Bridger Walker - 6 year old hero

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Bridger Walker - 6 year old hero

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I complain a lot about the news, what I see has hypocrisy from people pushing for certain kinds of social change, and any number of things I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing me talk about. 2020 especially has been a rough year for everyone.

But in the last couple of days we've actually had a good story, and I think I would be a hypocrite for not sharing it. ... g-n1234036

Bridger Walker is a 6 year old boy from Wyoming who was out with his younger sister, when a neighbors dog started running towards them. Bridger got between the dog and his sister so that the dog only had one target. The dog mauled his face while Bridger told his sister to run, and was eventually able to get away with his sister while the dog's owner ran up and restrained the dog while also calling for an ambulance. Bridger received over 90 stitches to his face. When asked about what he'd done, he simply said, "I thought if one of us had to die, it should be me."

Bridger and his parents apparently have stated they feel no ill will towards the dog's owner, who is a friend of the family. When the owner said he was going to put the dog down, Bridger asked him to let the dog live. His parent likewise asked that the dog not be put down.

Bridger has received an outpouring of support from the nation, including a lot of celebrities. Chris Evans sent Bridger a message talking about what an amazing kid he was and is sending him an autographed replica Captain America shield. Robert Downey Jr. has promised to do something for Bridger on his next birthday.

People have been offering to send the family money, but in a show of where Bridger got his personality from, his parents have declined. They instead ask that if people want to send money, they donate to worthy charities in Bridger's name.

Just an amazing kid and a good family overall. I'm glad that in all of this doom and gloom and social posturing, people are recognizing a genuinely selfless act by a good person.
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Re: Bridger Walker - 6 year old hero

Post by Ken »

Some say my sense of humour runs to dad jokes. Honestly, I stopped telling Dad jokes back in July of 2020.

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Re: Bridger Walker - 6 year old hero

Post by greycrusader »

The kid is the definition of what superheroes are supposed to be.
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