Jab's Rifts Builds (The Mechanoids- Brutes! Exterminator! Octopus!)

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Dumb-Looking Bird People
PL 9 (99 + Psionics)

Athletics 6 (+10)
Expertise (Survival) 5 (+7)
Perception 3 (+5)

Close Attack 2, Improved Critical (Claws) 2, Improved Initiative, Power Attack

Protection 3 [3]
Senses 7 (Low-Light & Extended Vision, Acute Scent, Vision Counters Concealment) [7]
Immunity 20 (Magical Powers) [20]
Flight 5 (30 mph) [10]
"Powerful Claws & Kicks" Strength-Damage +4 [4]
Growth 1 (Str & Sta +1, +1 Mass, +0 Intimidation, -0 Dodge/Parry, -1 Stealth) -- (8 feet) (Feats: Innate) (Extras: Permanent +0) [3]

(Psionics: Sense Magic, Presence Sense, Mind Block)

Unarmed +7 (+6 Damage, DC 21)
Powerful Kick +7 (+10 Damage, DC 24)
Initiative +6

Dodge +6 (DC 16), Parry +6 (DC 16), Toughness +9, Fortitude +6, Will +3

Enemy (Other Hawrks)- Hawrk-Ohls hate their cousins, and always avoid them.

Total: Abilities: 34 / Skills: 14--7 / Advantages: 6 / Powers: 47 + Psionics / Defenses: 5 (99 + Psionics)

-Completing the three dumb "Hawrks", the Hawrk-Ohl are inquisitive and gentle hulks who have muscular physiques, shoulder-horns, and owl faces. They copy a lot of text from the Hawrk-Kas, and are just as good at fighting, even if they don't revel in it as much. They live in large colonies, and mate for life. Equal in MDC to the Hawrk-Ka, they do a bit more damage (3D6), making them PL 9 creatures.

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Re: Hawrk-Ohl

Post by Ares » Sat May 11, 2019 4:50 am

Jabroniville wrote:
Sat May 11, 2019 4:38 am
It's like if Savage Dragon had a kid with an Owlbear.

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Shaydor Spherian

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SHAYDOR SPHERIAN R.C.C. (35 + Psionics):
Abilities: ST -1, STA +7, AGI -1, FIGHTING +2, AWA +4 [22]
Powers: "Prehensile Feet & Tail" Extra Limbs 3 (Ambidextrous), "MDC Creatures" Protection 2, "Tail Whip" Damage 7, Considered "Master Psionics" w/ 4 Choices (most with 12+ Powers): Healer (mostly healing powers), Sensitive (mostly sensitive/detection powers), Explorer (mostly physical powers), and Warrior (mostly super-psionics) [13]

-The Shaydor are another peaceful race of unfortunates, easily taken over by the Splugorth. They're mainly interesting to me in that they're a rare NON-humanoid sentient race in the Palladium Megaverse, which is largely full of people with hands and heads. "Star Trek Aliens", basically. The Spherians look like an EPCOT dome with a hummingbird's beak and a bunch of long, spindly limbs, some of which end in bunches of grapes. I mean, they don't look COOL, but they look UNIQUE- I appreciate the effort. And full props to Ewell on art for NOT making them look like the same race as all his other stuff.

-The Shaydor are a peaceful, crystaline creatures who had their world invaded by the Kydians and turned into a mining outpost. Inquisitive and obsessed with other people and magic, free Spherians are known all over Rifts Earth. They are also included in Rifts South America for some reason, but lacking art. Enslaved by the Splugorth for millennia, some managed to escape, settling in Amazon-defended Manoa, where their population exploded.

-The Spherians have a LOT of Psionic Powers, as well as pretty good MDC (they can easily be as tough as any Coalition Soldier, though notably can't really wear ARMOR, being... well, spherical).

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Re: Shaydor Spherian

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Jabroniville wrote:
Sat May 11, 2019 7:26 am

SHAYDOR SPHERIAN R.C.C. (35 + Psionics):
"Mr. Symbieda we just got a call from TSR about a... Grell."
"You're right. Sorry. Holy shit," I breathed, "heckhounds.”

WareHouse W (main build thread for M&M)

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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds (Conservator! Slaver! Kydians! Kittani!)

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I have to say that I am quite impressed with your builds AND your dedication. Thank you for all you have done. I appreciate it.


