Recruiting D&D 5E Dragonballs, Nuptials, and Rogues

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Recruiting D&D 5E Dragonballs, Nuptials, and Rogues

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The Uncannyverse presents a One-shot. A dark, and gritty heist involving political intrigue.

System D&D 5th Edition

Plot Hook Your character has a massive debt which was mysteriously taken care of by an anonymous "benefactor". In return they ask only that you attend a wedding, and do them a simple favor. The Wedding will feature a highly regarded Horselord, and a Dragonborn heiress. A Dragonball will be the players main goal, and weapons will strictly be forbidden, but a Dothraki wedding without 3 deaths is considered a dull affair.

Setting Homebrew. The Uncannyverse basically a blend of every major, and minor television, film, book or video game franchise I liked. You can find more details on the settings of the multiverse board.

Homebrew races Saiyan, Namekian, Triclops, Valyrian, Minotaur, Winged Elves, Thri - Kreen, Medusae, Yautja, Kaminoan, Chocobo, Twi'lek, Ferengi Goblin, Saibamen, Nord, Dwemer dwarves, Velothi Elves, Chimer Elves, Zilgaro Gnomes, Children of the forest, Vulcans, and Na'vi

Homebrew Backgrounds Fremen, Mentat, Street Judge, Valyrian Wyrmrider, Starfleet officer, Combat Medic, Scientist,
Iron Bank Civil Law Notaries, Vigilante Cultist, Rakdos Code Singer, Selesnya Greenseer, Simic Suk Surgeon, Daedra Mark Inheritors,

Nothing too elaborate here, I'd like a standard application in the following format:

Personality Traits: Two please
Debt: Why does your character owe so much gold, that they have to risk their life stealing a Dragonball ?

Provide me with a bit more of an in-depth write-up on the following:

Appearance (include picture):
RP Sample:

Starting level will be level 3, and in terms of acceptable sources then I'll accept any official published WotC source

I'm looking for 4 to 5 players. There is no closing date yet, and I would be happy to answer any future questions

EDIT 1: Sorry no Unearthed Arcana allowed

EDIT 2: Provided a link to the Uncannyverse setting info
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