Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

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Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

Post by Miracle »

Everyone who applied can put their character sheets here. Nothing else. Talk thread here. Will be adding links up top as they come in.

Dr Impossible
The Thunderer
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Re: Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

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Power Level: 8(150/150PP)
Unspent Power Points: 1 
Trade-Offs: +2Attack / - 2 Damage,

In Brief: ex-hitman looking for redemption. : 
Catchphrase: catchphrases are for idiots.
Theme: Songs for sorrow by Goreski.

Alternate Identity: Leon Chekov: (Secret)
Birthplace: The Ukraine
Residence: Sunshine apartments.
Base of Operations: Mr Fixit mobile repair van.
Occupation: Locksmith
Affiliations: Justice League
Family: Father Pietr Vladunov-retired ex-policeman from kharkiv, Mother Ludmilla Vladunov - housewife from Kharkiv, Sister Anastasia Tajik -nurse Kyiv general hospital.

Age: 42 (DoB: 1976, 30th, November)
Apparent Age:40's.
Gender: male
Ethnicity: slavic
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200lbs
Eyes: grey
Hair: sandy hair

Leon is a solidly built man with short sandy hair and cold grey eyes that don't seem to miss much. He has many small scars on his face and arms. He tends to wear well-worn jeans and work boots with a flannel shirt and a jacket, baseball cap and dark glasses. 
His costume is just urban camo's, dark goggles and an airsoft face mask. Spandex is for gym instructors and cyclists.

Leon went from special forces, to mercenary to elite hit man, stopping in every nasty war along the way, honing his skills in the crucible of combat.
When his squad recieved a direct hit by a mortar crew Leon woke up somewhere else, a strange formless void.
'Am I dead?' he thought to himself. This didn't seem like heaven or hell, besides he wasn't ready to be dead yet. He fought his way out to find he was the only survivor and that his near-death experience had triggered a latent power, enabling him to make use of a small pocket of "somewhere else". It served him well when he tired of mercenary life and became a sought-after hitman.
He could go through any metal detector on the planet, past any sniffer dog with a case of hand grenades and illegal substances in his "black bag" and know one would know. Business was good, too good. Not everyone saw what he did as a simple transaction, some took it personally. As the heat began to build up he decided it was time to retire and try a new career somewhere where no-one knows him, one that no-one would ever suspect him of, hero.

Personality & Motivation:
Leon is a professional. He likes to get a job done. If he says he will do something he will do it. He is determined. He is not a smooth talker or a charmer and tends to prefer simple direct action.

He is trying to redeem himself for his past crimes and make a new life for himself. He is also bored. After a life living on the edge an ordinary 9-5 seems like a death sentence. Capturing criminals alive is so much more challenging and entertaining than simply killing them. It is nice to be appreciated for his help, instead of despised.

Powers & Tactics:
Leon pulls weapons and equipment from out of what he calls "his black bag". He prefers to attack from a distance and using surprise, softening up his opponents with different sorts of non-lethal grenades. He will lay down covering fire while his team mates go in for the heavy hitting. Although he can take on ordinary humans in hand-to-hand he is aware of his limitations against super-powered individuals.

Power Descriptions:
Leon/Arsenal can access a small inter-dimensional space. He can use it to teleport (short range only) and he stores equipment collected over the years.

More than just business. Some people took exception to Leon doing his job and want to get vengeance on him.
My baby is locked in the car. Leon is trying to set up a small business as a handyman. Sometimes clients want a job done NOW! It really gets in the way of being a hero sometimes.
Drug dealers are the lowest form of life. Leon hates drug dealers because he has seen the awful harm that drugs do to families and children. he still feels guilty about the part he had to play in helping drug dealers smuggle their product.
Code of honour. No killing, protect the innocent.
'a leopard can't change it's spots" Those Cape wearing clowns still treat him like he is just pretending to be a hero and seem to wonder if he is responsible for every unclaimed homicide.

Abilities: 6pp + 8pp + 8pp + 2pp + 8pp+ 0pp = 32PP
Strength: 16 (+3)
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: 18 (+4)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 18 (+4)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

Combat: 20pp (2PP / Base Attack) + 16pp Attack  (2PP / Base Defense) = 36PP
Initiative: +8
Attack: +10
Defense: +8 (+8 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed
Grapple: +13
Knockback: -4

Saving Throws: +6 (1PP / Fortitude) + 2 (1PP / Reflex) + 1 (1PP / Will) = 9PP
Toughness: +8 (+4 Con, +4 defensive roll)
Fortitude: +6(+4 Con, +2)
Reflex: +10 (+4 Dex, +4)
Will: +5(+4 Wis, +1)

Skills: 104= 20PP (1PP = 4 Skill ranks)
Concentration 4(+8) +4 Wis
Craft: mechanical 8 (+9) +1 int.
Drive 4 (+8) +4 Dex
Disable device 8 (+9) +1 Int
Knowledge: streetwise 8(+9) +1 Int
Languages4: Ukrainian (native), Russian, Arabic, English, Spanish,
Notice 12(+16) +4 wisdom
Pilot 4 (+8) +4 Dex
Profession: Soldier 4(+8) +4 Wisdom
Search 4(+5) +1 Int.
Sense motive 4(+8) +4 Wis
Stealth 8(+12/*+17 ) +4 Dex, *+5 in urban camo.
Survival 8 (+12) +4 Wis

Feats: 44pp
All-out attack [trade defence for attack bonus] (1pp)
Defensive attack [trade up to -5 on attack to add as a dodge bonus to defence] (1pp)
Defensive roll4 (4ep)
Elusive target (1pp)
Evasion 2 [half damage on failed reflex save vs area attacks] (2pp)
Fearless (1pp)
Hide in plain sight (1ep)* (using his dimensional pocket ability)
mproved aim (1ep)
Improved grapple [grapple with one hand] (1pp)
Improved initiative 1 [+4] (1pp)
Luck 2 (2pp)
Power Attack [trade attack bonus for DC of attack] (1pp)
Precise shot 2 [ignores defence for anything less than total cover and the miss chance for anything less than total concealment] (2pp)
Quick draw2 [draw and reload weapon as free action] (2pp)
Ultimate aim [spend a hero point to get a 20 on an aim roll] (1pp)

Equipment: 28ep + 44ep + 25ep + 13ep = 110ep
Ash 12.7 calibre assault rifle Blast6,Extra:Autofire, Extra: Penetrating, PF: Accessory: suppressor (PF: subtle) , Accessory: non-lethal ammo, Accessory:IR targeting scope (provides improved aim feat +IR vision)
-AP Rubber bullets (blast6, PF: knockback6, extra: autofire).(28ep)

rgs-50m grenade launcher
High VelocityTeargas (dazzle 6 (visual) followed by Nauseate 6 Extra: ranged,Extra: area (cloud.), PF: slowfade 1. PF: improved range 1(increment=150ft)(39ep)
-AP High Velocity Flashbang dazzle 6 all visual + hearing, PF: Improved range1,Extra: area[ blast] (1ep]
-AP. High Velocity Thermal Smoke Grenade Obscure Visual (including IR) improved range 1.Extra: Area(cloud)
PF:slow fade, PF: progression2 (area 150ft square area)(1ep)
-AP. High Velocity Non-Thermal Smoke Grenade Obscure Visual (NOT including IR) improved range 1.Extra: Area(cloud) PF:slow fade, PF: progression2 (area 150ft square area)(1ep)
Drone Grenade video camera, flight 3, sensory link, Super senses, (acute, extended 3, radius,), features: remote control, autopilot. Size Fine attack 8/ defence 14 stealth +16.. toughness 9 (1ep)
-AP Rubber Baton Round Blast 6, PF: Knockback6, PF: Ricochet 1, linked Trip4. (1ep)(total 44 ep)

Tranquiliser pistol (Fatigue 6, Extra:ranged, PF::subtle) PF:sedation.(21ep)
-AP Curare dart (paralyze 6) PF: subtle, Extra: ranged, Extra: alternative save (fortitude).(1ep)
-AP Escrima sticks (strike 3, Power Feat: mighty. Power Fear: Thrown.Power Feat: Split attack, Feat:Improved block2 [+4 on blocks], Feat: improved critical3, 17-20, Improved disarm [+4 disarm], Feat: stunning attack, Feat: takedown attack, Feat: weapon bind [free disarm after block].(1ep)
Lock pick kit MW (1ep)
Medical kit MW (1ep)