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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds (Conservator! Slaver! Kydians! Kittani!)

Post by Jabroniville » Sat May 11, 2019 6:40 pm

slade the sniper wrote:
Sat May 11, 2019 10:58 am
I have to say that I am quite impressed with your builds AND your dedication. Thank you for all you have done. I appreciate it.

Thanks :).

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Shaydorian Intel

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SHAYDORIAN INTEL R.C.C. (38 + Psionics):
Abilities: STA +7, FIGHTING +3, AWA +4 [28]
Powers: "Prehensile Feet" Extra Limbs 2, "MDC Creatures" Protection 2, Reach, Senses 3 (Infravision, Danger Sense, Acute Scent), Will Save +4 (Limited to vs. Psionics), Considered "Minor Psionics" (Telemechanics, Total Recall, Speed Reading, Mind Block) [10]

-The book also contains a "Shaydorian" (not "Shaydor") Intel, which... doesn't really look similar at all to the other, aside from also being spindly with long legs. This one looks like a bipedal bug with an enormous head, but is said to be a mammal ("They are actually more closely-related to our ELEPHANTS than our SPIDERS!"). Intels are said to be faster and more aggressive than Spherians, and many more serve the Splugorth willingly, thus attaining high positions for Minions. Others are anti-Sploog fanatics, and may have allied with the True Atlanteans. They do not really get along with Spherians much, which may be why they have so many Psionic Immunities (a... +4 bonus against Psionics? That's it?).

-Intels actually gain Strength & Agility... but have no MDC attack. So they look a lot worse in M&M stats.
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Stone Master

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Rock Wizard
PL 7 (145)

Athletics 4 (+8)
Expertise (World Traveller) 8 (+9)
Expertise (Survival) 4 (+7)
Intimidation 2 (+5)
Perception 3 (+6)
Technology 4 (+4)
Treatment 4 (+5)
Vehicles 1 (+5)

Equipment 11 (Gear)

Immunity 2 (Aging, Disease, Limited to Half) [1]
Immunity 5 (Transformation Effects) [5]
"Tatoo- Protection From Vampires" Senses 4 (Vampire Detection- Radius, Ranged, Recognize on Sight) [4]
"Sense Magic" Senses 2 (Magic Awareness- Ranged) [2]
"Sense Rifts" Senses 3 (Rift Awareness- Ranged 2) [3]
"Protection From Vampires" Immunity 4 (Vampire's Bite, Vamp's Mind Control) [4]

"Stone Magic"
Features 1: May Utilize Stone Pyramid Powers [1]
"Push Stone" Burrowing 1 [1]
"Pick Up & Carry Stone" Power-Lifting 4 (3 tons) (Flaws: Limited to Stone) [2]
"Locate Passages, Water, etc." Senses 5 (Accurate, Ranged, Radius Stone Detection) (Standard Action -2) [3]
"Locate Supernatural Beings" Senses 5 (Accurate, Ranged, Radius Detect Supernatural Beings) (Flaws: Limited to Underground) (Standard Action -2) [1]

"Gem Powers" Variable 5 (Flaws: Source- Gems) (Drawbacks: Gems Crumble After 3-6 Uses -2) (28) -- [32]
  • AE: "Ley Line Phasing" Teleport 10 (Extras: Extended, Accurate) (Flaws: Limited to Along Ley Lines, Source- 15-60 Second Ritual -1/2, Unreliable- 4/hour -1/2) (20)
  • AE: "Move Stone Mentally" Move Object 5 (1,600 lbs.) (Flaws: Limited to Stone) (5)
  • AE: "Mold Stone" Transform Stone to Other Kinds/Shapes of Stone 2 (Flaws: Distracting) (2)
  • AE: "Tattoo- Flaming Sword" Damage +3 (3)
"Body Armor"
Protection 3 (Impervious 5) (12)
Immunity 6 (Radiation, Vacuum, Hot, Cold, Suffocation 2) (6)
Mini-Computer (2)
Tinted Visor (1)

"Energy Rifle" Blast 10 (Extras: Multiattack) (30)
"Assorted Gear" Gas Masks, Radios, etc. (4)

Unarmed +5 (+4 Damage, DC 19)
Assault Rifle +4 (+10 Ranged Damage, DC 25)
Flaming Sword +5 (+7 Damage, DC 22)
Initiative +1

Dodge +5 (DC 15), Parry +5 (DC 15), Toughness +4 (+9 Armor), Fortitude +7, Will +6

Guilt- The Atlanteans feel shame for their past mistakes, and resolve not to gather once more.
Power Loss (Tattoo Magic)- All powers coming from Tattoos do not last an infinite amount of time; the more experience Atlantean can keep them up for longer.
Power Loss (Magic)- Magic requires the internal energies of the Sorcerer to work- too many Spells will wear them out.

