaptation 1. [9pp.]
Mildly Adaptive Cyberweaponry: Nemesis 1. [9pp.]

Our Father’s elite Purity non-Sentry cyborg soldiers are currently at 29pp out of 50pp total.
Our Father's real name is Giorgio de Medici. (Yes, really. As in those de Medicis!)
Our Father is the battle-hardened, psychotic commander of The Purity, a genocidal anti-supers nation-state on war-ravaged Earth-B. Driven insane by the horrors he helped perpetuate during the Mutation Wars, Our Father has acquired a god-like messiah complex and has undergone nearly a dozen increasingly-more-dehumanizing cybernetic surgeries.

As he's now more machine than alive, Our Father has neither a Constitution score nor a Fortitude save! He is the Sentry.
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