Camo Clothing:urban (+5 to stealth in urban conditions) (1ep)
Scuba gear (1ep)
Flash goggles (1ep)
Toolkit MW (2ep)
Gas Mask (1ep)
IR goggles (1ep)


Powers: 5up + 3ppPP
Dimensional pocket 1 (500lbs) ("the black bag" Feats:subtle [dimensional awareness required], Feature progression 2(weight allowance)[5pp)(dimensional)
Teleport3(500ft) (3pp) Flaw: short range only.
Danger Sense (visual) (1pp)

DC Block
ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE         EFFECT
Ash 12.7 Ranged DC 21 Toughness vs Damage (ballistic)
Escrima sticks Touch DC 21 toughness vs damage
Tranq pistol Ranged DC 16 fortitude save vs paralyse
Ranged DC 16 fortitude vs fatigue.
Teargas Ranged (area) Reflex save DC 16 and DC 16 Reflex vs Dazzle (then DC 16 Fort to recover) and DC 16 Fort vs Nauseate.
Unarmed            Touch   DC 18 Toughness vs  Damage

Totals: Abilities (32pp) + Combat (36pp) + Saving Throws (9pp) + Skills (20) + Feats (23pp) +Equipment (21pp) + Powers (9pp) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points
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Re: Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

Post by Arkrite »


The Thunderer

Power Level: 10; Power Points Spent: 120/120

STR: +12 (10/34), DEX: +0 (10), CON: +12 (34), INT: +0 (10), WIS: +0 (10), CHA: +4 (18)

Tough: +12, Fort: +12, Ref: +4, Will: +7

Skills: Diplomacy 4 (+8), Gather Information 4 (+8), Intimidate 6 (+10), Notice 6 (+6), Perform (oratory) 8 (+12), Sense Motive 4 (+4)

Feats: Attractive (+4), Fearless, Interpose, Power Attack

Divine Might (Enhanced Strength 24) ([24 active, 24/24 PP, 1/r], +24 STR)
. . Lighting Blast (Electrical Control 12) (Alternate; DC 27)
. . Rider of Winds (Flight 11) (Alternate; [0 active, 24/24 PP, 2/r+1], Speed: 25000 mph, 220000 ft./rnd; Subtle (subtle))
Hero of Legend (Immortality)

Attack Bonus: +8 (Ranged: +8, Melee: +8, Grapple: +20)

Attacks: Lighting Blast (Electrical Control 12), +8 (DC 27), Unarmed Attack, +8 (DC 27)

Defense: +8 (Flat-footed: +4), Knockback: -6

Initiative: +0

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 32 + Skills 8 (32 ranks) + Feats 4 + Powers 33 + Combat 32 + Saves 11 + Drawbacks 0 = 120

The Thunderer, the Baron of Battle, The Son of Storms.
When he first appeared he was less a superhero and more of an oddity. Showing up uninvited to parties, helping himself to food and drink provided, and spending his time entertaining the guests.
He claimed to be a god of Storms, come to this world to protect it from the evil beasts of his home dimension that had escaped into this world. And why shouldn't he have a good time between jobs?
Soon enough super villains started appearing, and the Thunderer slowly started making appearances to put an end to their deeds. Slowly at first. Then more frequently, until near the end he was frequently if he wasn't one of the first to appear at the scene of a fight he most likely arrived before it ended.
In spite of this growing battle thirst his persona never really changed, and when not in a fight, or inviting himself to a party, he could be found partaking in any form of amusement or adventure he could find from tourist traps and carnivals, to sky diving and rock climbing (though he admitted being able to fly took a lot of the amusement out of those, the new friends he met easily made up for it).

Rarely one to talk too much on his own personal history, preferring to tell other people's stories, or tales of his most recent adventures. He has admitted that he's on a mission to create and leave behind a saga of his adventures, deeds, and glories achieved before his time on this world is over.

With no solid evidence to point to a number of theories have arisen about his origin.
One is that he is telling the truth, and he is actually a deity from another dimension. Most think this is unlikely.
Another is that he's just a super who is play acting the persona.
There is also theory that The Thunderer might have been a patient at a long term care facility. The facility took care of coma patients and people suffering from locked in syndrome, and was destroyed along with a number of other buildings during a random terrorist attack in a sudden and unprovoked attack on the city. The theory goes that the patients were used as test subjects for inducing super powers, and that their awakening was the true source of the "terrorist attack" that destroyed these sites. And possibly creating many of the beasts and villains that the Thunderer is hunting. Some have pointed out that this story is almost more outlandish then his claims of godhood.

Thrill Seeker - If it sounds like a exciting event, the Thunderer will be interested in trying it out. Though, if it is at all dangerous, he prefers events that won't put others at risk.
Easily Bored/Easily Distracted - Probably not the best choice for studying, guard duty, or stakeouts. Or anything that involves staying on task around beautiful women.
Errantry - He is a god on a quest. Multiple quests. Any quest will do. As long as it's noble and exciting, and will leave a great story.
The Saga - His end goal is to leave a remembered tale of his adventures, good deeds, and endeavors. Preferably these stories would include him in the presence of other great heroes.
The Children's Champion - The Thunderer has a soft spot for kids, and tends to be easily wound around their little fingers. Anything that helps or protects children usually takes precedence.

Tall, an incredibly muscular athletic build (think Bruce Lee), blue eyes, long flowing golden blonde hair that falls nearly to his waist. He is somewhat notorious for wandering around in nothing but a pair of pants with a thick leather belt and an elaborate belt buckle. He's been inclined to change this up, sometimes wearing armor of a Norse styling, and showing an interest in gold pendants and necklaces, though usually these don't last very long as they're not nearly as resilient as he is.
His newest and longest lasting affectation is a predilection towards wearing bracers. The larger and more elaborate the better, but he's just as fond of plain leather when nothing else is around.
Few have survived more than a couple days, rarely more than one knock down fight with a supervillain.

Personality: Rather laid back, The Thunderer is looking for a good time, and would rather allow himself to be chased off by even unpowered people than get into a fight that isn't fair or noble. He faces his day to day life with an optimistic outlook, trying to find the good in any situation. Tends to be social and, aside for an hour or so at sunrise, prefers to spend much of his time in the company of others.
He seems to find a simple joy in most aspects of life, and would rather couch surf and wander the world than work in an office environment. In fact one of the few things that can drain the joy out of him is long term boredom without a goal in sight.
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Re: Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

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Secret Identity: Sandra Embrescia
Age: Mid 20’s, Brown Eyes, Dark Brown Hair

Power Level: 8; Power Points Spent: 150/150

STR: +2 (14), DEX: +2 (14), CON: +2 (14), INT: +2 (14), WIS: +0 (10), CHA: +1 (12)

Tough: +8, Fort: +8, Ref: +8, Will: +6

Acrobatics 4 (+6), Bluff 4 (+5), Climb 4 (+6), Concentration 8 (+8), Craft (structural) 12 (+14), Diplomacy 4 (+5), Gather Information 4 (+5), Investigate 4 (+6), Knowledge (current events) 4 (+6), Knowledge (history) 8 (+10), Knowledge (theology & philosophy) 8 (+10), Language 4 (+4), Notice 8 (+8), Search 4 (+6), Sense Motive 8 (+8), Swim 4 (+6)

Ambidexterity, Dodge Focus 3, Elusive Target, Endurance 2 (+8), Equipment 4, Evasion 2, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Precise Shot, Quick Change

Divine communication (Comprehend 3) (languages - read all, languages - understand all, languages - you're understood; Broad Group (Humans))
Divine Immunities (Immunity 6) (condition: Heat, damage type: Fire)
Divine physiology (Protection 6) (+6 Toughness)
Divine senses (Super-Senses 2) (infravision, low-light vision)
Fire control (Element Control 8) (element: fire)
AE: Fire Bolts (Blast 8) (Alternate; DC 23)
AE: Heat Vision (Blast 8) (Alternate; DC 23)
AE: Turn up the heat (Environmental Control 5) (Alternate; heat, heat (extreme), Radius: 100 ft.)
Storage of the Gods (Dimensional Pocket 1) (Capacity: 100 lbs., DC 11)
Super-Strength 2 (+10 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 700 lbs; +2 STR to some checks)
Thermal flight (Flight 6) (Speed: 500 mph, 4400 ft./rnd)

Equipment: Camera, Cell Phone, Laptop Computer, Large Composite Shield, Multi-Tool, Sword

Attack Bonus: +8 (Ranged: +8, Melee: +8, Grapple: +10/+12)

Attacks: Fire Bolts (Blast 8), +8 (DC 23), Heat Vision (Blast 8), +8 (DC 23), Storage of the Gods (Dimensional Pocket 1), +8 (DC Ref/Will 11), Sword, +8 (DC 20), Unarmed Attack, +8 (DC 17)

Defense: +8, +5 without shield (Flat-footed: +1), Knockback: -4

Initiative: +6

Languages: English, French, Greek, Latin, Spanish

Totals: Abilities 18 + Skills 23 (92 ranks) + Feats 17 + Powers 54 + Combat 20 + Saves 18 + Drawbacks 0 = 150


Secret Identity: If her secret identity was discovered, it would put her family and friends in danger.

