M&M3E, Mass Control Effect Idea.

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M&M3E, Mass Control Effect Idea.

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So I had been thinking along with the Kinetic Energy Manipulator vague character idea, what about Mass Control? Not gravity, but mass, to make things lighter or....heavier? For heavier, most people would go straight for an Affliction, and for good reason. But about lightening mass? And what if there was another approach?

I propose taking the the Increased Mass extra as seen under the Teleport effect, and treating it similar to Affliction and Damage, where a character can increase the mass of an object (or person?) as a close/touch effect, 1 pt per rank. While the effects on other characters should still lean towards an Affliction, as a power unto itself I could see this being very useful.

For instance, lets say the effect Affects Objects only. You could take an object and make it so heavy that other characters could not pick it up. If you want it to affect other characters, maybe affected PCs could still move, but no one else could pick THEM up (or throw them?). The person with this effect could increase their own mass, also making them difficult to pick up, throw, or move at all without the proper Strength/Move Object power effect(s).

The opposite of this power, making objects' mass lighter, could have the opposite effect, and make objects easier to pick up, throw, less "immovable", etc. But what about making an object so light it becomes lighter than air and should float? How would this be handled?

This power could go further if adding Ranged or an Area extra to it like Burst.

I'd say each effect (more mass/less mass) should be separate, cost the same, but a quick 1 pt array solve that easily.

Also, the Lessen Mass effect could combine with Power-Lifting to make a character's Super Strength much more effective.

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