RIP Paul Orndorff

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RIP Paul Orndorff

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Paul Orndorff was a true legend. He was the only person to ever give Hulk Hogan a real challenge in the ring. He was a legit tough guy. Who delivered the best Piledriver in the business.

Other wrestlers knew that if Orndorff was delivering the Piledriver, they were safe. Because he was strong enough to make sure it was properly delivered.

Beyond his in-ring work, Orndorff was one of the best trainers in the business. He trained a lot of WWE and WCW stars at the WCW Power Plant.

He was 71 when he died. And he was suffering from dementia. It was his time. And he passed away surrounded by family.

Paul Orndorff was Hulk Hogan's opponent in the first Wrestlemania.
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