Enemy: The god Ares. Hephaestus humiliated Ares when Ares was discovered sleeping with Aphrodite.

Enemy: Frostbite. The two have encountered each several times with Flamebird finally defeating her and sending her to prison.

Vulnerable: Flamebird is vulnerable to cold attacks and extreme non-environmental cold.

Vulnerable: Divine powers. Flamebird is vulnerable to the powers of other divine beings.

Relationships: Sandra is close to her parents, her best friend from childhood Emily Lucas, and her former mentor Curt Mancini. They are the only ones thus far that know what she can do and that she is the hero Flamebird. Sandra's mother Laura is a professor at a local university teaching ancient history and philosophy. Her father Douglas teaches Archeology and Anthropology at the same university.

Responsibility: Sandra has a small blacksmith and metalworking business. She makes daggers, swords, and various decorative items she sells to pay the bills. She also assists her father on occasion with archeological digs.


Sandra’s birth was the result of a one night stand her mother had while celebrating getting her Master’s degree. Her mother Laura met a quiet man at a party who was sitting alone. Feeling sorry for him, she went over and started talking to him. To her surprise, they shared a common interest in ancient history. They had a wonderful discussion and eventually she convinced him to go back to her place. In the morning he was gone and weeks later Laura discovered she was pregnant.

For the next few years Laura raised Sandra by herself. Sandra proved to be a bright girl and caused very little trouble. One day Laura met Douglas Embrescia. He was an archeologist that was teaching at the local university where Laura was working on her Doctorate. The two started dating when she was no longer in any of his classes. Within a couple of years they were married and he adopted Sandra.

As Sandra grew, her powers slowly manifested. It started with a resistance to being burned by fire or hot items. Her parents became concerned when Sandra took dinner out of the oven with using potholders. They didn’t understand how she could do that but realized they needed to have a talk with their daughter. They explained to her that she needed to hide any powers or abilities she gets because there were people that would come and take her away if they found out. They insisted she couldn’t tell anyone, even her best friend Emily.

Over the next several years Sandra was taught about archeology, history, ancient Greek and Roman gods, and many other subjects by her parents in addition to her lessons in school. During this time she also developed resistance to harm, became stronger, discovered she could control fires, and many other abilities. She told her parents about each new development. By the time Sandra was in her early teens, her parents had deduced who her biological father likely was. They explained what they discovered to Sandra along with supporting evidence. Sandra was shocked to find out she might be a demigod. How do you live up to the responsibility of such a thing? It took time before she finally accepted the truth and learned how to live with it.

Instead of attending college like her parents, Sandra got an apprenticeship with a blacksmith named Curt Mancini she got to know while attending ren-faires and cultural festivals. He was initially reluctant to take her on, believing she would not have the strength to handle the job. She pleaded with him to give her a chance, reminding him that it would not cost him anything to let her try. He agreed figuring he had nothing to lose. Sandra was a fast learner and enjoyed creating various items and traveling with her mentor to help sell them at comic cons, cultural festivals, and ren-faires. She took lessons in swordmanship during her trips to the ren-faires.

Her first heroic deed was an accident. She was driving home one night when a car sped past her before losing control and crashing down an embankment. She pulled over immediately and ran over to look over the edge. The car was horribly smashed and lying on its roof. She called emergency services first before carefully going down to see if the driver was alive. He seemed to be but Sandra noticed that gas was leaking. She didn’t know how long it would take for emergency personnel to arrive so she tried to open the car door. It was jammed but she kept pulling until it finally pulled free. She tossed it aside and carefully pulled the driver out and moved him away from the car. When the emergency personnel arrived, the car was ablaze. Sandra explained that she saw the accident and when she investigated, the driver had been thrown free of the car. She pulled him farther away when the car started to catch fire. They thanked her for her assistance and said she probably saved the driver’s life. She shrugged it off and said she had just done what anyone else would have.

The second time was when she was returning to apartment. There was a fire in a building down the block. The sirens from the fire engines could be heard approaching in the distance. Without thought and hesitation, Sandra sprinted down the block. Most of the residents had escaped safely but there was an elderly woman named Mrs Landry still inside. Bystanders pointed to an apartment on the third floor that was filled with smoke. A couple of men came out of the building and said it was too hot and smoky to try to rescue the woman. Sandra ran inside, easily ignoring the heat from the flames. She did her best to hold her breath from the smoke, only breathing occasionally. She made it to Mrs Landry’s apartment and helped the elderly woman down to the first floor. After she turned the woman over to the other residents, Sandra left the area as quickly as possible.

During the next few days, Sandra thought about all the good she could do with her abilities. She knew there were plenty of superheroes in the world with more becoming known every week. It also seemed as though an equal number of new villains showed up every week as well. She chalked it up to some sort of cosmic balance. She knew if she was going to do this part time, she would need a costume. She called her friend Emily, who designed clothing as a hobby while working as an Assistant Manager at a boutique. Sandra made a date to meet Emily at a nearby nature trail under the guise of going for a hike. Once they were alone, Sandra explained to her friend about the things she could do. Emily did not believe her until Sandra demonstrated a few of her powers. Sandra explained her intentions of becoming a costumed hero and that she needed Emily’s help with a costume. Emily agreed to help and suggested Sandra give her a couple of weeks to come up with something.

During that time, Sandra returned to the blacksmith shop to help out Curt. Curt brought her to the back room and showed her a strange parcel with odd writing on the label. Sandra recognized the writing as ancient Greek and that it was her name. She told Curt the package was addressed to her. Upon opening it, they discovered a couple of blocks of a strange looking metal. The two of them each picked one up noting it was lighter than expected. They performed a few tests and discovered it was very durable. Sandra told Curt there was something she needed to show him. She walked over to the oven and stuck her arm inside. Curt panicked and ran over. Sandra pulled her arm out and showed him she was unharmed. He asked what was going on and how is that possible. Was she one of those meta-humans? Sandra sat him down and explained who her biological father likely was and what she had discovered she could do. After she was done, Curt nodded and said it makes sense. It explained her natural ability with metalworking. Sandra told Curt about the rescues she had performed. He recalled reading about them. He asked if she planned on continuing to be a hero, at least part time. Sandra said she had been thinking about it recently and had decided she was going to be a costumed hero. She had already contacted someone about making a costume for her. Curt looked at the odd metal and thought for a while before announcing that they needed to make her a sword and shield. Since she already had some training with them, they might come in handy.

A couple of weeks later, the world, or at least the city and state, were introduced to the newest hero Flamebird when she stopped a mugging and a convenience store robbery in one night. Granted, they weren’t big crimes, but it was a start. Over the next several months, Flamebird encountered various villains and criminals of all sorts with varying degrees of success.
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Re: Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

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PL8/ 150pp (2E)

Real name: Michelle Reece
Codename/Nicknames/etc: Miri, Steadfast (Of course it had to start with an 'S')
Role: Paragon (Tactile TK)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 110
Hair: Red (short spiky curls)
Eyes: Blue
Skin: pale, freckled
>Description: Michelle is a short young woman with the stocky "fireplug" build of a gymnast and good muscle tone. She has short spiky hair and a round, cheerful face with a button nose and a dusting of freckles- she is, much to her chagrin, typically described as "cute as a button" or "adorable". On her own time, she tends to wear comfortable, loose clothing- shorts, sweats, tee shirts. Her costume is a dark blue bodysuit with a black sash belt, boots, and gloves, and red trim (including a small octagonal 'stop sign' shape symbol on her left shoulder with a clenched fist emblem instead of 'STOP')- she refuses to wear a cape.