Total: Abilities: 50 / Skills: 30--15 / Advantages: 11 / Powers: 59 / Defenses: 10 (145)

-Also given a ton of space in the Rifts Atlantis book is the "Stone Master" O.C.C. It not only repeats short versions of the "Atlantean Powers" (which, I'll remind you, are PRINTED IN THIS VERY BOOK FOR THE FIRST TIME ALREADY), but it lists a whole ton of Stone-related powers... none of which are very useful. Just some low-end (VERY low-end) Telekinesis and Rock-Shaping that's too slow to be useful in anything but complete silence and privacy. And then there's a random bit where you get various spells based off of which Gems you're holding, which is REALLY cool and very A Boy And His Blob if not for the fact that this very book ALSO points out that said gems are RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE in this world, owing to the fact that it's... well, RIFTS EARTH, and you can't just find amethyst or ruby anywhere you want. So you can do Fire Bolt and Fire Blast or whatever, but only three-to-six times per gem, at which point it disintegrates.

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Post by Jabroniville » Tue May 14, 2019 4:27 am

* Bio-Wizardry is basically cybernetics, but with magic. So evil people can get evil wizardry done on them to gain Mega-Damage stuff. It runs the gamut from "pranks that make you ugly" to "you become a Mega-Damage creature".

* Strength 12.
* +9 Toughness.
* Movement (Environmental Adaptation).
* Restoring lost body parts.
* Extra Limbs.
* Wings.
* Chemical Sprays (blinding, irritants, stench, etc.).
* Natural Weapons.
* Dragon's Breath (Blast).
* MDC Plate Armor (up to +13 Toughness!).
* Poison Stingers.
* Spider Legs.
* "Eye of Eylor" Senses 7 (Extended Vision 2, Microvision 2, Detect Magic- Ranged, "See Aura" Detect Fighting Capability- Analytical & Ranged, Detect Psionics- Ranged & Acute, Detect Possession- Ranged) [15]
* Other Enhanced Senses (Infravision, Polarized Vision, Extended Hearing, etc.).

* These are types of weapons and enhancements.

* Healing, Breathe Underwater, Enriches blood w/ oxygen, Cures disease.
* Temporarily becomes MDC Creature.
* Sickness (to humans & dragons).
* Dissolves plastic.

* Gives people long-term benefits, at the expense of their health. Costly to get, dangerous to have. Basically like being Magic Juicers.

* Leeches magic from others.
* Gains tremendous ISP and/or PPE.
* Becomes Psionic.
* Enhanced Vision.
* Boosts health & Toughness.
* Negative: makes the victim a total slave. One makes them a dying ZOMBIE slave!

Symbiotic Organisms:
* Something that probably sounded cool, but has lame art. Makes you a "Body Horror" entity with monstrous flesh.

* Makes host an MDC creature with Danger Sense.
* Makes host an MDC creature with Danger Sense, Immunity to Poison & Disease, adds attack.
* Force Field 8 & Blast (raising from Blast 7-13 with each passing blast).
* Mindlink: Communicate (Area, Limited to Certain Species).
* "Pathic Healer" Spider-thing that can diagnose & heal patients.
* Adds ISP and gives Bio-Regenerate Self, Psychic Purification, Resist Fatigue, Empathy, Sixth Sense, Mind-Block Auto-Defense, Summon Inner Strength.

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Magic Weapons

Post by Jabroniville » Tue May 14, 2019 4:30 am

* Now HERE'S the section where you can make fun of anyone who thinks that CJ Carella alone is responsible for the Power Creep of Rifts. Watch in awe as World Book TWO introduces a dozen things that completely shatter the game already, all with the "Oh, but you shouldn't HAVE IT..." weak-ass response, as if players wouldn't immediately grab hold of all this junk.

