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Horror Film Culture KS

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(Note: I originally posted this under the "TV, Movies, and Literature" forum, but realized this is the more appropriate category.)

For any of those interested in the horror movie genre, I want to call attention to a project put together by the very talented Prof. Christopher McGlothin, an essay anthology about transgressive horror films, those which broke the rules of the genre or social convention. Many gifted writers contributed to this, including rpg stalwarts such as Cynthia Celeste Miller, Bill Bodden, and Alexander Thomas (also yours truly).

The good Prof. was a major part of almost all of Mutants and Masterminds history, and wrote a large part of the early Savage Worlds: Deadlands canon prior to that. In addition to being a scholar and gentleman, he's a true aficionado of mainstream and cult horror movies, and this project is well worth supporting. I hope you'll consider supporting it, because the work is top notch!

All my best.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gh ... qqGChZJB4I
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