>Capsule: Michelle (using the codename Steadfast) is young and idealistic, raised to value hard work and helping those in need. She spent years thinking that she was just like her father's idol, Superman- that she was super-strong, incredibly tough, and could fly. More recent testing and practice with resources of the Justice League have revealed that her powers are, in fact, closer to tactile telekinesis- her strength, durability, and flight are coherent expressions of force, based on her will and concentration. She has only recently been working to use that coherent force at range- she has good instinctive control, but is not as strong at a distance. As part of her abilities, her nervous system and her body are more efficient than those of a normal person- even without actively using her powers, she is stronger, tougher, and especially quicker than a normal woman of her age and physical condition. In general, she relies mostly on her strength and durability, using her flight for moving around and her ranged telekinesis sparingly, if at all. She can hold her own in a fight or stressful situation- in fact, while she is somewhat lacking in combat experience, she has actual EMT and firefighter/rescue training, making her more useful in disaster response scenarios than even some heroes with far more experience. In many ways, the League chose her as much for her potential and her positive attitude as for her actual powers. While she has worked with Superman a bit for her training so far, it is generally expected that she will be working with (a? the?) Green Lantern as she gains more control over her powers, due to certain similar aspects.

>Attributes 38pp +Defenses 7pp +Combat 12pp +Skills 7pp +Advantages 24pp +Powers 65pp -Drawbacks -3pp= 150/ 150pp (0 Unspent)

>Attributes (4+8+6+4+16+0= 38pp)
STR: 14 (+2)(Enhanced 30/ +8; +Super-Strength)
CON: 18 (+4)(Enhanced 30/ +8)
DEX: 16 (+3)
INT: 14 (+2)
WIS: 26 (+8)
CHA 10 (+0)

>Defenses: (7pp)
Toughness: +4 (Con +4)(Enhanced +10)(+Impervious 1 or higher)
FORT: +4 (Con +4; 0pp)(Enhanced +10; Up to +13)
REF: +8 (DEX +3; 5pp)
WILL: +10 (WIS +8, 2pp)

-Immune (Full): Disease, Poison
-Immune (Half): Fear, Interaction effects, Environments (All/5), Suffocation (all/2), Natural aging, Need for sleep, Starvation/Thirst
(+Enhancements if using 'Mind over body')

>Combat: (12pp)
-Attack: +2 (Melee +6); (4pp)
-Defense: +4 (Dodge +6)(Flatfooted= +2); (8pp)
-Initiative: +7
-Knockback: -2 (HalfTough 2; Enhanced -5, may be higher)
-Grapple: +8 (Attack 6 +STR 2; Enhanced +16)

-Unarmed strike (Enhanced): +6, DC 25 (+10)
(Shockwave, Super-breath, Groundstrike, TK Strike, TK Grapple, Stunning strike)

Attack -2/ Effect (STR) +2 (6/10)
Defense -2/ Toughness +2 (6/10)

>Skills: (28sp= 7pp)
-Acrobatics +5 (DEX 3, +2sp)
-Bluff +9 (CHA 0, +9sp; Attractive +13)
-Climb +3 (STR 2, +1sp; Or Higher)
-Concentrate +12 (WIS 8, +4sp)
-Diplomacy +1 (CHA 0, +1sp; Attractive +5)
-Knowledge- Pop culture +5 (INT 2, +3sp)
-Knowledge- Civics +3 (INT 2, +1sp)
-Knowledge- Behavioral sciences +3 (INT 2, +1sp)
-Languages 1 (1sp)(Spanish)
-Medicine +9 (WIS 8, +1sp)(EMT Certification)
-Notice +9 (WIS 8, +1sp)
-Profession- Student +9 (WIS 8, +1sp)
-Profession- Fire/Rescue +9 (WIS 8, +1sp)
-Sense Motive +9 (WIS 8, +1sp)

-Search +2 (INT 2, +0sp)
-Swim +2 (STR 2, +0sp; Or Higher)

>Advantages: (24pp)
Accurate attack
Attack focus (Melee) x4
Attractive x1 (Adorbz)
Direction sense
Dodge focus x2
Elusive target
Endurance x1
Equipment x1 (Smartphone with camera and GPS; flash goggles)
Evasion x1
Grappling finesse
Improved initiative x1
Improved Trip
Improved Throw
Luck x1
Move-by action
Stunning attack

>Powers: (46pp total)(3+1+22+1+2+32+7-3= 65pp total)
>"What? That's It?":
-Immunity 6; Limited (Half effect); Fear (1), Interaction effects (5); (3pp)

>Improved neuroconduction:
-Quickness 1; (1pp)

-Enhanced CON +12; (12pp) (30/+10)
-Impervious 1 (Toughness); (1pp)
-Regeneration 1 (Unconscious 1), +Feat: Persistent; (3pp)
-Immunity 2: Disease, Poison; (2pp)
-Immunity 10 (Limited- half effect): All environments (5), All suffocation/ need to breath (2), Natural aging, Need for sleep, Starvation/thirst; (5pp)

>TK Tricks:
-Feature 1 (Dramatic wind); (1pp)
-Telekinetic 'Radar': Super-senses 4 (Touch= Radius, Ranged, Accurate), -Reduced Range 2 (2 range increments, so max. range of 20 feet); (2pp)

>Strength Of Will (Array; 32+1+2+2+2-1-2= 36pp)
-Array drawbacks: Action -1 (Move action to change), Distracting -2 (round of change); (-3pp total)(Because her powers depend on her force of will, she has to focus and to an extent, to form a mental 'image' or ideal of what she wants to accomplish)(Reducing/ removing this drawback is likely one of the first things she will improve as she gains experience)

-Tactile TK (Base power; Dynamic):
-Enhanced STR +16 (30),
+STR Affects insubstantial 2 (full power);
+Feature 1: Hands like tools
+Feature 1: Can use STR Without normal grip or leverage
-Super-Strength x4
+Super-strength feats x3 (Groundstrike, Shockwave, Super-breath)
(16+1+2+1+1+8+3= 32pp base, +1pp Dynamic= 33pp)

>Defying Gravity (AE; Dynamic):
-Flight 10 (10000 mph); (20pp)
+Perfect maneuverability (2); (2pp)
+Feats- Precise, Subtle; (2pp)
+Power feat- Bracing (This is identical to the Super-Strength feat, but represents using her flight power to hold herself in place instead of strength); (1pp)
-Immunity 1 (Friction heat); (1pp)
-Immovable 2, +Unstoppable; (4pp)
-Enhanced feats 2: Fast overrun, Improved overrun; (2pp)
(20+2+2+1+1+4+2= 32pp; +2pp D/AE)

>Mind Over Body(AE; Dynamic):
-Impervious Toughness +9 (10 total); (9pp)
-Enhanced FORT +3 (+13); (3pp)
-Immunity 2 (Critical hits); (2pp)
+Increased Immunity +4 (All environments 5, Need to breath/suffocation 2, Starvation/thirst; all raised from half to full); (4pp)
+Absorption 2 (Physical); Healing effect; +Power Storage (20pts), +Feat: Slow Fade x1 (1pt per 5 rounds, but reservoir empties if she switches away from this power), +Feature 1 (Enhanced Healing- gains Restorative, Persistent, but costs 4pts per rank instead of 2); (5/rank x2= 10+2= 12pp)
(9+3+2+4+12= 30pp; +2pp/ DAE)

>Mind over Matter (AE/Dynamic):
-Move Object 8, +Damaging; (24pp)
+Affects insubstantial x2 (full power); (2pp)
+Precise, Subtle; (2pp)
+Accurate x3 (+6; +8 total); (3pp)
-Reduced Range x2 (max 2 range increments); (-2pp)
+Enhanced feats 3 (Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Improved Pin); (3pp)
(24+2+2+3-2+3= 32pp; +2pp/ DAE)

-Vulnerability- Electricity; Common, Moderate (Increases DC by 50%, bypasses Impervious); -3pp
(Her nervous system is hyper-efficient, and conducts outside electricity with increased efficiency as well. It is likely that her father shared this particular vulnerability as well- which caused his death.) This can also take the form of a Complication- at the GM's option, damaging electrical attacks may also have an Affliction effect, or Electrical Afflictions may cause damage in addition.