"The Staff of Eylor" (Feats: Restricted to Bonded Slaver 2, Intelligent 2, Recovers Damage, Reappears After 1 Day) (Flaws: Easily Removable) (Quirks: Damage to Staff Hurts User) [42]
"Negate Magic" Nullify Magic 10 (Extras: Ranged, Broad, Simultaneous) (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2) (20) -- (29)
  • AE: "Repel Animals" Affliction 10 (Will; Entranced/Compelled/Controlled) (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst, Cumulative) (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2, Limited to Animals, Limited to Leaving Area) (3)
  • AE: "Befuddle" Affliction 8 (Will; Dazed & Vulnerable/Stunned & Defenseless) (Extras: Ranged, Extra Condition) (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2, Limited Degree) (Wears off in 16 Minutes -1) (3)
  • AE: "Extinguish Fire" Nullify Fire 8 (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2) (2)
  • AE: "Call Lightning" Blast 14 (Feats: Extended Ranged 2) (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2) (9)
  • AE: "Energy Disruption" Affliction 10 (Tech Skill of Creator; Dazed & Impaired/Stunned & Disabled/Incapacitated) (Ranged, Extra Condition, Cumulative) (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2, Limited to Tech) (10)
  • AE: "Dispel Magical Barriers" Nullify Magic Barriers 10 (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2) (3)
  • AE: "Oracle" Senses 4 (Precognition) (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2) (1)
"Chameleon" Concealment 2 (Visuals) (Extras: Affects Others) (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2, Blending) (1)
"Tongues" Comprehend 2 (All Languages) (Extras: Affects Others) (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2) (1)
"Fear" Affliction 10 (Will; Dazed/Compelled/Controlled) (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst, Ranged, Continuous +3) (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2, Limited to 8 Minutes) (30)
-- (59 points)

"Overlord Power Armor" (Feats: Restricted to Kydians) (Flaws: Removable) [56]
"Negate Poison" Transform 5 (Poison to Inert) (10) -- (12)
[*]AE: "Escape" Enhanced Skills 16: Sleight of Hand (+20) (8)
AE: "Heal Wounds" Healing 5 (10)[/list]
"MDC Armor" Protection 2 (Extras: Impervious) (4)
"Sense Magic" Senses 3 (Magical Awareness- Ranged, Acute) (Flaws: Lasts for 10 Minutes) (Standard Action -2) (1)
"Invisibility: Simple" Concealment 2 (Vision) (Flaws: Limited to 15 Minutes) (Standard Action -2) (1)
"Energy Field" Force Field 1 (Extras: Affects Others 6) (Flaws: Limited to 5 Minutes) (Standard Action -2) (2)
"Shadow Meld" Concealment 6 (Vision, Magic) (Flaws: Limited to 10 Minutes, Requires Shadows) (Standard Action -2) (1)
"Superhuman Speed" Speed +1, FIGHTING +1 (Flaws: Limited to 5 Minutes) (Standard Action -2) (1)
"Swim as a Fish" Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation- Aquatic), Swimming 2 (Extras: Affects Others) (Quirks: Limited to 1 Hour) (5)
"Impervious To Energy" Immunity 20 (Energy Damage) (Flaws: Limited to 10 Minutes) (Standard Action -2) (8)
"Tongues" Comprehend 3 (All Languages) (Extras: Affects Others) (Flaws: Limited to 5 Minutes) (Standard Action -2) (4)
"Fly as the Eagle" Flight 6 (Extras: Affects Others) (Flaws: Quirks- One Hour Only) (17)
"See the Invisible" Senses 4 (Vision Counters Concealment) (Flaws: Limited to 5 Minutes) (Standard Action -2) (1)
"Breathe Without Air" Immunity 2 (Suffocation) (Extras: Affects Others) (Standard Action -2) (2)
"Charismatic Aura" Attractive 2, Enhanced Presence 3 (Extras: Affects Others) (Quirks: Limited to 30 Minutes -2) (Standard Action -2) (9)
-- (68 points)

