New Forum, Same Rules

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New Forum, Same Rules

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Just a heads up about this new part of the forum. I figured we needed a space to talk about news stories, current events and the like, something that might get lost in the General Chat area. While we all come here 99% of the time for RPG talk, I'm curious to see if we can't mix in some other topics as well.

But as the topic says, the same rules apply here. And I want to re-state this in case it's been misunderstood: Echoes as a whole does not lean in any political direction. If you had to describe this place, the intent is to be bipartisan. You are allowed to post things so long as you are respectful to the other posters here and are not intentionally trying to stir up trouble, or if you are intentionally going beyond the bounds of good taste. Taking one political side in a discussion is fine, though you should be prepared to debate your stance, because I encourage reasonable, polite debate and discourse here. If you start supporting people doing actual, physical violence to others, then we're going to have to have a chat.

So if you feel the need to bring up something political, be prepared to justify and possibly debate your point. Be prepared for me to potentially disagree with you. But even if I do, you are not going to be penalized for your views, because Echoes is OUR place. I just keep the lawn clean and chase off the salesmen.

Just try to play nice with each other.
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