>Base lift (STR 14): 58/175 (Light/heavy)
>Normal lift (STR 30): 532/1600
>Maximum lift (Array to full Superstrength +4, effective STR 30+20= 50): 4 tons/ 12tons
>Move object lift (effective STR 40): 1 ton/ 3 tons

>Motivation- Goodness (Lesser- Thrills, Responsibility) Michelle was raised to want to help people- her father provided a great example. She has taken up the mantle of a hero because it is the right thing to do, and she believes in doing the right thing no matter what. She will willingly use her abilities, and even put herself in danger, just to do her part in making the world a better place.

-Reputation ("Just a Kid"): Michelle is a member of the Justice League Reserves, but she is also still a teenager, and not terribly impressive in physical stature- she looks even younger than she is. Sometimes she just doesn't inspire the kind of confidence or awe one expects from a League member- there are just some people who don't take her seriously, especially military types and hardened villains; they'll ask when the "actual heroes' are going to arrive, or talk down to her. Sometimes a demonstration is required... In addition, while she is part of the League, she is also still a teenager- she has a great attitude and a strong work ethic, but some times she needs to have some fun blow off some steam, and sometimes her judgement, umm, isn't so good... While she has pretty good instincts, she lacks some experience as a hero, especially in combat situations, and she might be fooled more easily or make 'rookie mistakes' a seasoned hero wouldn't. (She was chosen for the League mostly for her attitude and her potential, experience will come in time)

-Force of Will (Power Loss): Michelle's powers depend, to a great extent, upon her strength of will and her ability to concentrate. For the most part, she is trong-willed enough that she rarely has difficulty. But mental effects or afflictions which interfere with her ability to focus or concentrate, or any situation that causes her to lose focus or doubt herself, might present a problem. Maybe a simple Concentration check, maybe 'resetting' her array and forcing her to put it back up, maybe a general weakening of her powers- any of those could happen under the right circumstances.

-Stubborn: Teenagers can be stubborn to start with- given how much Michelle has done to strengthen her willpower, she is even more stubborn than most. Once she makes up her mind about something it can be hard for her to adjust. Maybe there is new evidence about something or someone, or circumstances have changed- and she won't change her mind. It also means she won't back down or give in, even if she should- she would go down fighting rather than retreat or surrender. Maybe this will change with experience- Maybe...

-Those stupid green rocks: Michelle's powers, to some extent, reflect in her belief as to how they work- and she spent years believing she had the powers of a Kryptonian (she is still kind of disappointed to not have x-ray vision), One side effect of this is that she has a degree of weakness to kryptonite. Normal green kryptonite seems to weaken her- though it is not as predictable as it would be for a true daughter of Krypton (ie. not predictable enough to be a Weakness drawback, though it is usually similar in effect). Other forms of kryptonite may have even more unpredictable effects, as the GM dictates. In her case, the issue is entirely psychosomatic in nature- it affects her because she believes it will affect her- and it is not the mere presence of kryptonite that is the problem, it is her awareness of the kryptonite.

>Relationships (Family): Michelle' parents are both dead- at this point she lives in the spare bedroom of her brother's condo in Metropolis (and tries to not get in his way), though she visits her mother's parents in rural West Virginia when she needs some calm. Her brother is aware of her abilities and identity, but her grandparents are not.

>Relationships (Allies): Superman himself has helped her get into the League, offering some advice and a bit of training (especially with her high-speed flight and super-senses), and she has at least some degree of friendship with Jon Kent (part friendly rivalry, part "super-powered teenagers who hang out sometimes").

>Relationships (Other): She and Damian Wayne actively HATE one another, and this is the main reason she is affiliated with the Justice League instead of the Titans. She does not, as yet, have any personal enemies.

William Reece was a Metropolis boy through and through- like many such, he grew up idealizing Superman, though in Bill's case it was more an admiration of the big guy's behavior than his power. He never talked to anybody about how he ended up sharing Superman's powers for one day, and how it changed his life forever. Maybe it was a fervent wish that reached the right (or wrong ears), maybe it was one of Mr. Mxyzptik's "little games", maybe it was Bill's one dormant metahuman nature which expressed itself by copying the powers almost exactly. Whatever the source, Bill Reece had the powers of his idol for one day (or at least similar powers at a lesser level).

Being the kind of guy that he was, he used those powers to save a dozen people from a fire in an apartment building. Even though those real powers faded away at sunrise the next morning, he was stronger and tougher for the rest of his life (though solidly within human limits). That incident was also what prompted him to enter a career in fire-fighting instead of following his father into the construction business- he wanted to HELP people. It even changed him in smaller ways- like that time he got sick after looking at the kryptonite exhibit in the museum (though he thought that might have just been a mild case of food poisoning), and the way it actually altered his DNA, so that he passed his powers on to his daughter...

Bill had gone to college on a football scholarship, but one terrible incident on the field made him give up on sports- he wanted to help people, not hurt them. It was also during college that he met his future wife, Tammy Sullivan, a young girl from West Virginia who had come to the big city for college- she ended up having her fill of big city life, but she also got a Nursing degree and a husband. Bill and Tammy finished their respective degrees, got married, and moved to Missouri. Joplin was a small city, barely a speck compared to Metropolis- but it was expanding, and it offered both of the newlyweds good jobs.

Bill joined the fire department, and started to work his way up- he worked hard, was strong as an ox, had a positive attitude, and never called out sick. Tammy took a job at the hospital- but only until their first child, a son, was born. A daughter followed several years later, and Tammy became a full time housewife. William junior ("Billy") was a quiet kid, introverted and intelligent- Michelle, on the other hand, was a little ball of fire, a tomboy dynamo as soon as she could walk.

With her nurse's background, it was Tammy who noticed the first oddity about her daughter. No matter how active she was, how reckless, Michelle never got hurt- she ran around like crazy (and inevitably fell down), climbed trees (and fell out of them), and raced her bike (and crashed it). Through all of this, there were no broken bones, no sprained ankles, not even so much as a skinned knee. At first, Tammy was a little worried, but she kept the observations to herself. Until the matter was taken out of her hands...

It is known that not every disaster in the world is caused by supervillains- and Joplin learned that the hard way. One year, when Michelle was still a kid, a catastrophic tornado hit the city- more than 150 people were killed and some parts of Joplin were basically obliterated. Tammy and Billy were both pretty badly hurt when their house collapsed. Michelle was not hurt. At all. Not a scratch. She dug her way out of the wreckage of the house, and managed to shift the heavy debris that had pinned her mother and brother.

Unfortunately, Big Bill was in the thick of things, as Deputy Fire Chief. For the second time in his life, he reached deep inside himself and drew upon truly superhuman abilities. Near the center of the tornado, he saved a fast-food restaurant from obliteration, and in doing so saved the lives of twenty people who had taken shelter there. The stress of using those powers weakened him greatly- he might have survived but during the aftermath he accidentally got too close to a fallen power line, and the electricity was enough to stop his heart. During the clean-up, Superman and a number of Midwestern heroes flew in to help- having heard Bill's story (and intrigued by Michelle's experience), he spoke at Bill's funeral- and started a League file on Michelle, just in case.

Tammy went back to work part-time- with Bill's pension, it was enough, though it meant that she couldn't watch the kids as closely as she had. A bit frightened by what she HAD seen, though, she made sure to prohibit Michelle from 'playing around' with her abilities. One can guess how well THAT worked out. A few years later, both Michelle and her brother got grounded for two weeks after he tried "testing her" with a blowtorch and a rotary saw, all for a "science fair project". Tammy was both furious and terrified, and she invoked the memory of her husband, their father, to keep the kids in line- they grumbled a bit, but they obeyed (Mostly). Billy confined his interest in science to other forms- he discovered a talent for materials science, especially metallurgy. Michelle continued the life of an active tomboy, but was a bit more careful (at least where others could see- she occasionally tried a "little experiment" though).

Life didn't stop, though. As soon as she started high school, Michelle joined the fire department's junior academy program. She WAS going to help people, just like her father had. At first the firefighters saw her as kind of a mascot, this tiny little kid who wouldn't give up- still trying to connect to her dad. Then they realized how hard she was trying- and that she really wasn't going to give up; despite her small size she was the best in the junior academy ranks on the fitness standards. Meanwhile her brother was gaining notice on his own- he graduated high school a year early and headed off to Metropolis University where an engineering scholarship and an internship at Lexcorp awaited.