"Staff of Power" (Flaws: Easily Removable) [27]
"Anti-Magic Cloud" Nullify Magic 6 (Extras: Ranged, Area- 15ft. Cloud, Sustained, Broad, Simultaneous) (36) -- (43)
  • AE: "Call Lightning" Blast 12 (Feats: Extended Range 2) (26)
  • AE: "Energy Disruption" Affliction 10 (Tech Skill of Creator; Dazed & Impaired/Stunned & Disabled/Incapacitated) (Ranged, Extra Condition, Cumulative) (Flaws: Unreliable- 2/day -2, Limited to Tech) (10)
  • AE: "Heal Wounds" Healing 5 (10)
  • AE: "Words of Truth" Mind Control 6 (Touch Range, Limited to Telling Truth) (6)
  • AE: "Negate Magic" Nullify Magic 5 (Extras: Ranged, Broad, Simultaneous) (20)
  • AE: "Sleep" Sleep 5 (Flaws: Requires Liquid, Liquid Must Be Drunk) (3)
  • AE: "Mystic Portal" Movement 1 (Permeate) & Teleport 4 (Extras: Easy, Accurate, Portal +2, Extended +2) (34)
"Shadow Meld" Concealment 6 (Vision, Magic) (Flaws: Limited to 10 Minutes, Requires Shadows) (Standard Action -2) (1)
-- (44 points)

"Psi-Interrogator" (Flaws: Easily Removable) [28]
"Mind Bond" Mind-Reading 8 (Flaws: Touch Range, Victim Reads User's Mind As Well) & Variable 1 (Skills of Victim) (Wears Off After a Month -1) (10)

"Bio-Manipulation- Pain" Affliction 8 (Fort; Impaired & Daze/Disabled & Stunned/Incapacitated) (Extras: Cumulative, Extra Condition) (24) -- (36)
  • AE: "Bio-Manipulation- Blindness" Affliction 8 (Fort; Impaired/Disabled/Unaware) (Extras: Cumulative) (Flaws: Limited to Sight) (8)
  • AE: "Bio-Manipulation- Deafness" Affliction 8 (Fort; Impaired/Disabled/Unaware) (Extras: Cumulative) (Flaws: Limited to Hearing) (8)
  • AE: "Bio-Manipulation- Mute" Affliction 8 (Fort; Impaired/Disabled/Incapacitated) (Extras: Cumulative) (Flaws: Limited to Speech) (8)
  • AE: "Bio-Manipulation- Paralysis" Affliction 8 (Fort; Impaired & Dazed/Disabled & Stunned/Paralyzed) (Extras: Extra Condition, Cumulative) (24)
  • AE: "Bio-Manipulation- Stun" Affliction 8 (Fort; Dazed/Stunned/Incapacitated) (Extras: Cumulative) (16)
  • AE: "Bio-Manipulation- Tissue Manipulation" Affliction 8 (Fort; Impaired/Disabled) (Extras: Ranged, Cumulative) (Flaws: Limited Degree) (16)
  • AE: "Empathic Transmission" Mind Control 8 (Flaws: Touch Range -2, Limited to Emotions) (8)
  • AE: "Mind Wipe" Affliction 8 (Will; Dazed/Compelled/Transformed Memories) (Subtle 2) (Progressive +2, Cumulative) (4 pp/rank)
  • AE: "Induce Sleep" Sleep 5 (Flaws: Touch Range) (5)
  • AE: "Psychic Diagnosis" Senses 2 (Detect Pain, Psychic Damage) (2)
  • AE: "Psychic Surgery" Healing 5 (10)
  • AE: "Telepathy" Mind-Reading 5 Linked to Communication 2 (Mental) (Flaws: Limited to Brief Messages) (18)
-- (46 points)
* Psi-Interrogators are torturer devices.

"Psionic Rod": Psi-Sword, TK Force Field, Mind Bolt, Telepathy, Mind Block, Sense Evil, Sense Magic, Sixth Sense, Alter Aura, Ectoplasm, Impervious to Cold & Fire.
* Wielded by high-level Splugorth agents.

"Staff of Pacification" Blast 9, Agony, Blind, Mute, Paralysis, Domination, Trance, Befuddle, Magic Net.
* Basically a staff full of Affliction-themed spells, wielded by the Overlords (the non-MDC Kydians).

"Staff of All-Seeing": Detect Concealment, See Aura, See Invisible, Eyes of Thoth, Eyes of the Wolf, Oracle, Sense Magic, Sense Evil, Tongues
* A Sense-based staff.

"Telepathic Holographic Imager": Turns thoughts into images. That's it.

"Eylor Helm of Omnipotence": Allows for thirty spells (!!), each three times per day. Wielded by High Lords. Looks ULTRA-dorky- basically a big eye helmet.


Rune Weapons:
* Basically super-powerful weapons, powered by the souls of dead creatures.

* All have their own personality, commnicate via telepathy, do at LEAST +11 Damage, cannot break, and it and the wielder can sense each other for 4 miles. Can only be used by a person of a certain alignment.
* Greater Rune Weapons add one of three powers: Casts 4 Elemental Spells of 1-6 level per day; Heal Wounds six times per day; Possess all physical & sensitive Psionic powers, and three super-psi powers.
* Holy Weapons cannot break, do +9 Damage, can only be used by a person of a certain alignment., and it and the wielder can sense each other for 4 miles. Also have four of the following: Remove Curse, Turn Dead, Healing Touch, +2 Damage, Double-Damage to Magical/Supernatural Beings, Bonus to saves vs. Magic, Sense Evil, Expel Demons & Devils, Circle of Protection.
* The "Soul Drinker" Rune Weapons have all eight Rune powers, two Great Rune powers, and have the "Save or Die" ability to drink a soul- basically Will Damage (Source- Bleeding Victim).
* Greatest Rune Weapons have all eight Rune powers, two Great Rune powers or from the following: Drink Souls, Six spells from Levels 6-11, Inflict Magic Curses, Dimensional Travel, Fire Blast 14, Animated/Fights on its own.

Among the Greatest Rune Weapons:
"Call Staff": All Summoning Spells (1 per day each), Various control/spirit-themed powers (3/day), Damage 12, Blast 13.
"Crystal Fire Rod": All Fire Spells (3/day each at 12th Level). Blast 12, radiate daylight.
"Dragon Rod": 3/day at 12th Level (Circle of Flame, Fly Magic Pigeon, Metamorphosis Human/Animal), Blast 12-14, Carpet of Adhesion, Magic Net, Wind Rush.
"Dragon Thunderer": 3/day at 8th Level (Invulnerability, Leviatation, Summon Rain, Calm Storms), Damage 13.
"Enslaver": 3/day at 8th Level (Trance, Compulsion, Dominance, Fear, Mask of Deceit), 15-ish Psionic Powers, Psi-Shield +9, Psi-Sword +14.
"The Impaler": Soul Drinker, Damage 14, Blast 13, Animated.
"Necronstaff": ": 3/day at 8th Level (Animate & Control Dead, Turn Dead, Sickness, Spoil, Minor Curse, Fear, Death Trance, Shadow Meld, Fireball). Summon 1-4 Shadow Beasts once 72 hours. Damage 13. Toxic Cloud 11. Blast 13. Cloud of Darkness.
"Sword of Atlantis:" 3/day at 8th Level (Turn Dead, Heal Wounds, Fear, Globe of Daylight, Invisibility- Superior, Protection- Superior, Mystic Portal, Close Rift). Soul Drinker. Damage 14. Double to Vampires & Alien Intelligences. Thrown Weapon. Animated. Blast 14-15.
"Sword of Life:" 3/day at 8th Level (Invulnerability, Negate Magic, Cure Illness, Purification, Stone to Flesh, Remove Curse). Animated. Damage 11- Double to Undead/Demons. Healing Touch.

"Rune Statues": Basically guardian things with TONS of various powers, and can be stuck on vehicles or bases alike, as an extra "thing".

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Kittani Armor

Post by Jabroniville » Wed May 15, 2019 12:30 pm

Kittani Armor:
Explorer/Centaur Body Armor- Toughness +9-10.
-A few different styles. One for horses/centaurs, which is weird.

K-Universal Light Power Armor- Toughness +11, Speed 4, Leaping 6, Flight 6, +1 Defenses.
-Their "Basic" Power Armor. Pretty SAMAS-like, but gives a boost to defenses.


Kittani Serpent Power Armor- Toughness +13, Slithering, Speed 4, "Plasma Axe" (Blast/Damage 13), Tail Vibro Blade 10, Mini-Missiles, +1 FIGHTING & +2 Defenses, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion.
-One of the best suits of armor in the game, the Serpent has a lot of raw toughness, a great weapon, a VIBRO BLADE, and even gives you extra attacks! AND it bestows the ultimate "God Stat" of Palladium, "Automatic Dodge", giving them Juicer-level bonuses within this one suit! Except for lack of flight, it's one of the best things going.