Within a few years, Michelle was, like all the other academy cadets, allowed to go on 'ride-alongs' (during non-school time, of course- though this conveniently kept her away from team sports). They weren't allowed to gear up or fight fires or anything dangerous- but they could watch and learn, and pass out coffee or blankets or maybe keep younger children busy while their parents freaked out at the fire scene. One Sunday afternoon, Michelle was doing just that, watching someone's house burn down, when everything changed again. The house was a massive old Victorian, and it was already fully engulfed when the first engines arrived. Smoke and flames poured out of a dozen windows- and inside, someone was screaming. The ladders went up, and men went up them and into the house. Within seconds, an explosive blast of fire blew out of that same window and knocking the ladder aside, hard enough to damage the motors which would have moved it back. More firefighters, grim-faced this time, headed for the door- and across the street, Michelle and the other cadets could only watch.

Except that that wasn't entirely true. Michelle watched, for a few seconds, thinking of her father- his need to help people, and the sacrifice he had made. She shucked off her jacket and took a moment, a brief calming breath, squaring her shoulders as if getting ready to lift a heavy weight. She could do this, she knew she could. And in that moment she felt a surge of confidence, of absolute certainty- she COULD do this.

So she did. In a blur of motion, she was in the air, hurling herself through another open window- Flames roared around her- she could feel them, but they didn't hurt her. She pushed her way through the smoke, more than half blind, until she found one of the firemen. Grabbing him by the coat, she lifted him with ease. In less than a minute, she had found both of the missing firefighters, and the old woman who had been trapped and screaming. Another thirty seconds and they were all out on the streets, being handed over to the EMTs. And people were just STARING at her, people she had known for years.

She fled before the questions could start, before the press could arrive. When she got home she told her mother what had happened- Tammy was furious at first, but she calmed down soon enough, with a wry smile and a muttered "Just like your father..." Some phone calls were made, and Michelle was shipped off to have some League-sponsored tests. Months of tests- SO MANY TESTS. While she was being tested she was supposedly living with her mother's parents in rural West Virginia. Back home, the story was buried, as best they could- the firefighters saw it as a favor to her father. There were rumors, but nobody sold her out, there were no pictures. With the tests complete, she came home and went back to school- but instead of Firefighting Academy, she had training sessions with League-assigned mentors, including Superman himself. She even met his son Jon, who was close to her own age. Within a year, she was fairly sure she wanted to make a career of hero work- but the League had decided she was too young for membership at that point. She supplemented her schoolwork with more training, including completing an EMT certification course- she practiced her powers when she could, but rarely in anything like combat situations.

Her mother died quite suddenly, halfway through the summer before her senior year of high school, a sudden stroke halfway through her workday. Michelle moved in with her mother's parents for real this time. Rural West Virginia was even quieter than Joplin- but by this point Michelle could fly well enough to reach most of the East Coast; she dabbled in hero work throughout her senior year, mostly rescues and disaster recovery work. Soon enough, she was ready for college. She moved to Metropolis and moved into the spare bedroom of her brother's condo- and tried to not interfere with his life TOO much. She was able to start a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice, taking many of her classes remotely through the magic of technology.

And finally, after years of waiting, the Justice League was ready for her...
>Current Dynamic Array (32pp): STR +16 (30)(+Subtle), Super-strength 1, (+Groundstrike, Shockwave, Super-breath); Flight 5, +Precise (32pp)
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Re: Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

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Alexa Flemming


Origin: Metahuman
Group Affiliation: The Justice League, Elle Modeling Agency, SAG
Costume: Gray spandex, with indigo chevron stripes on the sleeves and calves, single indigo ^-chevron from hips to breast bone, an indigo mask covers her eyes

Gender: Female; Age: 28
Eyes: Blue; Hair: Long blond
Height: 5' 11"; Weight: 124 lb.
Face Structure: round jaw, high cheeks
Complexion: smooth, light
Measurements: Available from modeling agency

Carrie Justice Flemming was born in Philadelphia to blue collar parents. Her father was a cop and her mother an EMT. Her mother picked her first name and her father picked her middle name. She hates the name. He always said one day she would be a hero. At the age of six she insisted that people call her CJ as she hated both names. Her father instead always called her Hero.

Little did he know how right he would be. At age 12, her mental abilities started to work. But they were so subtle even she didn't believe she had them at first. Over time she grew to be a brat, always getting her way. It was in high school that she realized that her two best BFFs were complete sycophants. They never disagreed with her. In fact they usually said thing she was thinking they might say. She did some experimentation and finally concluded that she was somehow influencing them. She spent the better part of a year restoring their free will by weening them off of her influence. This rocked her to her core. Restoring them made her understand how she had been using her abilities the past four years. She understood now how they worked more or less.

Happenstance put her in front of a scout for the Elle Agency in New York. She was always the lead in the school plays and was performing as Peter Pan when she was scouted. She applied and was accepted to the agency. There was already a Carrie Flemming in the Screen Actors Guild of America, a background check the agency performed automatically. They asked if she wanted to change her name and she jumped at the chance. She changed her name to Alexa at the start of her modeling career in New York.

She was highly in demand on runways and print. Photographers often accused her of reading their mind, they rarely have to explain what they want her to do. According to them, she is a "natural". This reputation led to small rolls in various films and television projects. Her acting ability had always been informed by her ability actually read what her fellow actors were thinking. Again, she's a natural.

It was during a casting couch incident that she once again allowed her powers, other than mind reading, to come to the fore. The executive that tried to strong arm her onto the couch found himself at a police station confessing to hundreds of attempted and successful rapes. It was then that Alexa decided she couldn't just be some famous model/actor. She had to help people who couldn't help themselves.

After a few episodes of this, she was contacted by The Batman and invited into the Justice League as a reservist. She had not tried being a superhero. She quickly made a costume and chose the codename "Lookout".


PL: 8; PP: 150/150
Abilities 40 + Skills 14 + Feats 4 + Powers 63 + Combat 16 + Saves 13 = 150

Code: Select all

Str 10  +0    Int 10  +0   |  Fortitude  +8           Attack     +0          Initiative        +0    
Dex 10  +0    Wis 26  +8   |  Reflex     +8  (8r)     Defense    +8  (8r)    Resist Knockback  -4
Con 26  +8    Cha 18  +4   |  Will      +13  (5r)     Grapple    +0          Size          Medium
                              Toughness  +8

Bluff               +10  (6r)        Gather Information  +10  (6r)        Search              +10 (10r)
Climb                +0              Handle Animal        +0*             Sense Motive        +12  (4r)
Concentration       +10  (2r)        Intimidate           +4              Stealth             +10 (10r)
Diplomacy            +4              Notice              +10  (2r)        Survival             +0* 
Disguise            +10  (6r)        Perform (Acting)    +10  (6r)        Swim                 +0
Escape Artist        +0              Prof (Model)        +12  (4r)
Feats: Attractive +8 (2r), Benefit (B- List Famous Actor/Model), Benefit (I'm Rich, principle owner of fashion/accessory business, millionaire)

  • Mental Awareness 9r -- Accurate (mental), Acute (mental), Blindsense (mental), radius (mental), innate -- 9pp
  • Mental Powers -- 43+4pp total
    • base: Mind Control 8r -- Area Burst, Selective Area, Duration: Sustained, Mental Link, Subtle 2 (Range: Perception, Area: 40ft burst, Duration: Sustained (lasting) ) - 43pp
    • alt: Drain 8r -- Any Trait Group: Saves (3/r), Area Burst, Selective Area, Subtle 2, Slow Fade 1 (range: close, area: 40 ft, return rate 1pp per minute, Duration: Instant) -- 43pp
      She extends her warp effect, and causes it to collapse, weakening others.
    • alt: Warp Field 8r -- Blast, Area Burst, Selective Area, Range Perception, Subtle 2 (range: perception, area: 40 foot burst, save is Toughness) -- 42pp
      She extends her warp effect, and causes it to collapses, physical damage is felt by those who don't resist it.
    • alt: Mind Reading 8r -- Sensory Link, Duration 2: Continuous, Action: Std (for probes only), Subtle 2 (range: Perception, area: 40 ft) -- 43pp
    • alt: Possession 8r -- Possession, Conscious (from Mind Control), Tiring, Subtle 2 (range: perception) -- 42pp
  • Teleport 3r -- 300 ft, 1 mile as full move -- 6+1pp
    Where does she go when she possesses someone? The same warp dimension shared by this power and her warp field power
    • alt: Dimensional Pocket 3r -- holds up to 500 lbs -- 6pp
Animals don't trust me - Her animal handling skill does not benefit from high Charisma.
Fame - Alexa Flemming is a B- list actress better known for her print modeling work. She is often seen in commercials and print ads.
Responsibility - She is "Chief Creative Officer" of a company she started a few years ago. They dabble in cosmetics, perfumes, and fashion. This does not require her full attention but sometimes obligations to speak at charity events and to announce new product lines do come up.
Secret - The world does not know star of film and photo, Alexa Flemming, has mental abilities.
Urbanist - Alexa knows nothing about the outdoors/survival. Her Survival skill does not benefit from high Wisdom.
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Re: Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