Kittani Equestrian Power Armor- Toughness +14, Speed 7, Leaping 3, "Rail Gun/Pulse Cannon" Blast 14 (Multiattack), Damage 12, Mini Missiles, Shield +2, +1 Defenses.
-Another "God Suit", the Equestrian Power Armor places the humanoid inside the chassis of a horse, turning him into a monster fighter with even MORE MDC (killing the rider allows the horse part to fight independently), a Rail Gun and tons of other Blasts (enough to give +14 Multiattack to his ranged attacks), a Shield (which are basically "Extra MDC" in Palladium, but are Defense Bonuses in M&M), an Extra Attack, and more.

Kittani Manling Power Armor- Toughness +13, Speed 3, Leaping 1, Damage 8.
-The cheaper, less-good version of the Serpent, basically using human legs instead. Fewer bells & whistles.

Security Drones- Toughness 10, Speed 4, Damage 8.
-Generic, easy-to-kill stuff that runs about Atlantis.

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Kittani Vehicles

Post by Jabroniville » Wed May 15, 2019 12:39 pm

Kittani Vehicles:
* Some of the most balls-to-the-wall crazy stuff in the book is in here, along with the trademark "Superfluous vehicle collection"- typical of a game that expects players to want tons of vehicles to choose from, I guess.


Kittani Insecton Land Rover- Toughness 15, Speed 6, Blast 13 (Multiattack), Damage 12, Missiles
-This thing is so clearly of the same "make" as the Metzlas, being also drawn by Ewell, with multiple limbs, several sections, and a bug-like exterior. It looks nothing like the other Kittani stuff.


Creax Armored Rover- Toughness 14, Speed 4, Damage 12, Blast 13 (Multiattack), Missiles
-Looks like a big hunchbacked thing with huge ship-things on its back.

Hover Jet- Toughness 11, Blast 9, Damage 9, Flight 11
-Looks so different from Ewell's other stuff- like he traced a bipedal mech from anime.


Robot High-Speed Land Skimmer- Toughness 11, Blast 9, Damage 9, Flight 11
-About the same stats as the other thing, but THIS one has a MECH form, being humanoid. A very top-heavy humanoid or a super-detailed, organic-looking speeder-craft.

Land or Hydrofoil Skimmer- Toughness 9, Flight 8 (Low Ceiling)
-A pair of weaponless, grounded, 100-ish MDC vessels.

Uni-Motorcycle- Toughness 9, Speed 7, Blast 10
-Basically a gun with a tiny wheel at the bottom, it's delightfully sci-fi-looking.


The Dragon Dreadnought- Toughness 23, Each Head has Blast 14 or Damage 14, Flight 12, Missiles, etc.
-Without a doubt the RIFTSIEST thing in this entire book, the Dragon Dreadnought features on an insane two-page spread that basically contains detail upon detail upon detail. This FOUR-HEADED Dragon-Ship has a level of detail unmatched in the entire rest of the line, sporting a ton of wires on the bottom, four different heads, a segmented tail, spikes off of EVERYTHING, wings with dozens of superfluous fins, crystals and imagers everywhere, and generally detail where anyone else would have left it blank. It basically SCREAMS "Power Geek" at its finest, most ludicrous form. It's beautiful.

-Much is made of how rare this is, ten in total, and how it's never been seen on Rifts Earth (with four hidden on Splynn, the capital of Atlantis). You're basically not meant to see it, except the book's dangling it right there in front of you. It's so obviously over-the-top that in a "Power Game" battle my friends were in, one guy taunted another braggart by saying "Okay- MY character will be five or six guys in THAT!".

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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds (Stone Master! Rifts Atlantis Finished!)

Post by slade the sniper » Thu May 16, 2019 4:27 am

Finally have enough stuff to add the Splugorth and friends to 40K... Or would that be adding 40K to the Three Galaxies? Hence the joy of M&M, the best system to convert any setting into.


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Rifts Free Quebec

Post by Jabroniville » Thu May 16, 2019 5:24 am

-World Book 22 is based around the "Coalition Wars" against the Magic kingdom of Tolkeen, where a second front has opened up- the Coalition States are now at war with their ally-nation of Free Quebec!