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Alien 'Reporter', 2nd ED, PL8/150 in PL9 world

Name : Marlyssa Xenos
Gender : Female De' Maasian
Age : 28
Height : 6'
Weight : 150
Appearance : thin tannish humanoid with long, ant-like antennae, green glossy eyes, four arms. Long hair with broad horizontal stripes of black, blond and green.

Abilities :
STR 22 (+6) DEX 12 (+1) CON 20 (+5) INT 10 (+0) WIS 12 (+1) CHA 10 (+0) [26 pp]

Saves : Toughness +5/+10 Fort +7 Reflex +6 Will +7 [ 13 pp]

Skills : Bluff 4 (+4), Diplomacy 4 (+4), Profession (Reporter ) 5 (+6), Notice 5 (+6), Search 5 (+5), Sense Motive 5 (+6), Craft (Writing) 5 (+5), Gather Info 6 (+6), Investigate 5 (+5), Knowledge : Pop Culture 4 (+4), Computers 4 (+4), Knowledge : Art 4 (+4), KN : Civics 3 (+3), Profession : Gov't Agent 4 (+5), Knowledge : Streetwise 4 (+4), Craft 5 (Artistic, painting +5) [ 18 pp]

Feats : Ambidextrous, Atk Focus Melee 2, Power Atk, Atk Spec : Ranged (Waxworks), Equipment 1 [ 6 pp]

Equipment : Video Camera, Audio recorder, Laptop computer, Tools for Craft (Painting)

Powers :
Strike 2 (Mighty, Split Attack) [ 4 pp] - stingers
Flight 4, winged [ 7 pp]
Device 2 (Hard to Remove) - vintage armored uniform [ 8 pp]
  • Protection 5
    Move Object 3 (Concentration -1); Precise
    AP : Super STR 4 (Sustained -1)
Additional Limbs 2 [ 2 pp]
Super Senses [Infravision, Ultravision, Low Light, Direction Sense] 4 pp
Antennae : Super Senses 6 [Accurate Hearing, Ultra Hearing, Accurate Scent, Entended Hearing, Extended Scent, Tracking 2 : Scent] 10 pp
Comprehend 2 (Languages, Understand and Speak) [ 4 pp]
Super Movement 2 : Wall Crawl 2 [ 4 pp]
Immunity 2 (Disease, Poison; Limit : Half effect] [1 pp]
Weird Alien Bug Person Biochemical Effects [8 + 2 = 10 pp]
Waxwork Nauseate 8 (Secondary Effect +1; Additional Save : Tou, Fades -1)
  • AP : Waxwork Snare 8 (Fades)
    AP : Waxwork Blast 8 (Fades )
Combat : Atk +8, Melee +10, Grapple +16, Damage +6 (unarmed), +10 to hit, +8 Damage (Stingers), +10 to hit
Nauseate : Resist with DC23 Tou and DC23 Fort; +10 to hit,
Ranged Atk : +8 (Waxworks +10), Defense +8, Initiative +1

Drawbacks :
Vulnerable (sonic attacks, Minor) -1 pp
Power Loss (Flight) : wings -1 pp

Totals :
Abilities 26 + Skills 18 + Feats 6 + Powers 54 + Combat 32 + Saves 13 + Drawback - 2 = 147/150

Motivations :
Goodness (if you see a problem and can help, do so), Recognition (galaxy's best reporter)

Complications :
Responsibility (whoever she has a contract with)
Responsibility (to her planetary government)
Secret (she's a spy as well as a reporter)
Honor (reporter's - confidential sources remain confidential)

Background :

There's a lot of newsworthy things going on in the universe, and someone could make a good living if they could survive getting it and returning home. Thus a market for skilled freelance reporters.

Marlyssa made a good living wandering around the Cluster, recording what was going on in the oft forgotten corners.

Her home government was her biggest client; they liked knowing what was REALLY going on down on the streets.

Or what those 'weirdos' over there were REALLY up to - after all, anyone can claim to be peaceful; whether they actually are is a different (and very important) question.

Thus she got sent to Earth using her cover as a reporter. There seemed to be quite a few 'interesting' developments over there amongst the bald apes, and someone really should keep an eye on things.

Her assignment was to last ten years : there would be no contact with her homeworld (nor would they contact her) for the interim to ensure no accidental discovery. She was also required to use only local tech - otherwise, the locals might steal it and either make money off it, or weapons to threaten others with.

It turned out being a hero enabled her to report on many, many things.
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Re: Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

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(Remove Fin on helmet)
BACKSTORY:If all we are in life is our memories, then Dr. Thaddeus Impossible shouldn't exist. Found in a Kansas cornfield by Martian Manhunter, all Thaddeus can remember of his past are the two words that make up his chosen name. With nowhere else to go at the time, he became a "Ward of the League", staying at the Satellite untill he got on his feet. Having this strange urge to help his fellow man whenever possible, "Thadd" went about doing just that. Pattening several Inventions, he quickly amassed a small fortune and, inventing some "Retro" looking gear, went out to aid his adopted home of Chicago when they experienced a bout of "Super Crime". Immpossible is also mor than willing to help the League if necessary.

Identity:Dr.Thaddeus Impossible Base:Impossible Tower, Chicago Illinois Hero Points: 1
ABILITIES :--34points
STR-12(+1) DEX-14(+2) CON-14(+2)
INT-24(+7) WIS-18(+4) CHA-12(+1)

Concentration 7(+11), Craft:Chemical 7(+14), Craft:Electrical 7(+14), Craft:Mechanical 7(+14), Disable Device 7(+14), Investigation 7(+14), Knowledge:Pop Culture 7(+14), Knowledge:Physical Sciences 7(+14), Knowledge:Technology 7(+14), Notice 7(+11), Pilot 7(+9), Search 7(+14)

FEATS:--14 points
Benefit(Ambidextrous), Benefit(Rich[Millionaire]), Benefit(Security Clearance[Impossible Tower]), Eidetic Memory, Equipment 5(25 points[Impossible Tower, Impossible Car]), improvised Tools, Inventor, Master Plan, Skill Mastery(Disable Device, Craft[Mechanical], Craft[Electrical],Pilot)
Impossible Tower(16ep total):SIZE-Large, TOUGH-10, FEATURES--Communication, Computers, Defense system, Fire prevention system, Gym, Hangar, Imfirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security system, Workshop
Impossible Car(9ep total):SIZE-Large, TOUGH-8, STR-25, SPEED-5, FEATURES:Remote Control

Quickness 4:x25 (Flaws:limited to Mental Task's)
"Impossible Gun":Easy to lose, Array 8(Feats:Accurate, Alternate Power1, improved Range2)
Base Power:Blast 8 Alternate Power:Dazzle 8(Visual)
"Impossible Rocketpack":Jetpack(Hard to lose), Flight(250mph)
"Impossible Belt": Force Field 8(Hard to Lose, Extras:impervious, Linked to Immunity)
Immunity 4(critical Hits, suffocation[all],Extra:Linked to force Force Field )

ATTACK --6, 8(Impossible Gun) Grapple--9 Damage--8(Impossible Gun), 1(Unarmed)
Defense--8, 4(Flat-footed) Knockback--9/-1 Initiative--+2

Motivation:Doing Good--Thaddeus has this urge to help his fellow man whenever possible.
Fame--Doc doesn't bother to hide his identity, as he has nobody here(so far as he knows)....
Quirk:Amnesia--the first memory Thaddeus has is of waking up in the leagues Medical Bay...
(impossible gun)Wikipedia.com
(Impossible Jetpack)adafruit.com
(Impossible car)mercedes co.
(Impossible Tower)alamy photos
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Re: Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

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ABILITIES 10 + 8 + 20 + 4 + 0 + 0 = 42PP
Strength: 20/30 (+5/+10)
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: 30 (+10)
Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Wisdom: 10 (+0)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

COMBAT 8 + 8 = 16PP
Initiative: +8 (Dex (+4), Improved Initiative (+4))
Attack: +4 (Base (+4))
Attack (Melee): +6 (Base (+4), Attack Focus (Melee) (+2))
Attack (Ranged): +4 (Base (+4))
Grapple: +16/+18 (Strength (+10), Base Attack (+6), Super-strength (+2))
Defense: +6 (Base (+4), Dodge Focus (+2))
Knockback: -5 (Toughness (+10/2))

SAVING THROWS: 0 + 2 + 4 = 6PP
Toughness: +10 (Constitution (+10))
Fortitude: +10 (Constitution (+10))
Reflex: +6 (Dexterity (+4), 2PP)
Will: +4 (Wisdom (+0), 4PP)

Acrobatics 6 (+10) (Acrobatic Bluff, Set Up)
Notice 10 (+10)
Search 8 (+10)

Acrobatic Bluff
All-Out Attack
Attack Focus (Melee) 2
Attack Specialization (Integrated Weaponry) 1
Improved Grab
Improved Grapple
Improved Initiative 1
Power Attack
Takedown Attack 2

POWERS 5 + 5 + 10 + 11 + 10 + 12 + 8 + 7 = 68PP
Communication 5 (Wireless Connection, Sense Type: Radio, Range: 5 miles) [5PP]
Container, Passive 1 (High Mobility Chassis, Powers: Leaping 2, Speed 2, Super-movement 1) [5PP]
. . Leaping 2 (Jumping Distance: x5) {2PP/5PP}
. . Speed 2 (Speed: 25mph, 220 ft/rnd) {2PP/5PP}
. . Super-Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling 1 (half speed); Flaw: Limited (End movement on level surface) (-1/R)) {1PP/5PP}
Damage 4 (Reroute Power, Range: 40 ft, DC: 19; Extra: Range (+1/R), Stacks with Damage 4 (Integrated Weaponry) (+0/R), 2 Alternate Effects (+2 flat)) [10PP]
. . Healing 8 (Repair Sub Routine, +8 Recovery; Extras: Restoration (+1/R), Total (+1/R); Flaws: Personal (-1/R), Side Effect 2 (Always; Power fails after use)) {8PP/8PP}
. . Super Strength 3 (Override strength protocols, +15 Str , Hvy load: 6.4 tons, Feat: Bracing, Shockwave (80' Cone, DC 18 Ref) {8PP/8PP}
Enhanced Strength 10 (Inhuman Power, +10 Strength; 1 AE (+1 Flat)) [11PP]
. . Damage 4+4 (Stacking) (Integrated Weaponry, (Stacking Ranks 4), Range: 80 ft, DC 23; Feats: Improved Ciritcal 2 (Integrated Weaponry)) {10PP/10PP}
Immunity 10 (Cold Logic, Emotion Effects, Interaction Skills) [10PP]
Immunity 12 (Inhuman Physiology, Critical Hits, Life Support, Starvation & Thirst) [12PP]
Quickness 4 (Multi Tasking Sub Routine, Perform routine tasks at 25x speed; Feats: Dodge Focus 2, Evasion 2) [8PP]
Variable 1 (Download specialised sub-routine, Acquire: Any SKill or Feat) [7PP]

TOTALS: Abilities (42PP) + Combat (16PP) + Saves (6PP) + Skills (6PP) + Feats (12PP) + Powers (68PP) = 150/150 PP

Enemy As a free-willed drone created by Braniac, Orphan is constantly concerned that her location is being tracked, her very presence a cause for concern for the League itself. Despite being assured by the likes of Ray Palmer and Ted Kord, reclaimation drones have been dispatched to her location more than once, endangering Orphan herself, and those around her. If Braniac controlled drones appear in a scene for reasons unrelated to the current situation, the GM may award Orphan a Hero Point.
Honor Orphan is aware that Superman is her creators primary nemesis, and tries to pattern her moral responses based on his example. As such she is loathe to use methods or actions that endanger innocent lives, or ignore the law, as she understands it. Anytime her reluctance to engage in these methods when they would be to her benefit, the GM may award Orphan a Hero Point.
Motivation (Acceptance) Despite being coldly logical, Orphan desires to assist the League who accepted her with open arms, and is often envious, though she wouldn't identify it as an emotional response, of her teammates and their ability to maintain relationships with civilians outside of the Justice League.
Reputation The League, and certain government agencies are aware of Orphan's origins, and watch her activites closely as they are concerned that the free-willed drone still contains hidden directives implanted by her creator, Brainiac. Anytime a contact or organization denies Orphan access to information, or resources, that would hamper her ability to assist in on-going investigations or threaten her status with her allies, the GM may award Orphan a Hero Point.
Temper Orphan does possess a self preservation directive, when her physical safety is threatened, there is a chance she reverts to this programming and begins to respond with coldly logical combat parameters, responding with lethal force. Anytime these directives surface the GM may award Orphan a Hero Point, she can, however, expend a Hero Point to override lethal combat parameters for the current scene.

Build Notes:
So there may be some concerns, I'll touch on two which may come up. In my thought the Side Effect (Power Fails on Use) means that the entire power (not just the healing slot) needs to be recovered after use. This would take her ranged weaponry, and taser grip offline until recovered, and in my mind this emergency situation (obviously she would be badly damaged to use this option) would likely trigger her self defense/lethal response complication.

Secondly, the variable is meant to represent a learning artificial intelligence, it is reaction, which is awesome, and potentially problematic, as mechanically, if she needed to make an acrobatics check during a surprise round, she could switch points into her Acrobatics skill at that point. I have it set currently to skills & feats, if that's too much I could go just skills and leave it as reaction. Or I could leave it skills & feats, and change it from reaction to free action, so she could only switch it on her turn.

The drone that would become known as Orphan, was created deep in the bowels of Brainiac's mother ship a number of years ago, still concealed from human observation in the shadow of the moon. Micromechanical drones constructed her chassis from a titanium-vanadium alloy for maximum resilience and flexibility, coupled with a positronic neural array that would allow her creator to project his 12th level intellect into the frame. Orphan served for a number of weeks as a component aboard the vessel, enacting a plot to attract the last son of Krypton, the hero known to earth as Superman into a trap. Utilizing a combination of kryptonite and red-sun radiation to render the hero helpless, Braniac began to bit-map his hostages neural network, to create a clone of the man, able to infiltrate the League and betray the heroes of Earth.

Orphan, processing the psychological data banks responsible for storing the information and memories extracted from the Kryptonian began to sympathize with the fierce loyalty, compassion, and humility of the near helpless hero. A quirk in hero programming, allowed the drone to develop a certain sense of self awareness, after a series of conversations with the man, the free-willed drone came to a conclusion and aided the hero in gaining his freedom. Deactivating the emitters which kept the kryptonian hostage, the drone then contacted the League on a bandwith revealed to her by the captured hero. Braniac, now confronted by the League themselves was defeated and driven from the system, however, true to his word, Superman recovered the drone, and committed to ensuring that she was given the opportunity to pursue a life free of control by her creator.

Despite some concern from the more pragmatic League members, she was provided with a civilian identity and enrolled in Metropolis University as an exchange student. The Metropolis PD, the Science Police, and various federal organizations are aware of her true nature, however, given the fact that she has earned the trust of, at least, some members of the League she is given, largely, free reign in her personal life. When the League did decide to expand their roster, Orphan enrolled in the reserve hoping for an opportunity to prove herself to the hero who enabled herself to free herself from the control of her creator.

With her background done, I think I will have her maintain a secret identity, of course the noticeable effect on her Cold Logic will make her appear awkward and anti-social, it will be interesting to have the android try to fit in, could be some fun subplots there.
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Re: Justice League Reserves (Character Sheets)

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