Free Quebec was always an interesting little side-story in the world of Rifts. Basically being a Coalition State themselves, they had an uneasy alliance with Chi-Town, having had their own government, institutions, and soldiers- primarily defended by a legion of Glitter Boys, whom the Coalition hate. So there was always this tenuous thing, even though FQ was literally a Coalition State. It's pretty unique that the QUEBECOIS of all people would have their own major power-base on Earth, as most settings ignore the region completely, but as it's fairly close to the location of the Palladium designers, it's part of the quirky/cute "Creator Provincialism" that's a big part of the setting- most of the U.S. & Canada have been depopulated... except for the corridor near where Siembieda lives. And while much of North America was all "Here Be Dragons", as players weren't supposed to travel in the oceans, into space, or outside of that corridor, Quebec stood at the top of it, and was never really detailed.

Though the book details Quebec a fair bit, especially some of the towns therein (the old Quebec City is now called "Old Bones" and is a ragtag trader town), but because Rifts is gonna Rifts, the book is largely known as "The Glitter Boy Book", as it's got a half-dozen variants of the most infamous class in the first rulebook. It's actually a bit weird how long this book took, when you think about it- FQ was a major Coalition State in the early days, and it took nearly ten years for the setting to detail it properly, delineate how the troops looked, and even give that much focus to the Glitter Boys. But I guess they had stuff to do.

A curious bit is that Erin Tarn is all "We know the Coalition is TOTALLY GOING TO WIN" against Tolkeen, which is... kind of spoiling things. I mean, they're basically trashing Tolkeen's chances before the final books are even written. And they wonder why fans didn't take to the Siege on Tolkeen series. The books are bad for that, in fact- even the latest Triax book is basically about how easily the humans are winning, and how bad the aliens are falling apart. I guess we're supposed to take the sides of the humans, but keep in mind that the CS are evoking NAZIS and even Kevin finds them to be evil, awful people. So him writing a book about how the CS easily wins everything because they're oh-so-clever is just bizarre.

However, it comes out eventually that most of this is over quickly. The CS realizes that the war with FQ was a huge mistake that put them into a war on two fronts, and both unite against the D-Bee/Magic-friendly Tolkeen, eventually wiping it out. So this book ends up never really mattering.

The art is good in parts, and strange in others. The new Glitter Boys are largely handled by Ryan Beres, who gives everything an odd "pointillist" style that doesn't really look great. The dot-shading just isn't that good or fitting. Michael Wilson does much better Glitter Boys, oddly making them look more slender and streamlined than the bulky art in the Main Rulebook, but still somewhat fitting. Ramon Perez handles the majority of the FQ Army, and the book is all the better for it- I haven't had the chance to gush over Perez's art in this thread much before, because he only worked on a handful of books, but to me, he REALLY evokes "Rifts" as well as anyone. Long did the early design work, Breaux the boring stuff, Ewell the Atlantis stuff, Martin most of the mid-90s "Cool Books", but Perez, to me, really gets the GRITTINESS of the setting- where even the fancy armors are scuffed up. In fact, Perez would actually get REALLY BAD for overdoing the "armor scratches" at points, but it's still overall quite nice, and to me does the best matching up of the setting's intent with the art- armor should look beaten-up and lived in, not fancy, rounded and pretty.

The book is written by Francois DesRochers... and Kevin Siembieda. Oh boy. And this looks to be literally the only RPG that DesRochers has ever written, aside from the Game Master's Guide a year later. This, and the small bit of writing by the infamous Bill Coffin, makes me suspect that THIS is one of the situations Coffin was talking about, where a smart young writer impresses Kevin with a manuscript, he writes it without direction, and then Kevin insults the guy's work as a "disappointment" and has to be rewritten to suit his own needs, usually leaving a pissed-off Freelancer. The timing, Coffin's presence, and the guy's lack of a career writing games, all adds up to that.

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Re: Jab's Rifts Builds (Stone Master! Rifts Atlantis Finished!)

Post by catsi563 » Thu May 16, 2019 7:01 am

FQ was always a fun one for me to run with. My own GG pilot got her suit modded there into the death dealer it became. Also the setting was a long part of the adventures the group ran

Of interesting note to me was the FQ Coalition war was played off as egotism on the CS part, Prosek was an egomaniac who couldn't stand that a member of HIS coalition was doing things not in the proscribed IE his way. using the glitterboys was icing on the cake, the rfusla of Quebec to use dog boy and psi stalkers etc . its use of juicer tech and other things basically were an affront to prosek and a personal --he felt-- slap in the face which combined with quebecs independent nature meant war between the two was inevitable when prosek told them get in line and they not only said piss off, they went and made an arms deal with TNGR and triax for new weapons including upgraded Gb suits.
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